Judgybitch Shows Us She Knows Fuck-All About Feminism

MRA’s like Judgybitch (Janet Bloomfield), nay, all MRA’s, have to re-invent feminism in order to rage all over the internet about it. In her new ThoughtCatalog piece ‘Casual Sex Is Empowering” And 4 Other Feminist Lies’ she munches a lot of straw.

She describes a feminist as

‘an unattractive, angry woman who blames all her problems on men. She is single, bitter and spends most of her time showering other women with withering contempt for not making the “correct” feminist choices, whatever those happen to be. She is loud, screechy and deeply unhappy.’

The only one being loud, unhappy and screechy here is Judgy but let’s continue.

1) Feminism turns women into children.

Her reasons? Trigger Warnings.

Trigger warnings are not only completely illogical (they usually state what will be triggering, thereby triggering the trigger), they literally assume that women confronted with words on a page will be incapable of taking any actions (like maybe stop reading?) and will have their softly addled lady brains turned into a swamp of impenetrable emotions from which there is no escape.

A trigger warning does trigger the reader that what is ahead is, um, graphic. It actually gives us more choice whether we want to read something graphic. More choice. Not less. She also takes issue with rape culture, victim-blaming, and enthusiastic consent but never defines them so we’ll just move right along.

2)  Feminists Set Women Up To Make Terrible Choices.

She claims feminists make women have less choice because it gives them the option to work. Then says

Girls are taught from a very young age that earning money will bestow upon them all the satisfaction and self-fulfillment they will ever desire or require. For some women, this is true, but for most women, it’s not. Most women want to marry and have children and the overwhelming majority of those women want to be at home with their children, working only part time at best.

Derp. Does she even realize she’s the one advocating for restricting women’s choice? Self awareness level=0.

I hope it tastes good Judgybitch

I hope it tastes good Judgybitch

3) ‘Feminists Lie To Women (And Men) About Sex.

This one’s a gem. She claims that teaching women that casual sex is a, wait for it, CHOICE, that women can make is what causes false rape accusations and general unhappiness in women because

‘Humans are a pair-boding species and the majority of us crave intimate relationships with deep emotional attachments that are expressed through physical actions, including sex’

Less choice, right Judgybitch?

4) Feminism Hates Men.

That hay must taste pretty damn good.

5) Feminism Leaves No Room For Humans To Be Human.

I love little boys who prefer kittens and bubblebaths to swords and skateboards but that doesn’t mean I don’t like swords and skateboards too. I love all little boys. I want them all to be who they are. And, I love all little girls and want all little girls to be who they are too.

Well that sure is grand Judgybitch because feminists made it possible for boys to play with kittens and not be shamed into playing with only swords. Again, more choice, not less.

‘Feminism, by definition, values the feminine over the masculine. I don’t. And I never will.’

MRA’ are pretty cheap to feed. She’s probably still chewing.






21 thoughts on “Judgybitch Shows Us She Knows Fuck-All About Feminism

  1. Yeah, this is so jacked! Where to start? I think I won’t.

    By the way, I saw that you’re working on a beauty site, maybe to do with your knowledge of make-up artistry, which I am really looking forward to reading.

    I haven’t added to my blog recently, but I’m working on two articles. One is on “Joy,” which is possible once you’re free to express yourself without constantly being told that everything you do, everything you think, everything you feel has to do with men or what men want. The more radical of a feminist I become, the happier I become… since I had on of my most recent epiphanies I started exercising (pretty hard even!) once, again, and I’ve been enjoying things like wearing all my jewelry, doing my hair, enjoying all the wonderful products that go with this kind of thing.

    This business of humans being into pairing is a massive fiction – a great big lie that was told by men to benefit men. This is the most infuriating thing about the MRM/MGTOWs/RedPillows, whatever they call themselves – they’re like a piece of two-sided packing tape! You just can’t get it off you no matter how hard you try. Keep trying to flick it into the trash, but it clings to you! And, this is the one thing – if there were just one thing – that I wish these men and their advocates would understand: Women don’t need, want or desire men when they are allowed to have any other option.

