Male Gamer Eron Gjoni Is a Patriarchal Asshole: UPDATED Aug 31st

While the male dominated MRA-rich gamer community does everything in its power to keep women from entering their ‘male space’ a female game designer, Zoe Quinn, was publicly sex shamed by her dating partner and gamer Eron Gjoni. Please, excuse me for this long post but this needs to be said.


Eron Gjoni, in some lame attempt to give me ‘facts’, tweeted me saying he’s not a male gamer and Zoe told him she loved him before he did. CLICK TO ENLARGEeron gjoni tweet me

I asked myself ‘Does this even fucking matter?’ ‘Do I care what he says?’ Of course not. All these lame-ass attempts to correct me on what he considers ‘facts’ doesn’t change this one bit and it’s just more mansplaining to justify the cruelty and violence he’s trying to enact on Zoe.

You see dude, I don’t care if she REALLY did sleep with other guys which I’m not taking from your mouth anyway. You’re playing victim here when you are the abusive asshole.

Oh and one more thing: if you are coming to this blog to ‘correct’ me on facts save it. This is how I think about HIM as a person after reading the shit he posted about her and his excuses for doing so. It’s not meant to be HIS story. It’s MY impressions of him after he posted HIS side of things and what I picked up from reading it as to his character.

If you come here to defend him you’ll get schooled. However, I’m really sick of people ‘correcting’ me based on their impressions because most likely, YOU don’t know him either. You make up stories too. The difference between you and I though is that I’m not taking his word for it nor am I interested.

Eron tweeted me again. CLICK TO ENLARGE

eron gjoni second tweetI don’t care what she did. She isn’t the problem here. It’s you. You’re the one who posted that crap, not her. This is another attempt to focus this back on her because he doesn’t like his just desserts.

What do you want me to say? That she’s the bad one? Tell me dude, what the hell did she do that in ANY way compares with a public misogynist lynching that will go on for years? Once you can answer that question honestly then there’s no point in talking to you.


I Eron Geek Dude Falls in Love With Zoe

We all know the stereotype of the male gamer. He’s a geek. He has no social graces and he idolizes one woman who he knows won’t marry him or see him exclusively but he keeps at it, persisting at every second, to get her. It’s a game that leaves the computer but unlike a computer game, has real consequences for women who attempt to enter this bastion of masculinity.

Ladies, meet Eron. He’s the dude that comes on way too strong and then expects marriage after a month. He’s insecure and immature. He likes to brag that women come on to him because he thinks that will make women like him more. It’s the biggest male faux pas coming right out of a PUA handbook.

He meets Zoe, a game designer who he falls for immediately. He tells her he loves her right away.He’s socially inept and frustrated. He’s dependent and desperate.

Once Eron has sex with Zoe, he wants to own her so he does all sorts of things to make that happen. He monitors her, follows her around, gets obsessed with her and never stops calling and messaging. He suffocates her. We’ve all experienced the clingy guy we wished like hell we never slept with because, with men, when they sleep with a woman and they’re immature and frustrated, they’ll do ANYTHING to form a relationship. These men don’t have a clear identity and lack boundaries. They lose themselves in women because they’re needy and dependent. They become a nasty second shadow that you can’t shake.

II Zoe: The Independent Woman In the Male Dominated Gaming World

Zoe is an intelligent woman who wants to establish herself in a male dominated subculture. Just being in that subculture does numbers on her psychologically. She’s probably hit on by men everywhere she goes. She gets cut off while she’s trying to talk seriously about her job. She’s probably completely overwhelmed by mansplainers and coerced sexually. Her career, she knows, is always overshadowed by men in power. The only way she can get anything done is by dealing with them, which becomes tiresome. Sometimes she gives in to the sulking dude who she knows won’t quit.

She’s a healthy, sexually active woman. She meets Eron and since he can really hold a conversation and seems grounded, she has intercourse with him and starts to date him.

The dating is casual. She knows there’s a chance Eron will become obsessed but, like many women, give him the benefit of the doubt. He suddenly wants to be with her in every moment and won’t leave her alone. She likes the company but it starts to get too much. He’s extremely judgmental and manipulative. She likes him but not that much.

She continues to have sex with him and taking his calls, albeit sending off hints that she doesn’t want to have a deep relationship with him because she doesn’t trust him. In fact, at one point she flat out tells him. Zoe hopes, like many women, that Eron will take her hints but he doesn’t because this guy doesn’t understand social cues, at all.

Now she has to try to let him down in a way that won’t cost her violence or a dramatic scene or both.

III The Break up and Fallout

Eron, the dependent manipulator, knows somewhere she doesn’t want him but because he is so immature and wants her at all costs he continues to latch onto her ankle like a dead weight. She doesn’t know how to let this guy down for fear of what might happen to her and there is a small part of her that kinda likes him so it’s a bit of a struggle. He gets even more desperate to do anything to keep up the illusion in his mind that they’re a couple. Our culture is full of geeky dudes who construct elaborate fantasies to themselves and male friends that the woman they dated once is head over heels in love with them.

Zoe continues sending hints as best she can while trying to focus on life and work. She has sexual encounters with other men like any normal healthy woman but she still has to deal with clinged peaches who just won’t take the hint. Eron knows she’s with other guys and not committed to him. After a period of time he finally admits to himself she’s been with other men even though they’re not exclusive and he begins the long drawn out game of trying to ‘catch her’ and get her to submit to him. This is what immature men do to save face and to enact a sort of violence against women in their punishing way for not giving him the relationship he thinks he’s entitled to. He wants to corner her, to have her submit and cry to assuage his ego. Then he can judge her.

He approaches her and half assedly confronts her with a barrage of questions.  He’s got that look in his eyes that women who mistakenly sleep with dependent men know. She’s worried about him going off the deep end. She tells him, in as best way she can, one by one, the guys she dated while dating him. It’s awkward as he pushes her to explain in detail everything she did when she wasn’t in his presence.

The process takes days. She’s exhausted. He won’t let up.

Finally, he accepts that he’s not the ‘one’ and his self created fantasy is dead. He now thinks of ways to hurt her because he’s hurt. He doesn’t take responsibility for any of it and is ready to do what he does best: judge and claim victimhood. She must pay.

He takes to a blog to publicly shame her to the world.

IV The Blog Post

Eron, the jilted ex is so angry now that he decides to publicly shame her sexually by writing a large blog post where he whines as he explains every intimate detail. I felt strange reading it because it was so socially inept, so whiny, so manipulative and desperate all rolled into one.  He knows this blog post will work to bring her harm because the gaming world is a male dominated and stringently patriarchal. It doesn’t cross his mind that he’s the one at fault here. HE must be the victim.

