MRA Finds Out I Published His Comment, Leaves Me Another

No.  Take it down, the wholf fucking thing down, you don’t have the right or the authority to use my work like that.  You stand in flagrant violation of the copy right laws in my country, and I won’t have some stupid bitch telling me what to say and when lest she take my materials and present them way out of their original context.  Next time you want to produce my work for your bunch of brain-dead, man-hating, intellectually-slothful sycophantic worshipers clinging around your vag and spewing venomous calumny forth like a cunt-coven or some shit, you had better fucking well produce YOUR bullshit statements in conjunction with my message, so as not to give my message the illusion that it was something I just jumped out and said without andy sort of appropriate context that might have conceived of it.  Nice display of dishonesty, you fucking rat.  One day you gonna piss off the wrong person and s/he is gonna show your fucking ass what the right way to behave is.  Your parents must be so proud…~ Thismachinekillsfeminists

Copyright law in his country says I can’t post his comment. LOL Again, notice the sexualized violence. I think he watches a lot of porn or it’s just part of being him. As James Cagney says ‘You dirty raaat!’

70 thoughts on “MRA Finds Out I Published His Comment, Leaves Me Another

  1. “…lest she take my materials…”

    Yarr, let’s take ‘is materials, my coven sistersss…”

    I heard them described as dual and roundish and atrophied…

  2. Oi, ‘e thinks ‘e’s Dylan Thomas no doubt. DT with nothing to say.

    But I confess it is delightful to read his shit and respond honestly to it. He’s the microcosm of the manosphere.

  3. Yes, his work!? LOL!

    What strikes me along with the sexualized violence from MRAs is their frequent references to witchcraft, in this instance, “cunt coven.” But, it’s interesting how they like to bring this up since it calls to mind so many horrific cell memories for women – all of us descendants of the survivors of those centuries of mass murders committed by men. And, men are still murdering women and children as witches in Brazil and Africa. So, there is never any doubt what they’re thinking when they use such references against us.

    Is anyone else reminded of The Exorcist movie? Both of these posts are like demonic pea soup spew.

    • The Exorcist as just brought up related to Reagan on Sam Seder’s show… @majorityfm

      MRAs do indeed use ‘witchcraft’ to justify HR abuses. (I have recently even heard vocal use of it by one I never expected to… )

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  5. “…so as not to give my message the illusion that it was something I just jumped out and said without andy sort of appropriate context that might have conceived of it.”

  6. I am rather surprised to learn that apparently I hate myself (??) and that I am hanging around the host’s vagina (???). Dang. That’s the kind of wisdom I expect from someone who calls themselves “Thismachinekillsfeminists”

  7. Like I would ever let any of you ball-busting harpies anywhere near my ‘materials’. Lol, how childish of you all, to spend your time insulting my genitals, when you claim that there are so many other things about me that are worth criticizing. Am I ‘less of a man” because of my supposedly small testicles? Such a thing for a bunch of self-professed ‘egalitarians’ to say, I’ll bet that the majority of you are all fat, overweight, pressing 40 (or giving the appearance thereof), can’t get any dick, or probably think it somehow ‘oppresses’ women for them to be engorged by like appendages (but only if possessed by a straight, white MALE OMG). So I made a spelling mistake; so fucking what? I didn’t catch that I wrote ‘preposition’ instead of ‘proposition’, and it’s not like the spellcheck caught it anyway. You’re all focusing on the wrong things, not defeating my arguments or even let alone paying attention to anything I say, you just seize upon insignificant spelling errors and call it a day. Well, it doesn’t fucking matter; you’re not even paying cognizant of my massage, it seems, becaue instead of explaining what I’m doing wrong or what the actual errors in content are, you’re all just pissing and moaning over what it looks like. You’re like a classroom full of laughing, snot-nosed children, who just criticize your teacher and dismiss his abilities based on the fact that ‘Ohh he wore a clip-on tie to class how can someone who doesn’t know how to tie a tie teach arithmetic?’ instead of actually looking at his ability as a teacher, you just blather about his fashion and giggle, snort, and chortle like a pack of hyenas. This is feminism in a nutshell; seize upon the smallest of headlines, and go ballistic, not even thinking to deeply into the subject matter, but instead thinking about things that don’t even need to be thought to deeply about. Idiots…

