AVFM’s Totalitarian Censorship

AVFM, that bastion of stupid dudes, has decided that women in gaming are causing game companies everyone to censor them. The hilarious thing is they’re a bunch of hypocrites. No surprise. In an article titled ‘Cronyism, Lies and Censorship’ (I’m not going to link it because it’s just endless kvetching) the author Vincent James whines and whines and whines about those poor dudes who can’t go to gaming sites and spread woman hatred. What about free speech?

Here’s AVFM just a couple days ago, censoring someone in a purely totalitarian way: CLICK TO ENLARGE

AVFM banning for disagreeing with AVFMIf you speak against the government you will be erased. Pure totalitarianism. The next time I hear MRA’s whining about this I’ll point them here and watch the rationalization hamsters go into overdrive.

Here are some Russian jokes I found about their lives under communism. It reminded me of AVFM’s Elam. With a little word substitution they fit just fine.

  • Q: Is it true that there is freedom of speech in Soviet Union  AVFM, just like in USA  feminist blogs?
A: In principle, yes. In the USA feminist blogs, you can yell, “Down with Reagan Feminism!”, and you will not be punished. Equally, you can also stand in AVFM in Elam’s World and yell, “Down with Reagan Feminists!”, and you will not be punished.

I didn’t substitute words here. They are just perfect the way they are.

  • Q: What is the difference between the Constitutions of the USA and USSR? Both of them guarantee freedom of speech.
A: Yes, but the Constitution of the USA also guarantees freedom after the speech.
  • Q: Is it true that the Soviet Union is the most progressive country in the world?
A: Of course! Life was already better yesterday than it’s going to be tomorrow!



4 thoughts on “AVFM’s Totalitarian Censorship

  1. Some of my comments are disappearing, though they are initially shown as being posted. Very likely I am doing something wrong through Twitter, but I also thought I better ask if I’m saying something inappropriate and getting modded out. (Nothing to do with this post – I’m not whining about any censorship – just trying to figure out why my small words go away.) Thanks.


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