Alex of MSNBC Segment on the Men’s Rights Con

Alex Wagner and Lizz Winstead take down the men’s rights fellas one minute at a time. Since I can’t embed this video you’ll have to CLICK HERE to watch it.



31 thoughts on “Alex of MSNBC Segment on the Men’s Rights Con

  1. Great segment. The comments by the MRAs were hilarious. Don’t they realize that when they attack feminists they only end up telling the world more about themselves? They really do live in an alternate reality where 50% of all rape accusations are false, 25% of men of victims are paternity fraud, and 40% of all rapists are women.

  2. I apologize for being off-topic here, but this is so very funny, I simply must share. Apparently, Stepan Molyneux was posing as an “attractive young woman” to comment on one of his own YT videos – but, he goofed! He forgot to log out of his own Google+ account.

    Sock-puppetry at its finest.

    I guess this moron is considered some kind of an expert on economics or something and he claims to be a libertarian (no way is this creep a genuine libertarian) and he’s appeared on shows doing other things besides provoking violence against women.

  3. That’s another good piece by MSNBC. I like that they point out the difference between the male fantasy that they are oppressed by women and the reality of women actually being oppressed by men, such as those on the Supreme Court.

    Unlike FoxNews, they didn’t run any fake protest footage, either!

    The comment section is completely overrun with MRAs… I saw comments from no one else, at least, 25 deep!

  4. In the vid, they were baffled as to why a woman would be part of the con and say all these horrific things about other women, using Palmatier as an example, because of her especially bizarre statements.

    I don’t know how the others are benefiting from their relationship to AVfM, if they are, in fact, only volunteers, but Dr. T, as they call her is a counselor to these men. So, she her misogyny has a clear monetary motive, which was apparent to anyone who followed the conference and the surrounding events.

    I would like to know how all of the others are benefiting.

    • I can tell you: Straughn gets donations and money for her video views PLUS the money they collected for the trip that they said they needed for other amenities. Typhonblue got some of that too but hasn’t had as many successful vids so she makes less. I have no idea how much Smuggybitch has gotten from Elam. Palmatier, the one who displayed her misogyny proudly at the con I think might make the most since she probably charges per hour for Skype calls. It’s a tossup between Stringbeanhead and Palmtree as to who’s making more.

  5. I too apologize for being off-topic here, but we have a disturbing, disturbing post here by Judgybitch. I recommend reading it in its entirety. (Hope it can be posted as a do not link – I don’t know how to do that)

    Janet Bloomfield or Hackett or whatever her name is, hates women with a viciousness not seen since T S Eliot or Aristotle, whatever. Whatever psych problems or addict problems she has, she’s managing to expel her vomit.

    She shows a diagram of a woman who has been subjected to clitoral excision. She says this is a good thing as women are disease-carriers who injure men and that genital mutilation of women is needed.

    There’s a pseudo-satirical effort here, but the hate shines through like a beacon throughout. She really wants to hurt women she disagrees with. Vicious is the only word.

    She was elected at the Irrational Men’s Conference to announce that AVFM will proudly continue to be a cyberstalking site.

    This person is extremely ill. I’m going to guess cocaine as WOOW said.

    She seems to think that profanity and shocking attacks on women will take her out of the probationary status all women at AVFM remain in. No matter how ugly she gets, her future there is limited, and these hateful words will follow her for many years. (Don’t go there – wait for a do not link)

    • Oh my good heavens. I haven’t clicked, waiting for the Donotlink but from what you describe, I’m disgusted.

      They really manage to dig holes for themselves at an astounding rate.

      I made a comment on this article here, which is a hotbed for MRA’s

      My comment: There is so much hilarity when you talk to an MRA. They’re like tops. You just set em in motion and they spin and spin. They dig their own holes. It’s easy. You just set em in motion, watch em spin and dig then you tip them into the holes they made. MRA-tippin is much more fun than cow tippin.

      • Here’s a donotlink that goes to that despicable website

        It never occurs to the menz that they don’t HAVE TO defile women. Of course, they believe this is a men’s right – to hurt women anyway they see fit.

        Right now, it says something about a panel discussion on the subject of female genital mutilation in 5 minutes.

    • Mariangela, JB didn’t write that post. It is originally from Return of Kings. The fact that she would repost such ridiculous drivel shows how desperate she is for attention.

  6. I think the diagram of a mutilated woman’s vulva is the most shocking part of the article. These haters recommend this. They may say they’re “kidding” . It’s like Elam’s Bash a Bitch month, even the veneer of satire isn’t really believed by anyone.

    if they have a problem with male circumcision they should take it up with the circumcisers, not women or feminists, who don’t promote it. But they hate women so much they pretend somehow women have something to do with it.

    But they are going farther here. They are gleefully expressing a really disgusting, clinical, hatred of women.

