What Kind of Human Rights Group Needs to Give THIS Warning to it’s Staff and Members Before a Con?

The upcoming Men’s Rights conference sponsored by AVFM has some words of wisdom for its staff and members.


For that reason, ANYONE sitting around trash-talking women, men, making violent statements, even jokingly, will be brought to the attention of security who will issue ONE warning (or less). After that, they will be directed by security to leave. There are no exceptions.

Don’t trash talk women? Oh you mean like calling women cunts, whores, bitches and/or psychologically diagnosing them with a cluster B personality disorder?

Don’t trash talk men? Oh you mean like calling men who don’t like AVFM ‘manginas’ and ‘purple poodles’ who are bent on getting pussy by being a male pro-feminist? You must mean calling male journalists ‘antisemites’ and ‘holocaust deniers’ when they expose your hatred?

Don’t make violent statements? Oh you mean like advocating the violent actions of a Father’s rights activist, Thomas Ball? Or the violent rhetoric of your very own Paul Elam, founder of your movement?

Imagine if that order was in effect prior to the conference? There’d be nobody at the conference.


The greatest human rights movement ever needs to warn its staff and members b/c it IS a violent, misogynist hate movement bent on harming everyone who doesn’t tow their party line.

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AVFM and Conference Speakers EXPOSED (Collab Vid):


15 thoughts on “What Kind of Human Rights Group Needs to Give THIS Warning to it’s Staff and Members Before a Con?

  1. O, it will go quite well. Softly, softly, will they hold their conference.

    And then, apres ca, le deluge….payback time. Women who criticized AVFM will be attacked.

    But i am starting to think that the women who are being targeted by AVFM have had enough and will fight back. There are so many of us, and we are aware, strong, and pissed. AVFM can’t get away with cyberstalking, libel, harassment, conspiracy, any more. Elam is busily engaged in trying to hide his persecution. But…the Net….it just sits there, with every BS thing he has ever said.

    And that is why, if the men’s right supporters ever want to gain any legitimacy or any sympathy, they have to dump this hater.

    Elam is a liability.

    Bye bye.

  2. maybe you should get all the radical winds and kittens and cast a spell to stop such a terrifying conference to occur lol. take it easy cheezy!

    • Is it the AVfM conference still on? If it does happen, is anyone going to the press conference? It would be a good chance to tell the press the real story.

  3. @ mythago, the conference is not terrifying. It will take place. Soft words will be spoken. An attempt to rehabilitate AVFM will be made. It will not succeed. It will make no mark. AVFM is self-destructing, and putting on a little meeting won’t change anything. Relax yourself.

    • If there is some attempt to rehab them, please use a hidden recorder! Even a hidden camera to go with it if that technology exists. That National Review article needs to be countered with another mainstream media article and actual quotes would help.

  4. They chose Detroit because of the city’s “masculinity”? That’s funny. To my knowledge Detroit is home to some of the more progressive politics to be found in the US…
    Hello, I found your blog just the other day through We Hunted The Mammoth, which I have been following for a couple of years. Unfortunately I didn’t connect very well with the standard-bearers of the comments section there, so I stopped trying to contribute to the conversation. I am also a classical musician (singer) presently exiled from Vancouver taking care of my aged parents in the interior of BC (but I am not complaining!) In my present situation, which includes being somewhat isolated, I’ve had to deal with some pretty awful (I’d say, atavistic) attitudes and behavior from male members of my family…I look forward to coming here often.

  5. While I seriously doubt if their could be any rehabilitation of the AVfM reprobates, it appears that their webbastard has been trying to clean up cached and archived pages of their threats and calls to action, such as the example given in the link below, and I quote AvFM and the Men’s Rights Movement,in general, as follows:

    “But no matter what you do, you are going to see a lot more of the things you don’t like in the future. I don’t mean that in the way of violent threats and continued fixation on your rectum, but in much more organized, high impact consequences for those of your ilk, courtesy of the men’s movement.

    Simply put, we are coming for you. All of you.

    And by the time we are done you will wax nostalgic over the days when all you had to deal with was someone expressing a desire to fuck you up your shopworn ass. ”

    That was from the AVfM article called, “Stalking Sady Doyle” – there’s some really violent comments, as well to the effect of killing a particular women and women, in general, along with a lot of references to bitches, cunts and whores.

    Here’s a link discussing the clean-up project that appears to be underway:


    • Right away, I see a massive typo, because I have a lot of difficult re-reading and editing in this tiny little window – The first sentence should say that the threats were issued from not only AVfM but the MRM, in general. The point being that AVfM is claim to speak, in this instance for the entire MRM.

  6. It’s hard to believe the VFW bosses could allow AVFM to make a mockery of VFW’s service for Americans, men and women, by welcoming an AVFM conference, It’s an affront to all citizens.

    AVFM is a cyberstalking site, currently trying to sanitize. But there is only one way to do so – to apologize fully to all the people the site has harmed, especially with character assassination, over the past four years. AVFM must agree to stop its cyberstalking, libels, harassment, and character assassination of people. Elam must resign.

    These acts constitute AVFM’s only hope of continuing. The site will not last long after this otherwise. It is hopelessly compromised. Unfortunately, Elam’s personal income is now at stake, so I expect that there will be no resignation or change in their policies. And the damage to issues of real concern to men will be immeasurable. The mens rights movement will be brought down by this site’s failure to take leave of their dictator.

  7. What kind…? The kind that had to change their venue to a VFW hall at the last minute 😉 Seriously, if the comments from some of them on mlive are any indicator, it will not help for them to warn them… They can’t help themselves.

  8. There is some serious paranoia on that blog, isn’t there… Have a men’s conference where men can be themselves then tell them they aren’t allowed to on pain of removal by force… I’m sure that will go over well. Irony is one of the commenters is, shall we say, not really on their side ;-p and they appear to have no clue…


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