A Voice for Men’s Conference All 30 of Them Together at Last (Updated All Weekend)

Empty seats at Men's Rights Conference Press Con. #icmi14  on Twitpic

Empty seats at AVFM’s Press Con.

The conference is about to start. There is apparently a live feed to the conference and of course Paul is asking for more money. Here’s the radio feed. The video feed will be on Youtube but there is no link working as yet. Press conference video link isn’t working as yet.

To follow the con on twitter or to add your opinion #icmi14

Here’s a run down, once again of what the speakers and the leader of the conference have to say about women in their own words:

Here’s Paul Elam’s piece where he says ‘women are begging to be raped.’


This page will be updated as time goes on so check back throughout the weekend.


Journalist from Detroit Metro gets propositioned by creepy MRA at Con and there’s only 30 people there. Maybe more will come? So far no protesting, which is excellent. Paul Elam got touched by same man on the back of his hair and says ‘ I WASN’T MOLESTED!’ He called the Detroit Metro as ‘yellow journalism’ and the creepy touchy guy just wanted ‘attention.’  Just goes to show ‘keep your hands to yourself’ doesn’t apply to men. Men are entitled to touch others inappropriately.

Lovely AVFM PR director screaming on Twitter using feminist lingo but completely ignorant as to what it means:


‘A new day in history in the ways we discuss men’s and women’s issues.’ Elam Conference opening

Anne Cools Highlights or Lowlights (Your mileage may vary)

‘I’m here to promote common sense.’

When she told the audience she left feminism she got the first applause of con.

”The safest place for a woman is in a home with kids and a husband.’ (Gets second applause of the con.)

‘It’s a foolish woman who pushes the murderous impulses of her mate.’ 

SUMMARY: Cools rambled a lot and you can tell she’s a Tory. She spoke mostly about men protecting women and the traditional family being undermined by ‘radical gender feminists.’ She victim blamed women killed in intimate partner violence and what’s funny is she slipped in her speech.  She said ‘It’s a foolish woman, uh, foolish mate…’

Erin Pizzey or ‘Feminists Killed My Dog’ Lady

I’m going to paraphrase her because she spoke very fast. She blames radical marxist feminists for creating an Evil Empire. Male violence against women is just a way to make money and those nasty feminists would go into women’s shelters and prey on the women there.

Tara Palmatier

Intent on painting women as narcissists, princesses, predators and has problems with domestic violence campaigns, Tara calls education on consent ‘rape culture hysteria.’  She claims Women’s studies are teaching female narcissism which she calls this the ‘Golden Uterus Syndrome’ where women take assets they don’t deserve, force men into fatherhood, assault and/or murder male partner.

She flat out calls feminism a ‘female supremacy’ movement that is dangerous for men.  Her short talk was punctuated by a distinct disdain for women and girls especially when she called the ‘Ban Bossy’ campaign a front made to empower female bullies.

She engaged in the classic MRA tactic of switching sexes when it comes to cultural narratives. That approach doesn’t work in a culture that is male dominated and is quite silly.

She had some recommendations to help men and boys

  • teach men about abusive women
  • teach men about gold diggers
  • have pre-custody agreements
  • men shouldn’t mingle personal assets with marriage assets
  • no chivalry

Again, this conference is more about villifying women and girls than it is about helping men and boys.

Mike Buchanan: Women in the Whine Cellar

I heard Mike go through his schpeel and it’s the same schpeel he’s been yapping about for years. I fell asleep. He’s the one that needs a whine cellar.

This is where I stopped listening and started sleeping. zzzzz

Be back tomorrow but before I go let’s look at AVFM’s misogynist tweet they sent out today



53 thoughts on “A Voice for Men’s Conference All 30 of Them Together at Last (Updated All Weekend)

  1. The MRAs are making it all so secretive. What is going on at this conference that was driving all the efforts by feminists to prevent it (per the protest a few weeks ago) and now infiltrate it in order to reveal certain truths?

  2. @Tefo

    The conference is a front to try to legitimize A Voice for Men and distract from their activities of the past 4 years, like cyberstalking, character assassination, propagandizing, and blaring out hate All will be peace and light and clucking over the tragic state of enslaved men during the conference. Then the set will come down, the show will wrap, and they will get back to malice.

