I’m Not a Misogynist You Yellow Journalist Cunt!

It always produces a laugh for me when the MRA’s do a publicity stunt, aka the big dudebro ball in St. Clair Shores, and then get all pissy about it when the media reports accurately on the things that were actually said there.

Now we all know AVFM is a misogynist hate site according to the SPLC and we all know Paul Elam writes woman hating screeds he passes off as satire while we all snicker at him and his cronies, but what astounds me is how they get on their fainting couches and attempt to smear the journalists that were at the conference because they don’t like when the journalist is honest.

For example, Elam’s article on Jessica Roy of Time, was a ranty rant about how she didn’t pay attention and published lies about the conference. Lies I tell you!

‘Roy is a biased bullshit peddler with an agenda who has lied to them. Her status as a liar and a bigot will be exposed as surely as it is in her twitter exchange with fellow haters.’~Paul Elam

Of course Paul tries to come out the big tough guy thanking Roy ‘for the donations that will hit AVFM for exactly the same reasons.’ We all know he’s just in this for cold hard cash.

MRA’s call any article they don’t like ‘yellow journalism.’ It’s so incredibly funny. They’re also really stomping mad at Bucky Turco of Animal NY for writing two perfectly apt pieces on the con. Elam bends the truth in his rant claiming Bucky ‘never attended’ and yet mentions that Bucky met Esmay’s ex-wife and children at the con claiming Bucky made an assumption about the kids which I’m hesitant to believe based on Elam’s propensity to twist.

Elam blames Bucky for not reporting on the kids, who happened to be two autistic boys

‘Actually, it would have made a good story for the setting, given the disproportionate incidence of autism in boys. Well, it would have had there been a real journalist on hand.’

Maybe if Elam spent the conference talking about these issues instead of blaming women and feminists this might’ve been reported. Or how about actually having resources there to help autistic kids? Duh Duh Duuuuh!

Elam isn’t interested in helping a single male except his own ego. He somehow thinks he’s  conquering the world with a new narrative that will eliminate feminism by relentlessly pecking at people from his perch. Keep tryin birdy boy. Keep pecking that mirror.

Blaming Bucky for your own stupidity isn’t going to fly Paul.

AVFM’s Dean Esmay apparently had a phone conversation with Bucky after the event that he recorded and uploaded to Youtube to try and paint Bucky as an evil journalist. Dean explains in this Youtube comment what led up to the phone conversation: CLICK ON IMAGE TO ENLARGE

dean's explanation of the bucky videocallLooks like Dean started the whole thing with his ex-wife joining in to harass Bucky on Twitter. Doesn’t surprise me at all. This is the kind of whiny shit they do when they want attention.

Esmay and Elam are fainting so hard they didn’t even link Bucky’s articles in their tantrum on AVFM. Here’s the first article and the second. I don’t see anything remotely controversial in either article especially considering the first article is mostly quotes from each speaker.

Esmay and Elam are now calling him ‘Buckycunt.’ Nothing like using misogynist language to try and make the point that you’re not a neckbearded misogynist!

Dean Esmay is still raging so he made a moany gloaty video with his ex-wife’s hubby, whom he calls a ‘real’ journalist.

In it he blames Turco for not knowing his kids were autistic.  He then tries explaining what an opinion is by making stupid snide remarks. It permanently put to rest the idea that feminism is to blame for misandrous feminists star chambers in the gynocratic KKK of the United States and Canada where white men are suddenly black slaves in the 50’s south.  Thanks dudes for that lesson on opinion.


47 thoughts on “I’m Not a Misogynist You Yellow Journalist Cunt!

  1. Is it ok to ask you about your twitter handle joyintorah? I was curious how that could help a person in life’s struggles (like this stuff for example}

  2. It amuses me that everyone they disagree with they fear to this level…

    “In it he blames Turco for not knowing his kids were autistic.” ‘kids’?
    That is highly improbable. Autism is seldom not an isolated incident.

  3. Basically any journalism that doesn’t completely praise them is bad journalism.
    My God, they can’t even take the tiniest bit of criticism. I don’t see how they were pissed at the Washington post article or the adam serwer article. Both seemed pretty balanced to me. The Jessica Roy article wasn’t even hateful to them in any way.

    If they wanted their conference to get positive coverage then they should have gotten better speakers. Of course the journalists are going to point out any hateful shit that’s said.

