VAWA is Related to Michael Brown’s Death Says Elam

Do you think that Elam and Esmay could talk about the death of Michael Brown without bringing up women or blaming women for something? Course not. In their weekly Intelligence Report (ugh) Elam and Esmay went belly up. They started talking about the shooting of Michael Brown, an unarmed (as far as we know) African American man from Ferguson shot 6 times by police. Instead of talking about the ways in which white male domination, privilege, and systematic racism keep minorities out of good paying jobs or even having an African American on their program to talk about it, Esmay and Elam told us that VAWA (Violence Against Women Act) and the war on drugs is related to the unrest in Ferguson. In other words, let’s bring this back to blaming women.

‘You can see the same artifacts, with the Violence Against Women Act when you see the primary aggressor laws, when you see mandatory arrest laws come into play in domestic disputes and the cops show up and answer the door, just arresting the guy is as easy as it can possibly be in a minority community. And then, this is another reason that there is no trust. I mean don’t even address all the poverty, the joblessness, the lack of prospects for the future, the feeling of disenfranchisement. The fact is our laws with the war on drugs and the Violence Against Women Act are geared to go in and create chaos and imprison people in black and other minority communities.’~ Paul Elam

Wow. What projection. If someone can seriously tell me what VAWA has to do with Michael Brown’s death I’d love to know because for a group that continually goes around saying they’re diverse and sensitive to African Americans it seems to me they’d ask an African American to talk about this? In fact, AVFMers are all over an African American right now in the comment section of Alternet’s piece on the MRM. White MRA’s are telling a black guy to shut up about racism he faces and white mansplaining to him.

Oh and it’s misandry that’s responsible according to Esmay and Elam even though it’s obviously racism.  I shouldn’t listen to them when I’m eating soup. It nearly flew out of my mouth.

Also, my post on rape is coming up on Thursday or Friday.


7 thoughts on “VAWA is Related to Michael Brown’s Death Says Elam

  1. To get real for a sec, AVFM is an Orwellian propaganda organ that pushes disinformation, projection, lies, libel, and smears, all against women’s liberation.

    What did we expect? There isn’t a single bad thing happening on Earth that AVFM won’t blame on women. It’s their mission.

  2. Iraq: Hillary started it. She voted for it so women are responsible. Women victims love getting all the attention. Obama is pussywhipped by his wife. Women in combat made us look like idiots as they can’t fight for shit. Women pseudo-peacenik-policymakers are keeping us from bombing the shit out of the bad guys as they deserve. Islam is still properly masculine and that’s why their whipping us, cuz we’re pussy whipped over here.

    Palestine: Only women victims count, just cuz they are non-combatants and supposed to be kept out of the killing according to stupid female-exploiting male politeness rules. Women are causing all the bombings by proxy. Women shame men into acting murderous. Women’s bitching and moaning caused all this.

    Circumcision: Women didn’t speak up when male doctors did it to their sons, so it’s their fault. It may be thousands of years old and a male religious boyhood ritual but women accept boys mutilated so it’s their fault.

    Domestic violence: Women provoke all of the violence against them, and they are as sadistic and controlling as men and the big female bullies beat up on poor gentle tender vulnerable weeping men all day long.

    Afghanistan: men sexually abuse boys as a matter of course there but it’s women’s fault because they like being slaves and not taking any responsibility.

    Racism: black women insist on having their kids out of wedlock, flouting all that is just and right just to destroy black men. White women cry rape so white men have to get evil and hurt black men. None of it has anything to do with men’s actions.

    Sexism: Women love playing the victim and all their suffering is to get attention. Men try to protect them from other men but women are ungrateful bitches who keep running away with the kids and trying to keep the kids alive by bothering fathers who only ask that the women come back and cringe and take their well-deserved lifelong slavery punishment in return for supporting their little bastards.

    Mating: Each man is entitlerd to at least one woman, but women are too stupid to get this and keep acting all hoity-toity and trying to run away, which causes male violence to happen, and it’s all women’s fault because they won’t follow natural law.

    VAWA: Women have managed to become lawyers somehow and passed a crazy law that protects them. Anytime any bad thing happens hereafter is just following the horrible example of this woman-protecting piece of shit legislation.

    And so on.

    • I’m 100% done too with AVFM. They say feminists have a victim complex and yet they are the ones blaming every problematic things created by society on women.

      How did AVFM become so huge in the first place? My mind just can’t believe it. Most anti-feminists or egalitarians (ironically enough some of these pro-equality peeps say they “sympathize with the MRM”) say something along the lines of “feminism used to be good back in the old days but now it’s nothing but full of misandry”. At least these people realize that feminism helps women. AVFMers on the other hand believe that feminism is evil from the beginning.

      “I shall fight for men’s rights!” A middle-age white guy who’s a proud member of the MRM says. “But I won’t be able to do this without bringing down the evil institution of feminism! Never mind that most problems that men face are the result of a patriarchal society that holds up rigid standards of gender roles!”

      I wonder how many AVFMers are associated with white supremacist groups.

      “I’m not being racist or sexist!” A white dude tells a black lady. “You’re being racist and sexist! How dare you have a job while I don’t and then complain about racism and sexism! I’m being oppressed!”

      I can rant on for days. There are groups of men out there that are being oppressed (for example trans men, gay men, bisexual men, black men, etc) but if AVFM won’t recognize that this oppression stems from things other than misandry then they won’t get much done.

      And also if feminists try to address issues that mostly affect men, AVFMers cry misandry anyways. Nothing seems to satisfy them.

      • Reading this over now, I suppose I’m being unfair to a few egalitarians and men’s rights activists. Some egalitarians aren’t anti-feminist and some men’s rights activists are pro-feminist. Some of them recognize the different types of oppression that exist in society. But then again these are the minority that you would never find hanging out in AVFM.

  3. It’s amazing these guys can call themselves “men’s rights activists” with a straight face. The situation in Ferguson is an example of an actual men’s rights issue—police violence toward black men. And they do nothing at all, except for continuing to talk about how they hate women. Feminists actually care more about men than MRAs do.


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