Remember How MRA’s Stuck Up for Ray Rice? UPDATE


On twitter the hashtags #WhyIStayed and #WhyILeft are trending. Women are sharing their stories and explaining why it’s not so easy as just ‘leaving.’

Janay Rice sent an instagram to Twitter explaining her disappointment at the video being made public and that by making it public it has irrevocably harmed her family and her relationship with Rice. She focused on how horrible it was to ‘relive’ the moment.

Some women need reminding of what they’ll tolerate. This is not to blame her but I think if someone showed me a video tape of what my ex would do to me, I may have left sooner than I did and done it in a more calculated way to protect myself. Nobody should blame Janay for staying since we women know how hard it is to leave. As I said yesterday on a comment section, it may be he’s already threatened to murder her.

AVFM and MRA’s have said NOTHING in response to the video of Rice beating his girlfriend unconscious. Instead they focus on the fact that she married him as a way to blame her for being beaten. In fact I got a tweet from an MRA org yesterday in response to this post that said Janay married Ray. Marrying someone isn’t permission to be battered but to MRA’s it seems that’s the case. To me this shows how these men, and many men in general, truly think about battering. They don’t take it seriously because it mostly doesn’t happen to them.

Next time MRA’s whinge that women are beating up men in the same frequency and severity (which is statistically false), let’s remind them of their blaming of Janay, Rice’s wife and how nonchalantly they treat this problem.


MRA’s are always quick to jump to the defend guys who beat the shit out of their wives. In the case of Ray Rice, professional football player, there was a video of him dragging his unconscious wife out of an elevator that made the rounds online. MRA’s were quick to point out that his wife probably deserved it because they ‘didn’t know’ what actually happened inside the elevator. All the video contained was Ray dragging his wife unconscious, out of the elevator.

Here’s the sportscaster Steven Smith blaming women for men beating them and doing the typical mansplain double-speak we women are accustomed to. MRA’s flocked to his defense too.

In response to Smith’s ‘don’t provoke men’ diatribe in which he was suspended, Elam weighed in:

‘ESPN Sportscaster Stephen A. Smith was suspended from his job for making the common sense observation related to the Ray Rice incident that women should not provoke violence with men. He was basing that on the knowledge that the woman Rice hit (and who later married him) had admitted to hitting him first.’

Elam has gone on record saying that if a woman hits him, even if she’s ineffective and can’t do damage, that he will hit her.

‘I am 6’8” tall and 285 pounds. If a woman five feet tall and 110 pounds soaking wet hits me, I am going to hit her back. I would do my best to return the violence proportionally, to just use enough force to stop the attack, but I can make no guarantees. Depending on the suddenness of the attack, the level of fear or threat I might feel, the impulse to self-defend in measured amounts is difficult, if not impossible to predict with any accuracy.’

Aside from Elam’s giddyness about battering women, we have a new development. Turns out Ray Rice DID beat her, like most women knew anyway, and there’s a tape of it.

Here’s the of him beating her released an hour ago. The NFL gave Rice a two game suspension AFTER they viewed the full tape that was just leaked a few hours ago. So far the NFL has said nothing on the matter but now that the full tape is online I suspect we’ll hear some mansplaining from all corners of the manosphere.


My suspicion is that the NFL covered it up. Men hide other men’s battering as part of patriarchy. We know how many male athletes get passes when they rape and batter because they’re so commercially valuable. This is just another form of male violence against women that is justified in our culture.




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  1. Smith doesn’t say what this “provocation” is. If you look at the video, you see the woman is attractive, she’s wearing a relatively short skirt and she’s selecting the floor number on an elevator while she has her back to the criminal perpetrator.

    In my own experience, no “provocation” (meaning an argument, flirtation, eye contact, etc.) is needed for brutal male violence to ensue the second you turn your back. You just have to be there – walking by is dangerous, but turning your back on a man (maybe you know him, maybe you don’t – you’ve never spoken an unkind word between you – it doesn’t matter) is apparently reason enough for him to brutally attack you.

    I’m guessing the only reason he didn’t rape her in the elevator was the lack of time. Or maybe we just didn’t get to see that part of the video.

    Simply being a woman in the presence of a man – anywhere, in any situation – is grounds in his mind (ie. “provocation”) for a brutal attack.