He even goes the lengths of protecting SOME of the men he thinks she slept with because of brofeelz. Apparently those few guys didn’t have sex with Zoe while they were ‘together.’ He pours out his immature heart onto a blog that he knows will have longstanding repercussions for her in this industry. What he fails to understand, at the time of writing, is that it also has repercussions for him. The endless post, is full of incredible detail whereby he analyzes and judges each and every move she made, each and every conversation they ever had. It’s frightening to read how wrapped up he was and out of touch with reality.

Not only does he display that he’s a dependent ‘nice guy’ creep but he also shows women who are trying to navigate that male dominated field what they’re in for if they get near him. It displays his ideas about women, as if she was his property and was ‘defiled’ by other men. He reproaches and names a few of the men he thinks she slept with but only because they allegedly were with her when they were a ‘couple’ and because ‘how dare those men sleep with a woman that ‘belonged’ to him!’ Women are seen as property in this subculture to be held up as trophies/objects for a guy desperate to prove his manhood instead of mutual human partners that have independent lives of their own.

I can tell while reading this multiple page blog post by Eron that he’s hurt but dammit dude, YOU have a serious problem. You played right into it and didn’t take the hint. You made a fantasy story in your head and because you lacked boundaries and a life of your own you lost yourself in your own false fantasy, in her.

Even after it was over he was STILL trying to check her every behaviour. It’s abuse. No two ways about it. Not only was he playing victim but he assumed the victimhood of her tens of thousands of online fans. He claimed he was judging her and exposing her for them when it was really about him. He did it that way so people wouldn’t think of him as vindictive. Too late pal. I’ve got your number.

You’re the stereotypical judgmental fixer who pours endless edicts at women that you think ‘helps’ them. This is how you try and control the environment. You’re the kind of guy women should NEVER get near.

It was a GAME to you dude. Instead of dealing with reality you got lost in a world you created, the one that Zoe wasn’t actually in.

V Aftermath: Addressing Eron

Eron, you’re making this worse and if you think she’s the one with the bigger problem you’re wrong. You’re showing other women that you’re not ever to be trusted to have any intimate time with. Coming out public with this highly personal situation was wrong and you know it but because your male ego was shattered, and by your own hand at that, you feel compelled to smear Zoe with everything you’ve got. Worse than that is you’re using ‘the community would care about this’ excuse to do it. I don’t believe for a second she didn’t give you hint after hint that you weren’t the ‘couple’ you imagined. You smothered her and then couldn’t understand why she was luke warm with you.

You kept telling her she was failing you in her dishonesty. Why would a guy who knows he’s being cheated on (assuming that’s true) go back and back and back? You claim you’re being super dude but that’s not why. You wanted to fix and monitor her. You wanted to make her to be the failure that victimized you time and time again so that YOU could play victim. You’re fucking sick dude.

Not only that but coming out with this, whether true or not, shows that women usually have to sleep with men to get somewhere in your industry. It alerts all women in these industries, or are attempting to get in, that they have a solid case for why they need to put their feet down and eliminate the boys club. It’s the classic double bind for women. If a woman is comfortable having sex with men as she sees fit she’s called a whore sleeping up the ladder while at the same time men want and REQUIRE women to do that in this industry. It’s a problem. A big one.

The boys-club is has to go. No amount of kicking and screaming about Anita Sarkeesian or Zoe Quinn is going to change that. This event lends credence to Anita’s ideas about games and how females are treated as ‘property’ to be won through successive attempts. It gives us a deeper understanding of male geek culture and how it works concerning women in the real world. I feel like I have to put in the obligatory ‘not all male gamers are like that’ but many of them are and Eron is the quintessential creepy nice guy every single woman dreads after having sex with them.


The MRA/gamer cross section picked up on this and continued to sexually shame and harass Zoe online where Eron left off. Page after page, endless rants, and videos are dedicated to analyzing her every move (which I won’t link). Her sexuality is being picked at with minute detail. It’s disgusting. They also accuse her of ruining the gaming community. We radfems here at mancheeze know exactly what’s going to happen from here. This woman will be vilified for years to come.

It never occurred to these dimwitted MRA’s that the wider problems are the toxicity of entitled dependent geek culture and masculinity in general. They viewed this as a chance to call her a whore and a cheat, displaying their own inadequacies, immaturity,  and need to claim victimhood.

When the media picks up stories of women being targeted by these entitled males many people rally to the woman’s side. The woman gets blamed for that too. She’s called an attention whore and is accused of ‘damseling’  but who are the ones that really want the attention? The healthy woman trying to make a career or the depressed entitled male sitting behind a screen typing out woman hating screeds and masturbating to porn all day?

MRA’s claim they are victims of feminism and unsurprisingly they’re blaming feminism for Eron’s woes. I have no idea how feminism created this but feminism sure will fix it.

Remember what these men did to woman gamer Anita Sarkeesian for analyzing games through a feminist lens? They made a video game where you could batter her and still to this day she’s getting rape and death threats from them. A couple of MRA’s are making a film to put woman gamer Anita  ‘in her place’ by asking for donations on Patreon. This is violence, online male violence. Luckily, in Zoe’s case, much of it is being taken offline but the harassment is just beginning.

VII Sentiments

A common theme in mens lives is how a man can GET sex from women as if it’s something you ‘work’ for or pay money for. Women aren’t seen as active participants and men call them ‘gatekeepers’ in order to claim oppression. Men also talk about sex as if it’s the only thing in the world they want. They define it as the only intimate act you can have with a woman. These men also have a term for their sexual frustration: ‘friendzoning.’ This term means a woman PUTS you in a friend space that you need to try and get out of if you can. It’s like a challenge to get out, a game. No never truly means no if you’re a guy in the friendzone. Men are accusing Zoe of friendzoning Eron as if being a friend is pure hell for males.

In fact, one of the main ideas in MRA circles is that men are oppressed by women’s bodies. This theory clearly shows how men think of women, as parts, as objects that then need to be controlled. It’s not surprising to me that 21 out of 24 objectives of a AVFM involve controlling women in some way, from ending rape shield laws to wanting to control her reproduction.

This aggrieved entitled group of men work to keep women out of these tech jobs through different ways. I had a guy tell me just yesterday to ‘get out’ of what he considers his gaming world. Remember too the professor at San Diego state I wrote about that said ‘math is male’ and who actively discriminated against women in STEM?

This latest behaviour from the MRA gaming culture shows how much men try to control women. The idea that Zoe is a grown woman capable of having intercourse with multiple dating partners is unthinkable to them. She must be blamed, not the patriarchal structures of misogyny. Feminism, and by extension women, must be blamed.