          • The entire place (all 3 conference rooms) only holds 400 or so… that looks to be the medium sized (150) room? Meaning they knew one of their biggest speakers would not have many, even before the conf started. I wonder if they have even been honest with their speakers? Too many rooms like that and they will quit speaking at all, thier credibilty will be shot… They won’t be able to sell books.

          • Paul Elam has no credibility. He purposely scams ppl and lies to get press. When Farrell hangs out with Elam on Google hangouts he places his books in camera view behind him. LOL

  3. In case you hadn’t noticed, AVFM is a fringe group looked upon by society as a bastion of misogyny. The ambition, as I see it, is the same as for any other fringe group, to widen their appeal. This will be difficult to do as feminists will continue to point out their history.

    • What about pointing out their current activities and initiates as the public tends to focus more on that than history (in regards to any group)? The stuff that is on their website right now…that should demonize them without much effort required from feminists. Also, does wider US society really care at all about this?

    • The Nazis were a fringe group, too. They had six members when they finally acquired an orator who possessed the right amount of charm and I’m sure everyone knows his name and what the did under his leadership.

      One of the things they said was the opposition would not be able to stand to listen to their rhetoric. And, as I listen to this Cool woman, I’m remember this – it is very hard to hear what this woman is saying because it is so wrong and full of subtle and sometimes not-so-subtle lies and so much furthers the oppression of women. She talks about “care,” but where is this caring supposed to come from? Then, we hear the menz applaud wildly when she bashes social workers and social services who intervene to stop abuse. She talks about instances of abuse, but fails to mention that the abusers are men. She mentions a woman she says was a domestic abuser of her son who was a prostitute, but fails to mention who was responsible for her being prostituted! Are women buying sexual services from prostitutes? No.

      As awful as this is, a bright light has to be continually shined on these men. As much as they look like a joke, look at their violent track record, already. They have been allowed to fester to long, already.

      • It has been stated that these men have a violent track record. If some have criminal records then its a scary conference indeed.

      • Clarification to my send to the last paragraph:. That should read that the woman was a prostitute and her son went on to commit terrible crimes.

        Also, to further the NASDAP analogy, the Nazis said that their rhetoric would so inflame their opposition that they would not be able to read it, that they simply couldn’t stand to read it. This is why they outlined their entire program in the second volume of Mein Kampf. They knew that what they were saying would have a strong appeal to the malcontents like themselves and those people would read it; but they said the most horrible things about their enemies – I believe purposely – to keep them from reading it.

        I can’t help but remember this as I try to look at AVfM propaganda.

  4. No need to “demonize” people. I don’t like your implication, that women resisting being demonized are the “demonizers”. Also you implied that “feminists” are trying to “infiltrate” the conference. Where do you get that? There was an open, peaceful protest, and there is one woman who openly requested to attend as a journaist. Are you a feminist, or are you the infiltrator here?

  5. Now, I’m listening to the woman after Cook talking. Not only is she using a lot of reversals, but I hear in her voice that she doesn’t believe them. The way she cites numbers is, also, done very selectively. I have a specific for instance – but it’s too much typing… There are too many lies and reversals to refute them all and everyone knows that they are lies, already, so there’s not much point.

  6. I’m assuming that is Erin Pizzey? How sad that she has decided to spend the remainder of her life associating with the same kind of men who originally motivated her to open a shelter. I’m willing to believe that 40 years ago she had a bad experience with “feminists” (never named or specified in any way). She is a time capsule.

    • Pizzey’s motivation has always been questionable. She claims she decided women were capable of ‘as bad as men’ (apparently not getting the irony in this statement) when those she was supposedly helping ‘admittted’ to as bad or worse… She since has written that she ‘knew’ this because her mother had been abusive to her. But I can find no verifiable proof of this, even by her siblings. In England she is considered a bit of a kook making money off of mens groups.

    • On looking at her Wikipedia entry I was shocked to learned she was in her 70s. How sad to not have evolved over a lifetime.

  7. Re: Forcing men into fatherhood – not only did palmateir mention this, but so did her predecessor (Pizzey?).

    How exactly is this possible? Well, I’ll tell you – I saw this on an episode of the tv show “Desperate Housewives.” First, you lure the man to your house under false pretenses (like fixing a clog in the kitchen sink). Then, you give him one kind of drug to knock him out and then a dose of whatever that drug is that gives men a hard on for hours at a time. Then, you place the victim on his back and mount him. Then, I guess something happens that we couldn’t actually see on the T.V., but as far as I know, that’s the only way to trap a man into parenthood. In every other situation, they have to voluntarily stick it in.

