The #womenagainstfeminism Bullshit

This peculiar little cycle of anti-feminism rears its ugly head every once in a while and it makes me wonder why anyone’s getting upset about it. We all know there are some women out there who are always going to go for the ignorant attention grab and make some little group where they all hate on feminism. They’re doing it again, big deal.

These women who hold up selfie signs are just doing this for attention and they’re getting it. Let’s just understand that throughout the feminist movement there have always been some women who either don’t see the problem or see it and want to be part of it. This is no different than some FeMRA’s who babble on Youtube or blog about how horrible men have it and how we live in a gynocracy. Let them do it. It makes them look stupid, as if they’ve been living under a rock, and let’s face it, they have!

Any women who can’t see the problems within our culture with rape, reproductive rights and male battering of women is just an ignoramus. She isn’t going to listen to us. In her mind the world is a dandy spot where she’ll never face these problems, until she does. Then you can educate her but trying to do it now is hopeless.

Let the MRA’s think feminism is on death’s doorstop. It makes them look fucking hilarious too. So what? A few thousand women in the western world hold up stupid signs and that’s it? Feminism’s over? We know better than that.

This is not to say that I don’t understand how irritating it is to watch women make assholes out of themselves. It’s very irritating, sorta like that sensation there’s a pea under your mattress but let it be. Eventually these women will shut up.

Any radical feminist activist is not deterred by this bullshit. Truthfully, I can’t stand the liberal feminist response. Is it really that surprising that a woman covers for her husband’s sexual abuse of their own children? Happens ladies. Let’s stop acting so surprised and get back to shit that really matters.


15 thoughts on “The #womenagainstfeminism Bullshit

  1. The liberal feminist response is what these WAF creators wanted. They know goading works. Constantly putting feminists on the defensive, drawing feminists out, instigating debates…that seems to have escalated just this year. The AVFM conference was part of that.

  2. There is a ‘documentry’ by the CBC @ Doczone called “The F word”. ( ) It’s basically talking about current trends within feminism, young women rejecting being called a ‘feminist’ because they don’t want to be associated with the negative stereotypes (ex. loud, overbearing) etc. It talks about women like Christian Hoff Sommers (MRA). Also feminists like Naomi Wolf and Susan Faludi appear throughout the documentry.

    Feminism/feminists have been rejected since the 1920s, but saw a big increase in ‘backlash’ against it starting in the 70s-80s. That hashtag isn’t really saying anything new.

    Scrolling through the hashtage and seeing theamazingatheist/paul elam so…..typical day for them I guess. It’s amusing how the MRA’s from AVFM are trying to stoke the fires of the hashtag a little bit by tweeting in the tag & promoting their hatesites haha.

    Mostly white teenage girls tweeting about how they’re not “feminists”, along with some angry 20-50 year old white men tweeting about how they’re not “feminists”. Oooooo boy, i’m sure that’ll stop the feminist movement.

  3. wouldn’t you agree that men taking charge of themselves is a darned good idea ?
    Well then, we figured out that MANY of you hate us, but many do not. We’re working toward taking charge of a fair, and well -respected, albeit nearly DEAD form of Masculinity.

    Feminist should be THANKING us.

    We’ve had quite enough of the way the world looks according to feminists. It’s sickening how many men are being waylaid by hyper-feminism, and leave society altogether, whether it be addiction, or gang affiliation, or never growing-up when the very role models for men are summarily and continuously disgraced by feminism’s march to end men’s progress, and turn us all into obedient newts.

    We’re looking at a segment that has had QUITE ENOUGH of your put-downs towards men, and really don’t need your fabled “bicycle” or “fish”.

    THAT feminist stuff was true B.S.

    No swear words were vitriolically implanted into this comment. You should note this, as it has become indicative of a raging feminist society.

    • If men think feminists should want to thank them for resurrecting or maintaining masculinity, then you do not understand the first thing about feminism and the problem of gender.

      Also, none of the problems you mentioned have anything whatsoever to do with feminism – they have everything to do with men and their weaknesses and failures.

      My suggestion to dudebros everywhere: Educate yourself about feminism.

      Otherwise, you just look really stupid making comments like this.

    • I’m so sorry your petty annoyances are not the center of everyone’s world anymore ..the times are changing and you cant stop it. You can however attempt to maintain a bit of human decency in yourself during societies ever evolving nature. I sincerely hope you choose to do this.

  4. God this is so typical of you feminists. If your views are correct then they should withstand a little bit of argument. But instead, you go do Daddy government and attempt to shut down speech. I HAVE NO RESPECT FOR ANYTHING (MALE OR FEMALE) THAT SHUTS DOWN FREE SPEECH. Free speech is paramount above all other rights. My rights do not end where your butthurt feelings begin. GROW UP.

    The men’s rights movement has a large portion of men that are focused on child custody rights. I have never seen feminism EVER advocate for shared custody rights, or ever heard it speak out about the innequality of custody battles in which over 90% of the time the children end up with the mother. NEVER!

    • hahahaha! I am a feminist and have advocated for equal share custody for years. Have seen and assisted it to get to that stage, only to have men decide they didn’t want the child(ren) for 50% of the time. They want the benefit (no child support), not the responsibility (sound familiar? It is a major whine of MRAs about feminism). Luckily, I do know several real men who meant it…

      The only place I have seen a true issue against men was in states where the court would not allow because of the possibility that the child could end up on welfare. Which has nothing to do with custody, but state law. If you want to change the law, THEN DO IT. but quit looking to blame the child’s mothers for your incompetence to do so.


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