Be Silent Or Else

MRA's are violent. This comment was directed to me.

MRA’s are violent. This comment was directed to me.

I get these pretty regularly. This particular one was a response to me on a video about Eron Gjoni’s bullshit. MRA’s are doing the job Eron wants them to do. It’s not only his ex girlfriend that will get violence directed at her but so will other women who point out the violence.

Many women leave the internet and some, like Anita Sarkeesian, have to leave their homes due to MRA violence. Three days ago, AVFM wrote another article about Anita in essence to turn the violence up another notch.

Here are the tweets that caused Anita and her family to leave her home for safety:


Women are told to be silent or else they’ll be murdered by men. These MRA’s and other men from the ‘manosphere’ are extremely violent. Many of them are on Youtube, which is where this comment came from. At one point my audience on Youtube was over 90% male. Two thirds of Youtube users are male as of the first quarter of 2013. I think it’s actually higher than that since many guys on Youtube make sock accounts that are female.

If you experience violence online please don’t be afraid to share it, screen cap it, and let me know. I’ll be happy to publish it.


26 thoughts on “Be Silent Or Else

  1. Yikes!

    I only post at your blog and at my own private blog now. I used to be really active blogging and in online forums many years ago. It was a lot of fun then and I never imagined things would come to the state that they are in now for women.

    Women have been vanishing from YT for a long time because of the non-stop harassment. I’ve noticed that there are very few American women making videos now unless they’re big “stars” and those are receiving a ton of harassment – like Laci Green, Anita Sarkeesian, Rebecca Watson and I have a couple of less popular favorites I won’t mention because I don’t want them to get more harassment, stalking and threats. It seems like American women have been especially harassed because a the few women remaining seem to be from Britain or elsewhere.

    For me, it’s not worth it to do much online. Largely, it’s become a cesspool.

    I have not had direct threats, but I’ve had indirect threats, like “I hope you’re raped by a gang of ____” and a stalker who tried to find my home – but, luckily FOR HIM, he failed.

    What these idiots never seem to take into account when they make threats about shooting or attacking a woman is that many women, especially those who have endured a lot of violence in the past and live under constant presumed threat – are literally at every second prepared to shoot in self-defense.

    Before these men make threats like the one you just got, they should think a little harder about it what feel like to get their dicks shot off a few agonizing minutes right before that final bullet is lodged in their brain!

    • Sorry for typos. I can’t figure out how entire words are getting re-arranged in sentences and other words are disappearing from view. The arrangement of words in the final sentence should read, “…they should think a littler harder about what it might feel like…”

  2. Also, remember we were ALL threatened with doxxing and infiltration of our groups and told we’re coming after you or something like that by JB at the end of the failed Detroit MRA conference. If you are a radical feminist blogger, then you are under ongoing threat from these monsters.

    • Janet Bloomfield panders to sexist men, from some deep psychological wound. It’s sad. She hangs around over the conference days, filling herself up with pseudo-man-rage. Watch the video toward the very end. You can watch it happen: some dude sidles over to her to say, yeah, ok, you’ve been honored with the dirty work. So she, the good soldier a la Ford Madox Ford and Adolf Eichmann, takes on the task, entirely for the good of the leaders, of sacrificing her morality, intelligence, and goodness in favor of hurting women. She can’t wait, truth to tell. She is an eager collaborator.

      So when none of the men will say it, she receives permission to immolate herself and she says, Let’s go ahead and talk about the elephant in the room. Paraphrasing, she says, we’ve done our best to hurt radical feminists because they offend us, and ANY MEANS TO THE END ARE ACCEPTABLE, especially invading their privacy, driving them off the net, cyberstalking, and frightening them terroristically into silence. We’ll keep on, that’s what the MRM is about.

      She knows the radfem discussions she objects to are visions of a life beyond male violence, not planning any action of any sort. She knows this if she can read, and she can read. But out of her sad subjugation she agrees to be the Colin Powell, the “good” minority guy who immolates him/herself on the fire from a grotesque misguided sense of loyalty. She says, we are going to continue cyberstalking individual women whose opinions we don’t agree with.