  4. Being the mother of an autistic child myself, I actually have a little sympathy for Dean Esmay now.
    That said, if Turco wasn’t aware of Esmay’s boys autism before he observed them, then he should be cut some slack.
    I wonder if Paul Elam donates any of his hard-earned (or should I say “hard-raised, LOL) money to autism research? Or a charity that helps provide respite for families with autistic children? Given that 80% of people with autism are male, you would think that was one cause, along with suicide and rape prevention, that Elam would champion.

    • Bucky did not know and they apparently intentionally kept it from him during the entire conference… Esmay posted the link to this to me when I asked. 3 boys all with Autism… But described more in the ADHD spectrum not the Autism spectrum (‘spectrums’ created to keep the money flowing decades ago…) I define both ADHD and especially Autism very strictly. There is more going on here but Esmay appears to not know this…

      • After speaking further to him I suspect they have a ‘flavor of the month’ doctor. Way too common and the sons will likely have problems in later life from the diagnosis… (Having seen that damage to children diaged with ADHD 20 years before, I am sad for them, but it is really not my problem…) Still I suggested he have them retested so I did my part as an advocate.

    • He was unaware they had autism. They were all over the place and if you don’t know they have autism it appears they’re acting up. Nobody told Bucky they had autism. It was used later by Esmay as an attempt to smear him. Using your own kids to smear a journalist? Hell, why not?

  5. Re: The Vid. Esmay’s bro is married to his ex? I heard that twice and I wasn’t sure ’til I heard it the third time.

    I’m more interested in why so many of their sons are autistic.

    I’ve only known of one autistic child in my whole life. He was a child when I knew him. I don’t think I could recognize autism.

    I’ve read some theories about why more boys than girls are autistic, which have to do with the natural brain development in boys. I think more research should definitely be done. Muck like Stop & Frisk, I don’t know why this isn’t a Men’s or boy’s issue – but seeing as how they just dump the children off on their exes and complain about having to pay support, anyway – I guess it isn’t really their problem!

    • I took it that way also… very risky if so. Autism genetics are complicated (a good place to start is Wiki which has a very simplified break down) but the lights started flashing for me the minute he claimed both his sons with his ex had it… Genetic link is the only explanation or a misdiagnosis.

      I have to listen again… but did his wifes husband now not say they had an autistic son also?

      • He (john) came on twitter and explained that there are two boys with it, one Esmay’s, one his… same mother. The mother was trying to say the child was ‘helping’. They did appear to keep it from some and told some, but when I asked why she suddenly quit speaking. I suspect they never expected to have anyone question why they would vary so much from what is normally done to put others at ease with severely cognitively disabled children… I consider their behavior extremely odd.

          • Yep. They have to know… i’ve even spoken to you on Twitter. But I think they hoped to ‘turn’ me. It is obvious to anyone that I am liberal but that I listen to both sides when they don’t behave like fools. They can only keep up that facade for a few posts. Esmay became scared when I knew things about Autism… I eventually blocked him thinking he wanted it to be Autism. (When I suggested they have the children re-tested he claimed I ‘harassed’ him. I knew then something more was going on. lol)

            Perhaps he finally realized that anyone who knew would put together not only that Bucky had not been told the truth (and that they used that little boy in an attempt to cover the larger issue) but that Esmay and her current husband had just released the mother’s medical history (the only causal link genetically) to anyone who understood genetics. They had to have known if the diagnosis is correct, it is the only way the doctor could know for sure with a second incidence in the same family.

      • Well, they really do resemble each other, though. Not like twins! But, if I were to describe them each: White, obese, bearded, reddish-blonde to light brown hair, puffy blue eyes, and the proportions of the features are even similar. They each have a straight, narrow nose. There’s not much outstanding about either of their features and the only difference I’d probably notice at a glance is that Esmay looks like a jack o’lantern. I wish Elam would float him a loan so he could get some proper dental work done.

  6. I noticed they made it a point that the ex-wife (or a woman, anyway) came up with the name “Buckycunt.” They seem to think it’s okay to say something misogynistic, if a woman said it once.

    I don’t think “stupid” quite covers these people.

  7. Well, they’re at it, again, already. It looks like they’re trying to weasel their way into speaking to some kind of men’s rights advocacy group on a Georgia state college campus.

    This do not link should directly to the article on this at AVfM: http://www.donotlink.com/oAw

    I tried to Anonymouse the link, too. If it works, it’ll take you there via a donotlink through a remote server to hide your personal IP – fingers crossed:


    In case the above links fail, the article is called, “The KSUM Conference on Educational Equity Needs Your Help,” by Victor Zen.

