Men Start Hashtag #EndFathersDay, Twitter Explodes; AVFM Reinforces Deadbeat Dad Image

MRA’s are bellyaching over a hashtag they had a hand in perpetuating, knowing it was an attempt to goad women (single mothers) and feminists. The #EndFathersDay hashtag was created by a dude on 4chan apparently and then the MRA’s starting using it to bait feminists. They tried it on me too.

I don’t use Twitter much and today I logged in, happy as a clam, to make a few tweets, one of which was going to be a nice Father’s Day tweet. Before I could even start my tweet I had 4 notifications. A couple from a liberal fun feminist screeching about me being a radical feminist, assuming I was against women because of my hatred of the sex industry and that I was a transphobe.

Ah, then the golden tweet. An MRA called TicklishQuill sent me the bait. It was a retweet from tashapolwright

It was a picture of a Black Rosie with a quote about how we don’t need fathers because children don’t need rape teachers. I knew it was some stupid shit so I concern trolled him back. He shut up.

Paul Elam and Dean Esmay got in on the tweeting too. They clearly were rage bonering for hours on twitter. CLICK ON IMAGES TO ENLARGE.


Paul Elam Rage Boner.


Yes Dean, because you care so much about men and boys that you’re more interested in how you can smear women and feminists with your little crusade.


Paul retweets Dean cuz hatin’ women and feminists is super important.

It’s clear they knew the purpose of the hashtag and instead of stopping it, they took part in it. MRA’s are more concerned with hating women and feminists than they are about helping men and boys. When MRA’s say they care about men and boys and that their goal is to help them, remind them of this hashtag that they retweeted in order to gloat.

Here’s the alleged thread in 4chan where it all started: LINK to PHOTO


B. Christopher McGee over at Western Journalism blames radical feminism for the hashtag men started. Oops. MRA’s recommend jumping on the thread to lie and claim it was due to feminism. CLICK IMAGE TO ENLARGE

MRA Agent Orange, a dox collector encourages lying about the hashtag men invented

MRA Agent Orange, a dox collector encourages lying about the hashtag men invented

Men start problem. Men inflame problem. Blame women for the problem. Repeat.


This hashtag showed us it’s more about misogyny than men caring about men. STORIFY LINK!



Judgybitch, the not-too-bright FeMRA blamed feminists for the hashtag. LOL

Menz did it dummy.

Menz did it dummy.


AVFM responds to the hashtag with a post they dug up from their archives. Instead of blaming other men for the hashtag, which would be the right thing to do, AVFM blames women and the gub’mint instead for kicking men out of the family.

No, the reason why fathers leave their families is because they are forced out.

Since when can’t you be a father if you get divorced?

In this case AVFM is talking about those father’s rights fuckwits who are usually abusers who don’t like the fact that the law protects, albeit badly, their wives and children after divorce. In fact, in Canada the Father’s Rights groups wanted to change the Divorce Act so one parent (read mothers) can’t move unless s/he gets permission from her ex.

The article also mentions a popular topic of the Manosphere: wanting control over women’s reproduction. Aside from their incredible tales of women wanting to spermjack them, MRA’s want to be able to abandon their responsibility as fathers by either forcing the woman to abort or by taking off and leaving the child without a father.

For as long as men lack reproductive rights, and for as long as we allow women to force men to become fathers when they do not want to, then of course we are going to have ‘feckless, irresponsible, deadbeat dads’ – although I don’t blame them, and I won’t call them that. I will call them victims of fraud and financial manipulation. Consenting to sex is not the same as consenting to fatherhood, and any man who has not consented to the latter owes the world nothing.

On a day we honour our fathers, MRA’s want us to do the exact opposite and treat him like the irresponsible deadbeat he is. That’s why their piece is aptly titled ‘Happy Father’s Day, You Piece Of Shit.’

Perhaps somebody should have mentioned to President Obama that around three quarters of divorces are initiated by women, who proceed to use the biased family court system to impoverish men and strip them of the right to even see their children.

If only MRA’s would tell the truth. Most custody cases are handled through mediation and a mutually beneficial arrangement is made. The only dudes this article is talking about are the nasty abusive men who can’t move on and use the kids to harm their ex-wives.

