Attack of the 50ft Kotaku!

Anyone who has a modicum of intelligence understands that this dumb gamergate campaign is just a bunch of angry misogynists who are afraid of women and afraid of us having any say in a video game industry predominately controlled by men. Anyone looking for nuance in this debacle is kidding themselves. There is no legitimate complaint being put forth by male gamers and their endless sock puppets they’ve created to mess about on Twitter with.

It’s gotten so bombastic that MRA’s are writing letters to fucking grocery store chains who advertise on Kotaku claiming that a video game blog, is attacking their kids. Which MRA do you think is pulling this silly shit? It ain’t Paul Elam for a change. It’s Dean Esmay, who thinks a fucking blog is abusing him.

He wrote this letter to Keith Dailey Communications Director for Kroger’s, a supermarket chain:

Greetings. I have been a Kroger customer, with a Kroger value card* me and my family use, for about 20 years. I have been grossly offended by the insults by Kotaku to me and my son, who have played video games together since he was about 3 years old (he’ll be an adult soon). Kotaku has been spreading hateful messages about people like me and my son and has been involved in what looks like blatant journalistic corruption. Please stop supporting this hateful publication with your advertising. If you do not, I will look to shop exclusively at your competitors in my area, including Meier, Bush’s, and Hiller’s.

Stop Kotaku’s abuse of my family. Thank you.

Fucking ridiculous. If Dean Esmay can’t handle a blog saying it’s had enough of the online/offline harassment of women then Dean Esmay should think about what part of his psychology is driving this need for him to spew this bullshit. Does Dean really think Kotaku is ‘abusing his family?’

I don’t know but I do know that Dean Esmay is a crackpot misogynist who’s tied his caboose to Paul Elam who says women are begging to be raped, women should be beaten to a bloody pulp, and who’s an anti-choice nut job who wants to get rid of child support and rape shield laws.

You know, MRA’s are always screaming about women being ‘victims’ and yet Dean Esmay is the one moaning that by taking a stand against misogyny his sons are being abused! Can we take a moment to laugh at the absurdity? Do you think Dean’s ‘suffering’ is anywhere equivalent to the harassment of Anita Sarkeesian, who Dean Esmay takes delight in harassing online by allowing MRA’s to continually write articles and produce video shows about her? He is the managing editor of AVFM so how is he not culpable for the harassment? If advertisers are responsible then surely managing editors are too, right?

A lolsuit might be next.

The poor, poor guy.


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  1. Hi HMQ. Or is it HQM or ‘Joyless Joy’? Who cares? Not me, that’s for sure.

    It pains me to say this, but even by feminist standards you’re mind-numbingly STUPID. You’ve managed to limbo-dance under a REALLY low bar with your attack on Dean Esmay, who has more integrity in each of his toenails than you have in total. Congratulations!

    Have a nice day.

    Mike Buchanan


  2. What does misogyny have to do with asking journalists to not give money to and sleep with people they are supposed to be covering in a neutral manner? What does misogyny have to do with gamers expecting not to be insulted when they’re helping fund the people that are insulting them? The harassment is bad, and hopefully something can be done about it. Instead of attacking people who are calling for ethics to be restored, why not attack the harassers who don’t care about ethics and don’t care about gaming, but just want to hurt people and make them mad?

    • So writing a letter complaining to the director of Kroger’s about how you’re so offended because of a blog site, then threatening to stop shopping there, Then wasting your money on so called “other competition” helps solve the problem?

      • No, I think what Esmay was doing was using the gamergate controversy as an opportunity to click-bait for his website. Esmay and Elam are probably more of a hazard for gamergate than they are a boon. That is, gamergate is not about the rights of men, and given their tendancy to say awful things about women, their association with gamergate can only be a negative. So no, I don’t agree with their method of solving the problem.

    • Mansplainer,

      Tell me, has Mr. Buchanan sicced the 14 year old gamers on this site? Now that’s a low blow.

      How do you come to comment here? Did he give you your handle and put the words in your mouth too?

      Let’s see now, Twit and Dweeb are taken. I christen you, Boob. Please come back in about 20 years when you have grown up and at least can offer some amusement.

      • “Mansplainer,

        Tell me, has Mr. Buchanan sicced the 14 year old gamers on this site? Now that’s a low blow.”

        Oh, someone get me some aloe, because I just got burned.

        “How do you come to comment here? Did he give you your handle and put the words in your mouth too?”

        I occasionally peruse We Hunted The Mammoth, and if I remember correctly the author of this blog and David worked on a video project together. That’s how I found out about this site. Until this post, I’ve just been lurking. I know you asked that sarcastically, but there it is anyway.