    These people should be a laughingstock!

    • It used to be ‘forcing men into marriage.’ That was a big female crime I heard a lot about while I was growing up.

      • Yes, that one has got to be a huge male reversal, especially considering the history of marriage and its traditions because it is the woman who is property, transferred along with a portion of her family’s assets by her previous male owner (the patriarch of the family) to the new owner, the husband. Sometimes the women were simply “stolen” as property, then paid for later.

        It is men who have always forced women into marriage and who cook up devious schemes to this day to get you to sign on the dotted line, so they can sit around on their lazy asses and play computer games, suck the life out of your income and your credit and use you as a sex toy and unpaid servant – oh, and then there’s the abuse. That usually comes later.

        So, this idea of women forcing men into marriage is definitely a major male reversal. It is an Orwellian lie.

  8. JudgyBitch has to be one of the biggest morons I’ve ever had the displeasure of interacting with. Assuming she actually has a brain, it’s been thoroughly washed by Elam & Co. It’s such a severe state of ignorance that one might, initially, assume she’s engaging in a parody of MRA ideology. No such luck.

  9. …and why would John have had a problem of that sort… He was on the road or between gigs… this could come up in a regular job, not in his. I am curious just how gullible Ferrell thinks these men actually are..

    (John said when Sean was born was the first time he realized (as a male) he could be the nurturer, but Ferrell appears to be saying somehow Yoko was against it… Which she wasn’t. She loved that JL thought that way…)

  10. This is very random but, I just had to share when I ran across it.

    I give you…. the next Elliot Rodger: http://thatincelblogger.wordpress.com/

    Note: This dude is so vile that he even considers Elam a “feminist”. AVFM isn’t hardcore enough for him, apparently. He’s an Incel (involuntarily celibate aka can’t get any), and of course I’m sure I don’t have to tell you whose fault he thinks it is. 😉

  11. “I am writing to let you know that your reservation at the DoubleTree Suites by Hilton Detroit Downtown for the Men’s Conference was cancelled. The event is no longer scheduled at our hotel. We do not have further information on the group’s plans.”

    The conference goers were told by Elam, etc. it was about the size of the conference rooms. lol. Apparently none of them have been to a Hilton ballroom… anywhere. 600-800 is nothing for them.

  12. The head hatemongering bigot of the AVfM put up an article, which he titled “The Press Conference They Didn’t Want You to See.” He’s not in the Federal Pen for fraud yet, but apparently he’s channeling the spirit of Kevin Trudeau with that title, which is clearly another attempt at MRA “satire,” since the “THEY” who didn’t want you to see the conference, as far as I could tell, was the AVfM, itself, as they kicked out, at least, one of the women who wanted to report on it, who we were all expecting a report from.

    And, even the press is a vast sausage-fest. Is that normal, I wonder? There are very few women there.

    Almost 4 minutes in and they’re already complaining that women are not marrying men (in unemployment lines – gee, I wonder why women aren’t lining up to be abused, beaten raped AND financially drained by men who won’t work!), also, most women under 30 are not married! This is the men’s rights advocates’ problem. I’m beginning to wonder if these guys are a Trojan Horse for Sharia Law!!!

  13. Correction to above, it’s not an article – it’s a video. Here it is:

    Oh, geez, now he’s on about military men who do most of the combat service and men committing suicide… Again, who is responsible for every single aspect of that problem? Gee, could it be… men?

    • I watched the whole thing, thanks be to my infinite patience.

      The most amazing event happens at question time (the last 30 minutes) when someone asked the panel and I’m paraphrasing ‘What do you expect to get out of this conference for men and boys?’

      Answer by Elam: ‘You’re getting it.’

      This was the ONLY time men and boys were EVER brought up and nobody elaborated on the question. It was dropped by the panel.

      The rest of the 30 minute Q n A was dominated by that evil empire called Feminism and Elam looking and sounding the douche near the end when asked if ANY of the problems talked about were caused by Feminism. Paul shouted ‘NO!’ and then went on to call Feminism an evil empire with gatekeepers that they needed to ‘pass by.’

      Total failure.

      • Okay, I just got to the John Lennon part… at about 20 minutes in. I didn’t know what you were talking about before in the comments regarding this… sorry! I thought this was at the actual Men’s Conf. portion for some reason. So, this dude who is talking now is Farrell.

