I’m Sorry, But LOL

I didn’t laugh louder than at this. This woman is hilarious!

CLICK TO ENLARGE and check out David’s Confused Cats Against Feminism for more LULZ.

Mice Against Feminism!

Mice Against Feminism!


8 thoughts on “I’m Sorry, But LOL

  1. She says both parties play a role in rape…

    Yes, men rape and women are raped. Therefore, women’s role is to be raped by men, apparently.

    How exactly am I a more likely target for rape while I am asleep in my own damned bed and a man sneaks in and begins raping??? I’d really love to hear the explanation for that. How are children in their own homes making themselves targets? How are old ladies in nursing homes…? Infants…? Etc. There is no explanation for these things – not even their biological explanations for men raping explain why they attack little tiny baby girls and elderly women!

    Rape (survival) for personal gain?

    Feminism isn’t what is hurting relations with men! Rapists and abusers are – and men, in general, because you never know when they’re going to vamp out and try to kill ya!

    I hope for her sake she’s at least getting paid well for this.

    • I sure as hell think she might want a piece of that glorious pie that is usually served to Elam. AVFM promoted her video and Elam told his minions to sub to her channel.

      I don’t know how she talks with all that straw coming out of her mouth!

      I was aghast when she talked about both parties being responsible for a rape. I felt my brain just crack. Oh no she didn’t!

      Yeah, lets have her explain every rape to us to tell us women what we’re doing wrong. Ugh, she’s horrid.

      • Yeah, I think you’re right about the pie. I’m as skeptical when a woman says she used to be a feminist, but now she’s anti-feminist as I am when people say they used to be atheists, but now they’re Born Again Christians.

        But, then at about 3:40 in the video she says she has never researched feminism (it’s a total non-sequitur, too, she says, ” …so, I don’t need to research feminism.” Yet the “so” is based on her belief that women receive more sympathy than men. This has no foundation in fact, for instance, there’s yet another big story about a girl being raped in a crowd while amateur pornographers filmed the violence. That’s not what I call sympathy for women.) – yet somehow thinks she’s “lived it” (I don’t know what this means, like I’m thinking lived in a separatist colony in the desert with Sonia Johnson, but I don’t think that’s what she means, at all).

        It is not possible to really know feminism without researching it. I think that’s why these MRAs of all stripes are so against education, especially for girls and women. (This is one of their biggest insults to women: You must have gone to college. And, of course, there is their support of campus rape that includes a variety of efforts besides just spamming Occidental.) Until you see the untold history of women, you can’t even begin to understand the need for feminism and the continued effort for women’s liberation here and around the world – and that’s just the foundation, it’s an ongoing state of research and discovery. It’s not for people who are afraid to crack a book or learn about new ideas and concepts.

  2. Don’t be sorry, this stupid bitch doesn’t know what she is talking about. It’s better to look at cat pictures than depress yourself with their utterly empty points.

    Any person that disagrees with Feminism is simply a misogynist brainwashed by our oppressive patriarchal culture that actively encourages violence against women. It’s that simple and it’s sad that the lies are blinding these poor women.

  3. This is indeed hilarious!

    I liked the ‘cryyy!’ at 4:58. So poignant!

    Mothers are constantly glorified? Didn’t you mean blamed?

    Tired of seeing all these mothers killing and beating their babies? I don’t remember the last time I saw that, but there is not a day that passes when I do not hear about a man killing a woman somewhere. Men kill women regularly, not the other way around! And I am tired of that.

    Also tired of the always thrown out laments of fathers who are prevented to see their children, as if it was always unjustified, as if that was frequent. Most divorced fathers don’t even want the responsabilities that go with the daily care of children. The majority of those who complain do so to get back at their ex, because they feel she wronged them by deciding she has had enough of wiping their ass. They wanted her to continue taking care of them and the house and enjoying seeing their children while not having to do the work that comes with rearing them. But as usual, MRAs will take the rarest case and generalize from it in order to portray men as the most oppressed group ever.

    This woman has drink a heavy load of MRA kool aid.

    p.s. both party involved in a false rape accusation played a role and a man should avoid putting himself in such a situation.

    • You’re right. It’s usually men, particularly step fathers who inflict the most damage on kids, and they are most likely to murder young kids. NOT mothers.

      I don’t think I heard any feminist say women can’t abuse children but she makes it sound like we have the scoop on that, which we don’t.

      Also, everyone knows false accusations exist. They’re just incredibly rare and usually just a case of mistaken identity.

  4. I read that they have now moved into Farsi speaking countries to establish a chapter of their organization. You know, in those countries that speak Farsi like Iran, Iraq, and Afghanistan where misandry runs rampant?

  5. I love it how feminism is now turning on women who say they are against feminism. Rather than pause for a moment and ask yourself why, you simply take up the gang/cult mentality of “Either you are with us or against us”

    You should be careful not to be blinkered in life. If your views are correct then they should withstand a little bit of argument.

    The “Anti-feminist = misogynist” mindset is one of the reasons why I believe Feminism has morphed into a religion. Any group that basically says, “Thou shall not criticize,” should not be the ones forming social policy where equality is concerned

    Jessica Valenti : Femifascist of the Week http://mgtow1.blogspot.ca/2014/08/jessica-valenti-femifascist-of-week.html


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