If We Would Just Cut Off Women’s Clitoris, Labii, and Stitch It Up So There’s Only a Little Hole We Could Make Sure Alpha Males Don’t Get HPV

Welcome to Judgybitch’s endorsement of cutting women’s genitals (FGM) to prevent those alpha males from getting HPV and throat cancer. She reblogged the post originally on ROK, a PUA website. Apparently she didn’t research HPV or else she would’ve realized that cutting out women’s clitoris, labii and sewing it all up will not prevent it in those poor menz who are ‘truly our best and brightest.’

I really don’t know why she reblogged this. I suppose MRA’s think this is on par with male circumcision, which it clearly isn’t. They also included a graphic of women’s genitals to spice the hatred up a notch.

The fact is, HPV is carried by both men and women. If she wants to cut women’s genitals off completely to prevent it she should be willing to advocate castration because that’s the correct reversal. You also can get HPV just through kissing. Should we cut out people’s mouths? What about their rectums? 

A Forbes article was cited to support MRA’s cutting off women’s genitals but neither of them comprehended it. If it was they’d realize that HPV cancer is pretty rare

But in a minority of cases, perhaps 10%, they persist. If the strain is of the right variety – for instance, the HPV 16 strain of the virus – this infection can eventually lead to cancer. When it comes to throat cancer, this process takes decades.


The good news is that throat cancer caused by HPV is far less deadly than the old type that resulted from chronic tobacco use and drinking. Some researchers have cited data that it is 80% curable.

This wasn’t a great rebuttal to male circumcision. In fact, it just shows how MRA’s think about women’s bodies and how they project their hatred onto women’s bodies.



23 thoughts on “If We Would Just Cut Off Women’s Clitoris, Labii, and Stitch It Up So There’s Only a Little Hole We Could Make Sure Alpha Males Don’t Get HPV

  1. Funny Elam and JB make/endorse horrible statements and then when called on the horribleness cry satire!, then claim that anyone who doesn’t agree with them just doesn’t have a sense of humor…ugh

    • Actually, they did state it was satire in the article. They said “I offer a modest proposal: female circumcision”. This is a reference to Johnathan Swift’s “A Modest Proposal”, which is taught in most university English classes as the prime example of a satirical essay. Swift’s proposal is for the Irish to sell their babies as food to the English in order to reduce the economic strain of providing for a baby, and to generate money at the same time. He is being sarcastic. It is meant to draw attention to how the British treated the Irish.

      Please note, satire is not dependent on humor. They are separate and independent things.

      • I think everyone who passed 8th grade is familiar with Swift. Thanks for the great lesson, though.

        What kind of human rights organization makes light of the horrific mutilation of other human beings.

        It’s not funny when these things are actually happening to people and when there are videos by misogynists all over YT talking about how they want to mutilate women’s reproductive organs.

        This is not satire. These people are serious and they are hiding behind satire – and the only people buying it are uneducated morons who don’t know what satire is.

        • They don’t teach Swift in 8th grade. Showing kids an essay promoting cannibalism? Doesn’t happen in grade 8, and even if it did, most people wouldn’t remember it.

          If you knew it was a reference to Swift, then why didn’t anyone here point it out? It would have made the post much better. I suspect it was not known it was a reference to Swift. Most people wouldn’t.

          They weren’t making light of the mutilation of human beings anymore than Swift was promoting cannibalism and infanticide. It’s supposed to be so outrageous that the readers understand the author is being satirical.

          In addition, I did mention that satire is not dependent on humor. It often uses it, but it is not necessary. Note that Swift did not use humor in his essay, just like this essay did not.

          A human being is not capable of knowing what another thought. That is why we discuss what they said, not what they thought. You can’t possibly know if they were being serious or not, you’re assuming it.

          The words modest and proposal are seldom used anymore, and almost never together unless specifically referencing Swift.

          Since I am so uneducated, I’ll use a source to prove my point.

          Satire is a genre of literature, and sometimes graphic and performing arts, in which vices, follies, abuses, and shortcomings are held up to ridicule, ideally with the intent of shaming individuals, corporations, government or society itself, into improvement.[1] Although satire is usually meant to be humorous, its greater purpose is often constructive social criticism, using wit as a weapon and as a tool to draw attention to both particular and wider issues in society.


          In English writing, the phrase “a modest proposal” is now conventionally an allusion to this style of straight-faced satire.


          So yes, it was satire, and yes, it was a reference to Swift. He referenced Swift to let people know he was being satirical and that he wasn’t serious. Regrettably, he should have been more explicit.

          I’d like to point out you said the only people believing it are uneducated morons who don’t know what satire is. How does using a satirical reference convince uneducated people the work is satire? The uneducated people wouldn’t get it because they don’t know satire, and they don’t know Swift.

          The worst part about this is even if the article you referenced was what you think it is, the original article is about HPV. The world health organization as well as Canada and the United States recommend vaccination of young women, but only recently even approved it for young men. In Canada, all girls are given the vaccine in grade school for free, but men only recently were allowed to even purchase it. the disease is a leading cause of cervical cancer, but it causes cancer in men too. We have an effective vaccine that stops a incurable disease, and the government decides that girls are worth enough to pay for their vaccine, but boys are not. That’s sexism. You’re talking about what some guy said on some internet set. I’m talking about pandemic policies that discriminate against men’s health.

          If they vaccinated everyone, then we might be able to get rid of the disease entirely. But instead, we’re creating a population where women are good enough to get vaccinated, and the men are carriers of the disease. This essentially guarantees the disease will never be eradicated. In addition, the continual contact between the virus and women’s immunity may provide an opportunity for the virus to mutate into a vaccine-immunity resistant strain.

