Feminist Weekend: No MRA’s Allowed

David had a great idea over at We Hunted the Mammoth so I’m going to employ it here. This thread is MRA and troll free. Talk about whatever you want. Comments by new people will have to be approved (I’m being brigaded by MRA trolls at present) but this thread is feminist space only. I don’t care what kind of feminist you are either. Women are supposed to be good to each other.

  • No MRA’s
  • No trolls
  • No mansplaining allowed

I want to welcome new people as well! This blog is growing rapidly, more than I expected in the short time it’s been up, and it’s kinda overwhelming. In case you missed it, here is a run down of the past week:





16 thoughts on “Feminist Weekend: No MRA’s Allowed

  1. Ugh. I just found out I’m being harassed for being Jewish by some asshole over at AMR. They copied a post from MR to AMR to get ppl to come here and scream about me saying I’d circumcise my male child b/c I’m Jewish.

  2. So I’m really thinking about the 3 Israeli teens who were kidnapped by the terrorist group Hamas. So much nasty shit in the world. I also started watching the long unedited version of the 70’s flick ‘Caligula’. OMG It was made by Bob Guccione. I was like, oh noooo, what the hell am I watchin’?!

    The one good thing was he wasn’t afraid to show penises like the rest of Hollywood movies. In a very early scene we get to see one chopped off! The MRA’s would love this movie for about 15 minutes and then start whining when the sexual violence gets played out on a male. But, but, that’s MISANDREEEEE!

    So I only got to like 20 minutes. Peter O’Toole was about the only thing keeping me going with his intermittent British shouting that sounded like a drill sergeant on coke. I shut it off and began watching Imperium Augustus, which had O’Toole in it but was much better. It didn’t have some orangy tanned dudebro walking around in a horrid white costume with silver sequins and knee-high white sandals. Porn directors don’t really spend much on costume design I suppose.

    Boogie the mouse was squeaking a lot tonight. He was having a disagreement with another mouse. i NEVER see the other mouse. EVER. I hear it but never see it.

    Boog ate a shitload of oats today. His little belly was nice and round. His fur is starting to look svelte.

    I’m in pre-menopause I think. I’m not totally sure yet but I think so. I had a bunch of bloodwork done last week. I’m not having hot flashes or anything but my periods are every 3 instead of 4 weeks for the last 3 months and my milk lines are operating.

    I am starting to feel older. It doesn’t feel bad actually. It does make me look at younger people a bit differently. When I see a younger person doing something remarkably ridiculous I think to myself ‘oh no, don’t do THAT!’

    You know you can’t stop them but you do wish you could impart your wisdom to them before they do it in the hopes they’ll listen to you.

    I am starting to feel like an elder though. Hmmm.

    • You are having a very interesting movie marathon. Many years ago I tried Caligula, but gave up on it; I already knew there was violence and ugliness in the world. I’m planning on Maleficent today on your recommendation

      Welcome to the world of the older and wiser. Of course, aging will give you extra benefits – hexes, spells, etc. Or do you get those when the villagers identify you as a crone as well as a witch? I’m not current with my female slurs.

      I’m having the generational struggle with my college-age granddaughters. They feel invincible, invulnerable, and sophisticated. AArrghhh!

    • My goodness, I saw Caligula in a review theatre a long time ago. I brought in a flask of scotch which was the only thing that sustained me through the entire movie. Maybe that’s why I can’t remember it very well.

      I’m glad you have focuses (foci?) on more than the MRAs.

      I’ve wanted to ask you. Your mice, these are wild mice that live in your house? That was the impression I got.

      I love being post-menopausal. Don’t let anyone tell you different. Not having periods, wheeeee! I stopped really young and never looked back.

      • Yes, he’s a wild mouse. His name fluctuates from ‘Little One’ to ‘Boogie’ to ‘Peanut’ to ‘Fresh little mouse.’ He only knows one thing: food and mummy. He begs for food. He climbs on my bed when I’m sleeping. He’s a good boy.

        Contrary to the ignorant MRA’s he’s the same as a pet store mouse. Just more wild and much more intelligent. He’s got his own little dish he uses to eat and tonight he sat and ate oats while I sat next to him eating an ice cream sandwich.

        He loves watching movies with Mum. Hates the street sweeper that comes around 4am and goes mental if I scratch my arm or something while he’s around. It freaks him out. I dunno why.

        I knew his mother and she was lovely. He has a g/f who bites him too. I hear him squeaking when she’s letting him know who’s boss.

        I don’t mind the whole menopause thing but the every 3 week periods really suck. I have no other symptoms tho. We think I’m pre meno but who the hell knows. I had my blood work done and I’ll find out in a couple weeks. I think I’m having early symptoms. I’m not too worried about it.

        Caligula was horrid. I only stood about 20 mins of it. It was the uncut porno version. If this is what men think is attractive we have a huge problem although the male porno director had a dick chopped off early so that was HILARIOUS! I hope MRA’s run with that. She just said she loves when a guy gets his dick cut offf!!! Whaaa! MISANDREEEE! No dudes. Your male pornographers that you worship made that scene.

        Anywho. 🙂


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