This is why my site is for women talk about all the ways in which patriarchy impacts their lives. We discuss how much men hate us. This is why this site is radical feminist. While I don’t want to alienate liberal/3rd wave feminists I can see why they’re not effective when it comes to this current backlash. Should we rally around Zoe and call her a proud slut or should we analyze and explain the systems of male power in which this event occurred in order to consciousness raise?

The focus of third wave feminists on individual consciousness divides up women. We need to get collective again. We need to take a strong stand and refuse to work within the system, which is what I see many 3rd wave feminists doing. If you want a good lecture on this see this video by Gail Dines. Only after we understand the system can we break it. I

And I want to break it.

NOTE TO MANSPLAINERS: You will be mocked if you post patriarchal bullshit on my site.

62 thoughts on “Male Gamer Eron Gjoni Is a Patriarchal Asshole: UPDATED Aug 31st

  1. Excellent post and thank you for introducing Gail Dines, who is a radfem treasure. As for Eron Gjonji, he is finished as a gamer and Zoe Quinn will come out of this fine, as she hasn’t done a thing. It’s Gjonji who has stalked her, harassed her, and invaded her privacy.

    I read the weird comments of MRAs who can’t see this, and at this point I just think, Meh. The rest of the world has some capacity to judge people ethically, and Gjonji is an unethical little piece of shit, and has just destroyed his whole life. I wish he had gotten some sane advice from somewhere before he did this, but then again, this is standard operating procedure for rejected males, so I guess he didn’have a clue what he was about to do to himself.

    I enjoyed your psychological analysis of an obsessive male. It seemed so right. It applies to so many of them. “You’re mine, I can’t stop thinking about you, so I have to kill you to avenge my [male privilege] humilation.” “I will never have another like you, so by gum I’ll never let you go, you’ll die first.” “I’m gonna humiliate you publicly and try to destroy your livelihood so you have to beg me for support.”

    We need lots more insane asylums and there needs to be new diagnoses of violently psychotic obsessive males, and they have to be stopped from harming women.

    • My word woman, this is a serious problem with males. The thing that makes me shiver is that many of these gamers are MRA’s. MRA’s transmit their woman hating to other gamers. They’re porn addicts too.

      Just think of what is going to happen in the next 20 years of men’s brains being addicted to porn. We need to have separatist communities.

      The other day I thought of suing the patriarchal govt for damages, a class action of many different women with a hell of a lawyer to get our community charging them with a variety of things: disabled impoverishment, male violence, poverty etc.

      Imagine that eh? I was watching an environmental lawyer who made state law recognize that corporations are toxic to local businesses. He went through the pre-emptory laws that have been put in place for corporations to be recognized as people under the 14th amendment.

      This is was brilliant. I’ll dig up the lectures. Then there’s one by Prof Caputi talking about serial sex killers of women and how it represents what men think of women. She exposes how men do this to women as a ritual. Amazing stuff. She wrote a book called The Age of Sex Crime which I’m glimpsing atm.

      • Can we not turn this into a moral panic to ban porn? Punishing men for finding outlets for their peen is not going to put out this fire or discredit MRAs. Quite the opposite.

        This is not an exclusively female overreaction – I’ve heard men parroting the same paranoia about porn and kinks and how it degrades real men having real manly sex. Please. In an overcrowded society not everyone is going to have easy access to sex. Maybe you were being hyperbolic, but really, this is not the time for hyperbole.
        These men are not animals, they are dupes.

        Anyway. Apart from that, I agree with bella. I don’t think any of us expected the MRAs to go mainstream. This manufacturesy is making headlines and all because some squirt had no direction in life and selected internet fame and petty revenge over learning from his mistakes. I think there is a combination of fame-whoring and the death-drive as well. I’ve been in the pits of depression and I know the impulse to breed contempt for people, to suffer and make others suffer.

  2. I’ll look up those sources you mention, HMQ.

    I had a BF when I was young who was angry at me for leaving him. He couldn’t accept my decision. In his mind I belonged to him.

    I moved far far away. Many years later I got a letter from him, starting out with his divorces and miserable life and going on to blame everything on me for not staying with him. Nothing in his mind had changed, he hadn’t grown up, processed anything, learned to cope – nothing. Everything bad in his life over the years was my fault. For him, no time had passed.

    He was considered a “normal” upstanding member of society with a big job,

    But I knew, privately, that he was dangerously ill and had been for years. I didn’t respond to his letter, but of course one looks over one’s shoulder and carries a police flashlight.

    I hope Eron gets help. And pray for Zoe’s safety.

  3. Oh ok, and owns a Glock. (For WOOW). Still, police flashlights are great for walking dogs and so on – heavy, long shafts for getting a good angle, painfully bright light. (Also pepper spray)

    I used to be more fearful than I am now. Now I think if attacked on the street I would fight to the death and the attacker would suffer much worse. I’m quite sure I wouldn’t let my socialization stop me as it did my neighbor, who was in her back yard when an exhibitionist yelled at her from the woods behind her house, then started masturbating. She froze, I understand, that’s what we;re socialized to do, freeze and become kittens. I think that socialization in me is gone, gone, gone.

    • Many women are in the same boat with you bella. I fear men too because I’ve had life experience that informs me. I’m much more selective when I meet men as acquaintances or friends. I will never have a sexual relationship with a man. If this Eron guy has taught us, time and again, men cannot stop wanting to control women’s bodies. If he couldn’t control her, he felt he could get other men to do it for him, and sadly WOMEN too.

      As I was reading your experience with your ex from decades ago it gave me chilling reminder. Women are treated as property. He thinks of you as something that will always be his, as if he bought you. If a man buys dinner for a woman or spends money on her he thinks he owns her and he has his own set price in his head.

      I read the way men talk about women, how they break us into body parts, and it repulses me. women are not seen as independent human beings with ideas and plans of our own. One of the things this environmental lawyer talked about is how American law is based on PROPERTY and that the Constitution needs to be revised. Patriarchal tradition stops that of course but think about it, a bunch of dudes called the founding fathers made these laws, not women.

      We look at the world in a decidedly patriarchal lens and it’s hard for women to break out of it. Look at the comment by a woman defending Eron and saying that Zoe ABUSED him. She thinks of Zoe as his property too. It’s disheartening to say the least.

      Having sex with other people while dating some dude isn’t abuse. Not even close. Publishing personal details about a woman to a bunch of males, nay, the world, IS abuse.

      It makes me wonder how these people function if they think that’s abuse?