    • What the fuck are you going on about, you hysterical virgin? Your nickname is “Thismachinekillsfeminists.” Why do you think anyone’s gonna listen to anything you have to say, especially when your “content” is “calling people you don’t know whores and cunts”? Is that what “teachers” do at your school? (based on your writing, I assume you are in primary school, no apologies if I’m wrong because you are a terrible person either way)

      Also you don’t seem to know that harpies are female. Or did you assume everyone here is a woman? Yes, even though men are stupider than women, there are some men who are smart enough to realize how full of shit MRAs are.

      • My wife got her mom a mug labeled “MAN TEARS” for her birthday. Her husband didn’t like it… lol

        BTW, I just noticed you’ve got radfem resources linked down there. I didn’t know you were a radfem. I assumed you were a libfem because you’re a fan of Futrelle. I’m really glad this is not the case!

        • I’m a radfem and a fan of Futrelle. He’s no radical but I applaud him for his work keeping track of the MRAs and helping people see what they’re really like. TMKF, you keep saying we’re “dickless” and “can’t get dick” as if it’s something that we want. I don’t want any dicks, bro. It’s my girlfriend’s fingers that I want. You’re the dick lover in this crowd.

          • Re: “can’t get dick”

            This has got to be another wacky male reversal or it’s just a projection of his own personal problems because I’ve never in my life seen a woman whether old, ill or in any other way non-conforming to standards of Western desirability placed on women by men who couldn’t “get dick.” (They can even get men to pay them for it, even if it’s just $5.) So, this is not a problem women have.

            Men certainly have problems finding some place to put it, though, which is why they opt for animals, inanimate objects, and basically anything that moves. They can’t get their minds off it, in fact, which makes me wonder how civilization, such as it as, has come even this far.

            The problem women have is how to *not* have to deal with “dick” or how to get rid of it, altogether. This is a very, very big problem, indeed, because “dick” interferes with every aspect of women’s lives and makes lots of difficulty and danger.

          • You know, now that u mention it, it IS something that men go on and on and on about. They’re the ones looking for some place to put it. I suggest the electrician put it in a light socket, use it as a desk light or summat. I know, sticking it in animals! It’s fucking disgusting the stories I get on Google when I do a search for rape. EVERY day there are at LEAST 10-15 rapes by MEN of LITTLE GIRLS, TODDLER GIRLS, WOMEN of all ages. It’s fucking deviant. For every one story of some woman who has a sexual encounter with an adolescent male there’s 15 of men violently raping little girls and women.

            I put myself through it, reading the stories, just to remind myself of how fucking deviant these dudes are. Rapists among them I’m sure. In fact i KNOW there are in the ranks of MRA’s. Fucking disgusting assholes. At least they’re all coming out in a group so we all know who they are but ya know, many MRA’s won’t come out in public because they know their whacko deviancy will cause problems in their jobs and lives. AKA scared shitless men who are violent and scummy who hide behind Elam’s hate site.

            My identity is out there. I have no problem with people knowing who I am. These fuckwitted bigots KNOW they’re misogyny incarnate.

          • MRAs are just full of projections. One of these days I want to illustrate all the Freudian defence mechanisms using quotes from MRAs.

          • “They can’t get their minds off it, in fact, which makes me wonder how civilization, such as it as, has come even this far.”
            Because men always make women and minorities do most of the hard work?

    • Well that was pathetic, even for you… Do you not understand you do not matter to anyone? You exist solely for our comic relief. You can provide us with nothing else unless you are a man of good character (of which you are sorely lacking). You are obviously impotent. That sort of hate only comes with that…

  8. “…you’re not even paying cognizant of my massage, it seems,”

    No, we have to admit it, we’re NOT paying cognizant of your massage. You’ve got us there.