          • Don’t teach Swift in 8th grade? I read Don Quixote in 7th grade so please stop. Everyone knows what MRA’s do when they want to hide their misogyny. They just throw a satire label in front of it. You’re not convincing. These wall o texts are becoming pretty whiny too. Oh, and if you listen to Karen Stringbeanhead you’re really not doing yourself any favours.

          • Christ! You’re an idiot!

            No one in England was actually EATING Irish children, you great fucking moron. Meanwhile, women are actually being mutilated for being women. That’s the difference. All spelled out for you, you remarkable mouth-breathing idiot.

            I didn’t even read the rest of your idiocy.

            People don’t go around pointing out obvious things that everybody – except you, apparently – already knows.

          • Maybe you did read Swift in 8th grade, but it doesn’t happen where I’m from. The author was talking about people in the western world, not the rest of the world. The idea that we should treat women here a certain way to offset how they treat women in other parts of the world is ridiculous.

            I apologize you don’t like a “wall of text”. However, a wall of text suggests a lack of separation through paragraphs, which my post does not suffer from. What you mean to say is that my post is too long for you to read.

            The fact that one of you admitted you didn’t read my post, and I strongly suspect the other one didn’t either shows you have no intention of arguing the issues or anything that I said. You simply attack me. The ad hominem attacks also support this.

            It’s easy to be right when you assume that all men are stupid and wrong, regardless of what they think, especially when you don’t listen to what they say. I made several good points in my post, and instead of arguing them, you argue me.

            I apologize for this very long post, I hope you get to the end of it. I will not bother coming back to this blog again as I have no desire to be a straw man.

            I hope you have a good day and find a little happiness in your life. Goodbye.

          • Awwww, poor little baby man. He’s going to leave in tears and we women are all supposed to coddle and woddle him b/c he’s a man and he’s sad we’re not reading his incredibly long whines. Then he’s going to condescendingly leave with a little quip assuming we need happiness. Awww, isn’t that predictable.

            Men are so fucking predictable when they do that ‘feel sorry for me b/c you bitchy women didn’t LISTEN TO ME WHAAAAA!’

          • Ah… from the US then. All new to you. The arguement you make comparing the two makes sense only to you… and we are back to that nasty little context thing again.

  2. This is the most loathsome article MRAs have produced yet. The hatred of women seeps from every word. The diagram is despicable as used. The comparison of circumcision to female castration is despicable. The pretense at humor is despicable.

    • Mariangela, I agree with you. Comparing FGM to circumcision is despicable. I’ve seen pictures of FGM and its aftermath and I cannot fathom how anyone can say it’s the same thing as circumcision. I say this as a man who was circumcised as a child and hasn’t suffered for it, and as a man who, has for medical reasons, had to have his testicles removed. I’d have to say that FGM is even worse than male castration. With testosterone replacement therapy I am a functional man and, if I chose to get implants, one would never know that I had been castrated. I’ll never have children but, right now, that’s not a problem.

      • I think that saying that FGM is worse than male castration is subjective to you. I am sure lots of men would disagree because they personally want children. It might also be a blow to the man’s self esteem. It’s great that you are cool about it but some other guy might not be.

  3. I had to read the comments to understand the article properly because JB didn’t put a disclaimer at the end stating that she didn’t really agree with FGM. According to her she ‘doesn’t put trigger warnings or disclaimers’… That is just confusing.

    • Yeah, I don’t know where in the “Western world” that troll was from, but Swift was British where, according to this article ( http://www.nhs.uk/Conditions/female-genital-mutilation/Pages/Introduction.aspx ) 66,000 women are living with the consequences of FGM and they estimate about 15K girls and young women are at risk of becoming victims.

      If the idiot is from the U.S., then we have unknown numbers (probably quite high) of victims, mainly immigrants from Africa, but we know they do this in Egypt and other countries, too. And, according to this article ( http://www.nbcnews.com/news/world/horrific-taboo-female-circumcision-rise-u-s-n66226 ),”the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, at least 150,000 to 200,000 girls in the U.S. are at risk of being forced to undergo cutting.”

      Both article talk about the terrible consequences, which are nothing WHATSOEVER like male circumcision and can in no way be compared medically or in any other way.

      There is nothing funny about the horrific violence being done go girls and women by men and their patriarchal systems whether it’s happening in Africa or right down the block. You’d have to be sadistically evil to think FGM or other violence done to women’s reproductive organs (like rape, for instance) is humorous for even a second.

      But, that’s who these people are… they’re being really sure we know what they are, too, by trolling. Gotta have attention, they do – even negative attention.

      • Oops! Sorry, I know Egypt is in Africa… I was thinking of other predominantly Islamic countries outside of Africa where this is done when I typed that. Sorry for my other typos…

        • I’m sorry.

          Well, he really is an idiot because Canada is a very diverse country, too – much like U.S and U.K. Furthermore, according to this article from the Ottawa Citizen, ( http://www.ottawacitizen.com/health/Canadian+doctors+performing+vaginal+surgery+banned+Britain/9738327/story.html ), while Britain has moved to ban doctors from performing these mutilations, the practice is still condoned in Canada where there are an estimated 80,000 survivors!

          Thanks, JudgyBitch, for all your help! It’s just so funny that little girl’s are being mutilated and having their reproductive organs mutilated all over the world, isn’t it??? It must do something for her to see these men in her group getting their rocks off to this disgusting violence against women and children …and she’s promoting it all while claiming it’s a joke (“satire”),

          Then uneducated, misogynistic idiots like this troll, actually believe her!

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