Paul Elam Calls Hilton Doubletree ‘A Bunch of Scheming Liars’ and Goes After Female Staff Member

Paul Elam is having a raging meltdown on AVFM at the Detroit Hilton where his greatest human rights group ever was supposed to have their first con. I suspect this is a ploy for sympathy and for money because his summer fundraiser is rather slow. He’s only raised $12K out of the $20K he’s asking for. He published a legal letter, supposedly from his lawyer, asking Hilton for over $100,000 dollars because the Hilton ‘breached the contract’ so it appears he’s trying to get more money out of this.

He called the Hilton and its’ employees ‘a bunch of scheming liars.’

So we all know there was no ‘feminist’ death/bomb threats although the Hilton did say there were but didn’t specify feminists.They weren’t reported to the police.Adding ‘feminist’ was a linguistic lie by Paul to get his $25K security insurance money. (He actually has a little over $33K at last count). That money, he claimed, went to security at the VFW Hall. I highly doubt it cost $33K for security at a VFW hall.

Paul is now claiming that there were NEVER any threats and that the Hilton manufactured them  in order to persecute him and shake down AVFM. Paul is always the victim. He’s ranting through every unlikely scenario for why Hilton didn’t want them there, except the obvious one: AVFM is a MISOGYNIST HATE GROUP.

Paul rants:

‘The other possible scenario is that what Doubletree Downtown Hilton got was a couple of irate phone calls from privileged little college girls who don’t want men and women to talk without their permission’

Uh, nope. Try again Paul?

‘a sympathetic general manager in the middle of labor problems with the hotel’s union, decided to use those decidedly nonthreatening contacts to breach their contract with us and keep protesters away from their hotel.’

Elam, you’re such a fucking idiot. This is so bloody obvious to everyone else but him. We all know MRA’s lack self-awareness and this is a glaring case of it.

Let’s look at the most likely reason why Hilton didn’t want them there. The conference was just after the Elliot Rodger misogynist killing spree. I think the hotel KNEW that, looked into what Elam’s defenders call his “bombastic”, “self-aggrandizing”, “knee-jerk aggression” and steely resolve, and realized they wanted nothing to do with them. Look at how Elam is reacting. How can anyone want to do business with him? As long as his cult followers send him money he’s happy but he cannot deal with any kind of interaction, especially when there’s a woman involved.

Hilton employee, Shannon Dunavent,  is the latest target of AVFM. They are latching onto her to blame, harass and intimidate. It’s already begun where it always begins, in the AVFM comment section.

Shannon contacted Elam about the need for the extra security insurance in this letter dated May 29th that Paul published today, which leaked her dox. He also published a follow-up letter from her dated June 2nd telling him he violated the rules by posting that official letter online. I remember when he posted it and then took it down but it was too late. He couldn’t even follow that simple rule. The reason he published it was so he could run with the lie that feminists were behind the ‘threats.’ All he wanted was the money and he’d lie to get it.

What’s Paul’s justification for doxxing these personal business letters?

‘You fucked that up when you sabotaged our agreement and breached our contract in decidedly bad faith. The letter is being reposted, without being redacted of names, and it is not going to be taken down. You are welcome to attempt legal measures to force our hand at that. We will be happy to sort that out with you in court, and look forward to the routine discovery that will reveal evidence that your invoking the security clause of our contract was not a fraudulent ruse.’

My mother always taught me that honey gets more flies but Paul, well, Paul is an angry misogynist dude and when there’s a woman he can go after, he will.

One AVFMer , Andybob (who’s really kissing Paul’s derriere) says:

Shannon Dunavent may have even enjoyed her role in undermining the patriarchy and taking it to the cleaners. I’ve never encountered a feminist who doesn’t fantasize about playing a role in accomplishing this goal. Thanks to Paul Elam’s steely resolve, it is very likely that we are going to find out if Shannon Dunavent is one of them.

I suspect that Ms Dunavent had better start packing for her sideways promotion to a Doubletree branch located in some far-flung hell-hole. Bon Voyage, Ms Dunavent, it was an experience doing business with you.

and more threats:

‘Doubletree Downtown Hilton – we are coming for you. We will be advertizing this whole sordid episode for the benefit of all those people who might consider staying at your hotel.’

