Drooling for Karen ‘Stringbeanhead’ Straughn

The MRA’s over at AVFM put up Karen Straugn’s aka Girlwriteswhat’s 30 minute conference segment. I watched her live and all I got out of it was a bunch of falsehoods about women’s societal positions and roles in the late 19th/early 20th century. She babbled about the Tender Years Doctrine which has nothing to do with today. She announced herself as an ‘anti-feminist’ and spent ZERO time talking about helping men and boys. It’s feminism that’s the problem, and not 3rd or 2nd wave feminism but even the Suffragettes were horrid feminists according to her. Here’s her talk.

The comment sections on Youtube as well as on AVFM are priceless because the drool and sexualization factor is stunningly high for this woman. I think she loves it too and won’t tolerate any other woman being near the top spot. Remember when Woollybumblebee challenged her for the position of Queen Bee of the FeMRA’s? Anywho on with the drooling:

The Ivy League should be in a bidding war over who gets to offer Karen Straughan an endowed chair.~Plainoldtruth

Somehow I don’t think Ivy League schools are into hiring those ignorant of history and its’ context but whatevs dudes.

St. Clair Shores = Seneca Falls without the malice.~Sputnik

Comparing a bunch of white dudes screeching misogyny at a VFW hall isn’t the same thing as Seneca Falls. This is pathetic.

I hold the exact same mindset that she does – feminism was never a good thing and always a selfish agenda for women. Always. We’ve been fed and have believed total bullshit for 200 fucking years. How gullible we human beings truly are.~jbantifem

Straw for straw.

The MRM in the long run will be like the black civil rights movement, not like feminism.~shortcircuit

Well if the name fits. Shortcircuit it is then.

Do women really expect never to be physically assaulted in their lives.~John Rew

I don’t know what to say to that one. He then goes on to say he’s a pacifist. Yeah, right.

I believe that all of this history which Karen uncovers and documents would make a fine documentary which should be aired on Television.~Andrejovitch Dietrich

Sorry dude but nobody would have her. She’s not a historian.

As the media covers this more, Karen should watch her back in future trips to the (FORMER) U.S.A, as I can see her name being put on a “list”.~Joseph Rivett

She’s already on a list and that list is called ‘ridiculous.’

How dare we be suspicious of this GODDESS who unwillingly decided to waste her most precious time on us, ungrateful fucks.~Hinforta
The worship is almost complete!

If men did not have this incessant need for female approbation no man would be listening, watching, and/or funding gww (a.k.a. Karen Straughan) and the like….but they are.  That is the problem.~Menarepeeple

Ooooo! Burn!

I watch Karen’s videos because I agree with what she says and she backs it up with evidence and sound argument.It’s nothing to do with her sex, although that’s an asset because it destroys the childish argument of the fembots that all MRAs are men who can’t get laid.~Paul Jackson

So is Karen making sure the MRA’s are getting laid?
You have to keep in mind that, evolutionary speaking, women have not had the need for the same amount of logical thinking as a man is required to have.~GamesLegitament
I did away with logical thinking as soon as I came across Karen and the rest of you MRA’s. There’s none to be had.
Karen Straughan – the Queen of Mens Rights and Anti-feminism.~Hideous Ramon
Well, she is a Queen, that’s true. What she’s a Queen of is questionable.
Her words came with so much passion. And intensity. Gave me chills. Like the first video of her’s I came across.~JRMCNEA
They give me chills too, just not in the same way.
The YouTube comment section, if you have time to read it, is pretty hilarious. There’s a lot of infighting amongst the red pillers about Karen being a feeemale and possesses total control over teh menz. They’re all accusing each other of being mangina’s and white knights.

However, it wouldn’t be complete without some MRA wanting to have sexual intercourse with Karen. CLICK IMAGE TO ENLARGE




17 thoughts on “Drooling for Karen ‘Stringbeanhead’ Straughn

  1. Here’s another article on the con (and I do mean “con”) for your collection. It’s from Slate. Most of these articles that were not written by MRAs or their husbands are beginning to look pretty much the same. Although, as usual,the comments sections are full of amusement.


    I thought this comment – about Stringbean from a guy named Raul was kind of interesting:

    Raul 21 minutes ago

    @EqualButOpposite I never played this video. I looked at Ms Straughan’s hair and simply decided I didn’t really want to hear her speak.

    I would have listened to a less than attractive man. Now, you can call me sexist, but a woman’s value and appearance are tied together instinctively in most Americans. And that’s tragic when you think about the people who could have had a profoundly positive impact on our world who we will never even listen to.

    At the core, feminists have a valid point that MRAs completely lack. MRAs are frustrated largely because their own life choices have left them at a power disadvantage. Feminists are advocates because they were born into a power disadvantage.


