First Date With an MRA/MGTOW

This video is pathetically sad. RazorBladeKandy made a video about what he hears when a woman talks to him on a date. This is not activism. This is pure paranoia and hatred of women. When I listened the first time I was stunned at how sick these guys truly are.


This movement is nothing but hate. MGTOW dudes think they’re enlightening other men while they only want another guy to sit in the sad, pathetic, and paranoid boat with them.

Here is a few comments I just noticed on the video:

‘Might include the line, “I fuck abusive men because I have something very important in common with them, we hate the same thing: me.”‘~ted best

Does that not sound like Elliot Rodger? I’m telling you, an MRA/MGTOW or whatever the hell else they call themselves is going to harm more women. I just know it. One of these days, we’re going to see it on the news and there will be no question this time as to whether he was an MRA.

From the video creator himself:

‘Well I think it has been widely established that if you ask a woman what she is looking for in a guy, she will give you a list of the exact things that clamp her legs shut and turn her frigid.’

Just a matter of time.


19 thoughts on “First Date With an MRA/MGTOW

  1. I guess I still don’t have a grasp of what MGTOW is about. If they are men going their own way – confirmed bachelors – then why do they care about dating women or who women are or aren’t being fucked by.

    Have you noticed how they seem to be really jealous of women? They’re jealous of women’s appearance and think that everything comes easy because women are nicer to look at than men.

    Also, I noticed he brought up self-defense, at least, twice. Who is she defending herself against and why, exactly? Her date here, maybe?

    The thing is, most women have never heard of this Red Pill/MRA/MGTOW business. Up until a few years ago, I assumed that there were men who were just normal people, who weren’t trying to manipulate you in some way so they could try to rob, rape and kill you – not necessarily in that order. This video is further evidence that women and girls should be keep as far away from men as possible for our physical safety.

    These people are very dangerous and it’s more than just the dude who made this vid and his supporters. These men are the majority, even if they don’t have a special label for themselves.

  2. The fact they think there is some ‘truth’ to women that men just have to learn is typical of misogynists. They don’t see women as individual human beings. They see us as a class. So when Paul Elam says he only calls individual women cunts and bitches, what he really means is he DOES call us that as a class because this ideology that women are all the same IS part of the Manosphere.

    • Spot on this video actually made me feel sick..”men going there own way”…if there going there own way, why is 99% of what they do is talking about women…

  3. I love the way that Elam and his minions (especially JB) project their own shortcomings onto others. They love to accuse feminists of calling all men rapists and wifebeaters, but if you point out to them that they also paint women with a very broad and very negative brush, they accuse you of using the NAWALT gambit. Then they tell you politely (and sometimes not so politely) to behave like an “adult” and STFU.

  4. Does such propaganda lead to more derision of feminism or can it cause more people to sympathize and support feminism?

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  6. So… the argument is that RBK “sounds like Elliot Rodger” and therefore this is bad… Sorry man, this is why people create rules like Godwin’s law. You can’t just make ad hominem associations like that and expect people to take you seriously.

    >That wasn’t the argument dude. You’re another MRA that can’t read. If you don’t like the blog then take your silly ass and don’t let the virtual door hit you on the way out.

    And yes, ALL MRA’s are similar to Elliot Rodger. That kind of misogyny comes easy to degenerates like you and makes you all alike. Most of you dickless wonders just harass women online but some of you like Warhammer dude think beating your girlfriend should be part of a relationship. You idiots have no self control, no self awareness and generally should just get really friendly with your hand. No woman would ever stand you.

    I’ve got a new metaphor for MRA’s. It’s the new ass to mouth. You guys are notorious for it.

  7. Hi Mancheeze! I came upon this post today while googling around the internet after first hearing of “MGTOW”. I watched this video you’re talking about (before seeing your post) and I honestly could not tell if it was parody. In the end, I think it is quite sad that it’s author feels so suspicious of women. I mean he basically accuses all women of being evil robots. I would hate to live in a world where that’s how I saw women. The only silver lining to this video is that it is so “out there” that I imagine almost everyone who listens to it will immediately see alarm bells about the MGTOW movement. Which is a shame, because the starting point of “Men who want to do something outside of societal norms” sound fine but for some reason the major advocates using the MGTOW label seem to have an irrational hatred of women as well. 😦

  8. Women (and men) with Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) are the most toxic thing on earth. Studies say the occurrence is 1% to 2% of the population. In the prison population, up to 30%. With all their negativity they might as well punch you in the face. But they don’t so in general they don’t get arrested by the police. They belong in the mental asylum, but they wont leave your house. So then you leave instead. MGTOW. Maybe for the rest of my life.

    • I also think that men on the left share the same ideas as men on the right in regards to women’s role aka gender.

      Dworkin wrote extensively about men on the left and how they insisted women clean up after them and do traditional tasks like typing and paperwork just like the men on the right.

    • You were so busy “going your own way” that you had to drop by a woman’s blog and announce it? What an attention whore!

      Truth is, this MGTOW business is a rather desperate attempt at reverse psychology. The threat of taking one’s self off the market is supposed to induce some sort of rabid lust in women (see also: ‘merican dudes threatening to “go abroad”), and we’ll all come crawling to them on our knees, begging for their two-inch wieners. Well, that’s the theory anyway. Too bad it doesn’t quite work out that way in the real world. Lolz.


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