    I’ve mentioned a recent situation near my home in which a man beat a woman unconscious and there was no “provocation.” I don’t know what the victim was wearing (she was in her own home at about 2:30 a.m.), but there was little dialogue before what might have been a death blow. Men are just violent and unpredictable where women are concerned.

    Too bad Smith didn’t elaborate on the “provocation.” I’m glad he was fired.

    Trump was apparently shooting his mouth off on the TV and called this “a mistake.” Yes, attacking a woman the second she turns her back, then knocking her unconscious and dragging her body around an elevator shaft is now “a mistake.” This is not a mistake. Men have no moral conscious. This man didn’t beat a “woman,” he beat his personal slave, as far as he – and other men – are concerned.

    What upset me after I absorbed the appalling violence of this new video was the fact that I know this is big-time porn. Thanks to Facebook and MRAs, I now have a better understanding of what porn is and despite the fact that this woman is clothed, this is still porn and a whole bunch of dudes will be jacking off to this all over the web today. I’m sure there will be an in-depth discussionof how much they enjoy seeing women beaten unconscious, how it gets them hard, etc., all over YouTube and Reddit.

    This society we have here is NOT worth saving. And, it’s time the people running it and it’s beneficiaries paid the price for all the crimes they have committed.

    • I noticed that he spit on her twice too when he got into the elevator. This is what male battering is. IT’s right there in technicolor.

      I wonder how the MRA’s are gonna spin this one. Paul is probably excited he has some new porn.

      That guy is scary. The violence in him is just so PRESENT. He foams and gets giddy about it.

      • Re: The possible “provocation,” we are familiar with from experience is:

        1) Daring to exist somewhere (could be online, at your own blog maybe, could be in your own bed, could be on your way to work, could be running an errand, etc.)

        2) Having the audacity to, at some point, express an opinion that a man disagrees with. (There are many examples here, especially, recently – Zoe Quinn, Anita S., your veiled threat of being shot, and the multitude of crap that goes on that is so common and ordinary for us that we either (a) don’t mention it because it’s part of the environment or (b) we just stay home/stay off the web.)

        And, in the latter case, this expression can simply be saying, “No,” to demands that you give them your phone number, get in their car, date them, etc.

        You know, when it came out about what kind of disgusting, perverted things were going on in the airports in the U.S., I was surprised to learn that most Americans are fine with rape. I thought to myself, “That explains it all.” It explains why when you talk about your OWN rape everybody gets mad at YOU! You’re supposed to be raped – you’re supposed to be sexually assaulted by a gang of uniformed perverts in airports, apparently. So, now I get that most Americans (and I think it’s safe to say men, in general) are a-okay with rape, even if they give lip service to the contrary because that’s all that goes on. Rape! It’s what’s for dinner! Rape! The other white meat! Got Rape! That’s what this country is all about.

        Then, when Elliot Rodger went on his killing spree, I watched the outpouring of sympathy for a mass killer. I didn’t just cringe at it – I got really scared because I realize this talk isn’t just “talk,” anymore. These men – and, again, it’s mostly men – are serious.

        Today, you’ll see all kinds of people defending the perp or defending that Smith asshole who got fired and when they’re not outright defending him and saying women should not “provoke” men’s violent attacks on us (Whatever that means, exactly, I don’t know.), I realize why men’s violence against women is never taken seriously. This is SUPPOSED to happen. You’re supposed to be spat on and knocked unconscious in an elevator – or maybe your own home in the middle of the night – by a man. This is the order of things. It’s how they like it.

        • Oops! I didn’t finish a sentence in the last paragraph. I meant to say that when they’re not defending the perp, they’re making jokes and making light of it.

          That dude could have easily killed her. She’s small and not exactly dressed for a boxing match, especially in those tiny shoes, and he’s a huge, freakin’ football player.

          • He most certainly could’ve killed her.

            I’m listening to an abusive father yelling at the police right now because he’s angry at a female politican and has invented a story in his head that she’s harassed him.

