Manfight Over Grand Poobah Elam’s Master Plan to Clean Up His Image

Paul Elam is the Grand Master and Other Men Must Bow

What happens when one misogynist dude wants the Manosphere and power to himself? Paul Elam has just told part of the Manosphere they need not apply because he doesn’t want to dirty up his image prior to the big press conference in Michigan. Paul dictates: ‘Masculinists are not welcome at AVFM’ even though Sue McCarley admits there’s plenty of them at AVFM.

In truth, a number of our members consider themselves Masculinists. We don’t have a problem with that as long as they don’t try to use AVfM as a platform.

Masculinism defined the Urban dictionary is:

“An advocate of male superiority or dominance” (Merriam Webster Dictionary Online).

A straight white man who insists against all logic and evidence that straight white men are “oppressed” in a world where straight white men have a disproportionately large share of power.

Masculinist = “an advocate of male superiority or dominance”

I’ll show you how this is bullshit of the highest order and that no matter how many grand edicts Poobah Elam makes, in an attempt to cleanse himself of his woman-hating violent male supremacist rhetoric, the mainstream media knows exactly what AVFM is. Vice just did a piece on them. It’s been Paul’s plan to incite hatred against women in order to get attention from the media and its worked if you count negative attention. No matter though because Paul’s goal isn’t helping men and boys. It’s about lining his personal pockets.

Masculinism on AVFM? Naw!

Paul claims AVFM has never written articles, as far as he knows, that display the ideology known as masculinism even though one cursory glance at AVFM disproves this. Didn’t I just quote them yesterday saying that the only visible female to them is a mother? Didn’t AVFM also say that men built everything and women didn’t do anything but make babies? Even then AVFM erased young girls from the picture too by saying mothers are role models for male children and adults. Didn’t AVFM go goo-goo over a video whereby a young woman tells all other women to thank all men for making all of society? Yes. yes, they did.

Remember the infamous STEM field professor Thomas Impelluso who told women trying to get into STEM fields to forget about it and stop whining? He also said math was male and ladies should just wait to be invited into those fields. Men pee standing up and that makes math male he said. Did Paul not realize he published three articles by Impelluso who IS a masculinist by definition?

In the comment section of Paul’s ‘warning’ there’s a fight brewing between the manchildren precisely because everyone knows that AVFM and Masculinism are indistinguishable. One commenter, Glenn, is taking Paul to task for alienating men in his ranks, Masculinist men who have always been there.

This is an unnecessary denigration of a group of men. Even if they are flakes, what, Stardusk and BarBar calling women “beautiful retards” passes the sniff test but they don’t?

Glenn is correct. Men like Stardusk and BarBar are endorsed by AVFM and they are the epitome of Masculinism.

The Manfight*

Another commenter knew exactly what Elam was up to.

I get it: it’s your website, there’s an international conference, and you want to get out ahead of criticisms of opinions that you don’t even necessarily agree with.

And another wondering what the hell Paul is doing and referring to feminists as ‘creatures.’

Paul Elam says that such people are to be unwelcome in AVfM. May I ask why? If they are a “mirror image” of feminism (his words) they may understand those creatures better than we do.

The manchildren of AVFM, valiantly begin sticking up for their illustrious leader, not by talking rationally with another man, but by shaming him:

John Narayan starts by calling Glenn a chicken:

Ya chicken? burk burk burk burk burk….

Glenn blurts:

What a bunch of children here.

Narayan still clucking:

burk burk!


You didn’t offer any facts, just hyperbole and a different opinion.

Narayan clucks more:

burk burk!burk burk!burk burk!burk burk!

A bunch of other AVFMers join in to attack Glenn.


Go back to porn or video games now, thanks.

Narayan clucks telling him to ‘man up’ (oooo shaming!)

burk burk!!! Hurry up Glenn, we really need you to tell us how it is done, like a real man would.

Finally Narayan calls Glenn a ‘pussy’ and a ‘mangina.’

But, But, We’re a Human Rights Movement for Men and Boys!

I suppose I’ll leave off with a quote from an AVFM member who describes the Masculinists with such great accuracy and projection you’d think he was describing AVFM

They appear to have little interest in stopping misandry or even helping men.

They are however exceptionally and openly misogynistic. Further they’ve been discovered by several of the admins on the AWKC Facebook group preying on men who are going through a rough time while fishing for new recruits.

They have no initiatives, no legislation they want to oppose, they aren’t activists attempting to engage with and change society. To all appearances they appear to be a nascent abusive cult growing fat on pain.


*I edited out the comments for simplicity because they weren’t really saying anything except the nasty bits.




9 thoughts on “Manfight Over Grand Poobah Elam’s Master Plan to Clean Up His Image

  1. Elam reminds me Elliot Rodger if that killer had lived to write from prison: “Hello, now that all that necessary ugliness I engaged in to get your attention has succeeded, I am going legitimate. You must forget what I did and look at the calm way I interact now that I have completed my ugly necessary work. And if you bring up my old killings you are a hatemongering bigot, because I have decided to pretend to be mainstream now. And no one may question how I hated and killed, because I have decided to forget all about that, and have scrubbed my blog of those events.”

  2. Hah!

    Paul Elam in the voice of Elliot Rodger if he had lived, writing from prison:

    “I’m shocked, shocked that you in the comments on my article claim that A Voice for Men expresses an ideology. It does not. It is a blog about reality, facts, about my sexual sadism, a totally real factual thing, and one I know you all love to participate in with me.

    “Contrary to popular belief, I lerve women! Masculinists think women are evil, but I adore them, love hurting them to get off!, I enjoy intimidating and cyberstalking them because it gets my funky old dick semi-hard! Beats Cialis! No ideology, just perversion! So you masculinists get out – we are purifying this blog so it will be all funkeh monkeh all the time! Ideology – pfft!”

  3. LMAO! The worst thing about men is also the best: they are very parasitic, but without a sizable flock of females to feast upon, they will ultimately cannibalism each other. Way to go, Paulie. xoxo

    • Yes, and raping each other… that appears to be the case with male prison rape. When they don’t have women to feed on and abuse, they turn on each other and start calling each other “bitch.”


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