      That’s what she says, during the last moments of the conference. We won’t stop. We’ll keep on harassing, cyberstalking, libeling, character-assassinating, and threatening women. We’re all about this.

      Paul Elam and his cronies are smiling and thinking, stupid fucking woman, go ahead, take on the assassination job, god you’re a moron, we love ya, keep it up until you’re used up. Bloomfield is an especially sad example for the rest of us women of course, because all women do understand the truth of male domination and obsession about controlling women. She, too, understands at some level.

      But she’s going to pimp herself out anyway. She’s cheap, she’s so cheap nobody will even pick her up at a a yard sale, and she wants a master, even if he’s, oh shit, watch out, Paul Elam.

      • Hahahaha! Yep. That’s her. She got suspended from Twitter for harassing people with her ridiculous propaganda. She is really pathetic.

        I remember telling her on Twitter that her career in the mass media is over. She got huffy and told me not to tweet her anymore but it seems she realizes that she’s got no respect from any mass media and has decided to go all out.

        Elam loves this. It’s his example of how women have to take on the dirty work in order to be equal. I find the two of them making a good couple. Her big mouth, his ego problem. Match made in heaven.

        She’s in this for fame and money. That’s all.

        • “She’s in this for fame and money.”

          May be. Truth? I don’t know why she’s in this. In my experience, women aren’t in things for fame and money, that’s masculine genderization.

          I’ve read Bloomfield’s opinions. I’ve thought about why she is so determined to erase any criticism of “masculine” gender roles, while pretending that women are the true oppressors.

          She has no conception of collective consciousness.She has no understanding of history. She’s not on top of feminist or masculinist theory. She’s a parvenue. She’s a sad puppet, and it’s sad for all women.

          Women as a class are oppressed globally and have been for 5000 years. Just thought I might mention that IRREFUTABLE fact.

          Truth, many intelligent women try to enter the patriarchy – “Hey, I’m down, and smart, and won’t cause any ripples, let me in” – it lasts for a while, with rewards. Then it always, always, goes sour.

          Their PhDs (not that Ms. Bloomfield will ever manage one) give them about 12 extra milliseconds of consideration when they offend. This is not how women will will liberate themselves.

          The well of misogyny runs deep. Good luck with your calling forth the misogynistic army at your command, Ms. Bloomfield. Good luck with your object of destruction of other intelligent women like yourself, Ms. Bloomfield. I am sorry to say, it is yourself you are killing.

          • Have I mentioned how painful it is to see an intelligent woman degrade herself? I suppose this brings up a stereotype in me- that women who develop an understanding of their oppression must
            speak out and be heard. Ms. Bloomfield? No, there is no lesson with her.

        • Some women were attracted to him and wrote him sexay letters.

          No, when women are this far gone, there is no hope. Such women must be carefully ignored. Because they need psychiatric intervention.

          It has been said that Ms. Bloomfield is an alcoholic or drug addict or both. I would appreciate it if she would admit or deny those charges, based on her erratic posts online. If not, I have to assume she is very ill and try to deal with her excesses accordingly.

          • Considering what most of us go through (multiple rapes, beatings, being held captive (I’ve been held at gunpoint by unknown men and been a captive in my home by violent armed men, for instance, which is not at all unusual, just most women don’t talk about it), violent threats, daily threats on the street, assaults, constant abusive encounters with men in day-to-day life, etc., etc.,) it’s a wonder any of us are sane at all.

            But, J.B. seems self-medicated. She sounds permanently sloshed. And, you don’t have to be a body language expert to see that none of those women at the conference believed a word they were saying. It was one reversal after another – just taking reality and turning it around. Nobody who lives in the real world could believe it for a second.

  3. HMQ,

    Since we’re talking about this subject, I’ve been thinking about not posting any comments at all – not because I’m upset with you or anyone here. But, I’m beginning to consider the risk of doing anything at all public, anymore.