            You know what she ACTUALLY didn’t do? She drove a 3rd party to his home so the 3rd party could serve papers. That’s her ‘crime’

            Now this batshit crazy abuser is after her in every way he can. I’ll be doing a post on him since he’s a prominent misogynist/

      • I don’t know how MRAs are going to spin it, but my contractor told me these things are usually 50/50 and the woman just *looks* like the victim because she usually “gets the worst of it.”

        Women nag men into raping and murdering us, apparently. I will be glad when this work is finally done here… men anywhere around make me nervous. MRA or not, they all hold these same ideas about women.

        One of my own domestic abusers twisted my arm when his team lost at Scrabble. That was the provocation… I beat him at a little game. Everybody was having a good time, laughing and eating potato chips and then suddenly he turned violent. Sometimes they don’t need even that much “provocation.” I was attacked from behind once while silently taking off my shoes at the door. There had been no disagreement, no argument… there was nothing and when I asked him why he did it, he said, “Because I wanted to.”

        My other experiences with male violence in the home involve the man having had a bad day at work, coming home and needing someone to take his aggression out on. In this instance, my provocation was not being able to closely enough resemble a piece of furniture, which I used to try desperately to do as a child.

        Men are violent. They don’t need any excuses.

        • Something else here that is hard to explain. These violent attacks on women are always “sexual” in nature, even when there is no rape or actual sexual assault involved. They do it because they enjoy (sexually enjoy) perpetrating horrific violence of all kinds on women – and on little girls. There’s a whole genres of porn out there like “crush,” which are about violence against women and girls. The violence is not sexual in any conventional way, but to the perps/pervs it is very sexual.

          There doesn’t have to be provocation in the form of nagging, an argument, a short skirt, a flirtation or whatever – men will just do violence to whatever woman or girl is handy when they’re having their hormonal surges. If you’re in a relationship (whether it’s friendship, romantic or he’s just a work colleague) with a man and you are around him on a regular basis, you increase your chances of becoming his victim.

          If that lady hadn’t been with him in the elevator, he’d be attacking some other woman or girl somewhere.

  2. Some MRAs will probably derail the discussion by accusing women of being batterers too.

    “Why are feminists focusing on male batterers and female victims? MISANDRY!” the MRA says.

    “We understand that domestic violence against men happen too, but this specific case is about a male batterer and female victim. This example needs to be discuss separately from that because male violence against women is a serious issue,” the feminist explains.

    “Not all men! This is MISANDRY!” the MRAs chant in unison.

    I’m surprised Ray Rice got such a light sentence. No jail time? And MRAs say the justice system is biased towards women…

  3. MRA spins: “Well, what do you expect from the feminist cabal that controls the NFL!”

    Furrowed brows when there is just no way to make that compute. When that doesn’t work: “Call Whoopi Goldberg, she’ll defend Ray…”

    But Whoopi has taken a very sudden vacation to Antarctica.

    When that doesn’t work: “Let’s harass those sumbitch mangina coaches and administrators and players who are throwing a real man who was just following Paul Elam’s excellent policy encouraging life-threatening violence against women who swat you, under the bus!”

    But that bit of bravado doesn’t get off the ground as AVFM only harasses women, due to the members’ collective cojones malady

    And finally: “No worries, the Ravens will wait until it dies down, then quietly reinstate him.”

    The are too ignorant to know what the Raven already quoth.


  4. Forgot to mention MRA spin: “She was probably drunk, so he didn’t have to obtain consent.”

    How about: “He’s a goner, so let’s quick find some woman journalist to persecute to get our minds off this hot mess.”

    That one might stick.

  5. Hee hee, WoC, what about the 6’8″ 285 pound NFL running back woman who beat up her 110 pound 5′ boyfriend in that elevator last month? Women do it too! Misandry!

  6. Bottom line: Sexual dimorphism and male predisposition to violence are real. Advice for women: stay far, far away from men for safety.

    And elevators? That’s where they do their dirtiest business, be careful.

    • Yes, you’ll notice he waited until they were in the elevator, where he foolishly thought there would be no witnesses, to launch his attack – while she was distracted selecting the floor number!

      As if a man of his massive size and strength attacking a woman in a pair of high heels (no center of gravity in those things, if they’re very high, making it nearly impossible to open a door if it’s very heavy!) isn’t cowardly enough, he waits until he’s distracted and in a confined space and no one is there to stop him.