      Have you seen this article where another author nails Eron for his crazy idea that Zoe violated his consent? Here check it

  4. Alright. Let’s go ahead and pretend you actually know what you’re talking about here.

    Yeah, you’d be completely right in every possible way. I’d hate Eron with a deep burning passion. I did however take the time to follow both her blog, his actual blog, thezoepost, and both of their twitters. Because there are always two sides to a story.

    If you actually did your research, like a good journalist always should. Eron did not tell Zoe he loved her for an entire month. Zoe told him immediately that she loved him. So there’s that. I would also like to mention that if you read thezoepost (like every good journalist should) it gives definitive proof that Eron is not how you explain him in this hilarious article. He broke up with her, and it’s simply because he is male, and she is female that people are jumping to the term… jilted ex is not what I would call him.

    Abuse victims, male… or female should always out a sociopath. You have obviously made a SHIT-TON of assumptions based on I have no idea what… If you watched and studied how it all went down you would flippin know that he was emotionally manipulated… Zoe is not a good person. It has zero to do with her games, it has zero to do with her gender… it has to do with the fact that she is indeed a sociopath. Because they exist and they aren’t just fucking men either… ANYONE can be a sociopath… I just want to state to you that I found this uneducated and completely assumptious article to be entertaining, because you obviously have zero fucking clue what you are talking about. Seriously extremism is dangerous… I hate republican extremists (I’m liberal) and I’m just now finding that I also quite hate extremist liberals…

  5. Not gonna lie here… I really feel like your pushing this around in your head from this bizarre distorted viewpoint. Seriously… Eron isn’t really a bad person… and you know what. I get really tired of hearing all this from my fellow feminists… Get a life yourself, go take some real psychology classes… Sociopaths are real, and apaths like yourself only help to increase the damage that is done…

    • I have an Honours BA in Psych dear and yet I never diagnosed him with an illness. Take your own medicine and try not to diagnose women. Oh and I’m not a liberal or an ultra liberal feminist. Time for you to learn me thinks.

      He’s not an abuse victim. Bwahahahaha! That’s hilarious. Wait till you’re outed online for displaying a healthy sexuality by some turd who claims moral superiority. Please woman, not here.

      • HMQ, I’m responding to your post because I don’t want to respond to the person who said, “there are two sides to a story” and “Enron isn’t a bad person.”

        Macts nichts who broke up with whom. No normal person does to another person what that dude did to her. You don’t go after a person’s reputation and livelihood – anymore than you’d send rape and death threats to a person who expresses an opinion about video games that you disagree with (“you” being a general “you” and the latter example being the explicit threats made to Sarkeesian and her family, which were reported all over the place online the past couple of days.)

        There’s only one side to the story that matters here, which is that women are being abused by men every way imaginable and now that everything has gone to the internet, they have new methods.

        I have no psych background whatsoever, but I’m pretty sure I’ve dealt with my fair share of sociopaths and it’s getting harder and harder to distinguish “socioopaths” from “normal men.”

        I’ve got some stuff going on so I haven’t been posting as much recently, but I’ve been reading and you’re doing a great job, HMQ.

        • My best to you. I’ve been thinking of you lately and wondering where you were. I was missing you!

          I totally agree with you. Unfortunately, it’s hard to hear other women side with an abusive misogynist. What only a few people are mentioning is that the ‘relationship’ he thought he had was more like a fantasy. Ugh. This is horrible for her.

          If she’s reading I want her to know she has women on her side. I can’t imagine being publicly humilated like that but I was publicly bullied by pro sex industry people at one time. I figure they’ll get karma and that’s how I dealt with it.,

      • Well said -‘Wait till you’re outed online for displaying a healthy sexuality by some turd who claims moral superiority.”

        That’s exactly what occurred in the EG matter. And the predictable response was, “We have the right to examine your intimate life and judge it, and we judge that any woman who dates more than one guy at a time is an evuuul slut.”

        Yoo hoo, any woman who displays a healthy sexuality toward you, ya little freak, is your lucky day, and to complain about it ending later shows why she ended it and why she was right to end it. She saw tthrough you, to your essential lack of any moral principle, your entitlement, your insecurity, and your tiny dick. Wait, I don’t know anything about the size of Eron’s dick, but then again I’m fully qualified to speculate about it since he has brought it online for us to consider in excruciating humiliating detail.

        • I’d have no problem with her dating multiple people. I even offered to be in an open relationship at one point. She was the one who decided against that, because apparently it was fine for her to have sex with other people, but not fine for me to do the same.

          • Its’ pretty clear neither of you were ready for a real relationship when you met on OKC. Wasnt Zoe recently divorced when you met her? Divorced at 26 and that didn’t tell you anything? Like maybe don’t get too attached? You are 24, You are a baby. You have your whole in front of you.

            Its’ not that I am not sympathetic to you, but realistically you didnt know Zoe when you started dating her and were only together for a few months before things went south.

            What you had was nothing more than a typical dysfunctional OKC flameout. Happens to people everyday. That kind of things gives you the excuse to mope around and “eat sad ramen” not rally the 4chan troops to destroy your exes’ life. Your constant humblebragging suggests you are proud of what this has turned into but sadly most people who support you do not do so openly, because it is just way too embarrassing.

            I don’t doubt the relationship was toxic. But it was toxic on both sides.But It is perfectly natural for someone going through a breakup to believe they were 100% right and the other person is 100% wrong.

          • They met on OKC?
            Divorced women aren’t the issue. Just because someone divorces doesn’t mean they’re inherently flawed. Maybe she was in a relationship with a man who beat her. You don’t know eh?

            I’m an older woman who doesn’t use dating sites and never will because as you say it’s pretty typical for those kinds of relationships to flame right out. When you simply look at a person on a dating site that doesn’t live in your community it’s a problem. I think relationships not built around a common social group are usually bound to fail.

            I think Eron is far more toxic than Zoe because of his behaviour after the relationship ended. It shows me he’s immature and can’t handle rejection. He also is very spiteful and wanted to harm her very badly, which he accomplished.

            I’m just glad we live an a time where it was possible for him to be the one massively shamed for trying to get other men to shame her. I wonder if he’s learned his lesson?

          • Oh I don’t mean to sound like Zoe is screwed up or has a personality disorder as many have suggested. I just mean that if someone is fresh on the heels of a breakup or divorce than maybe going head first into a new relationship isn’t the best idea.

          • I totally understand the reckless feelings that often follow toxic relationships. Not really knocking Zoe as much as much as saying Eron is really not seeing anything from her perspective at all.He is too young and obviously doesnt know how shit about how real relationships work

    • I differ with you on the “bad person” part, Jessica. Whatever relationship this couple had, it was a private relationship. He betrayed her by publicizing intimate details ofg that relationship. As to what went on there, it’s none of my business (or yours) – the one possible reason it might be was that there was an allegation that sexual favors were exchanged for favorable reviews, which might be of public importance. But it turned out to be a lie – no favorable reviews occurred. So now we have a bitter ex exposing another private person’s intimate life with malice being the only motive.