        Yeah, that’s definitely a new (non-existent) insight into the lives of John and Yoko. As far as I ever knew, he was so remarkably devoted to her and their children, that it pretty much wrecked the Beatles as they once were and caused them to fragment. That’s the official Beatles story – and I know because I’m a long-time fan.

        There are a lot of very young-looking people at the press conference, maybe he thought he could get away with the John Lennon was an estranged father fiction.

        • Very dedicated to Yoko (he nearly lost his mind the one time she left him). The Beatles story was a bit of the fans having a hard time understanding things change and the other Beatles having their own issues with that change, but yeah. John (being raised when he was) hadn’t put together that he could be a home-father and loved it when he finally did. Yoko and him never lived by the convention of their era. Both were so far ahead of their time, they were true originals.

      • Yes, I’m near the end and all I’ve heard is them complain about women and feminism. Women are not doing what men want us to do. I have not heard any solutions proposed, whatsoever. It’s just complaining about women and feminism – and women aren’t marrying and women won’t date men and women should not be entitled to privacy from men.

        The didn’t talk about retribution and what is going to happen to us, if we don’t begin complying, though – they conveniently left that part off.

        • Oh, and here’s some quotable Elam at about 2:24, “Feminism is an evil empire.”

          The end of this conference reminds me a lot of what I’ve heard on the Alex Jones Show and from bigots, in general. (Like when they say, I don’t hate a certain group of people, then proceed to bash that group in a big long tirade, and follow up with an assertion that this isn’t really hatred, it’s actually love!) They spent over two hours bashing and blaming women and feminism, but then the claim – and Elam did it a couple of times – that they’re not against women and everything isn’t all feminism’s fault. They even tried to inject some humor about the fact that they tend to blame feminism for everything – this is a psy op, of course. If you’re not listening very closely or if you’re just inclined to believe the best about the bigots, you might believe that they really mean no harm with their vicious statements. But, the truth is apparent, especially to the targeted group, which is us.

  14. Then, about 10 minutes in the dude goes all Elliot Rodger!

    Here’s the thing, menz, women, increasing numbers, don’t want you – we don’t want you to fuck and abuse us, we are tired of your stupidity, we’re tired of coddling you and pretending you’re way better than you actually are and most of all we’re tired of the poisonous, violent culture you’ve created and expect us to live in, in which we are continually subjected to your threats and violence.

    We are seeing you for what you are because of your own actions against us and against other women.

    Women don’t want you, so live with it – and don’t attack or kill other people because of it. You are entitled to sex or attention from women.

    • Last line, should, of course, read that menz are NOT entitled to sex or attention from women.

      I am seriously beginning to think there is a problem with my connection or something to to with wordpress because three or four keystrokes in a row and sometimes more get cut out of my posts every so often when I type in these little wordpress spaces. Sorry!

    • I think you meant ‘AREN’T entitled’ 🙂

      I sure as fuck don’t want these men. This industrialized society they love to crow about being man-made and how proud they are of it is a shit hole. It’s the process of resource decimation that’s a huge part of it.

      The entire structure needs smashing. The whole playbook needs to be burnt.

      You know what country is a good case study in this: India. It’s the fastest developing nation on the planet. I’d love to go there.

      • Yes, I’m sorry – I most definitely meant NOT entitled to such things.

        And, yes, this, too: “The entire structure needs smashing. The whole playbook needs to be burnt.”

        This noxious overgrowth needs to be pulled up by its roots and the refuse destroyed so it can never sprout up, again.

  15. I was confused by the title on this video because I thought they did their press conference the day before – on Thursday. I’m not sure why I thought this… So, this is there actual conference??? It’s a little brief, so far. If paid $250, I’d be wondering, at this, point if I should request a refund! This is pretty pathetic.

    (I heard the mid-portion of this on audio-only yesterday and commented on it… for some reason, I couldn’t get the audio to work, again, to hear the rest.”

    It’s interesting to hear these women talking about where “feminism went wrong” – At about 1:50 to 1:52 the English woman says feminism made a mistake by trying to get opportunities in work and equal pay. She says, “went for the jugular” with regard to male territory in the economic system. I don’t understand how any sane person could make such a statement. What do people (men) expect women to do when they have bills to pay? (I’ve encountered that in the past few years – men think women have magical powers to shoot cash out their vaginas and, therefore, don’t need a job! Or, if given a job, don’t really need to make money. Now, this is terrifying, if you are a woman with big, scary bills to pay hanging over your head – and even scarier if you have children to feed and house, as well!)

