Profile of a Misogynist: Dr. Greg Canning

greg canning

Greg Canning and his mug ‘Fuck their Shit Up’ which incidentally, he can’t seem to do

Dr. Greg Canning is a skin cancer specialist and GP at the Hermit Park Clinic in Queensland, Australia. He’s also the Australian News Director for AVFM and an MRA who likes to start problems with women whom he can’t control. He’s featured on the nametheproblem website as a misogynist who harasses women.

He used to teach at James Cook University. That was before he met a feminist who he couldn’t silence. Betty McLelland, a prof at the Uni said something Greg threw a conniption over and he got so flustered he quit his teaching post. The reasons? She wasn’t punished or ‘talked to’ by any of her superiors because guess what? Women are allowed to speak about rape because it happens to us a lot and we’re also allowed to name the problem: men who rape and/or perpetuate rape culture.

Betty is also part of the local Women’s Centre and probably part of Take Back the Night, which Greg wrote about in 2013 on AVFM. What struck me about that story is the AVFM sticker that was found on the door to Spinifex Press, where many JCU women’s studies books are published. I’m sure Greg had nothing to do with that right?

Let’s just say the locals know who this creepy dude is. I found him mansplaining on a research site and here he is featured in his local paper writing about men’s rights.

Greg’s found a new feminist enemy who has gone to TBNT in his town, Cassie Watter, a social worker tied in with the feminist community at JCU and works at Child Health and Development Centre in Queensland. Cassie violated a custody order a few weeks ago and took off with her two daughters Bronte and Isabella. The interesting part is that people are aiding her in doing this. Greg thinks it’s a massive feminist conspiracy and wrote about it.

He called Cassie a ‘man-hater’ and described her as ‘in association with the violence-promoting ideologues at the James Cook University School of Social Work.’ He also has a picture of her at a TBTN rally that he got off the event’s FB page. He loves to stalk women in his community and online.

The feminist community in Queensland knows who Greg Canning is too because he targeted JCU prof Betty McLelland and hung around on the TBNT Facebook page last year. He took issue with just about everything that was posted there including this awesome poster CLICK TO ENLARGE

01_Stop-rape-posterNow that Cassie is on the run with her two daughters for the last 4 months, Greg Canning has something to do besides put AVFM stickers on feminist publishing houses of doom. The dudebros over at AVFM are convinced that Cassie is a child abuser, which there’s ZERO evidence for, but she is a feminist and she’s open about it and the MRA’s are having a mental breakdown because of  it.

I don’t put anything past MRA’s. If they can harm a woman they will. I just hope that Cassie and her daughters are safe. I don’t know the particulars since there is no court record to show why she doesn’t have legal custody. I’m sure we’ll find out at some point.

In closing I want to leave you with a little poster that Greg Canning thinks was inspired by him. After monitoring the TBTN FB page, Greg wrote a letter to his local paper about how men are so abused and raped just like women because we can’t have one day in the year where women protest male violence. I’m guessing, but after getting his letter published in the local paper he posted it on the TBNT FB page in a taunt. This graphic was the response: CLICK TO ENLARGE


If you search his name on Google you’ll find him seeking out domestic violence research and other pages where he can spew his bullshit about DV. Here’s a video interview he did regarding the topic and it comes out Dr. Greg Canning was accused of  battering his wife and they are divorced. She took out a restraining order against him. Now we come to the reality. He’s a batterer.

Canning postered a Melbourne Uni with posters that said women were ‘half the problem’ in domestic violence. The response by the Uni is here. The posters weren’t welcomed is the short version and men on campus got together and put this poster up CLICK TO ENLARGE


Greg Canning is a busy little beaver. Be on the lookout for him, especially if you live in Townsville, Queensland, Aus.


16 thoughts on “Profile of a Misogynist: Dr. Greg Canning

  1. Wow!

    I couldn’t listen to much of that vid, I quite where the dudebro says that domestic violence is a “relationship problem.” He frames it as two people having a dispute or argument.

    As a domestic violence survivor, I can tell you there is no argument when a huge, 6′ tall, muscle-bound man comes into your bedroom while you’re sleeping and puts a gun in your face. This is not an argument. It’s not a “relationship problem,” either. It’s just like street violence only it’s in your home and you cannot get away.

    My previous rapist ex (a different guy than the above-mentioned) and I never argued about anything – ever- in seven years. There is no argument or dispute or “relationship problem,” when another huge 6′-tall, 230 Lb. man, waits until you turn your back, sneaks up on you from behind and begins brutally raping you. This is not an argument. It’s very similar to street violence.

    Being dragged down the hallway by your feet is not an “argument.” Being raped, beaten and threatened is not an argument.

    And, this is not unusual.

    It’s time to face the facts: This is what men do to women. If a man you know, who you think is your friend, hasn’t done this to you yet, just wait a little while – it might take years, but eventually he’ll get around to it. And, it won’t be because of an argument or a dispute, it’ll be because he wants to do this to you and he’s been planning it for a long time.

    • My old girlfriend was a dv first responder. The shit she’d see in a night would just give you nightmares. I constantly worried about her mental health from the shit she had to witness. She took a baseball bat for a woman one time.

      Then another time she witnessed a standoff with the father holding the wife and kids at gunpoint on the lawn with a bijillion cops with weapons out.

      That’s just TWO out of hundreds of calls she went on. I don’t know if she still does that work. She was fucking brave to do it. I remember worrying sick she would wind up dead just from trying to help.