    But, MRAs don’t want women or girls to have that option, above all.

    • To be fair, some of us DO want & desire men. (Female separatists may not, of course, but I’m not speaking for them. I am speaking only for myself, a pansexual, polyamorous woman who does enjoy respectful, kind, intelligent men.) But we don’t need them, any more than we need women. We are individuals who can take care of ourselves.

  2. have to re-invent feminism in order to rage all over the internet about it.

    It is almost like watching some sort of out of control impressionist cartoon character vomiting on itself and calling its sputum “critical analysis” and demanding the rest of us take it seriously. :/

    Speaking of Thought Catalog – How the everliving frack does though catalog get into my reader under the keyword ‘feminism’ in the firstplace? The twaddle they regularly publish is more annoying than toilet bowl build up – at least you can clean *that* shite away.

  3. Her assertion that “most” women want to “get married and have children” is amusing. If anything, as time goes on, less women want to be married, more women are living single, happy lives, and they do NOT want children at all.

    She can try to stem the tide of change, but it’s really not going to work. She sounds like every other conservative, family values, old school of thought hag that is just mad other women aren’t choosing to live their lives like she has.

    She says in her article: “Feminists are not honest with women about what having a baby will feel like or about what most women will want to do: stay home. This is principally because the only way to have that life is to have a relationship with a man who is willing to pay all the bills and few men are willing to do that without getting something in return: kindness, loyalty, domestic comforts, fidelity. Fidelity? ”

    What a bunch of bullcrap. “Most women want to stay home”. YEAH FUCKING RIGHT. Her statements go against everything MRA’s themselves seem to stand for.

    I’v seen MRA’s whining about “alimony” payments, or that women get the “luxury” of staying home with the kids. THEN they complain about child support payments. If women actually all wanted to “stay home” like Judgybitch is asserting, WTF is she going to say when some of these hypothetical women want a divorce? How are those women going to support themselves if they have relied on their husbands for income for X amount of years? Is Judgybitch then going to get in line with the other MRA’s and start complaining those women shouldn’t get alimony, even though the woman stayed home all that time and took care of the children/household?

    Women are moving away from ALLLLL that bullshit because they don’t want to re-live the crap their parents went through. Women want their own damn jobs and their own damn money. What is so great about staying at home all day taking care of a bunch of kids, and then having to go to your husband and ask for grocery money so she can go buy some fucking tampons at the store?

    Having men be the sole breadwinners in a home is just not feasible anymore. The cost of living is ridiculous, employment is shoddy right now, and kids cost a lot of damn money. Plus, the MRA’s are constantly lamenting about that crap.

    Her final statement in the article is also, bullshit:

    “Feminism, by definition, values the feminine over the masculine. I don’t. And I never will.”

    Uhhhhhhg, what? Feminism doesn’t value “the feminine”. If anything, the typical “feminine” stereotypes is something feminists try to fight against. Feminine means being soft spoken, girly, subservient, etc. Why the fuck would feminists value “feminine” at all? I constantly see feminists trying to fight gender expectations, like that girls can only like pink shit and makeup, and boys have to be emotionless, aggressive husks.

    As for her mentioning “the masculine”….of courses feminists don’t typically value it. What does masculinity really do for men? It tells them they need to be strong in all situations, unemotional, and equates their self worth with how successful they are at having sex with multiple women.

    “Don’t be a pussy”, “faggot”, “sissy”, “cunt”, “Nancy boy” = All phrases typically said by “masculine” presenting males, shaming other males for “acting like a woman”. Masculinity just seems to focus on making men hate anything and everything “feminine” about themselves.

    Anyways now I am rambling, hopefully some of this made sense lol.

