Gender Mainstreaming

This is just an off the cuff segue into the post I’ve written about rape and the obsession MRA’s have with it. They also have an obsession with what jobs women do and have assumptions about what jobs women should do. They imagine equality as forcing women to work manual labour jobs. Let’s put aside that dumbfuckery and talk about their recent idiocy.

It’s well known that MRA’s whine about women not being in the military or in high risk/high labour jobs.  However, when women are side by side with them in the military, they complain about that too. They think women can’t do the job due to their patriarchal sexism and then want women forced into those sectors. They also don’t understand how difficult it is for women to get into those jobs due to sexism. I was reading a paper about women in construction and couldn’t believe how gendered the occupation was. Women are treated by men as gophers and not construction workers who can actually DO the job. Women are sexually harassed and generally just kept out of this high wage occupation. The statistics and personal stories of sexism make women think twice about working in such a field.

It’s men keeping women out of those fields, not women. Gender keeps women out.

‘But the modern wimperers and snivelers have something the men want. Upping the price, the women—quite predictably— abandoned what worked best with respective sacrifices and duties indeed, and went full throttle—bathed in utter selfishness and obliviousness— for the throat of men, society, and all that we knew…even the boys. With their unfounded envy of males who they mistakenly and foolishly thought had glamorous lives, they, historically speaking, quickly became hellbent on becoming more like men.’~MGTOWman

Recently, a dude on AVFM posted about the wild fires in Sweden. Here in British Columbia we are also battling wild fires since we’ve had almost NO rain this summer. The dude on AVFM was blaming the Swedish govt. for training its firefighters and other service personnel in gender mainstreaming instead of buying another helicopter. Gender mainstreaming is crucial new subject when it comes to global disaster planning and reconstruction. It involves training all levels of govt. including NGO’s on the ground, how gender affects the planning and response to disasters and how to tailor them to save lives and minimize suffering.

‘But when we men give them the room to actually BE more like men, do they actually accomplish it? Can they? …Without revamping every single thing…which undermines the concept of being more like men? I mean, if we have to change everything to suit them, how is THAT them being more like men?’~MGTOWman

Just this week, prior to reading the AVFM post, I watched a 4 hour documentary on Hurricane Katrina, how the local up and through the federal govt. handled the disaster. It really illuminated to me why GM is vitally important in saving lives. While focusing on gender it also focuses on class and race. All these variables are critical to understanding how people plan and deal with disasters.

‘We perhaps, with this caving in, with this foolish pandering to misfit women, are possibly making the most serious and consequential mistake our species has ever made.’~MGTOWman

One of the scenes stuck out for me. The Superdome, which is a self contained indoor structure, housed thousands of people during hurricane Katrina. Soon, services within the Superdome broke down. No electricity, no fresh running water, no plumbing and on top of all that the entire city of New Orleans was under several feet of water, for days on end. People had no home to return to so tens of thousands were stuck there while waste piled up and disease spread.

Women who either had to stay in their homes in the flood zone or who evacuated to the Superdome had special needs that weren’t taken care of due to the lack of GM. Women were having children without medical care, unable to access sanitary services while menstruating, were without life saving medications. Many women have special factors operating in their lives that didn’t allow them to evacuate and in the end, they lost their lives. Also, women in the service fields who handle disasters are treated as weak and their input on how to solve problems is usually scoffed at by men. If you’re going to save lives you have to develop approaches that take into account the differences of people. A one size fits all male perspective isn’t good enough. It never has been.

The dudes on AVFM are blaming women, like the Islamic nutcakes did after the Pakistan earthquake, for the forest fires in Sweden. They don’t understand why the Swedish govt. spent money on this kind of disaster preparation. The ignoramuses over at AVFM can balk and be stupid all they like but I suggest if any of them want to actually get a clue they should look up the science behind GM. it certainly doesn’t surprise me that their simplistic little minds see GM as a gender studies course that’s ineffective. The patriarchal lens through which they see and process the world means we have to listen to them moaning and crying.

‘I experienced the same effect. My body hurt soooo much, (still does sometimes) from having to pull my own load AND that of several women as well. A support battalion, staying in the not-so-rear rear, with women for the first time deployed in mass numbers to a “war zone”, my unit was about 50-50. What a mistake I made to join a unit like that. I’d have been better off maybe up front with the grunts. At least my dignity wouldn’t have suffered… as I had to, in my unit, swallow without a single complaint, the fact that most all of those women provably WERE NOT pulling their weight.’~MGTOWman

Having this kind of GM approach, to understand that men and women have different needs, some biological and mostly due strictly to socialization, can help manage disasters so that lives aren’t lost and critical services are in place to prevent looting, disease and famine.

The idiots over at AVFM think that female firefighters are holding back the ‘solution’ to the wild fires because money was spent on GM education. They’re bitter because Sweden needed to borrow helicopters from Norway. Thank goodness the idiots over there don’t have power to make these kinds of upper level decisions and there’s plenty of smarter people that can.

