MRA’s Post My Picture On News Article and Harassment From Unexpected Places UPDATED June 14

Where to start oh where to start. At the beginning shall we?

It’s no surprise that MRA’s single out individual women to attack, dox and harass online and offline but it’s a surprise when a supposed male feminist ally does it.

In an article about the Detroit MRA Conference the MRA’s thought it would be a good idea to take my personal photo from this blog and post it in the comment section. I wouldn’t have known unless AuntieAlias had left a comment asking them to remove it and that it was indeed a tactic meant to ‘terrorize’ me. It’s intimidation.

The picture was removed by mods and, after a banter about why the picture shouldn’t be posted on an MRA circlejerk, an MRA left this comment:

So you come out hating a group of men fighting for men and boys but the issue is some how about you and your picture? These men aren’t there to hate women but you clearly have a problem with men caring about someone other than women.

The hate is coming feminist who can’t take any form of criticism, demand control of the gender dialog so they may can marginalize men’s issues, and a endless smear campaigns against Men’s Activist that effectively oppresses those who make men and boys issues a priority.

Social justice is not a tool for feminist to oppress people who disagree with them and you really need to  knock it off. I’ve never been so disgusted by the left in my life and I’m fed up with your bullying. That includes the phony victim routine that makes everything about you instead of the issues.~EqualityEd

It’s not about my picture dude. It’s you shit turds that posted it because I left some quotes from your beloved leaders. You can’t make an argument so you resort to intimidation and the hint that my dox should be out there during the circlejerk. All it takes is ONE of you to post and the rest come to the frenzy, dropping more and more info.

You see, that’s not the end of it. Sometimes you can’t even count on people who are supposed to be your allies.

I sometimes post on reddit, the AMR reddit to be precise. I left my first ever standalone topic about the fact that the MRA’s were dropping my picture and circlejerking for my docs. In response, a mod named Aerik, a supposed male ally, posted this lengthy diatribe labeling me a ‘racist’ and bringing up the stupid ‘sex wars’ that occurred on Youtube 2 years ago.

I didn’t name the conflict the ‘sex wars’ but basically it was a juvenile fight on Youtube that started having some serious repercussions for some of my radical feminist friends who were against prostitution and pornography. The ringleader of the ‘pro-sex’ mob made a fake Youtube account to get docs on a friend of mine. Really, it was quite immature as I look back on it and I’m sure glad it’s over.

Both sides were as nasty as they could be to each other. Finally, one of the members of the ‘pro-sex’ side made a video and opened up about the terrible tactics that were employed by the ‘sex-positives’ and left their group. Shortly after that, the ringleader of the sex-pos side left Youtube. I think everyone was glad it was over, but of course some asshole can’t leave things in the past where they belong.

Why am I bringing this up again when I really, really, really thought it was over? Well, because some douchey asshole male mod Aerik of AMR decided to go on his own personal witch hunt and instead of being a decent human being, wrote a long public screed of hatred at me in response to my first post about how MRA’s posted my photo and were looking for my dox. This fuckwit mod Aerik KNEW my docs were being sought and went on his little crusade to clear a path for MRA’s to harass me, and they did.

I got a hateful message from an MRA within hours of Aerik’s rage boner. You see Aerik, there are always TWO sides to each story. When you go on a witch hunt, name call without ANY provocation, and bring up shit that’s long been happily dead for at least 2 years, you open the door for more abuse. Good going Aerik. You are the shining example of why female feminists have trouble trusting our male allies.

Now I don’t know why he did it. Maybe he was on team ‘sex positive’ and felt this was a good opportunity to get back at me for not agreeing with their position? It was definitely a one-man crusade against someone who he KNEW was a positive contributor to the group and an ally. It was a singling out. Once he falsely labeled me a racist and wanted to boot me, the others joined in, on his and his word alone.

I left the group of my own accord. I don’t need allies who want to burn me at the stake on the word of one person, nor do I want to be a part of a group that doesn’t have the decency to protect my identity when my post was about my dox being sought. If anyone should have a bright light shining at them it ain’t me. It’s Aerik, for doing such a fucking terrible thing. My animals have more courtesy than you do.witch-hunt

If you have questions about this, ask Aerik since he’s all knowing and on his own personal crusade at present. Have your witch hunt but don’t dare come here with it. You are WORSE than an MRA. Now, if you’ll excuse me I have work to do.