    It’s starting to feel really uncomfortable. It’s not just the trolls, but it’s just a bad feeling in the atmosphere. It’s the same reason I took my blog private after the Elliot Rodger murders – there was just such a bad feeling hanging in the air and all over online.

    I wish you’d consider commenting more at my blog because when I don’t interact here I really miss you. But, sometimes when I do I worry about who is reading and what potential risk that poses. My experience is that you don’t have to post anything inflammatory, engage a troll to have problems or even acknowledge that you’re a feminist – simply existing online as a woman poses a big risk.

    I’ve been thinking about that… I post at this blog because I really like you and I appreciate what you’re doing. But, sometimes it’s really scary for me. I’ve been feeling that way a lot lately.

    So, if I stop posting here, I hope you won’t forget about me. Come and visit me in the private space.

  4. I’ve seen a few wonderful, smart radical feminists leave blogging because of the threats of violence from horrible men, most notably Biting Beaver. But I won’t quit. Those sad little turds are not stopping me from being who I am, which is a radical feminist. I still miss Biting Beaver very much, as well as Amy from Feminist Reprise, and I still read their archives sometimes. However, the reason I use a fake name and don’t put my photo on the Internet is for safety. I once was trolled my a dude on Facebook and he took my profile picture and put it on his own Facebook wall. That was horrifying. This little drawing I use is not my real face and the turds can do whatever they want with it.

  5. Ella, yes, I know of some too. It was easy enough to google “Winston Bush” and find his facebook page, straight out of a comic book. I doubt it’s even a fake page – this bubba may feel so entitled he thinks he can send a threat like that using his real identity. That’s impunity for you (Bubba can scratch his noggin over that word – he really ought to wash those fingers first though, yuck!).

    • John Hembling, that rape apologist weirdo doc dropped himself on Youtube. Talk about entitled and never having to deal with what women do.

      What’s funny about that is he claimed his rapey melt down was cuz myself and a couple other feminists wouldn’t talk to him. LOL

      So men break down when women don’t snap to attention online and women break down when men abuse us online.

      • John Hembling? The guy he said wouldn’t help someone he saw being raped? Even if it was a guy? I saw that video. A classic!

        He blamed women for his assholism?

        Who was it that said his head looked like a dick? I can’t remember.

        • You asked, “Who was it that said his head looked like a dick? I can’t remember.”

          That would be me! LOL!

          It really does… imagine taking a circumcised schlong an drawing a psychotic-looking face on it with a magic marker. There ya go! It’s baldy dude! Hah!

          • Amazing! I’ve heard of dickheads but never knew where that word originated. it’s real! There’s a prototype out there!

      • For men, it’s all about letting the world know what they said. They know no woman is going to kill them (feminists know their chances of being killed are exponentially increased if they are doxed).

        They want to be doxed, because it’s safe for them and they crave attention. That’s why the worst misogynists wait for feminists to dox them, and then, when it doesn’t happen, because feminists don’t invade privacy, they get frustrated and dox themselves.

        Elam gave up being The Happy Misogynist. Had to get himself out there. Happy hatin’! His ass/face has been before us ever since, a hairy reproach to morality and all that is equitable and free.

        Hembling doxed himself when nobody else bothered. Who on earth cares what Hembling does? All that spittle, and the wretched rantings of the poser/loser.

        Same with James Huff, the moronic “Agent Orange” Fabulous self-dox when the women he tried to hurt wouldn’t cooperate and out him like he wanted: Turned out he lives in a medieval gaming fantasy-land whence he exhorts the faithful to unite against the ennimy, but meanwhile, he took his self-dox youtubevid down, because he got the overwhelming response that he’s a fantasy-ruled moron. He had no idea. he is currently receiving feminist therapy in an undisclosed location.