      The only defense is simply, as you say, to avoid men whenever possible.

      There is no hope for men. Part of their dimorphism appears to be hormonally induced brain damage. What we have here is a case of mass arrested mental development of the male human. Their brains aren’t right. They can’t assess situations properly because of underdevelopment of a frontal area of the brain necessary to do this and they are simply not capable of a whole range of human feelings. I am not a scientist, but I can prove the last part… but not here.

      • Goddesses, I heart cameras. Let’s put them everywhere. Let’s get the truth out about the violence. It’s always been so carefully hidden. but these new technologies revealing truths continue to shoot men in the foot.

        Male supremacism is supported by daily, banal acts of coercion. Truth: men want women near in a subordinate, degraded capacity. Truth: women don’t need or want men. If they manage to think clearly about it, in spite of the news, the dramas, the magazines, the preachers, the brothers and dads, the mothers, the cultures, religions, and the capitalistic lying promises, they separate asap.

        Thanks Ray. Another left hook for women’s liberation.

        • Something else I don’t get. They called this DV even though it happened in an elevator in a public place (and if not public, at least, not in a private residence where DV by definition takes place) as a way of dismissing the seriousness of the violence.

          If this dudebro had attacked anyone else besides his “personal sex slave” in a public place, with cameras running, wouldn’t he be behind bars for a while? Maybe not. But, I would hope so.

          Apparently, there was an arrest, but then…nothing!

          He ought to behind bars for a few years for this attack.

          When women victims of crimes get no support from anybody, anywhere, they don’t get the luxury of making free choices. When you’re the victim, you have to think about how you’re going to survive and, if there’s a child, how are you going to keep her safe, too. Women shouldn’t have to live like this and when there is video evidence of a violent, crime, the criminal ought to be behind bars for a long, long time.

  7. And for heaven’s sake, don’t marry the asshole and sit by his side at the waa-waa press conference afterwards. Women do have to stop enabling male batterers. We do have that responsibility.

    • I don’t think women are enabling batterers – the system we’re in is doing this, though.

      I read of another celebrity case like this and everyone was asking why did that idiot woman stay with her abuser. A couple of years later, she came out and revealed that she had to because they had a child together and it was the only way (by following a dangerous, but carefully laid plan) that she could keep her daughter out of her abusive sperm donor’s hands.

      Sometimes women have nowhere to go. I have been in that position, myself. Believe me, I was not enabling my abuser… he was just an abuser and he’s probably abused a whole lot of women before and after me.

      The only way I can see that women can end abuse is to leave this whole society behind entirely (separatism) – and to stop giving birth to males, which takes the education of women (without men hanging around to sabotage those efforts).

      Thanks for mentioning the press conference. I didn’t know there was one. I’m listening to it right now. How disgusting! This woman looks like a prisoner to me in every photo I’ve seen of her with him. I don’t believe she is there of her free will. I think they have a child together.

      Another sorta personal story: A relative of mine married an abuser and had two daughters with him. She just left because he thought he was going to kill her and take the children, anyway. His mother was raising the girls and she felt like the best thing she could do was what everyone says abused women should do, which is just leave. If she had taken her children with her, he quite probably would have hunted her down and killed them all. Women are not the problem. The problem is a whole society that is very sick because it is run by and for men.

      • By the way, I don’t believe abused women and children should have to leave their homes. I firmly believe men who abuse should be forced out, if not by the state, then women should have the right to defend themselves well enough to force them out and keep them out.

        Over the years, I’ve run across numerous women who befriended me well enough to tell me they were on the run with their child from an abuser. One woman ran to a big city to hide with her child and even changed her name because the child’s sperm donor was going to kill her or both of them.

        I have had two friends who had their children kidnapped as infants by the sperm donors. One of them had the resources to literally track him all over the non-continental U.S. to rescue her infant daughter. I’m not sure what happened in the other case.

        This is systematic. Men and only men are to blame. If they wanted things to be different, they would be.

  8. One more thing. Hey, lady who married Ray Rice. Let’s talk about this. You say you have to be with a man, lots of reasons. Okay. You have all the subordinate behaviors down. You get along good. It’s a fun life he brings you. He criticizes you for every thing you do but you know how to make him forget about his dislike of you deciding anything about anything. You do what he needs – you know those needs better than he does. You’re what he wants.