Lolsuit Larry aka ‘Napoleon’ was right there in the comment section talking about suing

‘I hope this matter makes it before the courts so during discovery and cross examinations the truth will emerge.’

And somewhere out of left field, one MRA suggested that this was Paris Hilton’s fault because she’s superficial, condescending, vain, more style than substance, and an air of superiority. This dude thinks she’s actively running Hilton.

Dean Esmay was in rare form in the comment section complaining about Adam Serwer’s reporting of the con. He called several journalists who attended the con ‘whores’ and ‘fame whores’ CLICK IMAGE TO ENLARGE

Why AVFM should never have cons

Why AVFM should never have cons


UPDATE: Elam has taken down this article but I have a copy of it here. I also downloaded each letter he posted and will be uploading those to Google docs or some other program so you can read them.

UPDATE: It looks like Paul put the article back up with all the original links.

I highly suggest that my readers inform Shannon she is under attack by Paul Elam and his misogynist minions and point out the fact he published their letterhead and her dox. I will update soon with those links to those pdf files.

FOLDER containing 3 letters Paul publicly published


Paul, you’re an idiot.




67 thoughts on “Paul Elam Calls Hilton Doubletree ‘A Bunch of Scheming Liars’ and Goes After Female Staff Member

  1. “Let’s look at the most likely reason why Hilton didn’t want them there. The conference was just after the Elliot Rodger misogynist killing spree.”

    Only a feminist is dumb enough to link ER to MHRA. Elliot Rodger was subscribed to not even ONE MRA channel or page. Not known to any MHRA community, and in his vast “manifesto”/emotional rant – made no reference to mens rights, or so I believe, even “feminist”s.

    There is no connection between Elliot and the Mens Rights Movement.

    That femtards like you wish it were so, and claim it is so – is ammunition for MHRA cause. As it is a sourcable, provable, fact he wasn’t, from freely available information on the internet that reveal feminists as bigots and liars.

    Your attempts to throw enough mud to hope some of it sticks, reeks of desperacy. We already know you’re not afraid to lie as much as it takes, regardless of the evidence.

    It is not something that shocks us.

    It is part of our documented evidence against you, and is very helpful for recruiting new members.

    I’d say thanks, but I’m not in the habit of displaying gratitude to matter equivalent to that which I flush down the toilet on a daily or sometimes bi-daily schedule.

    Always eat your fibre, lady – your “blog” is full of shit.

    • @ Dave Icke

      From the May 24 2014 SPLC Hatewatch post:

      “Elliot Rodger, who died after allegedly carrying out a series of drive-by shootings from behind the wheel of his BMW last night near the University of California, Santa Barbara campus, wrote in November that he wanted to “overthrow this oppressive feminist system” and create a “world where WOMEN FEAR YOU.””

      Not in his manifesto – on PUAHate.

      Only 2 days ago July 4, here’s what Dennis Markham said in attacking someone regarding the MRA conference: “…you reap what you sow. We have to SCARE you into listening.” Dennis Markham is with AVFM Australia.

      I won’t bother with more MRA quotes about using fear to intimidate feminists and “overthrowing this oppressive feminist system”.

      Are you saying that mainstream media making connections to MRAs are all stupid feminists?

      Of course they made the connection.

    • I need an MRA to humiliate today, Let’s see dudebro, Elliot Rodger was a raging misogynist, like you, who thought the world was a gynocracy and wanted retribution. Not far off from the ‘Manosphere’ of which he WAS a part. Now you’ve already been schooled regarding the connection between Rodger and AVFM through Jalon Cain aka Aaron Sleazy so i don’t need to go there.

      Let’s address the rest of your mansplaining cocktalk. We don’t need ammunition. You give it to us you imbecile. I know people are a bit nicer with words over at David’s place but I’m not. The mud sticks to other mud, which is the misogynist cesspit that you call home.

