Feminist Book Club as Part of This Blog?

Happy Friday the 13th!


we LURVES feminist books!

I’m starting a book club on this blog as sort of a side project. Do you think I should have a separate blog or just make a new page on this one? There is a new page (see strip at the top marked ‘Book Club’)  but I don’t know if it’s the best approach.

The first book I want to re-read is Susan Faludi’s ‘Backlash.’ All the books will be free to download from either my shared files or they’re already linked as documents online.
If you haven’t already, take a look at the tab and download the book. ‘Backlash’ is important because it puts the Men’s Rights movement into perspective. It’s nothing new. Whenever women got some power, even the tiniest bit, there were groups of men who got in a gaggle and hurled misogyny at those women. In my opinion, it’s even worse today with the advent of the internet but that’s a double edged sword.

While these groups use the internet to harass and intimidate women online and offline, we can use it to help those women who are targeted. A tool is only as good as its user.

Download the book and let me know what you think about page v. sister blog for a book club. I will take requests for books but they have to be feminist and have to be freely available.


9 thoughts on “Feminist Book Club as Part of This Blog?

  1. Oh I’m so excited about this! I’ve always wanted to join a book club.
    I think just making a new page for it might do well.
    A new blog might be more work. But I guess it’ll be something you’ll have to test out and see what’s going to be better if/when it gets off the ground.
    I’ll download it and added it to my feminist book collection!

      • *Sqee* I has so much happy reading this! For sure by tomorrow I’ll start Backlash.
        And thank you for starting this! I do think it’s a wonderful idea to educate women as much as possible about the misogynistic world we live in!

  2. My guess is that if you start out with a page, you’ll end up having to link to a whole other blog. So, you might be better off starting off with a blog, linking up at the top (if you can).

    I’m kind of busy this weekend – and I already read Backlash once back in the middle of the 1990s. I bought a copy when I was trying to understand why I seemed to be being targeted for so much random male violence and threats and that’s where I first understood the concept of the “male protection racket.” Furthermore, despite the fact that I knew the racket was being on me, I still ended up in dangerous situations with men. Just knowing about the racket and being aware of it will not keep you out of it, unfortunately. To get out of it, you have to have 2 things, I think: (#1) Economic means and (#2) personal defense items – or as Andrea Dworkin said, a home you can’t be kicked out of and guns.

    Even though, I’m exhausted – been doing all kinds of stuff when I should have been sleeping, earlier – I already re-read one of the chapters. She’s got a nice chapter on movies that is, in some ways, similar to a blogpost I did recently about women and witchcraft-themed movies.

    I think the book club is a great idea… If you have a separate blog, people can read and comment on the books at their own pace without the pressures of a traditional book club. I think you’re going to absolutely NEED a second blog.

    Great idea, by the way! Thanks for doing this. It’s going to be fun!

  3. I’ve been a part of a book club so not exactly sure how that work, but it might be fun, I have been thinking about trying to read more books about feminism, and I do like the whole available for free part. Don’t really have an opinion on whether it should be a different blog or not. I guess it would depend on frequency of posts for both things and how much discussion a book club would bring.

  4. I started the book yesterday and decided to make notes on the things I wanna post about. But I’m going to hold off until you’ve found what’s going to work best for the book club.

    Also, just wanted to toss this out there: If you didn’t want to start a new blog, but think that trying to run a book club through pages is going to get messy, then you could always make a sticky of the post of the book we’d currently be reading. This, of course, would stay up for the estimated time you’d set. This way everyone will be able to see it and participate in it as they please, while at the same time you could keep up with your current blogging schedule.

    And since it would be a sticky blog post, you could always link folk back to the previous book that was discussed, and you could have the start and ending time of when we’ll be moving on to the next book.
    Lemme know what you think.


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