    Part Two of this lesson is called, Stepping out of Line. That’s right. You get kinda bold, kinda weird, kinda defiant, you feel kinda strong, it’s hard to explain, you want to do something your way. You step out of it.

    He shuts you down and it’s ugly. He says cruel things, reminding you you’re a nobody he could dump anytime.

    Well now. You think that over. R U a nobody?

    Turns out you decide you’re a human being. You’re going to stick with that.

    Wow! He goes apeshit! Only one human being in this fucking house! Me!

    Dear Ms. Rice, please consider: a day will come when you ask yourself if you’re a human being like Ray. Sure, he’s bigger. Does that make him more of a human?

  9. Hey, WOOW,

    Women who stay with people who beat them up…well, all I know is they did have to do that up to about twenty years ago. At this point I think there are enough supportive services that they can leave with the children, and survive, in the developed countries. In other countries they have no choice yet, they remain enslaved,but their time will come.

    At this point in the U.S. – Ms. Rice marrying a man who almost killed her and probably will within a few years — I can’t wrap my head around saying she has no other option, or is psychologically enslaved, and we have to accept that about her. She has access to the Net. She can find a shelter. She can free herself in the US and Canada and the UK and Scandinavia. Elsewhere, no. She must run. She must run.

    Please explain to me why she can’t run.

    • Well, maybe it’s HER house. Women own houses, too. And, if the abuser is in your house, you can’t run off into the night and abandon your legal and financial responsibilities.

      You’re asking me to give answers to questions when I don’t know all the personal details, I don’t know the victim in this case or the details of her life circumstances, but sometimes running is not an option, especially when a little child is involved. It is in the course of running that you are most likely to be murdered and that’s a major reason a lot of women don’t run.

      Women are NOT obligated to run. Men ARE obligated not to abuse.

      Also, despite popular opinion marriages ARE coerced by men in this country and not only by Muslims It happens here, just like it happens elsewhere in the world. She may not have married entirely of her own free will. My guess is she probably did not.

      It’s not pleasant to think that sometimes women really do not have free will or free choice, but this is the case very, very often – yes, even here in the U.S.

  10. Let me make clear that I don’t blame Ms. Rice for being injured. I don’t blame her for trying to maintain a relationship with someone she’s in love with. But she’s misguided (as another commenter says, a whole structure exists to misguide women). Her statements that she is sorry for “her part” and that she’s upset about the smoking gun elevator film because it is hurting her relationship show that the relationship is actually being harmed because she is being pulled out of denial about what he did to her.

    What he did was what hurt the relationship and the only way she could save it was to delude herself. Now she is being freshly humiliated as the extent of her denial becomes apparent. The elevator film may have saved her life, because she can’t deny any longer.

    I don’t know what the lesson is, and I am sure there are millions of mistreated intimate partners who can’t imagine leaving. I can only point to how the hard work of feminism has given them choices and made it possible to get police assistance, to get legal assistance, to find refuge, to make a living wage, to keep the children, and so on, in some countries, in some places. We must stay focused on this work of ending this characteristic form of male violence.

    Men are also massively in denial at this point. A few decades ago they could batter and in many cases get away with it. Now that feminism has dismantled some of that structure (economic dependence, complicitness of authorities, sexist religious preachings, inability to divorce, stigma, women’s gender role of being forgiving and pitying, etc), men have got to dismantle their battering-isn’t-so-bad gender role. The ball is entirely in their court now. Women are divorcing them and women are not marrying them. More and more, we are voting with our feet. And we do fine on our own, some studies say much better.

    • In your comments, you are blaming her. Maybe you should review what you wrote.

      Blaming her and then saying, “I’m not blaming her,” doesn’t quite cut it, especially after you demanded that I give you an explanation as to why she can’t run.

      Despite years of characterizing women as masochists who enjoy abuse, I don’t think this is the reason any woman stays in a situation like this. No one enjoys being beaten to a blood pulp. So, logically, there must be another reason – like maybe she doesn’t have any other good options at this moment that would ensure her survival and the safety of her child.

      Clearly, you have never been in such a situation, yourself, or you wouldn’t be judging her and blaming her.