      You can’t provide one iota of evidence for anything you’ve said unless you count manfeelz and adhom. You’re just a man who has to come to a woman’s blog, nay a feminist FEMALE’s blog to try to assert some kind of control. You have no control here. You’re just another lame ass mansplainer who thinks he’s superior to all of us womenfolk. Guess what? You’re dirt under my feet. You’re the insignificant little whine that comes from men who can’t exert control over women. You threaten me and you’ll end up with a police report not only with the RCMP but with CSIS as well. I eat you fuckers for lunch

      Go recruiting. Why the hell are you here again? If you’re so busy using my material to recruit you wouldn’t waste time mansplaining on here. Flush me down the toilet? I’m afraid that just doesn’t make sense tiny prick. If I’m useful to recruit more idiots like yourself then you don’t waste me. The real issue, because men like you can’t be honest about how afraid of women they are, is that you want to be seen as a tough guy who can come on a feminist blog and act like a neanderthal and expect women get in line for you. We don’t over here. We don’t get in line for ANY man.

      So now you’ve gotten the little bit of attention you wanted I hope you know that you’re a horse’s arse who thinks he’s entitled. I don’t owe you shit, nor do any of my readers.

      Now, take your internet roadshow of whining elsewhere and leave the real work to the women since we’re the ones who’ve always done it and the only ones who can do it well. Go back to the couch, put a beer in your skull and play video games you useless shit stain.

    • Dave Icke

      Indeed you are.

      The problem with you MRAs is too much lie & deny, mixed with a helping of projection, with a little paranoid delusions on the side. And the same fucking sorry-assed, dramatic ‘we are the champions’ style twaddle that your ilk is so famous for. Drop dead already. Sick of hearing about your first world issues.

  2. Thanks for this news! There is so much to comment on in your posting that I would just like to list some quick small and big reactions right now – sorry this is long –

    1. “Andybob” calls Elam “Dr.” I see this a lot over there and Elam encourages it by never correcting it. I don’t think he’s a doctor of anything – an alcoholism counselor where I live doesn’t even need a B.A. This may seem a small thing, but it’s indicative of how Elam is moving rapidly into cult territory, inflating himself.

    2. I humbly refer to my own prediction, in a comment to one of your posts on June 5, of how all this would work out. I think it is working out as I thought it might –

    “How about this as a plausible scenario. What if the letter actually did come from the hotel? It may be that the hotel began receiving, not threats, but information that made it want to find a quick way out of its conference booking, information maybe having to do with AVFM’s complete illegitimacy. It may have decided to tack on a stiff fee to encourage AVFM to bow out with face intact for everybody.

    “Continuing the scenario: Not knowing that it was dealing with a hungry media machine, the hotel carelessly and casually threw some “death threats” into its letter to give it some pizzazz…

    “The hotel soon learned that letter was a disastrous mistake. AVFM is good at one thing – misogyny – and the spin was a double-sided beauty. AVFM not only announced to the world that it had proof “feminism” was violent and oppressive to downtrodden, frail men and began taking money to save the men from gnash-toothed women bent on gruesome murder, but it also used the opportunity to display its bullying capabilities to menace and destroy a random young woman who had spoken up against the conference…

    “The hotel, under this scenario, is now trying to deal with demands from the media, which is not unacquainted with Mr. Elam, to quote these death threats. Its response, I imagine, will be to continue to stonewall.

    “AVFM will claim that even though the police have no report of any threats of violence, and even though the hotel can’t produce any, it was perfectly justified in all its actions, including not asking the hotel for specifics, not consulting with the police to find the dastardly deathy threaters, and not setting up any means of accounting for the money that rolled into the back pocket.

    “If this scenario is correct, then AVFM managed to accomplish three feats of evil on the back of its host. My congratulations.”

    3. The AVFM lawyer letter dated June 5 that you have published here states that there had been no credible threats of violence from social media as of that date. I hope someone follows up here to determine if AVFM staffers like Typhon Blue were still crying about social media death threats after that date. I can’t find TB’s crying video – were she and Judgybitch hung out to dry by Elam in not being told there were no credible social media threats?

