Attempted Rape and Assault by an MRA ‘Red-Piller’

My heart is racing after reading this true story of a woman who was assaulted by an MRA and he attempted to rape her. I warn you it’s graphic and there’s a picture of the marks on her arm when he grabbed her. My deepest empathy goes out to the woman who will remain anonymous, at least I hope so. You never know with the Manosphere and their need to violate women.


7 thoughts on “Attempted Rape and Assault by an MRA ‘Red-Piller’

  1. Sorry, completely off topic but I can barely see the links within your text. I’m colour blind and also work with web design and see this problem quite often.

    Love your blog.

  2. That’s a pretty scary story. Of course, not a surprising story. Considering the escalating violence from men, in general, it’s time for women to reconsider the idea of ever going on a date or being in the same room alone with men.

    The article didn’t disturb me nearly as much as the comment section! MRAs and other men just have to keep piling in on any woman who speaks up about what they’re doing to us.

    In the article, she said she’d never heard of “Red Pill” anywhere else but MRM. But, I first heard of it from Alex Jones on the Alex Jones Show. He often talks about taking “the red pill” and “waking up” to the reality, etc. Of course, he has a similar platform to the MRAs. I’m wondering which came first. Did Jones get the Red Pill thing from the MRAs (which also seems to be the source for much of his misogynistic rhetoric) or the other way around?

    At any rate, she did the right thing trying to escape the minute he told her point blank what he was.

    Men will sometimes tell you flat out, “I’m an asshole,” and things like that. I’ve had them blurt out things like that before and it’s like they just can’t resist telling you about themselves, as if warning you that they’re about to do some horrible, violent thing to you is part of their fun.

    • Yes, it is the comments section I hurry to after reading articles likely to inflame the MRA sort. That is where their true colours shine.

      • Interesting. After Pamela Clark writes the most humiliating article in internet history, two weeks later an xojane writer is “attacked by an MRA” on a date gone wrong. Her “aftermath” photo… look at it. No bruising. She says she was grabbed. Oh, she DID take one for the team though… thumb and three fingers, using her nails – small claw marks on her left arm inflicted with her right. The wound is self inflicted, and for all we know, the entire story is a work of fiction.

  3. One more comment: I was just thinking about the lesson in that story. I’ve been saying that not only do we not owe men politeness, but I think if I should ever find myself in such a situation as this woman, I’d just dash out the back door! I wouldn’t go back and try to be polite – of course, she was probably worried about possible future violence from this guy, if she dashed out (that’d be in my mind). But, I think the best thing would be just to get away from the danger as quickly as possible.

    Best thing: Just stay away from men. The risk of violence and the other horrible things they’re going to do to you, if given half a chance, is just not worth it. It’s better to live.


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