    • I don’t think any of us wants a massage from a guy whose machine “kills feminists,” anyway.

      How are MRAs a human rights movement and not terrorists, again? For some reason all I can think of is Elliot Rodger, Tom Ball, Brevik, etc. – and I would not have wanted a massage from any of those guys, either.

      • I’ve never been called a “ballbusting harpy” before, so I had to look it up. Now, harpy, I’ll own up to – you see the wings and talons on my avatar to the left? That’s really me before I put on my lipstick and false eyelashes.

        But, apparently, “ballbusting” is a B&D/S&M term that has to do with (apparently this loser’s fantasy) of having his testicles “tortured” for erotic pleasure. I’m a little concerned that he’s enjoying this lambasting since being sexually humiliated is probably his thing. He certainly like to talk about his testicles a lot, which is a big thing with MRAs, I’ve noticed.

        I really think they just need to own up to their homosexual urges, go off into the sunset together and leave us alone.

        • “He certainly like to talk about his testicles a lot,” bullshit, other than that one time in the above post, where the hell did I ever talk about my balls? I call strawman, and what the hell is it with feminists constantly using homosexuality to insult and denegrade people? I’ve been called a ‘pansy’ by your Lord and Savior, Mancheeze (aka Master Splinter’s wife), that being a homosexual slur and demonstrating the degree of latent homosexuality that radical feminists possess, as well as this bird-brain above me insulting an entire human-rights movement (which I do not identify as being a part of, I am not an MRA, I prefer the term ‘equalist’ or ‘humanist’) as being ‘homosexual’ which is just a further demonstration of your latent hatred for male homosexuals, a trend I’ve noticed amongst radical feminists. J’accuse, that you hate gay men because you cannot control or dominate them, because your sexual market-value is irrelevant to them. The incongruities of your thought as a supposed movement for ‘equality’ are so far beyond flagrant and insoluble that you shouldn’t be surprised that people think of you as a hate-group and associate you with TERFS and homophobes thusly. Maybe you should join up with Westboro Baptist; I think I see some ideological parity between you all.

          • You are seriously jacked up in the head if you think radical feminists see themselves as a heterosexual commodity. LOL!

            In one word: Education. Get one.

            What a buffoon!

          • Oh, I didn’t know this was YOUR blog, FT. Tell me why it’s ok to use the term ‘faggot’ again? Is it because it belongs to explicitly MALE homosexuals, are do you use terms like ‘nigger’ ‘WOP’ ‘chink’ etc., all the while finding ‘dyke’ to be ‘misogynist’??? The reason you are all angry is because gay men don’t need you. They see you all for the useless baby-makers attached to incomplete shit-for-brains you all are, they don’t find you important by any means, they don’t even find you remotely interesting. You’re angry because you feel like they’re taking away the only power you jackoffs think you have, which is to control men via traipsing about in skimpy outfits and slutting it up like you’ve been trained to do by the media every Halloween, because all the fucking children who come to your doors need to see that shit (PS people should put signs on your doors describing you all as sex-offenders if that’s the shit you’re going to pull; they’d do it to a man, no sense in all of you getting off the hook).Typocal feminists, whine about shit that doens’t matter, then complain about others who you say do the same. Who’s really projecting here?

          • “Oh, I didn’t know this was YOUR blog, FT.”

            No, this is not my blog. I would tell you where my blog is but, you know, I don’t want you commenting there.

            “Tell me why it’s ok to use the term ‘faggot’ again? ”

            Because I apply it to talk about repressed homosexuals who channel their frustrated energies into bigotry and hating other people. Like you. Like a lot of conservatives, wannabe dictators, and Christian fundamentalists.

