LOL MRA’s Think Feminism is Over Plus Their Graphic Violence

I’m listening (SEE VID BELOW) to a bunch of dumbass MRA’s while they splooge and splurge all over their webcams thinking feminism is over because a few thousand women made a Facebook page saying they don’t need it.

Jack Barnes,Dan Perrins and Al something-or-other from AVFM got together and started masturbating over their wish that feminism is now over. The title of the dudebro bawl session is ‘Feminists shoot themselves in the twat over (hashtag that will not be named). The title took me in because of its blatant hatred of women’s bodies. Who talks this way? Men do. They speak their violence. We radical feminists know how to hear it.

Shooting women in the vagina is graphically violent and this kind of imagery is acted out on women’s bodies daily. Just the other day I was reading about a woman in India that had various items put inside her vagina while men raped her. This is why the definition of rape is penetration. This is the male fantasy of penetrating with a weapon dick in order to harm a woman. There is no other interpretation. This happens in real life. It’s not fantasy and it’s not a twitter hashtag Libfems can start a twitter war over. Let’s spend time naming male violence and exposing it because who has the power in our society? Hint: it’s not a few thousand women on Facebook.

One more thing. I’m not even sure a woman started that ridiculous hashtag that shall not be named either. I do know that MRA’s are egging it on with sock accounts.

‘She had to be sucking someone’s dick to get that.’

An MRA said that in response to a story about a mother/daughter owning a business in the 18th century right here in this hangout. The context that MRA’s don’t want to admit is that feminism was needed in the 18th century when women were considered property. It turns out the husband that owned the business, and his wife and daughter, died, and they took it over. That’s the only way this woman was able to have a business.


11 thoughts on “LOL MRA’s Think Feminism is Over Plus Their Graphic Violence

  1. At 21:40 into the YT vid: Dudebros totally misunderstand what feminists mean when they say gender is a social construct. The got it all backwards… what a massive LOL!

    As long as I don’t have to be anywhere near these dudes, this is pretty funny stuff. They are remarkably crass, though.

    And, like some of their fellow-MRMers we’ve heard elsewhere on YT, they use malapropisms, for instance, “prescribe” instead of “subscribe.” I know it’s not nice to make fun of the stupid, but I can’t help it… I think it’s hilarious. I think if these dudes would apply themselves they really could understand what they read and use the right English words as native speakers. I think this is a choice. So, it’s kind of funny.

  2. Also, before the 20 minute mark somewhere one of these dudebros says that the incidents of rape are down. He gives not reference for this, of course, because there isn’t one.

    Reports are going up. Also, my own experience and those of women I know seems to indicate that rape is on the rise. If you include men penetrating women with their fingers – a reason to wear work-out tights under your dress if you go out in public in some places – in women’s vaginas, then it’s gotta be on the rise because this is really common. I’ve been present when a man came up behind a woman who was standing somewhere minding her own business and he came up behind her and stuck his hand under his clothes and forced his finger into her rectum. There are numerous incidents all over the YT (or were) talking about this new phenomenon. And, I’ve also had men try to do this to me – but only in recent years. I can only guess this has something to do with porn – because they all seem to have the idea at about the same time, it seems.

    Also, just today the news is full of men shooting young girls on their front porches, shooting a pregnant woman in the back and the men doing this seem to be enjoying their violence – they love hurting women, killing their babies and taking women’s lives. It’s pleasure of a sexual nature, at least, as much as their penetration of women’s bodies with their dicks and other objects.

    The overall aggression against me, as a woman – a reference these dudebros don’t have – is that it has increased greatly. Men feel more than ever that they have a right to women’s bodies and to hurt or kill us.

  3. I’m at about 33+ minutes into the weird dudebro discussion and I heard the context for this:

    “‘She had to be sucking someone’s dick to get that.’”

    I am so confused! Whose side are they on – ours? Why are they making our argument, then arguing against it and against themselves?

    Before the Am. Rev. women probably had more rights.

    And, I don’t know where only wealthy landowners could vote, but I don’t think it was in the U.S. Again, I don’t understand their point – do they think this is how it should be? Do they not realize that women could not own businesses or property very easily without inheriting it. We could even get a loan from a bank, as far as I know, up until some time in the 1960s or 1970s.

    Also, women’s education was disregarded. (I used to volunteer helping women complete the education that had been denied to so many because of cultural norms before the 1960s. There are lots of women whose father’s didn’t think girls needed an education. My grandfather was one of them!) That was the whole point of Wollstonecraft’s book! It is very true that without feminism, we would not have the legal right to learn to read or learn to do anything except draw, knit and play the piano at family gatherings.

    Dudebros are dudebros. They have no ability to see beyond the end of their flaccid winky-dinks.

  4. Here’s some hypocrisy:

    MRAs harass and threaten women even suspected of being feminists. They dox such women. They come right out and tell us “radical feminists” that we should be afraid because they’re coming after us. (Reference: the 2nd day of the AVfM Detroit conference.)

    Then, they pretend not to get it when a whole lot of women won’t call themselves feminists.

  5. At 50 minutes in they say they’re actually from AVfM – sorry, I didn’t catch that before, even though this is posted on Elam’s channel. So, these aren’t just random dudes or random MRAs pretending they don’t get why women don’t want to call themselves feminists, these are the very men who are responsible for so much of the harassment and online aggression toward feminists. They’re members of the group that’s going around making all the threats…

    …then they have the audacity to pretend that they don’t know why women don’t want to be targets for men’s violence by admitting that they believe they are entitled to their human rights and full citizenship.

    This sounds like an episode of Hee-haw! I didn’t look to see who is talking. But, I doubt if anyone among them has a doctorate! One of them sounds like a Canadian… Did you know Hee-haw was mostly a Canadian show?… just a little trivia.

  6. Okay, it’s hours later… and I’m just getting around to listening to the second vid in which the menz admit that they are desperate for women to consume.

    Dear menz,

    Women don’t want you. Deal with it.

    I just read an article about using a human ova to fertilize another human ova to create offspring that are always girls. So, keep it up fellas… maybe we’ll just winnow you and all your violence, perversion, rape, war and every other aspect of your rotten establishment out, after all!

    However much men need women as food, all we need is to get as far away from you as possible so we can continue to survive.

  7. At 11:31 of the embedded video:

    “Why are men so defenseless against women?”

    They just take everything in the real world and turn it upside down. For a surreal split second, I was hoping he was going to ask, “Why are men so violent?” But, no. Of course, not.

    I’ve got some alarms and expensive security doors here and it’s not because “men are so defenseless against women,” I can tell you that.

  8. Cool. Then when the “rad fems” get rid of all the men, they can implement the gender studies professors theoretical “complete automation” (world that will run on solar powered gadgets made from wicker and paper mache) then all women can be feminist bloggers and hate on… hate on… well, eachother probably. (Yeah, last time I checked there was no signal out in the woods… but hey.. if a woman blogs in the forest, does she make a sound? Don’t care. She’s out in the forest. Bears will probably get her. She maybe should have stayed in her apartment. With her kitty cats…)

    • I don’t know exactly what you’re going on about here, but don’t worry about it, you puny little worm. We’ll keep some dumb-as-a-goddamn-rock men like yourself around in little cages in our museum, so we never forget how hideous, hairy, smelly and nasty you were. We’ll assign someone to come in and thrust a red-hot poker into these specimens’ groins every day in commemoration of the rapes committed by their knuckle-dragging ancestors – a crime which will, by that time, be virtually eliminated along with the other 90 to 98% of violent crimes committed by men against women and children (and other men).


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