    This is from the article:

    “Kennesaw State University Men (KSUM) is the first men’s human rights student organization to emerge from the A Voice for Men (AVfM) community and the first men’s rights organization in the state of Georgia.”

    Apparently, this is the first on-campus hate group to form out of the dung pile that is AVfM.

    Naturally, people on the campus are concerned – which is why the menz need help. The poor menz associated with this group are living in a lot of fear as being outed as the dangerous, potentially deadly, women-hating swine they are, apparently.

    • I love how Victor Zen believes that the e-mail he got was “crazy” or harassing in any way. He obviously has a pretty thin skin. It’s laughable is what it is. Wake me when he gets hundreds of death and rape threats.

    • Scuse me for saying something a little unusual here:

      What I always find so interesting is that these men are actively opposed by other men who think it’s bizarre like the guy who wrote on the poster.

      This is actually a fight among men. Most men (correctly) think AVFM is a sinister stormfront or cult type of organization. Most men are disgusted at AVFM’s antics. Basically, an extremist (Elam) is throwing all men’s legitimate issues into disrepute. This makes it harder for men of good conscience to try to deal with any legitimate men’s issue and is a matter of concern to men.

      Men are tearing down the men’s posters and writing negative notes on them (I’m speaking of the KSUM posters here). Many of the journalists responding negatively to the men are men. The person who pulled the fire alarm at that Canadian AVFM subsidiary meeting was probably a man. The evul boxcutter feminists John the Other was so frightened of (as if) were men. Some of the commenters here are men responding to men. David Futrelle, the strongest voice against Elam, is a man.

      I’ve said the same thing regarding trans (trans women) issues. If men want to present as women, how that will work, and the issues it presents, are men’s issues. (I’m talking about MtT folk only here). It’s not women’s concern, except when it encroaches on womanspace or women’s rights, the same as circumcision is a male issue that men need to work out among themselves.

      The antifeminism of AVFM is a men’s issue. If men want women to hate them, struggle against them, fear them, separate from them, refuse to mate with them, treat men as enemies generally — if men want that problem — that is what AVFM espouses and promotes. I think almost no men want that problem.

      We women must keep resisting encroachment and discrimination of course. But we are half of humanity, and I think smarter men are beginning to realize that if they don’t stop the slop, women will simply walk out of the whole deal at this point.We don’t really need men to carry on life, now that we have won enough legal freedom to get educated and control pregnancy and support ourselves and our families (in developing countries, and unstoppably, soon to come in all countries). We don’t need men to tell us we’re complete and full and extre-he-heemly competent human beings no matter what crap they throw at us any more. We’ll never go back to the situation of women a hundred years ago. That crap is over.

      Men need to step up and get more active engaging with demagogues like Elam and with sites like the mensrights subreddit. It’s a bunch of destructive men causing trouble, and a real men’s issue. We shouldn’t think, as women, that the onus is on us. We didn’t cause the fucking problem and men need to police their own sex, and soon.

      • I don’t think this is unusual thinking – it’s just radical feminist thinking. And, it’s not socially acceptable for us, as women, to say that these are men’s problems that men need to deal with.

        And, yes, we have the power and the guns, in many cases, to be able to live our lives free from men – or, at least, mostly free of them. It seems to me that now with new technology, that it is more than ever before possible to live your life as a woman with a minimum of interference from men.

        I think this, too – if men want women to hate them – then they’re doing everything right here. I don’t see how any reasonable person (especially one who has survived multiple life-threatening incidents at the hands of men simply for being women) could be expected to have any other relationship to a class of people (in this case, men) who have declared that they hate us and want to hurt us and those who have not declared this, but act in ways that demonstrate that their goal is our suffering and destruction.

        In reality, nothing could be better for women and girls than getting as far away from men and boys as possible.

        Their insistence on viewing all women and girls as inhuman objects for their own ends is inescapable as long as we are in their presence. The only way to escape the hell they have created for us is to get away from them as completely as possible. I, also, suggest that it should be done as quietly as possible because if they find out you don’t want to fuck them they WILL come and try to kill you. We’ve learned a lot more about this since Elliot Rodger and his many sympathizers illuminated it for us.

        It is simply not safe for women to be around men. Nothing has made this clearer to me in the past few years than the MRM – and I thank them for that. This information may prove to be a life-saver for me because I now fully understand how dangerous men are to women.