  • Bill C-560, a proposed amendment to the Divorce Act that I’ve been following and know some of the MRA players supporting it (it goes way down the rabbit hole)
  • Judgybitch still needs a stats lesson
  • Updates about the Detroit Conference. It’s been moved to a VFW hall.

One last thing. Here’s a video that’s got the MRA’s in a bunch.


UPDATE: 6.14.14

It appears AMR isn’t done and are now taking issue with the fact that I’m Jewish and because of religious reasons would have my son circumcised. It’s funny when people call YOU a racist they really end up being the racists themselves. Today, MR posted a topic pointing to my blog post where I talk about my personal opinions on circumcision. Then AMR copied the post into their subreddit in order to further the harassment by them and by MRA’s. I’ve been getting trolled ALL FUCKING DAY LONG. MRA’s saw Aerik attack me and are just foaming at the mouth. I don’t know how long this will go on for but it’s WRONG.

I know you’re all looking for my post on circumcision so go here. It was a very honest look inward at a topic. You may not agree with it but it doesn’t give Thoushaltbemocked and Aerik the right to harass me right along with the MRA”s. IN FACT, both those redditors should be fucking banned.

A good hearty FUCK YOU to Aerik the loser for singling me out for an attack nobody could defend themselves against and another FUCK YOU to Thoushaltbemocked for your fucking insensitivity to my religious beliefs. I had fucking MRA”s over here ALL DAY.

You know, as a feminist, I work damn hard at being an ally to those against these fucking shit turd MRA’s. It just sucks when assholes like Aerik, who claimed it was EASY to be a male feminist on his dumbass blog to then attack a feminist because of his personal vendetta. You’re WRONG fuckwit. It’s YOU that’s wrong. Then to have your buddies on the subreddit CONTINUE to cross post MRA shit in there to stir it up further.

I won’t fucking support a SOUL from that fucking subreddit until some female feminists KICK SOME ASS. This is why I don’t trust male allies. Look what they do for fucks sake! FUCK YOU. just FUCK YOU.


27 thoughts on “MRA’s Post My Picture On News Article and Harassment From Unexpected Places UPDATED June 14

  1. That was a really nasty attack by aerik. I saw it earlier today and sent you an email message in support – using my old moniker.

    I didn’t realize Aerik was a dude. That explains it. Men cannot be trusted. He’s what they call “a mole.” He’s also what they call “an asshole.” And, he’s probably a misogynist, too. Whatever the case, he is not supporting women.

    I’ve never liked reddit. It’ a pit of perversion and misogyny. So, while I was surprised anything helpful was posted there, I’m not at all surprised at that whole exchange or any other misogynistic thing I see there. Like YT, it’s pretty much overrun by MRAs.

    Never trust a man. The consequences of doing so are various degrees of bad and devastating. They all hate us – not all of them are conscious of it – but on a subconscious level they have a deep-seated malice toward all women. It goes beyond just lacking sensitivity or the ability to empathize – it’s hate.

    It’s glaringly apparent.

  2. I am sorry to hear of the betrayal by this Aerik scum. It must fit in well with its fellow slime. Keep up the good fight – it is obviously very damaging to them.

  3. Sorry that Aerik was so crude as to treat you so badly in public, when you share the same goals. It was very bad form. He could have contacted you in private if he had concerns. Online feminists need to stick together, not ambush each other. The subreddit attracts some good people and has been a positive contribution overall, but there is a lot of banning of feminists. I was banned there too, because I raised a subject for discussion Aerik did not like.

    • I’m not sure we share the same goals with any men. This dude purposely waited ’til she made a post sort of hoping for support or acknowledgement and he used that opportunity to make a really vicious attack. He did it because he is a man while he claims to be a liberal feminist apparently, he has no appreciation for what’s going on. He even said something about ideology or something like that.

      I don’t know about other women, but for me feminism is not about an ideology or a philosophy or a belief or whatever – I’m fighting for my life, what’s left of it, at this point, that men haven’t destroyed.

