Manic Monday

Some hot stuff to share with you today. If you haven’t seen it you must watch this French film by Eleonore Pourriat.

As many of you know, I’m being targeted by AVFM and their minion MRA’s. They don’t like it when they’re exposed so openly, especially by a woman. Now I could’ve gotten online and pretended I was a man, and I know many women who do and I’m not in any way dismissing that need, but for me I cannot. The reason is simple. The fact they attack me exposes them. When they go after me, they shoot themselves in the foot. Not only that but I’m not afraid to fight back carefully. So with that in mind, I take my next step in this blog.

Naming and Shaming

Men have privilege. I can start collecting male tears right now. I can hear them running down the cheeks of angry men. That privilege makes them think they’re invincible and that when they attack women, women won’t fight back. For some time now I’ve known that MRA’s would inevitably target me. I’m a woman. They think I will stay silent and not fight back. They are wrong and I’ll show them they’re wrong by naming and shaming them. Hell, they can’t shame me. All they can do is be violent and brutal because that’s all they’ve got. It’s funny because it’s the one stereotype they want to end regarding men and yet they perpetuate it and mold it into perfection.

They support the notion that men are brutal and violent and that’s ALL they are. That’s why their ‘movement’ is a failure. They eat their own.

Upcoming Video

A collab video has been in the works for the past 10 days now and it will be uploaded soon. It was a joint project between this blog and We Hunted the Mammoth. Look for its release by Wednesday.

Book Club

Fab Fro, a poster here at Mancheeze has solved the problem of the Book club. Right now you can access it through a link at the top of the blog which brings you to a page on this blog but I suppose it’s not visible enough. Instead of having a separate blog (at least for now) it will stay a page and I’ll put an HTML widget in the sidebar so it’s easily accessible. People don’t like too much clicking, and I know that, so I’ll put the link on the sidebar. If you haven’t already done so the book we’re reading is ‘Backlash’ by Susan Faludi. In1991 she saw the Men’s Rights movement as a predictable response to women gaining more economic, political, and social power. Men don’t like it when women have any of it. That’s more evidence of male privilege, and yes dudes, it’s like a candy that you think you’re not getting when you’ve got a stash of it already but you just have to have that one piece your sister got and will throw a tantrum till you get it. In this case, tantrum away. You’re not getting that piece of candy.

Good Articles by Chuck Wendig

Omar Mouallem, the journalist that was harassed by Karen Straugn (she publicly called him a holocaust denier for his disagreement with AVFM) tweeted some of Chuck’s work and by golly it’s some excellent work. The ‘voice’ in his writing is clear and authentic.

The first piece is called ‘Not All Men, But Still Too Many Men’ and it’s featured on his site Terrible Minds. It’s a detailed piece explaining why the twitter hashtag #YesAllWomen was necessary and why men should STFU and listen. The follow-up piece is called ‘ Burning The MRA Playbook (Or, #YesAllMRAs)’ in which he explains what it was like to be on the receiving end of MRA harassment and abuse.


3 thoughts on “Manic Monday

  1. I love how the comments on that awesome video had to be disabled. The misogynist probably wouldn’t see the irony in that. But, hey, we’ve already been over that they aren’t the brightest bulb in the pack. So…

  2. That’s a very good movie. How would men feel if they lived in a nightmare like that every day? Well, you see, it isn’t happening to them. It’s happening to us. So, I guess they’re fine with it. It’s nice to see the tables turned in this movie… the thing is, IRL, most women would never treat men this way, even if the tables were turned in real life. I think that’s too bad. It’s time we re-think how we think about men and how we treat them.

    It looks like sororities in the Seatle area have been getting death threats. They also reported little chalk outlines on the sidewalk outside their homes, which I’m guessing – based on my own experience with cops – was NOT considered a threat or taken seriously in anyway. Rape threats by men (to me) are a joke, according to my local sheriff’s department. So, I’m sure murder threats to a sorority in the wake of the Santa Barbara shooting are mere levity, as well. We women just don’t have a sense of humor… right?!

    They arrested another MRA in Seattle for declaring that he understood Rodger and that he was the next Elliot Rodger who would “get it right.” He planned to shoot only women, this time. Where have we heard this kind of talk just recently? Oh, pretty much all over the internet!

    Well, one of them was arrested, anyway. I don’t know how long they’ll keep him there. They set his bail at a mere $100K. That’s how much the judicial system cares about the safety of women in the Land of the Green River Killer. So, I don’t know if he’s in jail or if he’s out.

    Here’s the story from Raw Story:

    Here’s another article with more details:

  3. I’m sure the cops are treating the chalk outlines and calls as “little boyish pranks by the fraternities.” (Personal disclaimer: I despise those gangs of punks and thugs due to run-ins I had with them throughout my years at university. Protesting the Vietnamese war and for rights for women and blacks did not sit well with those crypto-Nazis. I walked past 5 of their houses to get to class; not a good start to the day.) But, I digress.

    How would the incidents be handled if they were directed against the president of the university, or the headquarters of McDonald’s? What’s the best a woman can hope for who can prove threats and intimidation? A temporary restraining order. There are lots of dead women who had a TRO.

    Ah, I’m too pissed off to make any sense.


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