      Yes, he’s a bad person.

  6. You’re a liar, a parasite, and everyone knows that for every gushing positive comment you approve for viewing under your vile blog, there are five others you’ve silenced, likely calling you a liar, and a parasite. From someone who is actually on the inside of this thing to you: Zoe is finished. We’re all just trying to figure out the best/safest way to distance ourselves. To a lot of us devs, Eron was foolish, but in many ways, a hero. He had nothing to lose, where we stand to lose much by speaking out because fascists such as yourself are currently holding the reins in the games industry. People like them, people like you, are in for a VERY rude awakening. /moderate_this

    >I’m a dude who can’t handle this and have to go on women’s blogs and threaten them for exposing misogyny in the ‘gaming’ subculture. I’m just as immature as a 6 year old. I love blaming women and calling them abusive for living their lives. I’m morally superior to everyone and I can’t wait till my sexual history, whether true or not, is broadcast to the world so that other judgmental fucks like me can go batshit insane over it.

    IOW, dude. Fuck off.

    • A rude awakening? What are you going to do, “Shelley,” self-immolate, blow something up, go kill some “sluts”?

      I’ll tell you about distancing ourselves. More and more women are seeing what you dudebros are all about and we are distancing ourselves from you for own health and safety. This is entirely to your detriment because you are the parasites who literally cannot live without us and we are tired of you sucking the life out of us.

      So, bed… made… lie.. all of you sick fuckers!

  7. BTW, I grew up in a society that had dispensed with the Victorianisms “whore” and “slut”. I never heard that shit non-ironically until 2 years ago. To me, it’s comical, like calling the dick an “organ”. I wondered where this ancient shit came from. My best guess is porn, the most ultra-reactionary cultural manifestation that ever existed. Porn is forever. Its tropes are the same, like myths. They never go away. It’s the substance of men’s primitive sick dreams, and it’s a good reason for women to get far away from men. For pornsick men, which sadly is the great majority of men and increasing daily with the availability of porn online (the average age of a boy’s exposure to hardcore porn is 10), “slut” and “whore” are current words.

    But this shit (whore, slut, gash) is Jack the Ripper shit. It disappeared for the past 50 years. That it’s back, like Elam’s “gash-cash” and “cum-dumpster” is a testament to men’s undying dependence on pornography. Not to mention Elam’s ultraconservatism – he does hark back to the 1880’s.

    To say this is disgusting to women is to understate the situation. It’s so far behind the discussion of women’s rights and women’s liberation, it leaves one speechless, which of course is the plan. Pretend women never got the vote, never could divorce, never had a sexual partner other than the man who chose them first, never had any power whatsoever. Go back 150 years and pretend that’s the modern situation. That’s “slut” and “whore” and “gash”.

    Use those words and show us all your desperation, your ultraconservatism, and your tiny dicks.

  8. Well, I just replied to an obvious troll there named “Shelley.” And, I realized something, as bothersome as the trolls are, they don’t bother me anywhere near as much as the liberals do. Libs pretend they’re on you’re side – and I quote, “I’m on your side,” while they accuse you of all kinds of things and work to undermine you because they see “two sides” to every story.

    But, sometimes things are exactly what they look like. There’s a victim and a perpetrator. In the big picture, we have a class of victims and a class of perpetrators. You can’t compromise with evil and maintain your integrity and you can’t say, well those perpetrators might have a few good points or those victims might be a little irrational and extreme. Reality is just what it is – it doesn’t have “sides.” And, in this case, it’s stark and full of horror and very hard to look at… and I have trouble dealing with people who refuse to look at the truth when it’s staring them right in the face.

    That’s why I responded to an obvious troll – and not a liberal/maybe-a-troll.

      • It’s fun to play with a troll once in a while. What’s with the bravado? Like we’re going to get mad if they start withholding dick? I’d like to see that. LOL!

        That Gail Dines video is very good at pointing out the problems with liberal feminism and maybe with liberalism, in general.

        The hallmark of a liberal, overall, though seems to be their equivocation. They have no real commitment and apparently no real ability to empathize – whether it’s on matters of oppression on the basis of sex, race or any other basis. Everything is a position, or a point or a philosophy – but, if you’ve lived your life in the trenches, this is not your perspective. It’s your life. We are fighting for our lives! Meanwhile, liberals confuse “rhetoric” for what is harsh “reality,” at least, for many of us.

        It’s frustrating – it makes me what to jump up and down and wave my arms to try to get their attention and ram through their thick skulls that what is happening is actually happening. (I keep thinking about the Life of Brian – remember at the end when Judith is trying to explain to the People’s Front of Judea or the Judean People’s front (whichever) that something is “actually happening” when Brian gets nailed up by the Romans? I feel like her a lot when I’m dealing with such people.)

  9. I wonder if “Jessica” thinks Malcolm X was an extremist? Here’s what he had to say about extremism:

    Malcolm X is talking about the black man – and he’s very specific that he’s talking about men because if you’ve ever read the 14th Amendment it was carefully applied to free black *males* only and it is very specific about this and so is he in this speech. But, what he says applies very well to women who are being stalked, harassed, threatened, being run out of their homes, run out of their jobs, beaten, raped and killed and who are living everyday under this threat. Any moderate reaction to that is not good enough!

    • Fascinating Malcolm X video. He was dispensed with quickly. I wonder what his life-trajectory would have been if he had been allowed to live.

      • It’s a pretty good speech. He was very smart and very effective, which is why the white men who run this system killed him. They will do the same thing to any women who are too intelligent or too effective. (Notice that Sarkeesian didn’t get these very explicit and specific death threats against herself and her family until she began getting the endorsement of a white man of influence in gaming. Within a few hours of that being reported, the Hammer (Malleus) came down.

        When you combine what he says with what Dines says in the other video, it’s even more interesting. She talks about how just because some women have a certain level of privilege (living on the inside of the protection racket, for instance, where they are NOT being subjected on a daily basis to johns, stalkers, and an assortment of perverts who threaten “working girls” who are independent and live on their own) this doesn’t mean that women as a group are not being oppressed – are not being subjected to the long list of systematic injustices and horrific violence that I mentioned in a previous comment. Just because one woman’s experience is different (maybe bad, but not intolerably so) doesn’t mean that the other things aren’t really happening to real women – right this minute. This is a major point that is lost on the liberals with their “individual” approach to feminism.

