Toronto Pride Boots CAFE Out

CAFE (Canadian Association for Equality) was booted from the Toronto Pride parade. I’m not surprised since CAFE is affiliated with A Voice for Men, a hate site. CAFE is complaining they were booted after the deadline. Nobody at T Pride would go into detail about why CAFE was booted but regular readers of this blog and David’s blog We Hunted the Mammoth know exactly why.
 photo prideflag_zps79a00832.jpeg

Also, Paul is going after TIME reporter Jessica Roy. See, that didn’t take long.

There are several articles coming out about the biggest human rights con since the Civil Rights movement. The SPLC has done two articles. Here’s day one, and day two. The Motor City Muckracker has a good article about the con too as well as MSNBC.

Ravishingly’s post is quite funny.

HuffPo features Arthur Goldwag in a column and video. Washington Post got in on it too.



38 thoughts on “Toronto Pride Boots CAFE Out

      • Yes, this amazed me, too. Maybe the Canadian government really is kinder and gentler. I think they might end up in the hoosegow for a stunt like that if they’d tried it here.

      • From the NowToronto article: “During that interview Fong and “Justin” also denied CAFE had any association with a Voice for Men (AVFM), an online U.S. misogyny group, even though the CAFE website was promoting an AVFM conference at the time.”

        I seem to recall that a representative of Cafe was mentioned, thanked or some such on Day 2 of the conference, somewhere near the end – after Molly-new’s speech on how feminists are to blame for the patriarchal medical establishment’s greed and ignorance and before the terroristic threats against feminists.

        • Yep. Definitely tied to them. Elam even mentioned them on his site if I remember correctly… and yes, here they would have been heavily fined and barred from ever having charitable status at the very least. Taking money (any, let alone charitable monies) under false pretenses is against the law here. I was a little surprised to find it was allowed in Canada, actually.

        • @WOOW regarding AVFM and CAFE’s connections:

          I have to say the blatant and sickening lying here is starting to make it hard to read their shit:

          Quote from an A Voice for Men article regarding CAFE’s connections with AVFM:

          Time for CAFE to change the menu
          July 2, 2014 By Paul Elam 69 Comments

          If I ever wrote something that demanded qualification up front, this is it. I want to go on the record saying that I am a personal supporter of the Canadian Association for Equality (CAFE), have donated money to them, attended their events, put this website to use regularly disseminating their press releases and have been harshly critical of those who have actively sought to silence their voices.

          I sometimes wonder if that support has been my wisest choice.

          My feelings along this line are not because representatives from CAFE have publicly thrown AVFM under the bus, even though they have. Nor is it because of the massive elephant that was in the room during the Miles Groth lecture last year, when they thanked so many people for helping them host the event, except for AVFM (after we – meaning AVFM readers — helped them raise six times the security money needed for their presentation).

          This is from the AVFM site which I will not link.

          Fong and Justin are despicable liars.

  1. @ mythago, are you the resident troll then? The ugly thing under the bridge? How long will you post your shit graffiti? What magic spell does it take to get rid of you? ignore him, everyone, he’s the blight.

      • That is a pretty lame strategy… Even for the uneducated dozen or so (they call ‘masses’ ;-p ) they can muster for their ‘plan’. lol. The more I see of this (bowel) movement, the more sure I am that they are just pathetic… with a few psychotic elements.

      • Wow, I just checked out that blog – using a proxy server, of course, because there’s something about that quote that definitely gave off a “hot potato” vibe (handle with care, I mean).

        This is in their about page: “In particular, we wish to attract feminists to defend their position. And if we’re unable to persuade each other of the error of our respective ways, we want to feel that we have gained from the experience anyway, and for them to feel that they have gained from it.”

        These morons think that feminists are “arguing” from a “philosophical position,” which is something I’ve seen elsewhere from men, including liberal men.

        I got news for the dick-brothers everywhere. You’re not going to convince women that they want to be raped. You’re not going to convince women that they enjoy being treated like the female characters in violent games by you for your amusement. You’re not going to convince women who have been raped by men – often many, many men – that they were not raped or that rape has much to do with the concept of “non-consent,” since we know, first hand, that it is a very violent crime and not a matter of “he said, she said.” You’re not going to convince women that male violence against them is justified, as so many of you think.