    • Well, I don’t promote as the something every parent should do but as I’m Jewish I have that obligation. The reddit againstmensrights came after me because I’m Jewish as if you can’t be a feminist and Jewish and that I was behaving badly. This was right after their male mod Erik viciously attacked me and called me a racist, using a quote mined video.

      Then the mensrights subreddit came over here and started continually posting. Nice eh? Feminists attacking another feminist because she’s culturally Jewish and has cultural and religious reasons for circumcision, not that I’m saying everyone should do it, just that I would.

      I also despise the comparison to FGM.

      • Well, the problem with the comparison is – as you’ve pointed out before in an excellent YT video you did on this subject – that there is no comparison, at all. Snipping off a bit of foreskin does not impair the function of the reproductive organs in men. By contrast, the kind of genital mutilation of girls that is occurring in many parts of the world can result in horrific complications, including death during childbirth of both the woman and her offspring.

        Personally, I’m opposed to medical circumcision because I see no evidence to support any real health benefits from it. I see religious circumcision as another matter. Despite what the “intactivists” say, many men who were not circumcised as children have felt some how awkward or embarrassed by this, usually as teens. There is a social aspect to circumcision and my understanding is that this is partly why it is done religiously, as a sign of inclusion in the group. I read that somewhere…

        It is remarkably hypocritical the way those all-inclusive, anti-racist liberals attacked you the way they did. This is why I don’t trust liberals! One thing about being surrounded by religious conservative wackos, like I am, is I always know how they’re going to respond to certain stimuli. They’re as regular as clockwork. But, liberals throw those curve balls and you never know just when they’re going to do it.

        • Janet Bloomfield’s repost shows a diagram of a woman with her clitoris removed and there is some sort of suggestion that this somehow compares to male circumcision. The real, exact, proper equivalent is cutting off a male penis, which of course male circumcision does not do.

          She recommends doing this to women – removing their primary organ of sexual pleasure entirely. The specious reasoning she uses is just wondowdressing. What she’s really doing is giving her audience of sick men a picture of a woman who has been sexually mutilated. She’s a madam at the very whorehouse she’s always talking about.

    • I have seen YT videos with men saying that they want to do these things to women. I guess they’re waiting for a crime to occur, as they did with Rodger’s threats against women, before they pull them.

      This kind of thing is sexual to them – it’s pornography. Men get off on violence against women and discussions an depictions thereof.

      Someone will, no doubt, at least, attempt to carry these ideas out.

    • Oh and yeah, me circumcising my son has nothing to do with expressing hatred for him.

      However, it appears Judgybitch is trying to compare apples and oranges and thinks that just based on ‘alpha dudes’ getting HPV that performing FGM would stop it. The problem with her argument, if you even want to call it that, is first FGM is not comparable to circumcision. It’s just NOT.

      Second, the action of oral sex wouldn’t be possible if a woman is competely deprived of all sexual sensation so it’s not as if she’s stopping HPV, she’s stopping women’s sexual pleasure completely.

      Circumcision does not end men’s sexual pleasure.

    • The MRAs have really been foaming at the mouth, ever since the Rodger murders, and now they’ve cranked it up another notch since their con.

      Today, there were some really scary, delusional ones over at Futrelle’s site who were either just trolling, which is a questionable enough activity all by itself, or else they have serious problems and they seem to think that women and feminism are to blame for all of them. I am not using hyperbole when I say that these men appear to be dangerously mentally ill.

      The problem with these discussions in which the mutilation, rape and murder of women is continually discussed is that there are lots of seriously deranged men, not at all unlike Rodger, Brevik or a number of others whose names I can’t remember right now, who will act out violence on strangers… and, no doubt, any women within reach, if they get the chance.

  7. You are right. WOOW. I can now recognize that my reaction is the same as to hardcore pornography. That is what this post re-published this deluded woman is. I can see the men masturbating to it right now. I am sorry to say this but it is true.

    I don’t know how much longer I can stand to observe these very perverted, very ill people.

    • If judgystench wants to cure the very low rate of HPV in men she should also want to eliminate sexual contact and castrate men too. Turns out HPV is just an STD that can be carried by everyone.

      Judgystench didn’t research this. Took me less than a minute to find that data.

      If she wants to cure it she should tell people NEVER to have sex. Female gential mutilation won’t stop it.

      What a fool she is.

  8. Of course. The HPV stuff is just a pretext to post a mutilated female vulva for porn purposes.

    Judgybitch, with her foul mouth, sickening hate of women, and promotion of cyberstalking, needs professional help.

      • The HPV studies are full of quackery. It’s absolute pseudo-science.

        It’s been a while since I saw the study – either the CDC did or the AMA – and the connection between genital warts and cervical cancer (or any cancer) is as clear as the connection between breathing oxygen and dying of old age.

      • Also, HPV can be gotten rid of with a combination of herbs.

        And, it’s men who spread it around because they usually don’t have a clue that they’re sick. If men would keep their dicks off of little girls and women, they wouldn’t get HPV, in the first place.


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