    I have wondered about her appearance in light of the “traditional” nature of the menz. Still, they want to fuck her and drink her breast milk – which is really gross and terrifying, of course. It’s just weird that she is so beloved and lusted after despite her non-traditional appearance.

    On the flip side, I think this might just demonstrate that men are dogs who will salivate and savage women regardless of their conformity to patriarchal norms of sexual attractiveness. And of course there’s nothing new there.

    • Yes. Men do not actually care all that much about physical appearance, in regard to sexual interactions. Conventionally attractive women are status symbols for dudes, nothing more. A trophy to be placed on the mantle, and forgotten, while they go out and cheat with a woman (or man in a dress) who doesn’t quite fit the mold. I’ve seen this hundreds of times, especially with celebrities.

      Straughn’s “it factor” is something entirely unrelated to looks; it’s the heady musk of a ginormous sycophant. Betatrash are fond of women who build them up by putting other women down. And, like blowflies to a garbage truck, the MRAs will continue to swarm Straughn’s ass, in hopes of gaining access to parts unknown. Hardcore woman-haters seem immune to her charms, though.

      I think I’ll go read the comments. MRAs have the best in-fights ever. Seriously hilarious shit.

          • I just want to add something that has recently occurred to me .. Straughan has said that men were given the right to vote while taking on the obligation of conscription in legal writing while women made no such obligation and so were not allowed the vote because of it.
            So to clarify she is using circular reasoning, females weren’t allowed the vote for exactly the same reason they weren’t allowed a place in the military.
            and the idiocy of STRAUGHAN’S fecking stupid argument is..

            Women weren’t entitled to the vote because there just MIGHT BE at some point in the near or distant future .. a war .. SO HEY .. JUST IN CASE THERE IS .. DON’T LET WOMEN HAVE THE VOTE now or EVER ..

            How fecking stupid can Straughan be?.. LMAO

            and if women couldn’t vote .. well , they couldn’t change MEN’S laws .. and men who by that rule were then a law unto themselves ..


            but Oh dear , they did and it has .. and now male Supremacyst ideology is less and less tenable in a democracy created by FEMINISTS ..hence the whining of the MRA ..

            The reality surrounding the vote is that it was more to do with the fact females worked and paid taxes and yet had no political representation in how their taxes were spent .

            Straughan seriously has a screw loose .. there is something mentally wrong with her, there has to be .. a socio-path or psychopath or narcissist..

            Anyway i just wanted to share my revelation .. 🙂

        • You mean, what do I think about MEN KILLING EACH OTHER? It’s not my problem. I’m just “some bitch” that can’t even get men to stop killing women, let alone each other.

      • Roy works for the misogynists at Time, a company owned by the same rape-apologizing misogynists at CNN.

        If you work for men or you’re reliant on men for anything, at all (ie. the protection racket), then you’re not going to be able to tell the truth.

        Since I’m not reliant on men, it’s easy for me to say, I have no sympathy for terrorists – men who have to “SCARE” women into listening to them, as per some of the comments tweeted to Roy at Futrelle’s article, “Defenders of A Voice for Men Tell Time Reporter, “We have to scare you…”

        Women should have the right to escape bastards who want terrorize, rape and kill us. At this point, I think we should be entitled to our own continent and an army to defend ourselves from anymore violence – at their expense.

  2. 1. “The MRM in the long run will be like the black civil rights movement, not like feminism.~shortcircuit”

    2. “I hold the exact same mindset that she does – feminism was never a good thing and always a selfish agenda for women. Always. We’ve been fed and have believed total bullshit for 200 fucking years. How gullible we human beings truly are.~jbantifem”

    3. “Do women really expect never to be physically assaulted in their lives.~John Rew”

    4. “You have to keep in mind that, evolutionary speaking, women have not had the need for the same amount of logical thinking as a man is required to have.~GamesLegitament”

    I can’t choose which is my favorite. )=

  3. Straughn is a lightning rod. I don’t think she’ll be around long. Like Hembling, she’ll ease herself out of the AVFM connection.

    I have such a different reaction to AVFM women flunkies. Their motivations must be vastly different. They will never be fully accepted, since women, no matter how accomplished in whatever field, will never fully accepted by male supremacists. Straughn has native intelligence, even without advanced formal education. She’s using it to hurt women ATM. That’s a very serious action and really does hurt. I hope she begins to understand her situation soon.

    She’s being posted at Stormfront. I can only compare her situation, with reluctance, to becoming a porn celeb. She utterly rejects women and panders to men in the most degrading way possible. She’s Linda Lovelace. She can move on from this.

    • I can’t express enough love for this comment and every comment in this section. Sadly enough, maybe she wants to be treated in a degrading way? This woman is internalized misogyny personified.


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