I Get a Youtube Comment Wall O’Text From an MRA

This dude broke a gasket. He also isn’t a strong believer in paragraph breaks.

In case you hadn’t realized, that conference was for MENS issues, not women.  Say, whose that getting ‘all pissed like we’re not supposed to say anything’?  This is what happens when you give women the right to speak and leave the house; you get a bunch of knee-jerking naggery who calls others ‘entitled’ while refusing people the right to speak their mind in the venues which they have been given (don’t like the protest?  Don’t go to it, you musophilic mental-midget).  I think you’re a little entitled, telling others when and for what reason they can be pissed off.  At least white men have the decency to keep their venues civil; or, so it might have been the case had your lot not shown up, entitled as you are, and screamed like retards into megaphones, thus necessitating the use of future security funds in order to keep creeps and fascists like yourselves from silencing the voice of those who would otherwise speak about their own oppression in this ‘patriarchal’ society.  You blame ‘patriarchy’ for all of this, shitting out this ‘well the patriarchy hurts men too so it’s your fault anyway wah wah wah’ horseshit, all the while you go around doing your damnedest to silence men yourselves from talking about the ways in which society’s sexism affects them (hello pot, meet kettle).  If you wanted people to think you weren’t all a bunch of whining, angry, nosy fascists who seek to stifle alternative views and then throw your arms up like complete solipsistic fucktards and whine ‘WHY DONT TEH MENZ LUV TAH FEMINISM NO ALL FEMS R LIKE TAHT WA WHA WHA!!!!!!!’ then you sure as HELL aren’t doing it right.  You give alternative viewpoints all the ammo they need to establish that you people have had your way for long enough.  Fuck you, you fucking suck.  You fucking really does. You can all line up and fuck each other for all i care.  You are mentally lazy, narcissistic, entitled, spoiled, retarded, inferior, genetic short straws and the more I see of you, the more I think that Hitler had the right idea.  Fucking dumb cunt, if I heard that you were raped, murdered, and that your dumb rat ate your rank pussy’s remains afterwards, I would laugh my ass off so hard I could go bowling with it.

That folks, is good ole backlash woman hatred. The dude knows nothing about protesting and thinks because his lily white ass has a cock that women should just shut up and not say a word while the menz are speaking. He speaks about genocide of women, just like Elliot Rodger. MRA’s are violent.


14 thoughts on “I Get a Youtube Comment Wall O’Text From an MRA

  1. But MRAs aren’t misogynistic, no, they just have legitimate political issues.

    Watching that comment devolve into sadism and sexual hatred, I was reminded that our struggle really is different from other civil rights struggles in that men eroticize domination of women. Sexual psychopathology is a major part of it, not just exploitation of our labor and reproductive value. This is not discussed enough. But it is one of the roots of male supremacism that radical feminists are well aware of. When a male supremacist gets angry enough, the truth comes out. There’s a deep pathology behind a lot of this, and it explains the peculiar “flavor” of the hatred expressed here.

  2. Also,from the literary style, I think the commenter was drunk. Not that drunkenness is an excuse – it just gives a coward courage to say the truth he feels as a man. In Guinness veritas (not that he could afford Guinness).

  3. “This is what happens when you give women the right to speak and leave the house;…”

    When misogynists speak, so many things about the horrors of my life begin to make sense.

    Sadly, this dude isn’t just speaking for MRAs, but for men, in general. The concept embodied in that short phrase above is why you can’t walk down a street in peace, without threats or fear of violence from men. This is what they’re thinking while they’re screaming at you.

      • Bah-ha-ha! I just clicked that link… OMG That guy is so funny! Are you sure this isn’t a joke?! Nobody is this stupid!

        I glanced down the comments as the video started and I saw a comment by Thismachinekillsfeminists, which says – and I quote:

        “I fail to understand how any of this undermines the prepositions put forth by anti-feminists regarding the construct of the gynocracy and the propagation of women’s place in society, above that of a man in the dregs.”

        What’s with MRAs and malapropisms?

        Oh, yeah. It’s those pesky things like reading and learning and bothering to pursue anything beyond a mandatory education. And not for lack of opportunity – these dudes were never prevented from getting an education, beaten by their fathers and told that boys don’t need an education because they’re just going to get married and breed, anyway – no! This is a willful choice.

        These anti-feminists just keep putting forth prepositions… and more prepositions! ROTFLMAO

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