            ” The reason you are all angry is because gay men don’t need you. They see you all for the useless baby-makers attached to incomplete shit-for-brains you all are”

            …? Pretty sure I can’t make any babies. Also, you say gay men don’t need me, but on your other comment you say you want to fuck me up the ass. Which one is it?

          • Tone police?

            It’s a word with a disgusting history of bigotry and hate. I’m bi and I don’t appreciate it.

          • @ Francois Tardy

            This is you in a nutshell, dipshit:

            You are the inspiration for righteous indignation and volatile polemics everywhere. You talk out both sides of your mouth, say one thing and then another to contradict. Predictably, you don’t own up to a goddamn thing you say; you blame your audience for pointing out your nudity. I got your number, I got your ass. Now turn around like the bottom bitch you are and take that solid ass-fucking you’ve so stupidly trapped yourself into the corner for. Take it like a man, boy.

          • “”You are the inspiration for righteous indignation and volatile polemics everywhere.”

            Wow, that’s pretty amazing. I must be world famous, huh?

            ” I got your number, I got your ass. Now turn around like the bottom bitch you are and take that solid ass-fucking you’ve so stupidly trapped yourself into the corner for. Take it like a man, boy.”

            Thanks limp-dicked faggot, but I don’t swing that way. You should go ask some of your MGTOW friends if they’d like some, though. Since they hate women so much, I’m sure they’ll oblige.

          • @ Francois Tardy

            I say that you are the inspiration for the world’s supply of anger, taunts, and jeers, because you are essentially the microcosm of all that is wrong with the world in it’s current state of affairs. You are to stupidity what Joyce’s Dublin was to other cities of the world; in the particular is contained the universal. Congratulations, you are effectively the “Ulysses” of stupidity, someone whose very existence is so integral to the concept of stupidity that one who has failed to grasp your essence cannot begin to fathom what raw and unadulterated dipshittery is. So entwined with the fundamental stuffs of foolishness and dumbyhood you are that to criticize or bring to light any form of stupidity is effectively to criticize and place into the spotlight those forms of backwardness in which you specialize. You are the quintessence of dumb for dumb’s sake, the factors so inseparable from stupidity that your very essence and that of stupidity’s should be considered synonymous, you are the very cog which keeps the machine moving.

            Lol, I don’t need you to tell me where your blog is, I can just click your name and BOOM there it is! Truly, you are the master of remaining inaccessible in the face of your detractors. What I have said above is doubly verified as accurate.

            You still haven’t managed to supply anyone with a reasonable reason for which to employ the term ‘faggot’. In fact, you sound just like some of those so-called ‘MRAs’ when you adopt that speech that I’d bet dollars to doughnuts that you’ll be slinging around terms like ‘mangina’ ‘leftist’ and ‘white-knight’ in no time. Did you spend your days online puffed-out chest, square-jawed, defensively-postured- blathering endless assortments of purile insults only to settle on the one zinger that simply couldn’t be topped, the mother of them all, the one you are most likely to encounter in high school locker rooms, “FAGGOT?” If I were your wife, I’d keep an eye on you.

            For people who bitch all the time about MRA’s saying mean shit to people, you sure do like to marginalize other groups (and then deflect accordingly). Fwiw, I hope you get your ass kicked by a ‘faggot’ some day, and when you do, promptly seal those tears of yours in a thermos or other such container and send them to me; I imagine that your pissant tears are as good as anyone’s.

            Funny enough that you should whine about ‘thought police,’ considering that alot of MRA’s and conservative Fox News types complain that people who demand a bit of sensitivity from others are effectively engaging in this sort of conspiracy (because of that symbol on your avatar box and your predilection for using juvenile insults, I’m inclined to believe that you are what happens when an angst-ridden teenager drops out of highschool, gets married, and is too poor to get rid of his Hot Topic garbage and find more suitable clothes; I regard you with the same level of disdain that I do those fat children that follow their mothers about in the supermarkets, pants falling beneath their wastes and hats turned upside-down and to the side like little pubescent worms and you are one of them).