        Fidelbogen begged for it and a simple Google search turned him up. He “accidentally” left his location (Poulsbo, WA) online, then called himself a philosopher (joke!), writer (haha!), and video dude in his postings. Never hid his Washington State roots. Galoshes are his trademark. Unlike the others, Fidey tried to hide and precipitously stopped making videos with his long photoshopped watchcapped mustachio’d visage, once his name got mentioned. Must be that he realized his family would find out what he was disgustingly saying about women.

        Failed scifi writers are the worst, take note, Esmay. Inside the gang of unethical hatemongers, Esmay stands out for his naivete and schnookiness. He had his conversion but further down the road he knows things aren’t adding up. How will he extricate himself, or in an excess of misguided loyalty will he commit suttee on Elam’s pyre?

        Lots of MRAs are easily identifiable on google in less than a minute. They don’t care, like Bubba Winston Bush, the shoot-her-in-the-face ragebone schlump, because shit, we’re only women, he knows we don’t do violence. He fails to conceptualize (because conceptualization is entirely beyond his powers) that women may not do the violence schick, but we have tongues like knives for men who want to hurt us.

        Look at him. He wants to be identified. He’s dying to be googled and found because he thinks having a photo of a croc on his facebook page is all scary, plus nobody gives a shit about him and he can’t stand that. He has a little photy of himself in mustache and tats and psycho helmet. In real life we know him as Cletus Buttcheekz, brony lovah. We look at him and we go, hahahahahahahahahahaha!

  6. @Ella and Bella,

    I read a lot of those archives, too, and sometimes re-read them. There are some really amazingly talented, well-read, analytical and introspective writers among the radical feminist bloggers.

    I feel like I need a break. I noticed, for instance, last night as I was just sitting quietly that there was this feeling of a string being pulled really tightly inside me somewhere. It’s just a sense of anxiety. I don’t usually feel like that. I’m pretty serene and increasingly so as I’ve made my own dig to the root of the problems all women face. It’s strange that some people think I seem angry because I’ve never felt less angry in my life than I do right now because my expectations of people, especially men, are just so low nothing about them surprises or upsets me, anymore. I expect the worst and I’m never disappointed.

    In order to really make this kind of progress in my life, I’ve had to establish a lot of peace and quiet. I live in a degree of isolation that would be excessive to most people, but it’s perfect for me and I’ve gone to great lengths to make sure I’m not disturbed in anyway and the only thing that can disturb me is if someone manages to breach that in some way.

    And, that happened several days ago (maybe it’s been a couple of weeks now) with the events around my home. So, this has made a disturbance and it was so scary that when my contractor came back the next day, he was armed. And, of course, I’m always armed. (And, Geez! I’m having to apologize to him because I had been telling him just before that that this was a safe place to leave his equipment and so on and I never had any trouble… but then evidence to the contrary was right in our face that day!) We live in a place where probably most people are armed at any time – except this wife-beater dude… apparently, he’s from the big city and I was happy to hear that while some other disturbing things are going on at that house, the dude may be a gun-phobiac, which is a good thing for many reasons. I’m, also, taking extra security measures around my home, too, and trying to insulate myself even more from the outside and the threats that are presented anytime a door is opened around here – literally!

    What happened is a bad thing, of course. But, taking extra security measures is all good because my experience is that anytime I do something to make myself safer that, at that time, feels a little paranoid, I usually find out shortly thereafter that it was entirely warranted and I’m glad I took those precautions. This is why I say paranoia pays off. In my experience, it does.

    And, now I’m having that strange feeling, again, about my online presence, probably because of this onslaught of harassment and threats other women are experiencing. (Or, it could just be a by-product of real-life events.) I don’t have to have an experience, personally, for it to be real to me. I can learn from other people’s experiences and like probably most people, I never think, “That could never happen to me,” because so much has already happened to me that most people people think will never happen to them. The worst things happen to the best people, in my observation.

    If I start to feel kind of “funny” about something, I think it’s time to back off and restore my peace of mind. I find I’m much more productive and happy in every area of my life when I’m really serene.