        Most women who identify as feminists didn’t just wake up one day and decide to put on a particular philosophical hat. They became feminists because of bad events in their lives, perpetrated by men. After a while, you begin to notice a pattern, and then you begin to realize that there is a whole system at work and the people (mostly men) working within it think you are a whore, think you are some kind of food supply, think you owe them something because you’re a woman and they are men.


        I’m going back to analyze these insects some more. But, this right here looks like a source of MRA trolls – and I’m sure there are other blogs like it.

  2. Sworebytheprecious got the website she promised up. There’s a short description of events and a couple of pics, including one of Typhon Blue and Ronald McDonald without his uniform on… Ronald is some kind of MRA, I remember seeing him somewhere before because he does have a, uh… distinctive appearance.

    Here’s the link:

    • Oh, and apparently she was perved on by one of the men there who took pics of her various body parts, which she went along with to get her own pics. This is, of course, no surprise and, in fact, pretty much what I’d expect.

        • “…the table’s members turned to the sound of subtle clicks as he began to capture my legs, breasts, face, and midriff, sometimes in closeup but more often in wide angle. my admirer made sure to turn the camera to me after each shot, allowing me to observe his work and as the device burst, he spoke of my likeness to his daughter: we share age and state residence besides physical compare”

          Okay. This is where the collective ‘eeewwwwwwwwwwww…” should come in.

          • It’s a example how how these men can and often do threaten woman who they don’t like with sexual a subtle way that doesn’t break the law..but gets the threat across..

    • Wow. Certainly a psychotic element to some of the MRA… I’ve not read it all yet, did she contact the FBI yet? Seems something they could do something about.

      I have to laugh a bit though, as you mentioned above when exposed in the media, they backpedal so fast their heads spin… At least the more they are exposed, the more likely no women will be taken in by them.

    • This is the 2nd piece FoxNews has done on the conference falsely claiming it was protested by feminists – “professional feminists,” according to this piece.

      They showed the same footage from some other event.

      Has no one else noticed this? I haven’t seen anyone calling Fox News out on this – everyone who was there, including Sworebytheprecious, as well as reporters – said there were no protestors. The people who protested the hotel said they weren’t going to be there… there’s even a post about why they’re not going to be there.

      I know Fox News has no integrity, but how do they continually get away with this kind of thing?!

      • Because it’s what the misogynist want, it’s what they love. They want to pretend/believe that woman/feminist are out to stop men from speaking about their problems. And when that’s clearly not true, why, they just make it up!
        See, happy feefees for the misogynist after all!

  3. Use a proxy to read:

    Elam attacks Cafe for its ineffectiveness, pointing out how AVFM has done so very much for CAFE, both in public and behind the scenes. Now CAFE is saying its time for the MRM to rid itself of radicals, and Elam thinks that means AVFM. Such effrontery!

    No question CAFE is the creature of AVFM. The worm has turned and AVFM is cutting it loose.

    CAFE was never in any way independent of AVFM. Any statement to the contrary is a flat lie, and unfortunately CAFE keeps making such statements.

    The point here to me is that CAFE is only the closest part of AVFM calling for Elam to go away, preferably with his hate site. News article after news article regarding the conference has pointed out the obvious, that Elam has to go along with the site’s hatemongering and cyberstalking. Until then nobody will give the men’s rights issues that have some legitimacy the time of day.

  4. LMAO! I just have to share this. I love MRA in-fighting action, so here is Bernard Chapin’s hilarious commentary regarding the “A Voice For Manginas” conference:

    • I think it’s hilarious too. Why do men have to get huge microphones to put their mouths on? Seriously.

      Poor Dean got his tooth paid for, not by the tens of thousands from Elam but from some dude who donated him the money. Chapin thinks the guy should get a receipt to see if Dean really spends the money on his tooth that the feminists took away from him because they actually went and invested the money in a good education. LOL

      • This dude cracks me up so hard. Here is his video about CAFE getting booted. He doesn’t know what the “Q” in LGBTQ means; he thinks it means “Questioning” instead of “Queer”, and that part almost made me piss myself…the way he says “maybe”. LOLOLOL!

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