      And guess what? Every call it was a man beating a woman. It wasn’t a ‘dispute’. It was battering and murder of women and children by men.

      I went to a site today that discusses ’emotional abuse’ of men, and while I certainly do admit it happens, these fucking entitled guys consider a wife having to remind him 30 million times to take out the garbage as ABUSE! He won’t get off his ass and help with the home so she reminds him and then he goes ‘Whaaaa! She’s ABUUuuuuuSing me! Whaaaa! She told me to take out the garbage 7 times b/c I’m such a lazy bastard and don’t think I should have to help out around the house!

      That’s what they think is abuse. I couldn’t believe what I was reading. If your wife doesn’t agree with every decision and caters to your fragile male ego she’s somehow abusive. LOL

      Fucking dumbass men. I just can’t believe what I was reading.

  2. I came back and listened to a few more minutes just now… I can’t listen to that guy for too long because it’s far too upsetting. He actually used the word “colonizing” to describe the attempt to free women world-wide from human slavery.

    Did you happen to see why the first interviewer in the video was sacked? He violated “suppression orders” (I read that as a gag order) and outed a serial rapist and a killer, which paved the way for their deportation. For that he was apparently jailed for 5 months, as well. He describes it in this article:

    That last bit about lesbians couples and aggression in relationships, I don’t doubt it occurs. But, I’ve known plenty of lesbian couples and I’ve never heard of one of them taking out a restraining order against the other or having to flee in the night to escape the other one’s potentially deadly violence.

  3. Having grown up in a house where I witnessed and was subjected to brutality and domestic violence by a drunk, raging father……and having repeated the pattern by marrying a drunk, raging, violent man who beat me and our children………and having married and divorced yet ANOTHER abuser……….it’s safe to say that I’ve seen more than my fair share of men abusing women and children.

    You have to be on the inside looking out to understand the dynamics. Which is why I’m convinced that Paul Elam and his ilk are nothing more than abusive men who are enraged that they can’t maraud their way through the lives of women in this country without real consequences.

    What I wouldn’t give to find the women who divorced Paul Elam and have a drink with them.

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  5. Canning hates his wife. He’s one of the more “active” MRAs in the sense that he compulsively writes destructive letters and harasses women. He has cyberstalked Betty McClellan, a professor he hates, for years. Heaven knows what his wife has suffered.. He also eagerly participated in the cyberstalking of Vliet Tiptree, contributing money for the bounty on her. He’s one of those complete losers who finds some purpose for their lives by becoming obsessed with hating women.

    He boasts about it not being a problem that he resigned as an adjunct prof at the same Australian uni McClellan works at, because he’s a medical doctor – he doesn’t seem to get that if he was reported as a cyberstalker to the Queensland medical board, he’d lose his license – who could trust him with women? The evidence is all over the net. He relies on radfems not to report him, not to harass him. And he is right – we don’t do that, though he is in fact a menace, because we have another focus, the liberation of women, and we leave him to the void of hate he lives in.

  6. Regarding Canning and a complaint to the Queensland medical boars, I would like to explain further why Canning ought to have his license to practice medicine revoked.

    There is no higher ethical command for a physician than to guard the privacy of his patients. But this doctor couldn’t care less about privacy. It is nothing to him to invade the privacy of women so that he can attempt to destroy their livelihoods. His ethics are out the window when it comes to women whose politics he doesn’t like. Therefore no woman can rely on him to keep her medical information safe.

    Even so, as I said before, it is not radfem practice to cyberstalk or harass even people like this. When he attacks feminists, they ignore him. That’s it, and someday he’ll slink away.

    • My first thought upon reading this article was that his women patients would not be physically safe from him. I didn’t consider the fact that he has no regard for women’s privacy. I’m sure you’re right.

      I think the reason no woman would report this guy is that it usually doesn’t turn out well for us. Unless you’ve got multiple, preferably hundred of victims, it’s not possible – at least, here in the U.S. – to successfully bring a complaint. As a for instance, there was recently a case of a doctor with Johns Hopkins and the number of complainants was very, very high: The violation of one or even two women is not enough.

      Also, outing evil-doers can be personally dangerous. That first talk show host who interviewed this degenerate in a white coat went to jail for 5 months for the purpose of getting a serial rapist and a killer out of the country. No good deed goes unpunished.

      Also, there’s a similar kind of drama going on right now involving SworebythePrecious who has now been banned by Reddit AgainstMensRights (just like they did the HMQ) because she’s being accused of doxxing an admitted rapist in the Reddit community. Apparently, she saw him bragging about rape – like these men regularly do, especially at some subreddits – and turned him into the cops. And, what do they think she should do? Write an article about how we should listen to rapists when they talk about raping us like the alleged feminists at Jezebel did? (See this old article if you haven’t already seen it:

      So, public opinion and sometimes the law is not on our side. I know I’m preaching to the choir. I’m just pointing it out with references.

    • It’s def not radfem practice but it IS our practice to protect ourselves and women as a collective. That’s one of the main pillars of my site. To educate people about the MRM hate group, to inform and protect women from the hate group.

    • I listened to it this morning while waking up. Elam and Palmatier said women who are against the current female backlash, paid for by MRA’s, are personality disordered. I’m going to harvest that clip. To claim that any woman who disagrees with the backlash is BPD is pure and total misogyny. How many times do women get told by men they’re ‘crazy’ because they have a diff. opinion? That’s the male/patriarchal go-to. They just call women crazy or mentally disordered.

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