    4. It’s been notable throughout that John Hembling, Fidelbogen, and Karen Straughan have kept themselves distanced from all this. I think they’re all quietly moving away from AVFM.

    5. The title of today’s AVFM article uses that classic (ineffective) device of couching a libel with a question mark. Their lawyer really ought to tell them it’s an old wives’ tale that this protects them. Anyway, Attila Vinzer, in the comments, removes the question mark – “It would appear they are both dangerously negligent as well as scheming liars”.

    6. Elam and his group threaten reporters and the Doubletree. Esmay calls an NBC reporter a whore “paid to lie to his readers and a “contemptible liar”. Peter Wright says to the Doubletree “We are coming for you”. This is crazy reckless of them.

    7. Esmay makes accusations against the Doubletree that, if false, sound libelous: “We have it on record that they rip off their workers and now we know they rip off their guests too.” He accuses them of “racketeering”. This raises the question again of AVFM’s legal status. If it’s not some sort of protected business entity then I guess Elam would be personally responsible for the Doubletree’s damages if they sue for libel and win. Has he got a martyr complex? Is he ready to leave the scene and wants to go out tied to a stake?

    8. Elam also publishes the Doubletree letter as you say Diana that doxxes the name of a Doubletree employee and then accuses her of lies and distortions. Elam says he knows he’s breaching the contract in doing so and is open that it’s out of malice that he’s doing it.

    9. Couple of other thoughts –

    AVFM’s virulence in the real world is likely to be swiftly checked, unlike online. The likelihood of this is increased exponentially by the crazy reckless attack on a big well-financed corporation. AVFM is escalating, no longer limiting its victims to people who can’t fight back. The recklessness here is so severe it amounts to suicidality. Elam has just put his organization at risk and completely unnecessarily.

    The stupidity and malice of these attacks vindicate every earlier victim of AVFM’s attacks.

    AVFM is going to be sued.

      • What’s hilarious is that MRA’s typically think women cry to get stuff and it’s all about her feeeeeelings.

        I’m always amazed that in all these years, they still haven’t understood patriarchy. I mean, let’s be generous and give them 5 years. In FIVE damned years they still can’t define it properly.

        They’re so fucking simplistic with their usage of it. Elam was the one I think who said that because the electric company didn’t allow him extra time to pay his bill there was no patriarchy.

        LOL. Idiots.

          • Jones says that millions of evil women are killing their babies and he can feel the children’s pain – God showed him:

            “Where are the men in this country?” he asks, before going on about the sick society of perverts we live in…. I think we know where the men are. LOL!

      • Thanks for posting the vid. The heading of the vid is “terroristic threats”. Does anyone have the date of the vid? It was on June 5 that AVFM’s lawyer wrote the Doubletree that there were no credible social media threats according to the lawyer letter Diana has posted. Did anyone tell the FeMRAs? Typhon looks like a crying schmuck now.

        It’s the Colin Powell WMD thing I’ve referred to before. Hang the women out to dry. Look at Judgybitch being the designated promoter of doxing at the end of the Detroit Conference, as WOOW has pointed out.

        • I think there might be a bit more going on here. I made sure I posted the dates of things so people could research and piece together the timeline. I don’t trust Paul’s timeline.

          • According to the date on the letter, he knowingly lied to his supporters to get the security money from them… Wonder how long it will take them to put this together…

          • He claimed in the letter there were no threats, by June 5th he was blaming the hotel for the security issue (that the hotel had lied and just wanted them out) yet kept asking for donations based on those ‘threats’.

        • Relevant to hanging women out to dry, I completely accidentally – while searching for something else – ran across an interesting discussion in the AVfM forum today. I never noticed they had one before, but they do and it is full of buffoonery beyond even the kind they regularly leave in comment sections. At the present moment, in the “AVfM Lounge” section there is a discussion going on, entitled “Why All the Hate from MGTOW,” which has to do with some stripes of MRAs questioning why there are so many consarned females in apparent leadership roles at AVfM.

          Another discussion, entitled “Men’s Rights Through Women?” also questions and debates the necessity or helpfulness of having fickle handmaids of the devil involved in man’s most noble liberation movement, also known as, the MRM.