  4. Her first couple of posts on TC weren’t that bad, and they were in actually objective and factual, unlike her blog, but then she posted this one where she starts to show her true colors, and I just had to laugh about the other anti-feminists also raising their brows to her sweeping generalizations and lack of any facts within this piece.

  5. FROM:

    A Voice for Men Forums
    Yesterday, 04:06 PM #1

    Bzron is offline Senior Member Bzron’s Avatar
    Join Date:Jun 2014Posts:140Rep Power:1

    I am dissapointed…

    …by this place. I don’t care, call me a troll. Call me swallowing the blue pill. Thing is, I’m not going to give up on what I might have learned by researching the subject and exposing myself to the ideas of the MHRM. I’ll still keep track of this stuff. But this place? You people disgust me, you really do. Not all of you but some certainly disgust me.

    I hope one day these people will be able to look into a mirror and realize they are not so different from the radical feminist they want to oppose so badly by being exactly the fucking same. Okay, maybe with a bit less censorship I will admit, but the same distrust and hatred is there. You guys, you really really hate women don’t you? Oh don’t get me wrong, I can’t stand most of them either. And ‘most’ here is frankly being quite generous! The thing is, there is a difference between distrust born of bad experiences and generalizing all of them as a walking pile of pire evil about to eat your intestines. Not to say those don’t exist, of course. However, what I’ve come to realize is that many people here are not anti-feminist, you just really hate women and it’s the very same special kind of hate found in those crazy women.

    You blame women as a whole. You hate women as a whole and your just sugarcoat it in…something. Yes, I will admit I too have ranted at feminism as if a monolithic block, so perhaps I too have fallen into the same mess I’m calling out people on. I’m not proud of that, actually. However, I’ve realized all this angry ranting and shouting at some mythical monolithic block of systemic hatred make me no different than those people who shout THE PATRIARCHY! I’m not going to fall into a spiral of NAMRAALT. I don’t want to.

    Then there’s the fact the MHRM, naturally, attract people who are conservative and traditionalists. I’m sorry but the more I spend time here the more I just see people shouting about liberals and some evil communist plot or whatever. I’m not going to associate with ring-wing lunatics. I worry those people are just using the MHRM as somekind of cover for their real idealogies, which I have a good guess what they would be. If this is what the MHRM is destined to turn into I will have none of that. Those people, by being traditionalist, will only further reinforce all the negative image men have had for a long time. Assuming those people in question aren’t even worse, that is.

    I’m not quitting yet, but damn right am I bummed about the crap I’ve read here. Some of you people sure as all are perpetrating the MRA stereotype.

    Last edited by Bzron; Yesterday at 04:14 PM.

    … The rebellion is in full swing… Proving some of them aren’t as dumb as they appear. They are (perhaps finally) seeing through the AVfM madness…

    • The response to this guys post was cult-like. They accused him of being a woman and quickly told him to get in line and follow orders or else! That’s what happens when you’re in a hate group. You can’t have any ideas that deviate away from the target of the hatred or the cult will force you to conform or leave.

  6. Janet Bloomfield is a conservative lady who represents one part of US society.

    Society is in transition and has been for 50 years. Ms. Bloomfield prefers the mores of the fifties, yes, almost 70 years ago.

    She does represent the mores of the uneducated rural US; Protestant, xenophobic, misogynistic and racist.

    I suppose one must point out sometimes that these mores are still, unfortunately, a force in this country.

    I will add: she has nothing whatsoever to add to any contemporary debate regarding feminism. She is an anachronism.

    • Please, don’t diss the rural U.S. like this. I live in one of those areas and overall people here are far more moral and decent than the likes of this sell out, JudgyBitch, even if they may be red state religious conservatives.

      If Bloomfield represents any part of society, it’s the pervert class and the criminal class – not the rural class. I live in the middle of nowhere to avoid people like her – and liberals, of course.

    • …At any rate, isn’t she Canadian?

