Donation Drive

Hi Everyone,

If you like my blog I’d love it if you donated. I need a few things for the running of this blog, mainly a printer. It would help me in my research for this site. Donations are completely confidential. Click on the donate button under my picture in the right side bar. You can use just about anything for PayPal including credit cards.

Thanks in advance!



9 thoughts on “Donation Drive

      • What about Ebay?

        PS I’m disabled too. Mentally & physically. The physical part is scoliosis. I have hardware in my back. Lots of places deliver to Canada.

        • I’ve used Ebay but delivering a printer will cost money due to weight It’s easier for me to buy from a local store because it’s local and I don’t pay large fees for shipping. I’ve used Ebay for small things not weighty thigns like a printer. You have to understand that things are pricier in Canada as opposed to the US even with the exchange rate being about equal at this point. It’s much harder for Canadians to afford things.


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