The last part of the screed is some lame comparison of Mother’s Day v Father’s Day speeches by elected officials which is really stupid and boring.

In the end AVFM comes right out and says what they’d like

And that’s why Legal Choice For Men seems reasonable to me. A woman does not ‘abort’ the baby so much as she ‘aborts’ herself from a lifestyle she does not want. Why should a man not have the right to an ‘abortion’ on the same grounds? In that case, inviolable contracts could be drawn up, prior to the birth of the child (or even prior to conception) in which the father signs up to fatherhood. If he doesn’t sign, he can’t be held liable, because it was never his choice to have a child; thus there can be no grounds for requiring him to sweat and toil for the mother’s sake.

Spoken like a bunch of deadbeat dads who want us to think of fathers as controlling, manipulative, and irresponsible jerks. Good on ya AVFM for showing us once again it’s more about wanting to harm women than it is about helping men take responsibility for their kids.



15 thoughts on “Men Start Hashtag #EndFathersDay, Twitter Explodes; AVFM Reinforces Deadbeat Dad Image

      • They’ve got their tighty whities all twisted up in a wad because it was retweeted like, 253 times? BFD. Just shows how they manage to pump up their own rage until it’s just totally over the top.
        And Judgybitch has a supposed “guest post” by a “Tyler Narragansett” where he completely loses his composure at a woman who dared question the Manosphere’s dogma of how Family Courts are unfair to fathers and male circumcision is a bad as FGM. It’s a pretty vile piece- full of the c word and b word. It just reinforces the image of MRAs and FeMRAs as immature, self-pitying whiners desperate for attention.
        Can’t wait to your takedown of Judgybitch and her inability to understand statistics.

      • OMG! That’s hilarious! What a collection of idiots.

        I’m genuinely pleased to see some sort of homosexual-leaning comments near the bottom there with regard to the desirability of men for each other over women. I definitely think this should be encouraged.

  1. Its a voice for men created picture!!! This is just disgusting of them to do. How would they like others to take pictures of them and put nasty messages??? Not very much and the male run Facebook would remove it. That’s what a woman gets for speaking for her freedom against rape and oppression of men. I love how that one parasite put my comment up there. Has he ever read a voice for men comments before they are twice as bad and all of them are against women talking about raping and killing us. I wonder how all these handmaidens in a voice for men like to be viewed as towel slut rags for the use of these mrm scum who want nothing more but to rape them and kill them. I think if women were as organized and supportive of each other we would have banished the mrm to the little nastu hole that they come from. Now. Let’s all report the Facebook photo. Do u have video back ups of john Hembling videos the ones they attacked you for? I will post them on YouTube under a bunch of accounts.

    • I reported the nonsensical pic. And gosh darnnit, I read the comments! Argh.
      Oh and to answer your question Boomer:
      “Has he ever read a voice for men comments…”

      They can’t read. )=


      “Men start problem. Men inflame problem. Blame women for the problem. Repeat.”

      Say that.

        • That’s a really nice pic of you, though! 🙂

          How many people have to report something at FB before they do something?

          You can report psychos talking about killing women over at YouTube and nothing is ever done – until days after the go on a killing spree, of course.

          Is facebook the same way?

          • Apparently not too long?
            I got two messages from Facebook regarding my report of her picture. The first one said:

            “Thank you for taking the time to report something that you feel may violate our Community Standards. Reports like yours are an important part of making Facebook a safe and welcoming environment. We reviewed the photo you reported for annoying and distasteful humor and found it doesn’t violate our Community Standards.

            I then get another message saying:

            We reviewed the photo you reported for annoying and distasteful humor. Since it violated our Community Standards, we removed it. Thanks for your report. We let A Voice for Men know that their photo has been removed, but not who reported it. Facebook never discloses who submits a report.”

            So I know HMQ is having not so much of a great time being harassed just because she’s Jewish and, well, male feminist and MRAs [Same difference]. So maybe this’ll bring some good vibes her way. ^_^

        • I just want to clarify that by nonsensical, I meant what was done to the picture [which feels like it’s been vandalized by a bunch of juveniles], not the picture in of itself. Because like Womanofthewoods said, it is a nice picture of you.

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