    • I think so too. I think she’ll eventually leave him. It’s probably the best thing that he doesn’t continue making lots of money. It’s one less incentive to stay.

      The best preventative advice I can give to women is to stay away from men and if you’re even thinking about getting involved with them do not SLEEP with them and take very careful note about their background, family, friends, and how they handle events. Then again, even that might not be sufficient b/c a lot of men will play the dishonest game and once she’s connected to him he’ll show his true self.

      I’ve made my life very easy. I don’t go near men at all in a dating sense. I can’t really even be friends with men because they only think about sex.

      Women only for me. I guarantee my survival and my life, my joy, my freedom.

      • Women like you are the reason why I’ve made my life very easy and I don’t go near females at all in a dating sense (or any other sense if I can at all possibly avoid it). I can’t even really be friends with women because they only think about how they can use me for their own gain.

        Men only for me. I guarantee my survival, my joy, my freedom. MGTOW 4 life.

        >Translation: When women are talking about male violence, I have to come onto a feminist blog and let all those women know I’m going on my own way. I do this to try and turn the conversation toward me, and MY poor self. I don’t mean a word of it. It’s just like a child having a tantrum to get attention. I’ll be back to derail this thread because you’re all talking about male violence and well, that’s me!

        • I suppose that’s why you feel the need to come to feminist blogs to tell everyone how lonely you are? I’m actually glad you’ve turned gay. It will save a lot of women from male violence. If you’re going to get violent it should be at another man. I’m actually quite happy for you that you’ve made the choice to be gay. You see, what’s funny is that women like me DON’T want men like you. I find it hilarious you have to put that in there AS IF some woman, even myself, would want a misogynist piece of shit like you. The entitlement reeks off you. Just make sure you put your wallet in your front pocket because well, during butt sex it’s too easy for a man to grab it. Have a good one!

          Oh and I notice that this is the new tack of MRA’s like yourself. Instead of attacking women online most of the time, you’ve switched to attacking men. This is good for us.

          Take Care and get going on that way of yours!

          • Just imagine me reading the following three paragraphs in a high-pitched mocking tone (which should be easy for you, because you know just how gay I am).

            BTW – When you’re good at sucking dick, you’re never lonely. 🙂


            – Dick

          • When are you going to get going? I get it dude. You’re a typical male psycho. I had to block your ass because you really are a fucking psycho. I’m also going to report you to the appropriate authorities. Over here on mancheeze, we don’t mess around. I’ve got your ip and off you go.

          • When women are talking about male violence, I have to come onto a feminist blog and let all those women know I’m going on my own way. I do this to try and turn the conversation toward me, and MY poor self. I don’t mean a word of it. It’s just like a child having a tantrum to get attention. I’ll be back to derail this thread because you’re all talking about male violence and well, that’s me!

            >By copying and pasting what the site owner mocked me with, I am really trying to get across my violence and psychotic behaviour. I’m an unstable male that got triggered by the Ray Rice article that clearly reflected my character so I had to tell every woman on here how joyous I am that I’m going my own way, except I’m not really doing that. I’m here because I want to inflict some sort of trauma. This is me being male!

          • >I’m such a happy dude going my own way that I’m leaving pages of comments to show just how happy I am that I’m trying SO hard to derail this thread and such. I’m really insecure, immature, and have some sort of psychosis. I feel the need to sing songs on feminist sites after the site owner basically tells me to stick my dick up my own arse.

            Since I can’t come out with direct violence in words I’ll just make stupid icons with ANCI text to show that a dumb male was here trying to urinate all over women. This is how much I hate women. I hate women so much that I draw stupid icons. I’m really happy though going my own way.

            This is what the MGTOW movement does to me! I’m so joyous that I spend comment after comment making psychotic phrases and being an idiot!

          • 8====D~~~~~

            The world is like a ride at an amusement park, and when you choose to go on it you think it’s real because that’s how powerful our minds are. And the ride goes up and down and round and round and it has thrills and chills and it’s very brightly colored and it’s very loud. And it’s fun, for a awhile.

            >I’m telling women I’m a psycho by leaving all these comments with silly penis symbols. I’m so happy and joyous and violent and male!

