It Was Time For a New Look & Paul’s T Shirts

Hope you like the new look. I wasn’t completely happy with the last set of colours and the header image so I redesigned it. If anyone is having trouble reading or something is totally off, please let me know.

I’m very happy with the way the blog is going and my readership has increased a lot in the last month. The traffic has too.  I figured a more professional look was needed.

Also, I want to thank all my new subscribers as well as the folks who’ve been with me from the beginning.

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I hope you all read the TIME magazine piece on the St. Clair Shores MRA con. The whining and bellyaching in the comment section is hilarious.

Paul Elam, in order to satisfy his ‘clothes company’ has designed a $20 T shirt with his ‘sayings’ on them and a big pic of his mug.

Paul's new T shirt. Who knows what it says.

Paul’s new T shirt. Who knows what it says.

I designed one for him that’s completely appropriate and features one of his ‘sayings.’

Paul Elam T shirt

A more appropriate design.

If you want to make a Paul Elam T shirt go for it here.

I know you probably don’t want a pic of Elam on your hard drive but for those whose creative spirit won’t be stopped, here’s the image to use.

Authentic Paul. Cult-like grifter

Dirty old man who hates women and wants to beat them up.



One thought on “It Was Time For a New Look & Paul’s T Shirts

  1. Your video that attacks “Voice for Men” singles out this “MAN” as being very hateful when in fact this man is in fact a women Erin Pizzey the women responsible for founding the first Domestic Violence Shelter in the world (England). Erin Pizzey was the STAR of the “Voice for Men” first men’s rights conference on Men’s Issues. Taking quotes fully out of context is stupid! Women want to ONLY TALK ABOUT women’s issues like they are the only one with issues. Unless you’re all lesbians some of you might want to marry only 40% of men are now married with the numbers dropping fast. Men do not hate women just want feminism has done to the children.


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