Father’s Rights Activist in Action: This is Extremely Disturbing

The Father’s Rights movement is an overlap movement to the Men’s Rights movement. Many men at AVFM are also father’s rights activists. AVFM has written several articles about Father’s rights and on a survey they listed it as one of the most important issues of the MRM. What is a father’s rights activist? I’ll tell you.

FRA’s are bitter men who have either gone through a divorce or are going through one. They tend to be abusive and out to harm their ex-wives through their children. They bleat about Parental Alienation Syndrome, a flimsy concept,  which isn’t recognized in any mental health capacity. Both the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Diseases, Fifth Edition (DSM-5),1 and the International Classification of Diseases, Eleventh Edition (ICD-11) have refused to admit PAS as a legitimate diagnosis.

Wiki entry

PAS is a term coined by Richard A. Gardner in the early 1980s to refer to what he describes as a disorder in which a child, on an ongoing basis, belittles and insults one parent without justification, due to a combination of factors, including indoctrination by the other parent (almost exclusively as part of a child custody dispute) and the child’s own attempts to denigrate the target parent.

Gardner’s original proposals about PAS made women the alienating parent. PAS has been extensively criticized by American and Canadian scientists for its gender bias. Although it is sometimes used in custody cases in a legal framework, it’s been a complete failure.

Last night I watched what can only be called abuse. They are hard to watch. The father in question is trying to catch his ex-wife using PAS. This is the result.

He stalks his daughter after school with a video camera with his girlfriend/new wife in the car.

He stalks his daughter after school again

Again with the stupid video camera, confronting his ex-wife

This poor girl, being stalked and recorded finally has enough

There are lots more of  these stalking videos on his channel.

This need to stalk children with a video camera is disgusting and is also something MRA’s do and they’ve even come up with a silly acronym for it. It’s called ABR (always be recording). This father has no problem being an abusive asshole, uploading his stalking to the internet and doxxing his own child. It does get worse. He made some videos of him and his girlfriend and their kids on holidays and fun moments and uploaded them with a message to his daughter in the title. What he’s doing is saying ‘See what fun you could’ve had if you only came with me?’ It’s disgusting.

This is what FRA’s do. They stalk and video record their children and ex-wives while they’re abusing them.  It’s no wonder these abusive father’s don’t  get sole custody.

I just don’t know what to say. I truly don’t.


14 thoughts on “Father’s Rights Activist in Action: This is Extremely Disturbing

  1. I just…
    I’m not…
    I can’t…

    Like my brain right now can’t comprehend how this dude doesn’t see what a major butt-hole he’s being?! Seriously, if he was acting like a mature adult and not a stalking abusive child then his daughter would have no problem wanting to see him.
    He’s just proving more and more why women can’t trust doodz. Ugh.

  2. This is why “fathers” should have no rights to children – or women just because they stuck their dick in her once.

    Men want their “rights,” they say, which are the same rights they had in the 19th century – to beat and rape women and children.

    Men do not OWN other people… this is what they need to have driven through their skulls.

  3. I’ve noticed a bunch of cases in the news recently where a man (an ex-boyfriend or ex-husband, presumably) goes out to kill or succeeds in killing a woman and sometimes here new “protector.”

    The MRAs, the patriarchal laws and men, in general, in this country need to understand that they don’t have the rights of life and death over women just because we’re women or because we won’t have sex with them. This belief in ownership of women and women’s children is the source of a great deal of their violence.

    When I finally escaped my last oppressor, the domestic violence experts told me there was a 50% chance he would come back and try to kill me and if there was another man there, he might kill him, too. Why aren’t MRAs and men concerned about that????

    Oh, I forgot, it’s all the “bitch’s” fault for “choosing” an asshole.

    The woman being recorded and probably doxxed here is in a very statistically dangerous situation. Women in such predicaments ought to be able to pre-emptively strike in self-defense ’cause some S.O.B. like this is going to try to get you in your sleep or at your workplace. The odds are pretty damned high, which is why we read about such cases so frequently. I’ve been there – thankfully there were no children involved who needed protection, too.

    • You need to get Elizabeth Sheehy’s book. I have a copy she sent me. It’s called ‘Defending Battered Women on Trial.’

      Sheehy argues just that: if you are killing in self defense you shouldn’t have to plead to a lesser charge of manslaughter to escape the murder charge. Many women who are being terrorized by their male partners have had to plead to the lesser charge to avoid a life sentence. In Canada Sheehy wants that to change.

      Now the MRA’s like Hembling, who can’t read and don’t understand domestic violence except to photoshop a picture of himself with a bruised eye, thinks Sheehy is giving women license to just murder their male partners. LOL He’s a fucking knobhead

      What she’s doing is taking men who terrorize and allowing women to SAVE their own lives. As you know the femicide statistics are high and when you’re a woman living with a male abuser and you try to leave, the chances are so high he’s going to kill you and your kids, you’re better off either killing him or killing yourself.

      The stories in this book are all real cases in Canada. The male abuser is a scary thing. What these male abusers have done to these women is just, it’s just terrifying.

      One male abuser shot at his own fucking kids to get to his wife, who was trying to leave him.

      In my opinion, if a woman is being terrorized like that she has the right to save herself. Sometimes the only way to save yourself is to strike first. It’s just reality when you’re dealing with male batterers.

  4. All very true. This conduct is sadistic to his own child. He wants to punish his ex and his kid more than he wants a good relationship with his kid, and his kid knows it.

    It could be pointed out also, MRAs are always talking about how women can prevent violence against themselves by taking self-defense classes and arming themselves. They say women are to be blamed for not protecting themselves. Feminists are criticized for saying that this puts all the responsibility on the victim.

    Then, if a woman does protect herself, she ought to be jailed for murder, according to MRAs.

    Either way, they want to be sure it’s the woman who is blamed when her husband batters her.

    Women must do all they can to prevent male control over them in the first place. That’s real women’s liberation.

    • “Women must do all they can to prevent male control over them in the first place. That’s real women’s liberation.” Of course, then “retributive violence” against such women – who wont’ have sex with men – is all women’s fault.

      It’s women’s fault when men go on killing sprees, according to the MRAs and their supporters.

      And, let’s not forget their corrective violence against lesbians.

      Of course, if you don’t have one of the bastards in your house, you have a better chance of not having to deal with their daily onslaught of violence.

      But, you’ve still got problems if you have to work with or around them (for example, if you’re not attached to a man, they want to stalk and harass you outside work). If you can arrange your life so you don’t have to deal with them at all, you have an even better chance.

    • I noticed they referred to this as a “domestic dispute” in the local news. What’s the dispute – as in debate, argument or disagreement – when a man goes on a mass murdering rampage of members of his own family, which is what this is – a mass murder.

      I think the definition is the shooting of four or more people. But, I guess since women and children are still considered property, they call it a “domestic dispute.”


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