Todah Raba

In Hebrew we say Todah Raba for ‘Thank you very much.’ The ‘r’ in Raba is pronounced like a French one. So it’s like this Toe-DAH Ra-BA.

The donation drive was very successful and I can get a printer soon! Now I will explain why I specifically had a donation drive. Since I have a massive spinal injury it’s hard for me to sit or stand for long periods of time. I am on no pain medication so you can imagine how much it hurts to sit at my desk for long periods.

Having a printer will allow me to print off important articles so I can mark them up in my bed and do preliminary articles. Then I won’t need to hurt myself sitting for so long. I already have a few typists tools that help me sit here, like this wonderful heavy clip to keep papers upright for typists that I got while doing NGO community work about 10 years ago. Now I’ll be able to use that too.

With a printer it will be easier for me to bring content to you.

I promised confidentiality so I won’t name names but you know who you are!

The next post is the one I promised. It’s about rape.Sleep-Mice-lWouldn’t ya know, this is my 200th post! It just notified me. What a good sign.



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