      Whatever the case, her views hardly represent any from my neck of the woods here in the rural area where people, on average, probably have fewer advanced degrees than those on the northeastern sea board.

      I’m surrounded by Evangelicals – none of whom are advocating for FGM and who, at least, give lip service to not wanting girls and women to be treated like whores.

  7. I believe JB is originally from Manitoba; or at least she spent a significant portion of her childhood there. She speaks with a definite Canadian accent. Whether she resides in Canada now or in the U.S. I don’t know.
    What irks me about JB is that she’s completely oblivious to her own hypocrisy and double-standards. On one hand, she accuses feminists of trying to force women to engage in casual sex and work outside the home after they have children; but then she embraces a philosophy which says that women only have value as sexual outlets and servants for men and as stay-at-home mothers.

    • I just had a big LOL! I wanted to hear her accent, so I went to a random vid of hers on the subject of rape culture, “Judgy Bitch on Rape Culture,” in which she tries to explain …. HERE IT COMES! … Shundinger’s Rapist.

      She says it, at least, 8 times! Shundinger’s Rapist!

      I am ROTFLMAO! This is better than Seinfeld!

      Canadian or not, I couldn’t say for sure. But, I’m certain she isn’t German! LOL! There’s a graphic and his name is completely misspelled, too.

      And, Sugarpuss is right – she looks tanked in that vid!

    • @Leonarda, isn’t her point the usual male-supremacist line that it’s wrong for women to have the freedom to have casual sex, because sexual access to women must be controlled by men?

      As the MRAs complain, women then become “gatekeepers” restricting access to their own bodies, and this takes away a traditional male-supremacist privilege. Marital rape, prostitution, pornography, consumer images, pushing alcohol on young girls, the “roofie” culture, are just a few examples of this privilege in action, where society condones men forcing women into allowing sexual access without women having any say.

      The rest of her argument is again the hoary old saw about how a woman is better off secluded in a family home because in exchange for offering unlimited sexual access and subservience to a single man, other men will (theoretically, sometimes, maybe…) not force sex on her. It’s based on terror and the assumption that the society can’t be changed, so women must submit. The wedding ring says it all: it’s worn in public to say, “I have an owner – respect his privilege, and he’ll respect yours”.

      I don’t have the energy to go back in detail to Feminism 101 on this point. I’ll just say the whole violent mess has to come down.

  8. And can I ask some of you not to generalize against red state conservatives? I’m very politically conservative, but I DON’T subscribe to “right wing nut job” ideology. I in fact completely agree with the statement that “women want their own damn jobs and their own money”

    I recently left a marriage where I was completely dominated and controlled financially and every other way. And you can be DARN sure I want my own money and job. In fact, you will find that many conservative women are very feminist in their views…..as I am.

    I come to this blog because, frankly, I enjoy reading how insane the MRAs are (having had my own personal “experience” with the infamous Paul Elam…..I’m convinced the guy is a sociopath), so I love to see him taken apart. Call me sick. But, it’s a pleasure.

    The thing I’ve wondered about JudgyBitch, is if anyone else has come to the conclusion that her issues with her mother have turned her into the very thing she hates?

    She personifies all that she rails against. I have the clear perspective of objectivity as I watch her from afar. She is a walking contradiction. And she is everything that she hates.

    Anyway….this is a great blog.

  9. @ Tremblay

    Just wanted to compliment you for the fine article you linked to in an earlier post here, regarding MRA/white supremacist connections.

  10. ‘Feminism, by definition, values the feminine over the masculine. I don’t. And I never will.’
    This is a new one on me. You’ve got some femRAs that looove femininity and all the traditional roles, but you also have some that hate it. Except feminism is not about femininity, it’s about females. Men have been trying to tell women how to be ‘feminine,’ that is, ‘womanly,’ and whenever women acted like human beings they got accused of ‘acting like men.’ FemRAs can’t have it both ways, i.e. taking a feminist argument and turning it into an anti-feminist one.


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