        I think they must be relatively privileged because if they weren’t, they could not possibly continue to hold their “philosophy” because they wouldn’t have the luxury of having a “philosophy” about this subject because it would really be REAL to them.

        Like Dines says, “Can you imagine Malcolm X saying “SOME black men are experiencing injustices at the hands of the white man”?

        • Typo correction… those quotes were not supposed to be around “Can you – Gail Dines didn’t say that exactly. I was trying to correct typos in the little box before I hit “Post Comment” and I got over-zealous! Sorry!

      • Also, when Malcolm talks I hear some of the words differently. For instance in place of “racialist society,” in which laws that benefit “a black man” are not enforced, I hear: In a PATRIARCHAL society in which laws that benefit women are not enforced.

        Malcolm X is saying the same thing that radical feminists have said – laws are not enough. The problem is “societal” and if we examine the problem world-wide, we see that it goes even deeper than that. It is only on this level that any changes are going to be effective.

        The males who would be our masters, dominators, subjugators and owners KNOW this better than we do. And like he says in this video, the “Love thy enemy” approach is not working… and it never will.

        The enemy has to be cut off at the source and guess who the source is??? Yes, us – as women. We give them bodies in this physical world. And, we support them with our love, our unpaid and under-paid labor, by providing vehicles for their seed, and as an energy (food) supply on some deeper level. It’s got to stop. It can’t be stopped with mediocrity.

  10. This is insanity

    I hope that you dont believe the words you written here, I pray to god people like that dont exist.

    If you honestly and truly belive this inhumane and mean spirited rant, then you are the problem.

    You are one of the many people making this world a shittier place for everyone.

    You are not helping anyone, you dont know how to. You are too ignorant to know what is right or wrong. Your thinking is skewed and wrong.

    If you cant treat everyone, every single person, equally with respect and without doubt before analyzing them, you have already failed.

    I dont know why I typed any of that, because it wont change anything you think.

    You have closed yourself off from the real world, from love, to sit in your little bubble on the internet broadcasting your hate.

    You are holding the rest of us back.

    • I don’t like inhumane assholes who go around starting a lynch mob against a woman. If you’re ok with that, fine. He’s an immature asshole. I stand by every word.

      I didn’t analyze him. He analyzed HER in his vindictive blog post. And it’s quite funny because you just analyzed me while telling me not to. Do you read what you type?

      I give respect to those who deserve it and he doesn’t. He deserves every bit of scorn I can muster.

        • It’s saddening although the comment from shelley was from a man disguising himself. It’s sad to see women psychoanalyze me in favour of a man who sent the entire world against one woman and he did it deliberately and used her sexuality to do it.

          When I see women colluding with this behaviour I wonder what bubble they live in and how best I can help them pop it and come live in the real world.

          I’m sure most of them are quite young and haven’t had the experience that many of us have. They’re still trying to figure out this system and how to put it into words.

          Oppression has names. If you don’t possess those names it’s not possible to frame it since we are language bound.

          I get accused of psychologically diagnosing him, which I never once did and yet these women are happy to call me a sociopath or whatnot. They’re also happy to make up stories about me while trying to condemn me for telling the opposite side of the story the way I see it.

    • Christina, your comment is so general I almost think it is cut-and-pasted. I have no idea what your substantive objections are. Not sure who the “you” is in your message, but I’m assuming it’s partly directed at the other commenters. I don’t know what you mean

  11. I am not a man, I am a woman who loves everybody equally. All I have to say is that you didn’t do fact-checking (as I believe Jessica stated) when writing this article .If you had you would know that there are multiple gross factual misrepresentations, seemingly just to make your point. I think it’s important when writing an article like this that your truthful and accurate about the things that happened, and not just lie (which is what you did) to make your point more valid. All you had to do was look at all the facts presented on all forums, but because you were determined to hate this man, you didn’t do that. I am purposefully not putting my opinion on the matter here because that’s not what my comment is about. Everybody is entitled to their own opinions, and should be treated with respect whether they differ from yours or not. (If interested I can post a list of the factual errors and the sources for the information 🙂 )

    • This wasn’t about fact-checking. It was my impression of a guy who just told the entire world that his girlfriend was a whore and a psycho.

      While there may be a few impressions I was wrong about concerning him, I stand by the fact that what this immature asshole did was wrong, utterly and totally.

      I don’t care who she slept with, when it was, how he felt, where she posted, what she posted, who told who, how this affected the ‘community’ etc.

      I only care about the FACT that this asshole published this. Maybe you should go to Youtube and watch some of the videos made about her or read the comments by men about her.

      Nothing I’ve said here in my post is ANYWHERE near the hatred these men are dishing out to her and he KNEW that when he posted that blog post.

      He’s an immature, dependent asshole who gets back at women by telling the world, and especially the male dominated gaming world that he knows is going to perpetually harass her for years, that she slept with other men (whether she did or not) and hurt his fee fees.

      Let me ask you, would you sleep with guy or have a relationship with a guy knowing he would publish endless pages of sexual information and personal information about you to the whole world and specifically a community that isn’t already exactly friendly for women?


  12. Definitely wouldn’t have sex with someone who would do that, and I definitely think it’s vile the things people are saying to this woman. I respect your views.
    That being said, I do stand by what I said as well, while what he did was wrong (you just shouldn’t post things about peoples sexuality/sexual history), it’s also wrong to post an article full of things that just aren’t true.

    Especially about him being dependent, them not being in an actual relationship, him fantasizing the relationship, him saying I love you right away, ect..

    .if you do the research, those things just aren’t true. I do get the point your making, you don’t care about what happened surrounding it, only what he did. But if that’s the case you should just post an opinion piece, and not a piece containing “facts” pertaining to the situation when that’s not what they are.

    • I never said what I posted was FACTUAL. It was how I read him as a manipulative, dependent ASSHOLE.

      It doesn’t matter what happened. I don’t care if they were exclusive or not. I care about women being hamstrung for such little shit as ‘she may have slept with some guys besides me’

      I stand by EVERY single word.

      • Christ Tap-dancing on a Triscuit! I just looked over at YT for videos on this subject and it is one after another examining this poor woman’s number of alleged sex partners!

        And, talking about “evidence!”

        What next? Are they going to strip her clothes off and inspect her body for the mark of the devil?

        What century are we in?

        • Oh, and as per usual, 99% of the deluded perverts making those videos are men – and all white dudes that I’ve seen so far.

          They are alleging that she is sleeping her way to the top. Yeah, that works, right?! It’s MRA fantasy-land at it’s best.