        • Thanks for your comment, WOOW, I think I am just figuring this out – realizing that it’s always, what are women going to do about all this.

          Well, why are we the ones that have to fix all this shit men have set up in their male system, all while we’re being harassed and injured and killed for trying to fix it?

          I hear it said – men will never do it on their own, we have to struggle endlessly while they dig their heels in and bury their heads in the sand and generally turn into rocks so they don’t have to do anything, because they don’t want to do anything. And as usual we say fine, if you won’t pick up your stinking mess, we’ll clean up after you. And then the rocks wake up and start actively obstructing us so picking up their mess becomes an extremely frightening and difficult process. Maybe we even get killed.

          Its their problem the whole time, and we have no obligation to clean it up. The way we work at it is starting to feel to me just like a dear old granny following behind her slob of a grandson with a mop. Even now, addressing our own liberation, we are acting like servants cleaning for the master.

          Maybe we had to start that way, to get into colleges, to get some control over sexual access, and to get rid of some of the workplace discrimination, but why are we still acting like we have to clean up their mess today? If they want us around they had better make themselves safe to be around. They had better stop condoning a certain level of rape as a safety valve. They had better stop bombing. They better quit degrading us as prostitutes and pornographic objects. They better stop thinking they’re the masters altogether, they better stop standing in the way of our liberation with their vicious or passive-aggressive tactics, and they had better, most of all, police other men so (het) women can even stand to be with them.

          They can’t force us to be with them any more, and they aren’t giving us any reason to be with them. If other men took the responsibility they should AVFM and Paul Elam would be out of business tomorrow. That we should have to point out every move those hate sites make and be the ones fighting and resisting is another kind of reversal.

          Right, we should all just walk away. I used to think that was impossible. But now I think that’s just another male fairy tale to keep us from leaving. Start with the marriages and the churches. leave them. Maybe then the rest of the men will do something instead of standing around with their thumbs up their asses.

          So look at this situation. Some male journalist went to the conference and wrote what he saw, and is now being attacked by Elam, and is fighting back. Not my problem. Let them fight. let other men weigh in and let them clean this Elam shit up.

          • mariangela,

            I talk about a lot of these things at my blog – living life free of the vampires. The blog is private, I also haven’t written anything for a few days, but I’m plannng to. If you want, just click and request to join and I’ll let you in. It sounds like you’d fit in well with the other members.

    • It’s so shocking that a liberal feminist web site failed to achieve the necessary crowd-funding, especially seeing as how “feminism is a multi-billion dollar industry.”

      And, of course, since there’s no such thing as a wage gap, or systemic rape or sex discrimination against women, it’s hard to believe they’d fail to find enough women rolling in dough to fund the project.

      And, of course, since no women and certainly no feminists are receiving rape, harassment or death threats, it’s a wonder feminist writers weren’t lining up to contribute to this e-zine. We all know how well that’s worked out in the past.

      • One of the writers for that site is Camille Paglia afaik. If so, not a huge loss to me personally but your point still stands.

        An obscure mens site that bashes on women has no problem with men willing to give their cash over to Elam while feminist sites are hard up.

        When they said Canada was the worst place to be a man I couldn’t help but laugh because we’ve had the biggest cuts to women’s services here b.c of a conservative govt.

        • I don’t know if I’m familiar with the name ” Camille Paglia afaik.” But, I recognize Laurie Penny. She’s okay. I took a glance at the material at their website and it’s nothing earth-shattering. My guess is that’s part of their problem. It looked really mainstream – the usual liberal feminist fare, which is not bad, but doesn’t have the boldness to to tell the whole, unadulterated truth about our situation.

          I’ve seen far, far better writing and ideas (I’m almost certain you’ll agree with me) on free blogs by very talented radical feminists who aren’t afraid to tell it like it is.

          This blog, for example, is way better than than that one!

    • Well, then, I’m glad I’m asked. The request I had was probably from an MRA trying to impersonate a particular woman they’ve previously stalked, harassed, threatened and doxxed, then. What a nice bunch of fellows – making good on the threats made at their conference.

      I still haven’t received a request that looks like it might have come from you. If I had your email, I could send you a direct request. I’m not sure how to do that without causing a potential problem, either.

      • @WOOW, I’m sorry, I was mistaken, wordpress picked up an ancient name I had never used but that is how they have registered me – that word that ends in numbers as you said. Please let that in when you have time and I will try to log in.

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