      Not only did he attack her, he showed how he doesn’t get it and we see this from men who claim to be feminist allies all the time. They really do not understand – it’s all academic to them because they have dicks. They’re not living with the constant threat of violence and death from men. They’re not dealing with having their entire lives sabotaged by men who hate women, either consciously or subconsciously.

      They’re men and the whole thing is some sort of exercise to them. They’re just taking a side in what they perceive as a war – which is what men do. They don’t really have any interest in our lives or what happens to us because they are not the ones being preyed upon by men.

    • Thanks. Oh and I found this from his blog post in 2008:
      “Take it from me, going from a teenage pseudo–egalitarian who would occasionally apologize for rape culture (once told a gal friend over IM that people are responsible for their reputations and take blame for not being believed in some cases), to the feminist I am today has been hard work. Actually, that’s not true. It’s been what, 8 years coming, freshman year of high school until now? When you think about it, there’s so little to the transformation it’s a wonder anybody finds it hard at all. The thing is, the biggest obstacle we men have to becoming male feminists is ourselves.”

      What bothered me the most is all the people in the comment section going ‘yeah yeah, let’s get rid of her!!! PITCHFORKS!’ Here is the list of people who screamed for pitchforks: (I’ll put the names here so I know)

      Thanks to those offering support. You can’t defend yourself against an attack like that and yes, it was planned I think.

  4. Long story. I don’t have any personal knowledge regarding Aerik. But it’s very easy for a feminist to be banned there, unfortunately. And the way he did it was most uncool. I accepted that it was a sub run by a man and moved on.

    • Well, that’s what I’m doing. I have no allegiance there. I was only posting there for a few months and not often.

      It is a sub run by a man. You can’t have male gatekeepers in a feminist movement.

      • Yes, and I swear to you men do that shit on purpose… take for example Ted Bundy manning the phones at a domestic abuse hotline. Men who do that kind of thing – like what he did to you at that forum – are there to be asses and control freaks. That’s apparently how they get off. They just can’t leave women alone – it’s like child molestors who get jobs working around children. They are looking for opportunities to abuse.

        Why didn’t he ban you before, if he had an issue with something you said? He didn’t. He waited until you were asking for some kind of support or acknowledgement. He waited until he thought you were having a vulnerable moment and that’s when he stuck the knife in your back.

        Whoever he is, he has some major issues with women. Why else would he be there abusing feminists?!

        • Exactly. He knew I was there. He’ll get his. I’m a very spiritual person and when someone harms me in that way, the way he did, somehow, they always get some sort of ‘lesson’ from it.

          I wasn’t there that long but wow, if that’s the way he treats women, phew. He shouldn’t be allowed to mod there. I can’t believe he got away with that.

          • I suppose any dude could go in there and set up an r/feministsomething and set an abuse trap for women who’ve already been through enough.

            Re: Spirituality – you know the words to say… the words that have power.

  5. I’m a white male. I am accustomed to being treated with suspicion and mistrust/distrust in women’s groups or black groups. Makes sense to me. I read blogs to learn stuff; I don’t have any great wisdom to impart. I was directed here by a young woman on Twitter (for whom I have great respect), but that was before this recent episode. If my presence or comments here distress anyone or makes anyone uncomfortable, I will withdraw.

    • This is very similar to a manipulative response I’ve seen in plenty of males. In response you either a.)praise and cooddle the man thus showing submissiveness in regards to him = he has won or b.) If you allow him to leave and do nothing about it you are blamed for being a b$#&+. = he has won. Its very hard not see this as a troll move because a man who is genuinely an anti misogynist does not need Momism nor any sort of pat on the back for being one. Only mras seek a pat on a back for being ‘nice guys.’ And as HMQ has said no one told you to leave. You are being irrational and letting your emotions get in the way of things.

        • I didnt see anyone telling him to leave either. So I find it highly suspect why did he decide to come up with such a conclusion.

          • No, no one told me to leave. I offered, “If my presence or comments here distress anyone or makes anyone uncomfortable, I will withdraw.” Thank you, I would like to stay. And I am quite comfortable with who I am; I need no pat on the back from anyone. And I am not bothered by anyone being suspicious of me:more people on the Internet should be suspicious.

  6. HMQ! I’m so sorry you had to deal with that! Gosh darn those feminist als and their master plan to derail the feminist movement and focus it back on #wutabuttehmenz!

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