MRA’s: The Ultimate Wedding Planners

Weddings are so much fun, but take a lot of planning, sorta like a conference but in this case wedding planning is misandry or so the misogynists over at AVFM say. August Lovenskiolds is running around like a chicken with its head cut off because a lovely feminist, Laura Bates of the Everyday Sexism project , is tying the knot, fortunately not to August or any other lonely dudebros over at AVFM, but to her ‘new domestic slave.’

"one should never underestimate the power of a feminist to exploit traditional roles to harvest money from men to buy shoes and wear-once clothing."~August Lovenskiolds, AVFM

“one should never underestimate the power of a feminist to exploit traditional roles to harvest money from men to buy shoes and wear-once clothing.”~August Lovenskiolds, AVFM

AVFM is totally concerned that the weddings feminists are having are traditional and yet are furious that Bates seems to be contributing to ‘misogyny’ by having a traditional wedding, which she’s not. ‘It’s a ‘feminist sham worthy of the same respect due campus sexual assault claims,’ says Lovenskiolds, and ‘Valenti’s feminism erases all feeling and passion from pair-bonding and sexuality.’  Read that in your best David Attenborough voice and tell me you didn’t laugh.

He even reminisces about Jessica Valenti’s wedding nuptials saying that she lacked ‘marital commitment’ because she kept her last name. Bates is also a violator of the patriarchal naming principle, all in the spirit of traditionalism, which er, isn’t actually present.

He moans Laura Bates wants to

 ‘demonize and demolish, in an abstract way, men and male sexuality in general and the civilization men built at the behest of women: she has decided that the personal is political and so she plans to enslave, torture, and destroy one exceedingly unlucky bloke in order to reify the feminist inclination to exterminate the patriarchy that feeds, clothes, and shelters her from the hazards of the world.’

The concern about the gown didn’t escape Lovenskiolds either. Laura Bates is ‘undeserving of a white dress symbolizing purity/virginity. But consistent with her brand of feminism that emphasizes the importance of celebrating female narcissism, she opted for the traditional white gown anyway.’ The horror.

This, he says, is feminists being ‘traditional’ and feminists aren’t supposed to be traditional at all or else they’re giving in to the patriarchy. I never knew AVFM was so concerned about something they claim doesn’t exist and yet claim it’s happening in this wedding when it’s not.

Even the poor plants are going to suffer according to Lovenskiolds. ”They are also the sliced-off sexual organs of plants,’ he complains.

Has anyone else noticed that every complaint revolves around sex and some phallic paranoid theory about castration?

Lovenskiolds has realized that weddings are about ‘channelling your inner slut’ and even throwing the bouquet is something Bates threw ‘like a girl.’

For so much venom from MRA’s over at AVFM for feminist weddings, one thing’s for sure. AVFM can’t say these two feminists are man-hating lesbians like they usually do to women . He also attacks the men who are marrying these lovely women. Valenti’s husband is a ‘cuckold’ and Lovenskiolds worries about Laura’s future husband’s ‘dwindling masculinity.’

This is uh, supposed to be about men’s rights but as the misters show us once again it has nothing to do with what men want to do with their lives. It’s about shaming men who are doing things they’d love to be doing if only they could get past the hatreds and jealousies that clog their small minds.



8 thoughts on “MRA’s: The Ultimate Wedding Planners

  1. No but really most of these guys have no lives outside of women they don’t know. This is all they can do. It’s like that MGTOW dude who bragged about being single and leaving snide remarks on marriage proposal videos all day. What kind of a life is that?

    • Perhaps not, but the attitude is very near his entitlement assumptions… I agree, very little life beyond harassing women or men who disagree with them. (Bucky couldn’t figure out how so few of them appeared to have jobs. They seemed to have so much time to try to create problems where none existed.)

      I keep coming back to the word pathetic to describe them… If that were all they were, there would be little issue. Unfortunately there do appear to be too many of them who cross that line into mental illness.

  2. Bizarre. Even for for some of them… What on earth would possess him to think feminists do not believe in tradition of any kind? Or that what he calls civilization was built at the ‘behest’ of women rather than power and greed… On the backs of slaves and those women who ‘benefit’… Most strange. Elliot Rodgers indeed.

    • I find this especially bizarre: ” …the patriarchy that feeds, clothes, and shelters her from the hazards of the world.’

      They all seem convinced that we’re getting a government check or somehow living off a man. Well, I’m still waiting for my first dime here… the same government that says corporations are people and I’m not, who will not recognize me as a full citizen, seems to keeps demanding money from me every April 15th, not including a gazillion other taxes. But, I have yet to see a dime or even a slice of government cheeze by virtue of the fact that I own my own personal set of female reproductive organs.

      I’m even more baffled by how the patriarchy shelters her from the hazards of the world – like what rapists and misogynistic killers? I’m afraid the patriarchy has failed me, at least, as badly if not worse on that count.

      It’s more than bizarre – it’s really insanely sadistic. Elliot Rodger, indeed.

      • Some of these dipshit MGTOW’s do everything in order not to pay taxes b/c they think the State just gives it to women. LOL. I hope they never get a council on men and boys since they don’t want to pay for it.

        • Other conservative men think this way, too. It’s probably cuz they listen to the likes of Rush Limbaugh and Fox News who keep telling them that women are getting free birth control pills (which they aren’t – and women are taking these pills because they’re sluts, of course, not because they have cystitis or endometriosis, which is most often the reason!) and staying single to get free stuff from the government.

          Limbaugh’s “slut” and “prostitute” routine is notorious – and he has mimickers at Fox News in guys like Shawn Hannity.

          Maybe you remember this gem from faux-libertarian Stossel:

          The 1st Amendment means you can lie, and lie and lie about your enemy – and, of course, promote violence against them.

          I think it’s understandable at this point why any woman would stay single – and it ain’t to get free stuff from the government!


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