If you want to educate yourselves about GM there are some great papers. The one I’m reading comes from the same research hospital I used to work at. The UN has great resources for this as well. Here’s a Word doc from the UN on the subject. Many books have been published on this topic too. I found one online that has information about the Pakistan earthquake where men blamed women’s sexuality (like Warren Farrell does) as the reason for why the quake occurred. It includes hurricane Katrina too. Let the boobs over at AVFM blame women for the wildfires while we women do actual work and gain critical knowledge to save lives.

‘But the female feelings TRUMP EVERYTHING everywhere for everybody…no matter if the things they want actually work, comply with nature, are irrational, will cost a mega-fortune, or have a single shred of commonsense!’~MGTOWman

Maybe this is why Michelle Obama thinks women are smarter?

‘The burning of these forests is unique since it gives a clear story of how the gender bigots have failed the culture and the people.’~Tom Golden

Aaaand the gender bigot is?

‘Time for an all-out men’s strike, country-wide! Take names of those who don’t go on strike. The pussy-whipping must end.’~Steve Brule

MRA’s are already doing that and the world is still turning.

‘Equality my ass! This social engineering catastrophe, feminism, must end before we get burned. Well, I suppose in Sweden they are getting burned, the men that is. While the women collect all the benefits. Ja?’ ~AttillaVinczer aka Napoleon

What a dope he is. Oh and that comment has 32 thumbs up. LOL

‘A total global catastrophe would have loud mouthed feminists realize just how critically important men are, not just women. Men created all the marvels of technology, to make life better for man. Women seem to have exploited men in a despicable underhanded manner. Instead of being thankful and respectful with men.’~Napoleon

Doncha love how ignorant they are? I hope Napoleon sticks one of those horrid looking coins up his ass so he’ll stop speaking.

‘Nobody tells me how I do my business in the bathroom. And I never put the seat down unless I need to. Adjust your own damned seat as you need it and don’t expect me to position it to your liking as if I was your slave.’~Napoleon

Of course it devolved into a man bawl about putting the toilet seat down because spreading germs is EQUALITY! WHAAAAAA! MOAN! CRY! WHINE! Bacterium should listen when a man is speaking!



8 thoughts on “Gender Mainstreaming

  1. This shits hilarious. I’m a retired canadian army vet and there were far more dog-fucking men in the army then there were woman. Why is that? Because the woman were under far more scrutiny then we were. Even though woman had been in for over twenty years at that point there was still a lot of old timers who didn’t want them there.

    They couldn’t do the job they said, didn’t have the strength, got to have long hair, had to wear pads in the gas but, etc. The list of excuses was a mile long.

    Meanwhile it’s ok for a male Sgt to be a hundred pounds over weight. Pathetic.

  2. So… Sweden is having forest fires, didn’t buy one extra helicopter so they could train their people instead, and they think we should blame women for this? And they just borrowed them from Norway anyway? And so… the problem is… ???

    • That’s really the question, isn’t it? Their problem has nothing to do with the fires in Sweden nor the borrowed helicopter. Their problem is that women aren’t sufficiently awed by their dicks and willing to service their every need. No matter how they frame it, their argument always boils down to “Women should all be our slaves!” (And of course, when a woman does demonstrate sufficient patriarchy-compliance, they still hate her.)

  3. I’m just now reading this – I spent some time on that Canadian preparedness pamphlet (more like a text book!). I’d never heard this germ, GM, before. But, I have noticed what happened to women in the Astrodome after Katrina (in Houston, which has got to be one of this country’s biggest rape capitals – they’re #2 in human trafficking, I know). I couldn’t understand why they would put women and little children in the same big space with men. Even if you can defend yourself while awake, which is questionable, you have no defense from rapists while sleeping. And, it seems to me they should have known what was going to happen to the women and girls there before it happened. I did.

    The same thing happened to women and children in Haiti. Once the houses were destroyed and there were no doors to lock, the men began attacking women.

    Also, it’s reasonable to expect that if you have a stalker or some other man who is determined to hurt and kill you, he’s going to step up his efforts in the wake of a disaster.

    I thought it was nice that the Canadian pamphlet pointed out the disparity in men (and men’s needs) as people and women as a special group. Serving men’s interests in a disaster is serving “human needs.” Considering women (considering women’s need for safety from men or particular health needs, for instance) is somehow regarded as political in nature. That was somewhere in the pamphlet. I guess, as a woman, it’s just hard to understand why I’m not regarded as a person whose life has value – but, I know very well that this the case.

  4. “But when we men give them the room to actually BE more like men, do they actually accomplish it? Can they? …Without revamping every single thing…which undermines the concept of being more like men? I mean, if we have to change everything to suit them, how is THAT them being more like men?’~MGTOWman”

    1. Women are the Norm.

    2. Women do not want to be more like men.

    3. Yes, everything must be revamped.

    4. Yes, everything has to be changed to suit 50% of humanity that has been ignored.

    5. Women do not want to be more like men. Saying it again.

    6. Men never give any room; Women have to take room.

    7. Nobody in their right mind would want to be more like men, with their death-drives, wars, perversions, and insane need to control everything.

    8. Men need to pipe down and women need to pipe up.

    9. Otherwise nothing will change: unending useless wars, rapes, marital violence, forced marriage, suppression of women’s voices, and so on and so one.

    10. Men prey on women. This must be the highest priority to fix.


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