    P.S. I hope this post doesn’t have too many errors in it… I looked for errors, but it looks like as I’m typing several characters are not making it into print and entire words and parts of words are missing. (I’m a quick typist, so maybe my ancient keyboard isn’t keeping up!) I don’t know if it’s WP or maybe my connection… this is an old, old computer. So, apologize in advance for any weird errors.

    • I’m definitely going to miss you for however long you need to break for. When I don’t see your comments I start to miss you too but I do know what it’s like getting burnt out and the ‘feeling’ you get that says ‘Take a break, now. You need it.’

      I do that too and I think every woman who is online has to do this too. It’s a shame that women are subjected to this.

      I’ve sat here and thought of ways to stop the harassment to designing systems in my mind of how it would work.

      Every ISP would have a unit to deal with it’s consumers who harass and would take them offline for offenses.

      A woman would report to the isp and the isp would spring into action, immediately, and have special staff to shut down the offender in successively longer times and eventually cancel the user if he continues.

      The important part is that these departments are regulated by an outside body so that the ISP has no control over it because what ISP wants to shut down service?

      Anywho, this is what women need to do online and it’s terrible. I wish you a good break and hope you come back soon.

      • Sounds like good ideas, HMQ.

        Or we could just thank Bubba Winston Bush of Alabama, who likes to wave a pirate flag like an eight-year-old, for helping to force the MRM into long-overdue obscurity.

  7. Hi WOOW, I understand what you mean about guarding one’s peace. Whatever you decide to do to protect that, great, I’ve got a peaceful life too and know what a luxury that is in this troubled world.

    One silver lining – each shooting threat directed at a woman who speaks up is an MRA shooting HIMSELF in the foot. The MRM is wounding itself mortally in terms of public outrage. Its legacy (as far as most people are concerned) is going to be, oh yeah, them, that bunch of creeps that tried to force women off the internet.

    Its propagandists would like to control their minions’ violence so they can re-brand, but getting bubba all riled up so he sends a million threats to mommy bloggers and game developers and schoolteachers, and then thinking they can nevertheless gain any legitimacy in the mainstream, has got to be the most piss-poor long-term political strategy I’ve ever seen.

    The MRM IS the voice of general male resentment, and takes care to feed that resentment. It gets donations from troubled men and also gets very bad press because it presents the troubled men, with a reckless and depraved cynicism, with still-vulnerable scapegoats, namely, women.

    The two events are inextricably intertwined. You can’t get donations without the scapegoat. You have to have a narrative that makes their trouble look simple, with a villain. So threats and violence are inherent in the MRM setup. It’s an old political story

    Real men’s rights issues they occasionally pay lip service to, like male-on-male rape in prisons, are already being addressed by actual men’s advocacy organizations, not by them.

    Of course, male resentment over women’s increasing control of our bodies and lives is real and dangerous and always subject to flaring up. We’ll continue to speak freely nevertheless, as there’s so much to say after 5000 years of silence.

  8. HMQ – I’ve read this post several times since you first put it up. I keep hoping I will have something to say that will be meaningful. There is nothing I have yet to say, or that I may ever have to say, other than that I’m appalled that you or any other woman has to deal with such ignorance, stupidity, and evil.

    • Oh I get this all the time. I was thinking of doing a post of all the old comments I saved before I started this blog from like 2009. I just had a bunch of gamer/MRA dudes tell me that Zoe Quinn needs to be punished and compared her to a murderer. Can you get over that?

      Then I get a phone call tonight at 3AM and I know it’s from that guy I befriended that I hung out with ONCE. He knows I’m not interested and he knows it’s over because I flat out told him he’s done and doesn’t respect my boundaries. He called me three times last week, and I never answered and then tried calling me at 3AM THIS morning! Talk about entitlement. I picked up the phone and slammed it down not allowing him to go to my internal messaging system. He still hasn’t tuned into reality. I may have to change my number. He won’t leave me the hell alone.


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