    Radical feminism, for the most part, has not gone wrong. More mainstream feminism is now facing the truth about men – because we’re staring right at it, for example, at this conference!

    • ” I don’t understand how any sane person could make such a statement,”

      You answered your own question 😉 Seriously, check out the general consensus in England about her. (There is even a rumour she was sectioned once, but I have not been able to confirm it.)

  16. Pingback: MRA Con 2014: Second Day With Ongoing Updates | Mancheeze

  17. OMG! I’m dyin’ hea’! At 1:56, the dark haired woman says men are facing a “decline of male space.”

    This is a truly obnoxious reversal (especially since we can’t keep men out of our private business, out of our private meetings, since they dress up like women and pretend to be women online to infiltrate private forums, which are dedicated to women’s interest and women only) – now I see why these women are there! [[[Doing!]]] It just dawned on me like somebody turned the light switch on!

    Those women – unlike the men (who are the opposition, the enemy, in my NASDAP analogy, and who are unable to read or fully understand women’s writings) – are there to provide just such reversals as these, because they are able to do so, since they know and understand feminist material. I don’t know if I’m making sense. But, they’re not simply token women or women there to make the men’s “cause” look more legit, they’re feminist insiders who have been paid to apply feminist knowledge to the menz “cause.”

    This is why every single speech by a woman that I heard yesterday contained bizarre reversals, word for word phrases and ideas from feminist literature – which make perfect sense within feminist thought because they are true – but, then they turn them around and make the statement about men instead of women or vice versa.

    I just had an epiphany…

    • Most of the compaints from the men appear to be about men not having ‘access’ to women the way they feel they should… i would say they are being given their ‘space’ quite well. Far away from any self-respecting woman.

      The reversal theme is inherinant in Pizzey’s ‘teachings’, since at least the late 70s (got her herded out of England for quite a bit.) I do find it somewhat amusing the Elam took his beliefs nearly word for word from her ‘teaching’ which are all mommy-hate on her part.

    • @WOOW, very good point about your “epiphany”. I understand. There is a clumsiness, a blatantness, when men MRAs try to do their reversals. They have usually read some feminist literature too, and have been affected by it, but they can’t use it effectively for reversals, satire, or even intelligent critique.

      The women at the conference all know what it is to be a woman. They hate what it is to be a woman in this patriarchal world, I am guessing, as much as we do, but they are very frightened that the masters will do worse to them if they don’t demonstrate their loyalty.

      You can hear that directly in the repeated statements that “men protect women” that never say from what.

      They still think the “protection” that comes from living a non-public life in a house with a single master is the only way to keep themselves safe from other men. They think that is the only pragmatic answer. They are rewarded by these men they associate with, and it’s a huge relief from the constant fear – they are under the protection of the patriarchy.

      Their difference from feminists is that feminists have found the guts to reject the whole master setup. We have found the strength to reject the single master and the group masters, and to fight the inevitable backlash.

      Women are immensely strong in the developed countries today because we have fought our way into universities, politics, science, and all public fields. That there is still a constant pressure to keep us away from changing the master-slave paradigm isn’t stopping us. We are insisting on our equal humanity and freedom to live without this system of control.

      As I’ve said before, I continue to believe that women MRAs will develop in their thinking and move away from fear toward freedom.

      • Well, this is my second attempt trying to reply… my last comment got lost in a black hole at WordPress, apparently.

        I agree with you, anonoma.

        But, I don’t think women can easily find their way to freedom when they are around men, in situations where they are essentially forced to deal with men or are reliant on men, as these women are, for their financial survival.

        It’s easier for women to make an evaluation of their situations in relation to men and men’s systems when they have made a personal escape because our fear of men and their potential for violence against us (literally at any split second they take a notion to attack) is so powerful.

        • Very true, WOOW, it isn’t easy. The easy way is still to accept “protection” like a shopkeeper visited by the Mafia. But in spite of the difficulty, independence is far more possible now than it ever has been in the story of womenkind. And for that I thank the feminists who came before me every day.

          • ,,,and the present state of technology. It has allowed many women to escape men’s violence and the threat of dealing with men in physical space on a day-to-day basis.

            I am very grateful for the current state of tech.


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