          • lol. It took them until now to realise their entire anti-fem platform is directly from Pizzey apparently… Elam didn’t even come up with that on his own. It was one of the reasons their (bowel) movement has amused me more than worried me. She has been a joke in England since the mid-70’s. Only right-wingers believe her twaddle…

          • The Badgers are on permanent probation and have to prove their loyalty over and over…they are the loyal Colin Powells of the current lying warmonger, There’s a tragedy waiting to happen here. I really hope they get out as a group and soon. If they decided to form their own group apart from Elam and critique feminism I’d wish them the best and would be willing to engage with them.

            I’m also reminded of Hannah Arendt on the Nazis: “The banality of evil”. Rename that “The banality of Elam”, and you begin to explain a lot about this group of people, on a relatively minuscule level, of course.

            Elam is starting to sound like an old LP, repeating his schtick over and over like a stuck needle. “It’s all their fault.” Women join the gypsies, the Jews, the African-Americans, the undocumented, as scapegoats of the usual suspects: men.

            To put it all in one sentence: How contemptible they are, men whining about their lives not being perfect and blaming everyone else. Their violence-encouraging, their lying and libels, their crazed paranoia, their destruction of others…I predict that the AVFM will self-destruct soon, and it won’t be soon enough.

  3. Found this interesting… They claim a loss of $32,000 to refunds for ticket sales (abt. 123 cancels). That would be one claim they would have to prove if this went to court. I hope the hotel does just that. This letter defines extortion.

    • Maybe this will cheer you up.

      There’s a report over at RawStory right now that 60 of the girls and women who were taken captive by the group opposed to women’s education in Nigeria managed to escape. They made a “bold move” when their captors went out to fight somewhere and managed to get back home.

      Reading that made me feel good – they freed themselves and they did it by taking advantage of their male captors’ weakness, which was their desire for more violence, in this instance.

  4. I have a really big problem with watching innocent people get robbed. Fortunately, the misogynists who support the MRM are far from innocent and a lot of them are getting some of what they deserve right now. The light is finally dawning on some of these dim bulbs that – maybe – they might be getting ripped off:

    Here’s the discussion at the Men’s Rights subreddit:

    Do you think Elam is more of an Autumn or a Spring complexion? Either way, I think he’d look great in orange!

    • Be sure to read the letter from Elam’s law firm to the Doubletree Re: Breach of Contract.

      Part of the basis for this threat of a lawsuit – which is my interpretation of what this letter means – is that it appears that there were no threats.

      Now, what was that business about “feminists are trying to silence me…” – let’s see where was that….

      • Victor Zen published that vid on June 8. The AVFM lawyer letter was dated 6/5/14 and states there had been no credible threats. –

        “Moreover, you have not supplied Mr. Elam and AVFM with any examples of genuine threats to the Hotel, its guests, AVFM, or convention attendees. While AVFM has located posts from individuals on social media that contemplate picketing the Event, none of those posts contain anything approaching a credible threat of violence.”

        The point which may or not be made here would be that even though AVFM stated through its lawyer on June 5 that there were no substantiated threats, AVFM continued to continue claiming there were such threats and fund-raising on that basis.

        I think that point may be provable – but it would require gathering a number of explicit examples of post-June-5 accusations and money requests. The vid above dated June 8 is suggestive, but it simply says somebody is trying to “silence” them, which could refer to any kind of criticism of the conference. Unfortunately I can’t help with documenting this more ATM.

        it does seem likely that if it was proved that AVFM made accusations of violent threats, especially accompanied by requests for money, after June 5, that might be evidence of intent to obtain money under false pretenses. The wonder of all this is that all this activity is documented online. it does require going to info-collecting sites so hope anyone who wants to look harder at this issue is very careful.

        Of course, nobody might want to press charges. If all the potential victims said they didn’t care and would have contributed anyway, I don’t know what that might mean.

        Overall, seems like Elam made a mistake publishing that lawyer letter as the quote above does raise this issue.

