Dean Esmay’s Meltdown Over Me

Esmay is getting his tooth fixed he announced in a Google+ hangout. This new developement was inspired by his TV appearance where he blamed a feminist professor for his missing front tooth. I think he realized he came off like a raving maniac and decided he might just hit up Paul to be his Tooth Faery. I wonder how much money Paul will leave under the pillow after going MGTOW on Esmay. I don’t even want to know to be sure.

So anyway, I was talking to another MRA about the biological determinist theories they memorize in order to spew at feminists to commit the naturalistic fallacy. Dean was gloating pompously about ‘pair bonding’ on a Youtube comment section. I noticed this and commented to another MRA who seemed open to a conversation. Once I had the MRA on topic and ruined his argument he did the skipping needle routine and started screeching that ‘women are evil!’ Dean saw this conversation, feeling he had to step in and save face,  having a total meltdown.

Dean Esmay


Yesterday 6:05 PM

‘A word of advice: “Mancheez” is a horrendously hateful, abusive, sociopathic, sexist bigot who lies constantly, and whenever she’s caught in a lie she changes the subject to something else. She will constantly misrepresent what others say, and you’re well off to ignore her completely; you aren’t engaging with anything but a manipulative sociopath when you deal with her bullshit. Even when she says something factually accurate, she puts the most hateful and bigoted and abusive spin possible on it (like her comments on “deadbeat dads” above, and her obviously intentional lack of understanding both of fatherhood and what “child support” actually means.You’re dealing with someone no better than a White Supremacist or a Klansman when you deal with Mancheeze, aka Diana Boston, aka about 5 other monikers. YOu’re better off blocking her, she’s truly a dishonest hatemonger of the worst sort.’
MRA’s actually wonder why men are gunning for an early grave? I imagine Dean sitting there furiously typing without getting to close his eyes like he normally does, making him even more livid.
Here’s another meltdown Dean had on Fox when he blamed a feminist prof for making 4X his income and most likely at fault for his missing tooth. Damn that feminist and her toof!

5 thoughts on “Dean Esmay’s Meltdown Over Me

  1. Damn, you’re a strong, confident person. I hate talking to MRAs and tend to avoid them. You must have been winning the argument if Esmay had to be resort to insults to defend his side.

  2. Mr. Esmay (Sideshow Bob) is weird beyond belief in this video. He acts as if he’ll do anything to pretend he’s not there. He casts a bizarre shadow over the proceedings. Is he drugged? Most likely.

    I haven’t spent time looking at Esmay before. I’d call him a schmuck prone to religious conversions who thinks he had an insight that women are the Devil.

    It’s not his first insight – he has had a strange insight about AIDS but I won’t go there.

    I have no doubt he’s sincere. He thinks he’s on to something, but once again, he’s not. That’ll feel pretty humiliating when he figures it out, but he’ll have my sympathy because somehow…goldang it…I hate to see a sincere completely deluded man cry…


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