Dean Esmay In: Thou Shalt Not Protest Misogynists

Men Have Always Had to Fight For Rights You Silly Feminazi!

Historically, men have never had to fight for a damned thing. Things like reproductive rights, the right to vote, the right to be educated, the right to NOT marry, the right to own property, the right to drive, the right not to be raped by a husband, the right to equal pay, and so on.

Now that there are a bunch of middle class white males hollering from the mountains they have no rights and holding speaking events where their major leaders drone on and on what horrible cunts, bitches and whores women and feminists are, there are protests against them. They’re actually surprised! How dare those feminists stand up and protest us woman haters! They’re totalitarians!

These middle class men have never had to get up off their lily white asses to protest anything except maybe to get a beer. Now they want to silence any protest against them by portraying them as violent totalitarians. MRA’s  clearly aren’t used to how this works.

Dean Esmay’s Dishonesty

MRA’s, such as Dean Esmay, want to paint protesters as some sort of violent regime who are silencing men, which is hilarious because anyone who knows anything about totalitarianism knows that the freedom of the people to protest is a vital right that, if taken from the people, becomes a sign of a totalitarian society.

He also wants to lie about why the protestors are actually there in the first place.

Esmay has come out with a new article on AVFM titled What those Who Oppose Our Conference Look Like.’ It is a dishonest propaganda piece. The first video clip is of a protest at a Canadian University against rape/incest apologist Warren Farrell.  Dean claims:

The following videos show the intimidating and violent behavior of feminists attempting to stop people talking about male suicidality, male homelessness, the disappearing of males in higher education facilities, workplace injury, depression, physical health, fathering, and other benign but nevertheless important topics. The intention of protestors is simple: to censure men’s voices, and thereby leave unchallenged the feminist discourse that pretends to explain men’s lives.

Feminists and our allies aren’t protesting against anything like that. In fact, it’s feminists that have done more work towards helping men and boys than AVFM and MRA’s will ever do. Who do you think runs crisis lines for suicide prevention? Not MRA’s. Who works in the soup kitchens and anti-poverty groups? Not MRA’s.

Show Me the Money

The only thing Dean Esmay and Paul Elam and crew have ever done is run a blog and collect hundreds of thousands of dollars, which as Paul admitted, he spends on himself. This is really about money.

Imagine if the $30K in security money raised for this conference was donated to actual services that help men and boys? Instead AVFM would rather use money to go after women they don’t like to get their personal information. Remember the appx. $1K Paul held out to find out information about a woman who was, more than likely, attacked by an MRA? AVFM was more concerned with exposing this poor woman as a liar than helping men and boys. That thousand bucks would go a long way at a crisis line.

This ‘bait and switch’ technique Elam thinks will work. By writing one misogynist rant after another, Elam thinks this will gain him mainstream media attention and then ouila! Elam can finally get in there, remove his mask, and people will listen to him talk about men and boys, or so he tells the men that send him money.

The problem is he’s a woman hater and so are the men that work for and flock to the site. There is no mask.  THIS is what feminists protest against.

Since the first protests began against MRA’s in 2013, starting with the protest against the rape apologist/incest apologist Warren Farrell, MRA’s have been furious that feminists and our allies are making signs, chanting, and just generally being aware that the “Men’s Human Rights movement’ is simply a male supremacist misogynist movement.

Dean then posts a 40 second clip of Sharon Osbourne, wife of Ozzy, laughing about a cheating guy who’s penis was cut off by his significant other. Nice try Dean. As if Sharon Osbourne identifies as a feminist and/or is somehow leading a feminist cabal to the promised land. Really Dean, you’re really pulling at shreds here.

Quiz: Which of These Things Is Not Like the Other?

 photo linedupfeministspic_zps84169cb1.png

One of these things is not like the other. One of these things is not the same!

Drop Docs of Female Protesters, Send Death Threats to Intimidate Them into Silence

The next video clip Esmay posts is of a feminist protestor who tried explaining feminism to the questioning MRA’s who held video recorders in her face. When the MRA’s wouldn’t listen and kept cutting her off, she got shrill. In trying to paint her as the average protester, which Dean is trying to do, let’s look at what actually happened to that woman.

After the MRA’s had finished taunting her with a video camera, they all went back to AVFM and hunted for her personal information. They eventually got it, posted it everywhere, and harassed her with death threats online and offline. She had to shut down her social media accounts. This is a regular occurrence at AVFM. They video record women protesting and Paul Elam sometimes offers money to other MRA’s to identify the woman: name, address, workplace etc.

