Monday Update

Hey all. Just a quick update of the posts for the last week and a bit of a personal update as well.

If you didn’t check out the PUA reversal of male circumcision you’re in for some typical good ole fashioned hatred of women’s bodies., and they say MRA’s and PUA’s are totally different!

If you’re more of a video person then listen to the pathetic video by RazorBladeKandy where he goes out on a date.

AVFM is attacking the media for reporting honestly on the conference, specifically Bucky Turco of Animal NY, because he didn’t immediately recognize Dean Esmay’s two kids were autistic. While you’re checking out le stupid from Dean you should hear what Paul’s new rules are for media personnel that deign to come to his next con.

The personal update is: Boogie is not dead. I repeat. Boog the Boog Master Mouse of Mischief is NOT dead. I did tweet that I thought he was.  He was just on vacation for a couple weeks. My guess is it got too hot in the walls for the mischief and the mouselings moved house for a couple weeks til it cooled down. He came and stared at me last night from his favourite spot. So all that expressed condolences for Boog, thank you. He’s alive and up to no good once again.

Finally, I’m talking to David Futrelle over at We Hunted the Mammoth about starting a wiki for the St. Clair Shores conference as sort of a one stop shop for those interested in understanding the first intl men’s human rights conference and all the misogynist neckbeardy stuff that went with it.I don’t have the first clue in how to do this and that’s where you all come in.

David and I will still post what we like on our blogs but I think this is worth the effort for the public. I will obviously ask my commenters who are excellent with research to help out. It will be a great opportunity to expose the MRA’s. You’ll also all get credit too!



4 thoughts on “Monday Update

  1. The wiki sounds like a great idea.
    After getting into an argument with mras in the YouTube comments the other day, when I have time I’m gonna make a long list of the most misogynist shit top mras have said with links and all that to copy and paste every time they claim they’re not sexist. Especially gonna have some quotes from girlwriteswhat the one they always claim is the good one, I’m also sick of them using Erin pizzey as a trump card when she’s said hateful shit too

  2. I love my pet too, and I am glad your pet came back!

    The wiki idea sounds good. I see AVFM is posting transcripts of all the vids. I prefer reading to having to look at those faces, so you could start by reposting those. Then the question would be how to post responses. Moderated comments?

    • Well the wiki will be edited by everyone here and at WHTM so there won’t be comments or moderation needed. I’m really looking for someone who is computer technical to let us know how to do the wiki.


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