        • Well, these guys are stuck in some toxic frame of mind. I know, those videos are horrific. Don’t even go to the comments. Oh and that commenter names Corrine responded to you on two other posts. I want to give you the chance to respond. She’s blocked for her shit btw so you don’t have to worry about her judging you even more. Here are the two posts that she commented on
 and here I think she commented to you as well.

          • I think I can see where a lot of the toxic cocktail is coming from, at least, in the U.S. We’ve got no actual law enforcement for serious offenses, especially against women and children. Combine in a good dose of backlash misogyny to taste. Stir in the manosphere. Add a heaping dose of increasingly violent pornography. I’m sure I’m forgetting a few items, but you can see where this recipe is going.

            “Corrine” is really upset that women exist who aren’t interested in dick. According to “her” if you’re a woman who is not interested in dick, then you must be sick. If you’re not interested in being beaten unconscious or raped day and night by a man who shares your bed, then you’re a woman with REAL problems.

            I just saw the one comment, but that was enough. Corrine is either a dude or a mighty disturbed woman, herself.

          • Thanks for banning that troll/maybe-liberal (I can’t tell the difference most of the time). Probably that was a trollboy, although plenty of women seem upset that there are other women somewhere not interested in dick. That amazes me. It’s causing me to review some behaviors from people in the past and to see how vast the protection racket and mass-Stockholm Syndrome (as in the book “Loving to Survive”) is and how these two things work together.

            I get that men on the street are pissed when they see you alone because they think you might not be taking dick, so they threaten and make obscene suggestions. But, it isn’t interesting that there are women who take it personally if you’re not running around letting some man stick his thing in your body? It’s women policing other women. It’s very cult-like.

            But, then if you’re Zoe, you’ve got the opposite end of it. I saw a vid by a woman chastising her and repeatedly using the phrase, “She went out and had sex with five guys!” (The phrase “five guys” was stretched out as in amazement and alarm!) I’m pretty sure I know lots of women who’ve had sex with, at least, five guys so I’m not sure what is so remarkable about this or why it is anyone’s business anymore than if she never had sex with any men. But, damned if you do an damned if you don’t, apparently.

            It’s just so strange that there is so much concern from men and sometimes even other women over how women are using their reproductive organs. I remember this onslaught of concern for my vagina and uterus beginning at an early age – about 12, it seems, and it was instigated by adults. Truly, I wish more people could really see how sick this is…

          • Second paragraph of my above comment has a substantial error… .I meant to say, “Isn’t it interesting….” that even women are concerned about whether or not other women are partaking in dick or not.

            I don’t think I’d want to run around shouting to the world, “I’m a lesbian!” You’d think that phrase would shut down inquiry about how you’re using your vagina and all the harassment, but I’m pretty sure it would do just the opposite.

  13. HMQ, despite protestations to the contrary, I’d bet most if not all of the new “ladies” who have appeared to post here are either fanboys or Enron, himself.

    If this dudebro out there after all this – after this massive nuke of an innocent young woman’s reputation and carer, or, at least, an attempt to do the same – and he’s still whining obsessively about who said “I love you” to whom first, then I don’t need to know anymore details! He’s nuts!

    You know, I had some dude who I might have spoken to for all of 15 seconds one time (I don’t know because I don’t ever remember seeing the guy the first time when he was finally pointed out to me) who IMAGINED very thoroughly that he and I were in an involved boyfriend-girlfriend relationship. For months – at least – he sent letter after letter to my workplace detailing his fantasy as if it were real. If you didn’t know this guy was completely bonkers (let the trolls call me ableist, I don’t care, I’m sick of dealing with men like this!) and ought to be in a straightjacket in a padded room somewhere, you would think he really knew me, we were really dating, I was really in love with him, and we were in a serious relationship – ALL A SICK FANTASY entirely in his head, although quite elaborate. (This after meeting the guy and maybe saying, “Hello,” one freaking time! As I said, I don’t even remember meeting him, so I’m assuming.)

    This is what I’m reminded of while reading that Tweet.

    The lesson for us all here is the same as always: Stay away from these mo’ fos, entirely.

    Fortunately for me, this happened long before the internet became the nightmare for women that is today, otherwise, that psycho – and he WAS a psycho or, at least, some type of pathologue, I don’t need a professional analysis for that! – might have posted his sick, yet realistic-seeming-to-an-outsider fantasies online and I might have been in some nightmare situation similar to the one this poor woman is in now… and, thanks to the manosphere, a whole bunch of other deluded, masturbating psychos jumping on board in the sick fantasy.

    Enron (I’m purposely misspelling his name because truly, he’s the only scandal here!) needs to get some professional help. If he is from the U.S., this kind of thing is evidence that we need to get the insane asylums operating, again, and get people like this put where they ought to be so they can’t hurt other people who are just trying to live their lives.

    • Re: The word I used “pathalogue.” This is some more of my pseudo-German. I mean to say pathological person – there’s a single German word for this, but I’m not sure how to spell it. This isn’t just “crazy,” that I mean, but truly pathological.

      Why are there so many of these dangerously crazy dudes? The fact that I have a long history right up until fairly recently to dealing with random nutjobs is the reason I live the way I do. If you’re out there anywhere in public (even a little tiny bit), you’re going to have problems. If you have to go to a job, you’re going to have, at least, one or two assholes who won’t leave you alone and then you have to change your phone number. Right now, I’m having *another* small room added room added on to the house, with a lock on it for more security because of recent dangerous and violent misogynistic activity in my very rural area, where I live to to try to get away from these sickos! There is no escape!

      Back in the 1970s, in the U.S., the emptied out the insane asylums and put all the convicted rapists and killers out on the street. Then, they lifted the death penalty for rape (in my state) and all Hell has been breaking loose ever since!

      I’m not kidding about more of these pathological persons (mostly men) needing to be locked up. They’re like a pack of termites!

  14. Regarding Gjoni’s comment:

    – After 43 comments here, this is his response…that he doesn’t know you, HMQ, personally, that he is not a gamer, and that the person he maliciously set out to utterly destroy behaved in a way that is standard for men but that hurt his feelings.

    – The collective/societal/economic ramifications of this common kind of mistreatment of women are completely off his radar, one might think from his public comments. He has no idea what we’re talking about, officially, It’s just him and her in an individual situation, he pretends. That’s what members of the oppressor class who mobilize their group power of oppression all say.

    – But when the time comes for revenge, he thinks over his options. He could tell her what he thought of her behavior and break up with her, but that wouldn’t destroy her. He could suggest counseling, but the counselor wouldn’t let him vent his rage, he knows that. Besides, he knows, as all oppressors know, especially the Nice Guys, that he has immense ordnance all around him, and all he has to do is press the button, and she will go up well and truly in the resulting explosion.

