Sam Martina’s Parody of MRA’s

My friend Sam has made a couple videos that will have you lollin over the stupidity of the Men’s Huuuuman Rights movement.



12 thoughts on “Sam Martina’s Parody of MRA’s

    • This dude has the audacity (or stupidity?) to talk about women not respecting free speech when he and his minions constantly attack women online – in small ways (constant harassment) and large (like putting a bounty on Vliet Tiptree and using his minions to take down RadFemHub)!

      There is no free speech for women with these bastards and like-minded men around.

  1. Against my better judgment, I finally visited the AVFM site. It was as distressing as I thought it would be. I did find the self-defense instructions amusing, in a very black humor way. I know I am preaching to the choir, but these are disturbed people.

    When I am a little cheerier, I would like to write about some experiences in all male settings (work; I’ve never accepted membership in any males only club, for reasons that will be apparent).

  2. I’m laughing so hard I’m crying. This guy is an amazing actor. The attitude, the insanity, it’s all there. ‘false kidnapping accusations’… still crying… Too good!

  3. Yes, JB. You and your friends are in an epic struggle to save humankind from the scourge of feminism. I know. I know because I am a former (now extremely repentant) Radfem who once belonged to a terrorist cell that waged gender war on masculinity by making false rape accusations and cutting off men’s private parts. The human race owes you a debt of gratitude for making decent people aware of those misandrist, disgusting, extremist bitches. Thank You.

  4. Yes, sarcasm. I could tell because Leonarda says “private parts”, a real evil radfem would definitely call them something less euphemistic.


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