          • The world is like a ride at an amusement park, and when you choose to go on it you think it’s real because that’s how powerful our minds are. And the ride goes up and down and round and round and it has thrills and chills and it’s very brightly colored and it’s very loud. And it’s fun, for a awhile.

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          • Oh, my, god. Becky, look at her butt
            It is so big. She looks like
            One of those rap guys’ girlfriends
            But, y’know, who understands those rap guys?
            They only talk to her, because
            She looks like a total prostitute, ‘kay?
            I mean, her butt, is just so big
            I can’t believe it’s just so round, it’s like
            Out there, I mean – gross. Look!
            She’s just so … black!

  11. Actual MRA spins today from the mensrights sub:

    – If you’re being attacked, a strong punch is the best way to take care of the problem to avoid further danger from the attacker

    – Ray has problems (mental, presumably), so cut him some slack.

    – if a female bodybuilder beat up a scrawny man, there wouldn’t be this media fuss.

    – She probably attacked him before a number of times.

    I reviewed the video on the TMZ site, where it is very clear. She walks by him in the hall without a word or glance when he leans forward and spits in her face. She grimaces and walks angrily toward the elevator, throwing back her arm as she walks away and lightly swatting at him. He follows close behind her.

    In the elevator, he crowds up against her as she pushes the button, and spits in her face again. Again she grimaces and tries to push him away, when he hits her. You can pause the video and see her head knocked back. He steps back and she takes a step or two toward him, talking. He slugs her, knocking her into the metal rail.

    Spitting is a battery, it goes without saying.

    She was not the initiator or the attacker. She tried to get away from Rice and to get him away from her in the elevator. Her actions were entirely defensive.

    That’s what I saw. If I saw right, I don’t understand why Ray isn’t in custody.

  12. Regarding our courteous visiting misogynist, He didn’t even write his little riff, it’s taken from another site which uses it for satirical purposes in a serious critique of societal attitudes toward the beauty of women of color.

    I do understand his fixation on big butts though. Since he is one.

  13. A significant symptom of mental illness is a lack of insight. Joy/diana/sael/hera and all your little echoes are like a psychiatric unit lol. Carry on girls!:)

    >Translation: I have nothing to say because I’m an MRA. Instead I’ll project that onto other women and then call them mentally ill. I’m also angry that we MRA’s keep getting called out on our misogyny so this is my immature protesting comment.

  14. Another man-child who thinks we are interested in his wee-wee. Dude, keep your dangly bits to yourself.

    As if women have to suck dick to avoid being lonely! Ha!
    My female partner and I are never lonely, because we have a mature, loving relationship. If all I had was a man-child like this dude to relate to, THEN I’d be lonely!

  15. Not a fan of Dr. Phil, but he did a show on domestic violence today. They talked about Rice and why women stay. A friend of Rice talks about how his sister was murdered and his mother was almost killed by a man when her sister left her abuser. Another woman who I think is a friend or associate of Janay talked about how someone she knew was murdered by the man after she left. Another woman talks about how she had to kill in self-defense, but was charged with 1st degree murder for killing the man who tried to kill her.

    Here’s a link:

  16. Oh the MRAs are saying plenty about the Ray Rice incident mostly on the lines of Janay Rice provoked the incident by “hitting first”, and Ray Rice is the “real” victim of domestic violence and only acted in “self defence”.

    I’ve copied and pasted a poll they ran on their MRA facebook page

    “We are asking for your verdict, as the jury, about their alleged domestic violence and conduct”

    Do you find the Defendant, Jana Rice, guilty of assaulting her husband Ray Rice?

    Guilty 81.5%

    Not Guilty 18.5%

    Is the Defendant, Ray Rice, guilty of assaulting his wife, Jana Rice?

    Guilty 40.7%

    Not Guilty 59.3%

    Was the Defendant, Ray Rice, acting in self defense?

    Self Defense 77.8%

    Not Self Defense 22.2%

    Their appalling attitude towards domestic violence and the victim blaming are why abusers are able to get away with their abuse.

    The most dangerous time for a women in a domestic violent relationship is after she ends the relationship. Leaving the relationship does not guarantee that the violence will stop and this is the time where the abuser is more likely to kill his partner than at any other time during the relationship.


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