    – The ordnance is other men, men who already hate women attempting to enter their men’s club, who will mobilize instantly and lethally on his behalf. That ordnance is always available to be used against any professional woman.

    – As another grotesque current example, I read an article in the New Yorker today regarding Professor Mary Beard, a beloved and inordinately accomplished Classics prof at Cambridge. This older lady whose life has been devoted to brilliantly explicating the ancient Romans and Greeks quoted a death threat she received stating that the sender planned to “cut off her head and rape it”, among many others. That she keeps any focus at all on her work is a testament to her inspirational strength and courage.

    – This is why, in radfem analysis, the point is made that the patriarchy has to be brought down completely; reform cannot and will never stop the Misogyny Machine; it is the basis of the patriarchy. The token women who, because of their brilliance and/or hard work are absorbed into the patriarchy, are in a CONTINGENT position. It is never secure; at any time after any offense. The Misogyny Machine stands ready and eager to take them down, FOR BEING WOMEN.

    – Many young professional women delude themselves that they have established themselves within the Misogyny Machine, usually by being far better at their work than their male counterparts, and think they will now be treated as equals. They will never be treated as equals, not with that mountain of ordnance threatening them at every move.

    – Gjoni’s victim is typical. For professional women, there is one layer of “offenses” behind another so that women are always offending in some way, and thus subject to destruction at whim.

    – In the case of Gjoni’s victim, she had done nothing whatsoever professionally offensive. So the layer of Victorian morality came into effect. Not only did she had to be perfect professionally, she had to adhere to an anachronistic, sexist mode of personal behavior. And if she had also been a nun who met THAT standard, another standard would eventually have been found, that she was anti-marriage and family for being a nun, maybe. Gjoni’s victim’s situation is more direct and easy to see than for women in some other professions, because she entered a profession that had an especially virulent strain of this omnipresent patriarchal misogyny.

    What angry man could resist? Gjoni called out the Misogyny Machine and sat back and watched.

    And as one of our dissenting commenters here said, She’s dead, Jim. Why yes, she may be, personally and professionally and emotionally, as she reels from the sinister and deeply hateful personal ongoing attacks. A few women, like Professor Beard, go on. Others become radicalized and move out to look for a new way of existing where women can be free. Whatever this young game developer decides to do, we have her back here, and we are clarifying the narrative.

  15. I am so disgusted with the gamer community. As a man, I really feel like MRA’s are a virus. I wish more men would take off their self-pitying, self-righteous blinders and listen to women like you.

  16. Hello HMQ, very nice post. Thank you very much for your efforts and opinion.
    I realize this reply is quite long and I hope you understand it is because I have thought considerably about this issue.

    In the interest of openness and disclosure, my name is Erik and I am a white male in my 40s from NYC. I love video games and have ever since I was about 7 years old. I am a programmer and have my degree in computer science. I have never worked in the game industry, but have always wanted to. I have never met any of the players in this scandal don’t expect to. I can honestly say I have no dog in this fight.

    I have spent several days reading about this scandal. I feel confident that I have kept an open mind. I’ve read several articles, watched videos and the like from both sides of the argument.

    I also think I know how Eron feels and understand his motives. I think that when he wrote that blog, he was coming from a place of terrible pain, and I’ve been there too, I do relate. I wish I could have caught up with him at some bar before all this happened and bought him a drink. I would’ve listened to every word of his story and nodded along. Honestly, I believe we can all relate to his situation.

    And by all accounts, what he did, in my opinion, does not appear to be criminal, nor was it harassment or threatening. What he did was simply exercise his right to free speech under the First Amendment.

    In contrast, threats of violence or other forms of harassment done through email or other means directed specifically to another person are not protected by the First Amendment. So there’s no question about whether that kind of behavior is criminal, it clearly is. The problem with these cases is with the anonymity the web affords the harasser. How do you identify who is making such threats if the emailer is exploiting anonymity? Enforcement is the real problem.

    For postings on Facebook or Twitter, or for example, in the comments section here, the situation becomes much more ambiguous legally. First, one has to establish a “course of conduct” for someone’s behavior to be considered persistent or pernicious harassment. This implies that only one instance of such behavior is not sufficient, the culprit must behave that way repeatedly. So it’s often unclear whether such conduct is illegal even if suggestions of violence and other graphic language is used. And even then, anonymity may still be an issue. So enforcement again becomes a huge problem.

    And so, the difficulty identifying when online conduct crosses the line into criminal behavior, along with the persistent problem of enforcement, implies that if individuals take the necessary precautions and indulge in such conduct online, nobody can do much to stop them.

    Perhaps the internet is like some huge, septic organism that is without the antibodies required to effectively combat and destroy this virus it is infected with – this terrible virus of hate.

    Or perhaps the Zoe Quinns of the world are inventing the avalanche of harassment and threats they claim to receive. Surely this is the more comforting assessment – some lone gunman seeking attention, attempting to manipulate the masses, to steer the zeitgeist, as many have suggested.

    But if not, then surely the terror the victims feel must be real too, along with rage, and feelings of impotence in the face of this anonymous horde, this infestation of hate. Here are surely the likely effects, even if perhaps the intended effects remain unclear.

    So I wish I could’ve talked him out of his choice of reaction to the pain he felt, because he has unfortunately compounded it many times.

    Not only by amplifying and passing that pain along to someone he surely loves, but amplifying it in himself as well. Now, he must carry the regret he feels for that terrible choice for many years to come – perhaps forever. And that’s a really terrible place to be. In the long run, it may well be harder for him to live with than any punitive actions the rest of us deem appropriate or decide to implement. So, for that, my heart goes out to him and I hope he can get past it someday.

    We all have these kinds of regrets in our lives – indeed, that’s the human condition. We must all endure living with our mistakes.

    But what then was his mistake?
    If it was not because his actions were criminal, nor because his words a threat?

    It was because he did not show the necessary awareness and respect for this ever-present, virulent, online hate that it warrants. An awareness and respect that is, perhaps, the very antibody we are seeking.

    Thanks HMQ, and to all for reading!

  17. good stuff.

    let’s start with separatist communities for ALL gamers, yeah? those with clits and with dicks.

    clearly they’re a pretty weird lot. i’m sure we’ll lose one or two normal folks capable of contributing constructively to society but we’ll muddle through without them. the benefit of getting the scourge of gamers out of society will far outweigh this loss.

    toss in the gun-nuts, pedos, pie-fuckers, god-botherers and monster truck fans and we’re done.

    separatist is a euphemism for containment, right?

    “gamers”. you are kidding me.

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