            In short, you’re all hypocrites and I challenge you to show me otherwise.

          • @ Musophile

            You’re just not used to reading anything that takes more than a second or two to read. It took me less than 2 minutes to read my work; put down the funny papers and read a book, I recommend you start small (Dr. Seuss, Shel Silverstein, et al) and move on to the more difficult things later.

            @ Francois Tardy

            I am 100$ I hope you get your ass kicked by a ‘faggot’. Your simpering, wimpering ass will think twice before engaging in such fowl behaviors from then on; what mst it be like, to say “I opened my mouth like a dumb teenager and some guy with a bendy wrist beat me up”? Mice try, hope you try again some time and keep being your wife’s bottom bitch.

          • Look dude. Just go away. I don’t like MRA idiots. I just came home from a nite out with the most lovely drinks I’ve ever tasted. Now blow.

            I don’t like the word either but you haven’t been a bastion of nice speech. You’re the one talking about fucking men up the ass in a derogatory way.

            If you’re a MGTOW, get going.

          • @Francois Tremblay~ “I like how he’s trying to confuse me by stating that I’m the MRA (???). Did he really think that would be a head-scratcher? LOL”

            He obsesses about anti-gay and you appear to be the only one who is. Either he is projecting or he is right and you are talking to yourself…

            Goodbye kids. Time for me to move on to discussing with only the adults here.

  9. “In one word: Education. Get one.”

    Well, besides the fact that that, my dear, is technically 3 words (it’s that little thing that looks like a backwards ‘E’ at the top left of you keyboard), I’ll have you know that I am educated, and very much unlike the lot of you, educated in matters pertaining to pure and actual sciences. I am an electrical engineer, fluent in several languages, and I’ve do more reading on the can every post-burrito night morn than you philistines could do in a lifetime. What do you know, about anything, that I possibly don’t? I am working with pure sciences, contributing to society in ways that you leaches, with your gimmedat philosophy of majoring in post-post-modern-genderqueer-Marxist-hegemonic-semiotic-turbo-ninja-frying-pan with a minor in English and post-colonial-lesbian-deconstructuralist literature and then whining about the fact that you can’t find employment, or that your bills are stacked so high as to dwarf the tower of Babel (at which point, you think people like ME should pay your fucking bills, so you vote for this socialist/Marxist/leftist bullshit to extract money from my pockets and into your fat, overstuffed, lazy asses). Let me ask you this: where has your bullshit education gotten you? I’ll bet at least several of you are on disability. Well, at least one of you has rodents and voices in your head to keep you company. Adios, bitches.

    • Hahahah! I bet you sit on that toilet an awful lot.

      I’ve always wondered what a hard science is. Men like to say that as if things like Psychology and Soc aren’t sciences. What it really means is men like to think what they’re doing is HARD aka LOGICAL and the rest of us who use the scientific method are just doing nothing when it’s much harder in our fields to operationally define, design methods etc.

      Let’s just admire the hard science this guy puts in the toilet day after day. Let’s stand back at the glory of the floating turd.

      Education is three words? You can’t even count~!

    • Education is just one word, dumbass. Maybe you should get your vision checked, too.

      You certainly don’t communicate like a person with any advanced education. I’m sure your mother is probably paying your way.

      HMQ, do you have anymore little worms we could play with? This one is getting redundant – like one of those typical MRA spammers.

      • He is rather tiresome since he can’t break up thoughts into paragraphs and projects his fear of gay men onto us.

        Nobody here is going to pretend that gay men are lovely friends of radical feminists. Lots of gay men are just as misogynist as this fuckwit is.

        I just hope he comes to a stop or he’s going to have a stroke on his throne and fall in!