        • He also blames the hotel for HIM pulling out, though even by his (highly exaggerated- giving him the 150 count attendees & 123+ cancellations) numbers they had only about 275 attending in the first place. Meaning he knew all along this would be a small group.

        • According to something I read at We Hunted the Mammoth, when questioned about the threats (all still in the midst of this whole hullabaloo), someone from AVfM supplied the audience with two case #s. When someone tried to verify the #s with the Detroit cops, all they said was that the were valid case #s and would not reveal what they pertained to. This seemed like a smoke and mirrors tactic at the time and now we see that it clearly was.

          I wonder how AVfM is explaining that bit to their gullible minions? – or maybe they’re just supposed to fall into a hypnotic sleep and forget all about that event as if it never happened.

          • That coupled with this from the original letter by the hotel “… callers have indicated that they will be stationed within the hotel as guests…” indicates that both the hotel and the DPD considered the threats to be manufactured by AVfM, but could not prove it… The DPD even said there were ‘no credible threats’.

        • This: “Of course, nobody might want to press charges. If all the potential victims said they didn’t care and would have contributed anyway, I don’t know what that might mean. ”

          What this means to me, personally, is that this organization is truly a cult. This sort of thing – lack accountability of funds and belief in their god-like leader that he’s somehow going to lead their cause, help them in some way that no one else can – is a hallmark of a cult.

          This stuff is right out of the Mormon handbook for fleecing a flock.

        • D&M,

          That video uploaded on Zen’s channel was made from the original, which is still up on Elam’s channel:

          In the above, she reads from the alleged Doubletree hotel letter. The alleged “silencing” to which the video is referring is these threats, which AVfM said came from feminists. I believe it’s all in this vid.

          It appears to have been uploaded on June 1st.

          • @WOOW –

            Thanks for that info.

            Ah, that makes the video posting 4 days before the sending of the lawyer letter. Thinking about the timing, I would assume it took a few days for Elam to set up a consult with the lawyer about this complicated Doubletree contract, time for the lawyer to review the contract and facts and do whatever further research that might be needed, time for the draft letter to be prepared, processed, and submitted to Elam for approval, time for a final letter to be prepared. A few days seems about right considering the letter must have been pretty urgent.

            So Elam and his lawyer were preparing to complain to the hotel that the hotel had supplied no examples of genuine threats, at about the same time Victor Zen (Sage Gerard) posted the video

            If the timing is as it appears, all those people, including Erin Pizzey and Typhon Blue, were being very callously used, weren’t they? Unless they were aware the threats were unsubstantiated and appeared on the video anyway, to say things they didn’t actually believe. I’d prefer to think they were dupes rather than abetters.

            I guess the last question is, was there some direct fund-raising going on connected to that video? Of course the video was made generally for PR and to bring in money.

            This issue of whether Elam encouraged fund-raising based on non-existent violent threats is just one of about 10 issues that the Conference has brought up that must keep Elam up at night.

            The biggest issue to me is the general realization people have been talking a lot about today, that there is no A Voice for Men apart from that being the name of Elam’s website, so all the money is unaccounted for. Elam did say generally that he would use some for legal fees. That could include involving his loyalists in a risky expensive lawsuit with the hotel chain, right?

            Another issue is the unrelentingly negative media coverage which greeted Elam’s entry into the real world.

            Another is that I was expecting Elam to attempt to move away from his doxing and the belligerence directed at anyone critical of him. Seemed like the conference was going to include some attempt to give AVFM some credibility. Instead the real world saw a foul-mouthed demagogue in action.

          • You said: “I’d prefer to think they were dupes rather than abetters.”

            I lean toward the latter, especially in light of the phoney crying video. Also, not a single person in that “…and they’re trying to silence me…” montage sounds like they actually believe what they’re saying.

            Elam has been very transparent, very forthcoming about where every donated dollar goes – he said it goes right into his own pocket, as per today’s article on that very subject: ”

            I am the sole proprietor of A Voice for Men. It is my intellectual as well as personal property. Every dollar donated goes right into my pocket. I spend that money on this website and on activist efforts at my own discretion, considering the opinions of the AVFM management team that volunteers to help run this place.”