Don’t Forget to Harm Women in Detroit Before You Get There

Attacking individual women is what MRA’s consider ‘activism’ and ‘fighting misandry.’ Even before touching down in Detroit for their conference they went after a local teacher who was part of a group protesting them. They posted her private information and some MRA’s sent letters to Detroit School Boards to harm her employment prospects. MRA’s also went after a feminist professor of Sociology from Wayne State calling her a cunt on Twitter.

The last clip is a pretty standard protest clip, a longer version of the previous clip.. People are holding signs and yelling. A fire alarm went off which was promptly used as another propaganda tool by AVFM to smear feminists with. Nobody knows why or how the alarm went off.

Democracy: You Just Don’t Get It

Middle class white dudes clearly don’t get this. Protesting is not taking away your freedom of speech. You don’t have to like it. Protesting is a viable way to express dissent. That’s the mark of a true democratic society. Feminists aren’t protesting you because you’re helping men and boys. We’re protesting you because you’re a hate group. Elam’s plan is working for himself but you’re quite mistaken if you think it’ll work for ‘men and boys.’

*The comment section on AVFM regarding this article is already blossoming into ridiculousness. Here’s Tom Golden, a figurehead of AVFM

It is truly amazing that such hatred can be not only tolerated but in some ways protected. It calls back to the American south in the 1950’s where the authorities were just as bigoted as the population.

If Tom could have it his way, the privileged white male way, he’d have no protesting at any event. MRA’s always compare themselves to black slaves cuz ya know, white men couldn’t go to school, were kept as property, beaten, raped, and forced to work for nothing. Yep. coolstorybro


18 thoughts on “Dean Esmay In: Thou Shalt Not Protest Misogynists

  1. The MRM stands for The Men’s Rights Movement. What are Men’s Rights? They believe they have the right to apply “corrective discipline” to women. They believe that feminism has taken a man’s natural right to beat and rape his wife and turned this in “domestic violence.” Men’s Rights are the rights are what they believe is their “natural” right to dominate, beat, rape, abuse and eventually kill women – and women’s children, if they exist.

    “Wife-beating is commonplace and ordinary because men believe they
    have rights over women that women dispute” – Andrea Dworking, P. 43 of Life and Death

    MRAs are admittedly anti-feminist – they “don’t hate women,” they sometimes say, they just hate feminism and feminists:

    “Feminism is hated because women are hated. Anti-feminism is a direct expression of misogyny; it is the political defense of women hating.”
    ― Andrea Dworkin

    MRAs are really cowards:

    “If you want a definition of what a coward is, it’s needing to push a whole class of people down so that you can walk on top of them.”
    ― Andrea Dworkin

    And, here, in the next quote, I differ from Andrea and I quite disagree because there is never a moment – not even when I am asleep (having been the victim of an attempted rape while sleeping in my own bed once!) that I am not armed in preparation for the next man who is a rapist or killer of women. This is because I KNOW the TRUTH about men, first hand, having miraculously survived it. Andrea says:

    “I don’t believe rape is inevitable or natural. If I did, I would have no reason to be here. If I did, my political practice would be different than it is. Have you ever wondered why we [women] are not just in armed combat against you? It’s not because there’s a shortage of kitchen knives in this country. It is because we believe in your humanity, against all the evidence.”
    ― Andrea Dworkin

    I know a lot of you still believe that men raping women is NOT inevitable. I deliver up the MRM and all their hatred, which is representative of all patriarchal hatred – to the contrary.

    The only rights these men are fighting for is their perceived right to abuse and rape women. They are angry with feminists and with Western women, in general, because we refuse to be enslaved by them, anymore.

    • I see numerous typos once, again – what I was trying to say in the second to the last paragraph is that I see the MRM as evidence of ALL men’s desire to hurt women. The difference between the men of the MRM and other men is that most are not as open about their intentions.

      And, I thank the MRM for, at least, telling the truth about how much they hate us and want to hurt us. Most men pose as a friend, or a trusted colleague, a trusted member of the family, or the like for a long time before the truth comes out in some horrible, violent way. At least, these misogynists are upfront about their hatred of us and what they intend to do to us.

    • womanofthewoods, I agree with much of what you are saying, and it’s nice to see Andrea Dworkin appreciated. Regarding the last quote from her: rape may be natural, but it is not inevitable. I too recognize that all men (who are not physically incapacitated) are capable of raping and hurting women. I have endured considerable violence from male members of my own family.
      As far as I am concerned, human civilization began when men stopped raping women at will. The development of a form of benign enchantment that enabled humanity to develop, began then.
      So what is happening now?
      We do have to look at the way “equality” has been exploited by the system we live in, in order to facilitate the rise of the MRAs.
      There is a quote from a psychologist I admire. It is something like this: women are now the fetishized objects of a male gaze devoid of all enchantment.
      But it’s not that we need to “go back” to a supposedly golden age of chivalry. Rather, we need to understand that new forms of benign enchantment need to be created to reclaim our humanity.

