Video Exposing AVFM’s Leader and Speakers Featured in Upcoming MRA Conference in Detroit

We Hunted the Mammoth and Mancheeze created a collab video exposing the leader and main speakers featured at the MRA Conference in Detroit. I thought it would be a good idea to make a video because most MRA’s use Youtube as their platform of hatred. Members of We Hunted the Mammoth and I came together and helped make it happen.  The quotes all have citations and can be found in the description of the video. Admittedly, this is my first scrolling text video so don’t judge me too harshly! If you have a Youtube channel you can d/l the video here and reupload it to your channel. The more copies on Youtube, the better.


Thank you to all who contributed. I think we should do more of these since Youtube is the hangout for MRA’s.


28 thoughts on “Video Exposing AVFM’s Leader and Speakers Featured in Upcoming MRA Conference in Detroit

  1. I am so moved by this. It is the voice of the dispossessed, the controlled, the enslaved, speaking out. It is meeting the male supremacists head-on. It is speaking truth against the reversals, the libels, the sadistic attacks. It is truth-speaking. Thank you so much. You are so brave. I am so proud of you.

  2. Share this video as much as possible. Thank you for putting in the work to make it. Actually hearing their words spoken out loud versus written on a webpage makes their disgusting commentary even more shocking and surreal.

    • At 10:23: What does he mean, “WHAT IF we did this, as men, what if we sat around about bashing men and laughing and joking…?”

      Elam must have gone to the Bill Clinton school of rhetoric: Deny, deny, deny. Even in the face of mountains of evidence… just keep denying.

      It ain’t workin’ boyz!

      Besides, he just said they had “satire” promoting men’s violence against women about 10 minutes or so before that.

      I seriously doubt if anyone has threatened these guys – ever. I’m not buying that, either. They’ve never presented any evidence, whatsoever, not even as much as a Twitter screencapture that I’ve seen.

      • That should read: “What does he mean, “WHAT IF we did this, as men, what if we sat around about bashing WOmen and laughing and joking…?”

        Clearly, their organization exists for this purpose and to make money for those at the top of the pyramid in the process.

        Sorry for the typos, it’s the middle of the night and I need some coffee…

        How about this bit of hypocrisy at 11:56: “[Women/feminists] are creating more abusers in our society.” Wasn’t that DarthVader-dude’s whole point in another video we saw recently? Women choose abusive assholes, thus creating male offspring who are abusers. Therefore, women are responsible for making asshole men. I think that’s how it went.

        Apparently, DarthVader-dude is upset that women make any arguments, at all, given how “over-emotional” we are and thus playing into a stereotype men have created.

        DarthVader-dude says, “threats to bomb and shoot…” – why is there not only no evidence of this, but so much empty space and deafening silence whenever anyone tries to investigate these alleged threats? Oh, no – say it ain’t so – surely these men aren’t lying! Surely, they’re not just cheap con men in wrinkled clothes!

        I think I saw some addresses for media folks at the one Reddit “AgainstMensRights” post that you linked to.

    • That’s a counter? He says the truth in the beginning. Rape enabler, promotes and enacts violence against women by stalking them online and offline, supports male battering women. Would vote not guilty in a rape trial even if the evidence was overwhelmingly against the male rapist.

      Please. This is no counter. It’s Paulie running his yap trying to clean up his image. Someone who calls himself the “happy Misogynist’ can’t clean up his image.

  3. HMQ, this video is excellent. Your voice sounds really good and very professional. It looks good, too; the scrolling part seems about right to me.

    I did a blogpost about it yesterday when I first noticed it was uploaded at YT. I figured you might have already seen it – but, maybe you haven’t.

  4. OT: What is up with MRAs and fedoras?

    I just saw a recent vid with SworebythePrecious (who I think is out of her mind if she goes in among that bunch of rape advocates without the benefit of a bonded, licensed bodyguard!) in which she almost apologizes for wearing a Fedora-style hat in a previous video because it might have been offensive to yeti-man.

    I love hats… In fact, I wear all kinds of them, including Fedoras! Why would this be offensive to dick-danglers?

    Something at the end of the vid indicated that if they decided to let her in to their sausage festival, (which they first said they would do if she did such and such and when she did it, they renegged!) she could not wear a Fedora-style hat. WTF?

    What is up with this bit of dick-tatorship? What’s wrong with women wearing Fedora-style hats? Women have been wearing such hats for well over 100 years!

    • What video? Link please?

      The fedora thing I think is some kind of stereotype joke about MRA’s wearing fedoras. i think it’s the same as the neckbeard stereotype.

      She’s brave to go in there. I couldn’t feel comfortable around rape enablers, rape apologists and men who batter women.

      • Here she is wearing a Fedora, which is very jaunty and seems very fitting for her persona as a journalist:

        Here, she says that Yeti-man, aka. “Mr. Esmay” (huh?!) seemed “hurt” by her wearing a Fedora, which is totally reasonable and understandable – NOT!:

        Here is the un-edited version of the call between SworebythePrecious and Yeti-man, in which he claims he’s not angry with her while sounding, in fact, so angry that he’s about to explode like the French diner in Monty Python’s The Meaning of Life.

        If you haven’t heard these videos yet, hang on to your Fedora, ’cause they’re pretty hilarious. Somehow Yeti-man and Co. had the idea that Futrelle was bankrolling her voyage into wiener-land – I think he asks if anyone else besides Dave was paying her way…

        • First, thanks HMQ for that wonderful video! Very chilling and informative at the same time.

          Second, thank you womanofthewoods for sharing these videos!

        • Eh… why is blubberbutt calling people and wasting precious eating time on petty interviews? Oh wait, Golden Corral was closed, amirite?

    • Oh BTW, you got mansplained a few days ago by some MRA. I didn’t publish it. It was some stupid drivel about how you need to re-evaluate men and such. LOL. Poor dude would rather mansplain you than take on the MRA’s. That’s why I find most men cowardly.

    • Well, that was a dose of jocularity!

      All they’re missing is some pillow cases with holes cut in them for eyes! It’s basically a bunch of men in a virtual setting shouting out “White man’s power!” over and over. Oh, yes, they are so oppressed down there in the coal mines! LOL!

    • If they knew that then it probably would not have been mentioned at all. Elam is working every angle and he lives to demonize feminists while taking the victim position at their expense.

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