  10. None of you answered my question; how do you answer to the homophobia which so blatantly exists within your rank? Shouldn’t you be whining about how ‘gay me are the new oppressors’ or some other shit? Fuck you. Fuck everyone of you overstuffed, cunt mouthed, hooked-nosed, elitist, man-hating whores and dickless cum-for-brains. You are all more or less homophobic; you despise gay men, as they willingly sometimes pursue feminine hobbies (because teh patriarchy doesn’t exist, it really does come down to one’s brain), they face worse discrimination than any of you block-heads, and they are often BETTER at the things that you do than you are. What’s the matter, can’t let anyone else nab a slice of that sweet victim-pie? Keep running your fucking moths on the internet, one day you’ll piss off the wrong person and they’ll give you something to cry about.

      • That really is a wall-o-text! It’s very difficult to read or interpret the garbled verbal rage.

        “…you despise gay men, as they willingly sometimes pursue feminine hobbies…”

        Gay men sometimes pursue feminine hobbies? I did not now this. Is this true?

        What is a “feminine hobby?” I wonder. Like what? Do they participate in quilting bees? I’m picturing a whole room full of Liberace clones sitting together stitching a quilt out on the lonesome prairie with big smiles on their faces. (Remember Liberace’s smile?) It’s a funny picture.

      • I like that he threw in “hook nosed” and his email address has the phrase “ubermensch” in it. I’m thinking we’re dealing with someone who’s still upset that his side lost WWII…

    • Clearly, you are the homophobe. Otherwise, why would you object to my suggestion that you men just get together for your own sexual satisfaction and leave us alone. There’s nothing wrong with owning up to your own homosexual urges. It would be better for all concerned if you would just do that.

      • I’ve always thought that MGTOW guys should do just that instead of whining perpetually that women are horrible and that they’re never going to have relationships with women and yet women are all they talk about.

        Just start a sexual relationship with another man! Nothing wrong with that. Do it. Go your own way and leave us women the fuck alone right?

        • HMQ,

          I think it’s an excellent solution. The only thing standing in their way is their own homophobia.

          But, I suggest that ThisMachineKillsFemininsts entertain this idea and maybe it would relieve him of some of his sexually-fueled rage toward girls and women because he would have a willing sexual outlet in another man – or men! I would think this would lead to a much more satisfying life in other ways, as well.

  11. You idiots. He means when douche of the woods said “in one word. Education. Get one.” Is actually 3 words. She tried to be clever but she’s a little slow.. It’s like the moron from the movie back to the future who would say “make like a tree and get out of here.” You rad fems are comedy gold!!

    • Mythago, you useless piece of shit, apparently you don’t know how to read.

      I did not write: “in one word. Education. Get one.” Go back and look, again, keeping in mind the use of punctuation. I’m not paid to be your English tutor so you’ll have to see if you can figure out where you went wrong all by yourself.

      You and your pal really are idiots and this proves my point very well about your lack of education. It’s kind of sad – or it would be if I thought of you as anything else but a slug. I don’t feel sorry for you, though. I just want you to vanish.

  12. I retract what I’ve said before about education being the problem and these men should get one. Obviously, guys who don’t understand when to use a paragraph break or don’t know how to read text with colons and periods in it are not going to benefit from reading someone like Mary Daly. They’re not going to understand it, at all.

    As a former teacher, I know there really are people who cannot learn. I know this goes against the liberal philosophy of most educators. But, these guys – and a lot of guys like them – obviously got a little too much alcohol in their test tubes (that’s an Aldous Huxley reference for those who disdain education and are incapable of seeing its value for things like effective communication) or maybe their sperm donors were alcoholic or drug addicts and that explains it.

    Women will continue to out-perform men academically and in every other way. This trend will not reverse no matter how much they harass, threaten, rape or even kill a lot of us. The best thing we can do is continue to educate ourselves – and only ourselves. And, of course, we need to continue to try to find ways to put ourselves out of harms way as much as possible.

  13. “Keep running your fucking moths on the internet, one day you’ll piss off the wrong person and they’ll give you something to cry about.”

    I dunno, our moths are kind of independent. They run wherever they want. I saw this and thought of you as being the guy in it.


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