CAFE Reminds Us: If White Middle Class Males Don’t Get Their Way


6 thoughts on “CAFE Reminds Us: If White Middle Class Males Don’t Get Their Way

  1. That sounds an awful lot like a threat. I’m not sure if they intended it to be. I am glad I don’t live in Canada. It makes me sad to think about how these men’s rights movements are rising and popping up in countries like Canada. Is the men’s rights movement more pronounced in Canada than the United States? I wonder how big these movements will grow as feminism continues to fight gender inequity.

    • They are popping up in many places. The most immediate concern is what impact, if any, they are having on the public’s opinion of feminism.

  2. “Young men are assaulted and murdered at far higher rates than young women, so why do you never hear calls for inquiries to find out why, or to “end the violence?””

    Well, some people we call “feminists” have been calling for and end to male violence against not only ourselves but, against children, including boys. It is men who commit well over 90% of the reported violence against other men, women and children. How do these guys look at themselves in the mirror in the morning when they continue to ignore that fact? Answer: I just remembered yeti-man. Probably they never look in a mirror.

    “In the meantime, girls are doing better in school and taking up more than half the spots in universities while the economy continues to shed the jobs that young men have traditionally filled.”

    Every time I read this, I am able to read very clearly between the lines: “Take those bitches down! Rape, bludgeon, kill…”

    “Too many are raised without fathers and don’t have mentors.”

    And, why is this? Usually it is not because a woman has made an independent choice to have a child. It is very often when women are pregnant that the sperm donors begin their reign of abuse over the woman. Either the woman flees in terror (or tries) or else the man walks out on his responsibilities. Then, there are no shortage of cases in which women are raped and impregnated by their assailants. So, why are these boys raised without fathers??? Yes… men, once again.

    “On top of all that, young guys face a confusing, consumerist world that lays out an impossible ideal of the perfect, status-filled male life of blondes, Bugattis and bling that almost none will achieve, slammed home endlessly by our culture. No wonder so many are angry.”

    Here we see, once again, a man confusing “blondes” (blonde-haired women) with OBJECTS of status. I see no acknowledgement of women as human beings in this sentence – and who authored this stupidity? I don’t even have to look at the by-line – I know it was a man.

    These dirt-bags really need to be watched.

    • Nailed it!
      You know what also gets me is that majority of the male shooters came from homes that had dads! Oops…

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