            And more…

            “But I do not, nor will I ever, make my personal finances a matter of public record.”

            And, if you don’t like them cookies, then he suggests you do not donate. But, of course, he hopes you believe in his cause… just summing it up.

            If this situation is legal, and quite possibly it is because far more horrific crimes seem to be perfectly legal in the U.S. of A., I am somewhat amazed.

            Here’s a link to some MRAs asking why this is apparently okay – apparently, there’s a handful of them that are not entirely brain dead – they can still ask questions:

    • He is now preaching to the choir and he knows it. The real men’s rights men have moved on. He admitted as much in the letter he had sent to the hotel, claiming 123+ cancels. He just told the few hangers-on that its his party, he can spend it the way he wishes and they have no say…

      By the end of the month he will have lost another 50% of his dupes… er, ‘followers’. He is running scared. Shown up for a con man and no way to keep his living going. I wonder if he even read it before he posted it. Idiot man…

    • It’s a win. Elam was getting asskicked in the mensrights subreddit. he ran back home where he felt safe to make his defense. It wasn’t much of a defense, but it was home and nobody would challenge him there.

      • Not to mix metaphors here, but I think he’s the captain of a sinking ship.

        Furthermore, but if he were gone, then there would be no ship at all. The “movement” would go with him.

        I noticed he’s been begging for more money at his website, “for A Voice for Men,” but since the two are one in the same, without even the benefit of the thinnest veil of legal entity between them, he’s basically just an internet panhandler. If he choked on his steak dinner tonight, AVfM would all be over.

  5. Quote from scanspeak on Elam’s site…
    “The signatures by “Shannon Dunavent” in the Doubletree letters are substantially different. I’m not sure what to make of that.”

    It sounds as though he thinks the letters are fake.

  6. I am curious about something – and this is a genuine question because I do occasionally donate to a local (legitimate) charity and write a tiny amount off on taxes.

    I’m wondering, if I donated $1k to Paul at AVfM, would I be able to claim the deduction on my taxes at the end of the year, legally and legitimately, I mean?

    I’m guessing not – although I could be wrong and if I am, I’d like to know. I really thought such deductions could only be claimed if the organization had charitable status of some kind.

    Please, straighten me out on this, if anybody know.

    • Well, never mind. I think I answered my own question and I was right. There’s an article, entitled “Charibable Contributions You Think You Can Deduct But Can’t,” over at the TurboTax website that talks about the two basic types of organizations you can donate to and receive a tax deduction. They have to be registered with the IRS as charities, which is what I thought.

      AVfM is not. It’s just a bigot with donate button – Donate for hate!

      Nothing associated with them appears tax deductible. This causes me to be all the more amazed that he’s able to get the kind of donations he does.

      • @WOOW, that’s my impression, that you can’t deduct a charitable contribution unless it’s to some kind of registered charity, as you decided.

        Then every dime that comes in as a donation is income, I believe. As a self-employed sole proprietor I would think Elam can deduct his work expenses, so they’d be itemized and confirmable.

        The problem is that the IRS would have to depend on Elam to report his income accurately, as he no doubt receives cash contributions from donaters who want anonymity. He would need very detailed financial records. They don’t like this kind of situation and he’s a good candidate for an audit. it’s risky off-the-cuff stuff to run a “business” this way.

        It was the tax man who finally nailed Al Capone. Just an observation that popped into my head.

        • I’m no expert, but it seems like he might not have much of a problem unless he has employees. But, according to what I’ve read the others are volunteers. I wonder what’s in it for a guy like Dean Esmay. Why would he work for free when he can’t afford to fix a bad tooth?!

    • Nope. His site is not a charity. He now claims the AVfM is just a site. All his, no one else involved. (and I could find no charity status on it.) He appears to think of it (confirmed by some of his followers’ comments on his site) as a ‘business’. oddly enough both those require accountability for funds, yet he offers none…

  7. Pingback: Paul Elam the Benevolent Dictator : Nobody Should Do Business With; No Journalist Should Give Him the Time of Day | Mancheeze


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