Elam Gets in the Digital Shower

Elam is underway rewriting articles and replacing words. Here’s a recent example of his magic pen he thinks will wash away all the hate towards women, men and anyone else that doesn’t agree with the cult.
 photo paulelamcleaningtoilet_zpsde79ff09.jpg

Here’s the original article called ‘Challenging the Etiology of Rape’. where Elam talks about women ‘freaking begging for it [rape]. Damn near demanding it.’

Here’s the new happy clean version.

Wow, he’s done a lot of erasing in this piece. Maybe he’s finally realizing that hating on half the human race really don’t work out so well when you’re trying to become the greatest human rights movement ever.

I digress. AVFM will never be a human rights movement. They can’t help the way they are. They do hate women. I’ll be keeping a log of all their erased/ rewritten posts for future use. If anyone else has kept a log please let me know.


7 thoughts on “Elam Gets in the Digital Shower

  1. Elam is retracting the article without offering an apology. Therefore the retraction is of no effect and means nothing. It is all over the web. If he wishes to retract it by apologizing for the content he should do so. It would be a wise thing to do as the article makes clear to all who come into contact with A Voice for Men that the site is a hate site.

  2. No, Tefo, I do not agree, because hateful articles like that will have to hide in obscure corners of the net. There will be space for men’s issues to be discussed without hatred of women, and such discussions may well include feminists, who understand how masculinist gender roles hurt men..

    AVFM is the leader of misogyny online. Seldom is there such a central point available as Paul Elam. His leaving would be a boon for men, who must try to cover him now, and only tar themselves with the same brush, because he cannot be covered up..

    • You are correct. If they had realized this before they started promoting the conference, the wouldn’t be looking at cancellations and paranoia about what will be heard now.

      They will likely lose this venue also. VFW will not like being assosiated with a group that advocates rape and violence to women. I am curious if they even were told who was really renting it…

      • Only people who follow AVfM know the real deal. They can control their own message because they are an unknown. As for the VFW:

        ‘With mounting excitement we are rapidly counting down to A Voice for Men’s First International Conference on Men’s Issues. Activities initiate on June 26, at 1:00 PM EDT”
        –Paul Elam

        • I have asked a friend in a local veterans group to contact the VFW. I had him look at their site and he was not kind. Basically, he would never let his daughters date them… (That is the cleaned up version…)


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