      • Why does my little avatar look like a drunk amoeba with legs smoking a yellow cigarette (or a piece of gum)? 🙂

      • You lost me with the “enchantment” part.

        I don’t know if rape is natural or not. But, I know I’ve been living my entire life in a war zone perpetrated on myself – and other girls and women – by men. It’s what they do. It’s probably what they’ve always done. Until I see evidence of some magical time when this was not the case, I won’t believe it. And, no such evidence exists. The only civilizations in which women may have escaped being raped, brutalized and murdered by men are those from which men were excluded. And, the only way for us to have even the vestige of a chance of avoiding the inevitability of male violence against us (whether it’s natural or not) is to somehow escape men.

        Men cannot be reformed. They’re certainly not showing any signs of reforming themselves. If you read “Backlash,” you’ll see the progress they’ve made since the mid-’90s in destroying us faster and in new, more perverted and more violent ways – partly thanks to technology. It is, also, largely thanks to this technology that we can see men for what they really are – just what some of us suspected – and now the evidence is irrefutable, largely thanks to the MRM and their supporters.

        • Enchantment refers to the construction of human culture, not to ‘magic.’ No, I don’t believe, either, that there ever was a time in human history when men were not raping women.

  2. Re: Threats of women either in Detroit or who plan to be in Detroit at the time of this event:

    In the above video, she says she and other women have received threats. It’s somewhere in the first half, I think.

    She answers Q.s from what seem to be MRAs in the video. I liked the “Elliot Rodger” question – I forget exactly what it was, maybe something like do you think a guy like him is going to show up or something. That’s the most legitimate question of any she was asked.

    She goes on and on about “legitimate” points of the MRM – of course, they have none and certainly no problems whatsoever that haven’t been created by men, themselves. I have no idea how she can go on like this for half an hour with a straight face! I couldn’t do it.

  3. How contradictory the mens rights movement can be about this conference? On one hand they say they are not a hate group and the conference in Detroit I has workshops and seminars on topics such as male suicide and depression.

    On the other hand Elam and Esmay seem so secretive about what will actually be going on in the conference. They have banned DarkHorseSwore a feminist women who is merely trying to be allowed inside the conference just to be an objective reporter. But Elam banned her from being in the conference. Elam is using censorship of the media which goes against the free democratic principles that countries such as the USA and Canada stand for.

    Elam is banning her as well as Esmay. By not allowing DarkHorseSwore inside to report it looks like he is afraid and doing some type of damage control. What the heck is he hiding? Elam is also will try to use the fact that there are women members of avfm such as Karen Straughan and Judgy Bitch to try to say he is inclusive. However he is so terrified of letting any feminist reporters inside this hateful conference.

  4. Well. One can breathe a sigh of relief, at least. For a precious few days Paul Elam will be occupied in a faraway place and women can relax – no doxxing, no hate articles – no bizarre attacks…

  5. I just have to ask this….

    Doxing is illegal. Why isn’t this entire cast of criminals behind bars right now, instead of hosting their shitty little woman-hater conference? I don’t get it. Why are the victims just laying down and taking this abuse? I repeat, doxing is a criminal offense. Why is nothing being done?

    • What needs to happen is a class action lawsuit with all the women he’s harassed though doxxing, harassment, and intimidation. The problem is trying to get a lawyer to do it without money up front. Women tend to be poorer than men and so we don’t usually have this kind of income to spend on lawyers unlike men who 1) have more money 2) know other men in law. The other issue is the fact that Paul is a scam artist who hides his money well. Either way, talking to an attorney and getting all the women together would be the best way to proceed.

      • Yeah, I happen to be a poor women myself (income = $10,000 per year). That was not my point. I’m saying THIS IS ILLEGAL. No lawyer is needed. Generally speaking, the police will arrest anybody who, knowingly, has committed a crime. This situation is boggling my mind. Paul Elam & Co. are openly committing a crime on the internet, So, where’s the cops? Has anybody bothered to report these asshats?

  6. I agree, Sugarpuss and HMQ. The sooner this larger and larger class of women meet and decide to sue, the better.

    • Sue? You don’t have to sue an armed robber, for instance. You simply CALL THE COPS, and they are arrested for the crime. How come Paul Elam hasn’t been arrested? That is my question.


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