        “Let’s see now, Twit and Dweeb are taken. I christen you, Boob. Please come back in about 20 years when you have grown up and at least can offer some amusement.”

        I came here to talk about separating the issue of harassment from complaints about integrity in journalism so that the harassment can actually be addressed. I’m sorry you don’t find harassment to be very amusing, but I would suggest that’s because you’re not a jerk and I would take it as a positive sign.

        • What complaints about integrity? So far this whole thing is about manchildren wetting their pants over a few women who critique or make games. It’s about a male dominated space freaking the fuck out because a few women are speaking and men think they OWN the space, which they don’t, and are making a mess.

          To claim journalists have no integrity is a big claim and so far there’s NO evidence that backs up that assertion. Don’t send me on a wild goosechase for Youtube videos where men are just ‘talking’ about shit. I want CONCRETE examples that can be shown very simply. ie. a link to a journalist quote, and then a link to a factual source that shows the journalist is lacking integrity.

          The problem is whatever reasonable claim you might have had is completely ruined by the fact that it only became an issue when some dudes got wind of Eron Gjoni’s assholishness. If there was any real complaint I’d expect documentation, extensive documentation of this ‘lack of integrity’ prior to Eron’s meltdown.

          • As a matter of fact, the lack of integrity DOES date to before Eron. Long before. It was somewhat sparse, because the motivation to root it out wasn’t there. But take for instance the story behind why (?) was founded. Originally, the founders of GiantBomb worked for Gamespot (?) but when they wrote a review critical of a game that was advertised on the website, the developer of the game threatened to pull their sponsorship and the management at Gamespot told their reviewer to pull the negative review. This was years before Eron, and it was probably the primary factor cluing gamers in to the corruption and lack of integrity in games journalism.

            Then there was Doritos-gate. Again, before Eron. This created or fostered a general dislike of gaming journalists as a starting point. Then there was the inflated high reviews for Gone Home and other games which had bad gameplay mechanics but stories that fit a certain political ideology which started to continue to push the issue towards the edge. It was apparent that, much like Depression Quest, these games were favored for their message rather than the fun factor. Don’t take my word for it, Devin Wilson for Gamasutra wrote an article basically saying that fun in a video game is overrated and it’s more important for a game to have a political message. He’s not alone. Journalists have shown time and again that they’re completely out of touch with gamers. In fact, as all of the “end of gamer identity” articles show, they actively dislike (maybe even hate) gamers. Again, many of these things happened before Eron. I’d also include Titanfall on this list as a game that ultimately wasn’t very good but got good reviews because of certain industry connections, but I have no proof just suspicions.

            This has been ongoing for years. And as far as I can see gamergate has little to do with silencing women. There’s some overlap with the anti-Anita crowd, but the primary push for gamergate isn’t about silencing Anita or any other woman, it’s about making sure that journalists aren’t favoring their friends and their connections and their lovers as a primary factor in determining which games get good reviews, which games get press coverage, and which games get funding. There are more examples, like the collusion that was revealed in the GameJournoPros google list, but this is too long as it is.

            This issue isn’t about misogyny. Obviously, I’m not ignorant of the fact that women are being harassed in horrible ways. Which is why it’s important not to mix-up the issue of harassment with the issue of ethics. Otherwise people will just ignore the harassment as being part of the toolkit of “the other side”. I just don’t see how you can fix the harassment if you get it mixed up with an issue that isn’t directly related. It confuses the issue, and misdirects the solution making it ineffective. I don’t think you’ll get the gamergate folks to come out against the harassment, because they’re trying to focus on the issue at hand, but if feminists get their interested parties involved against the harassment it would be like an attack on two fronts. One, getting rid of corruption in journalism, and two cracking down on, identifying, and prosecuting the harassers to whatever extent is legally possible. Win, win in my opinion. The alternative is that the feminists attack people who really are primarily interested in the corruption, who will then feel the need to attack the feminists, and no one deals with the harassers.

          • My question is WHY is it so urgent now? Why now? That’s the problem. When you say it isn’t about misogyny I can’t believe you at all. The reason is the timing. If you had a reasonable complaint earlier you would’ve launched this but it’s only a big deal after crazy dude writes a blog exposing himself as an asshole.

  3. Anita Sarkeesian never did anything to provoke such hate that is sent towards her. All she ever did was provide people with her analysis of the video games. The black lash that she faces is clearly the result of misogyny.

    I care about Sarkeesian. I don’t care what Dean Esmay does. He has the right to send a letter to Kotaku. Whatever. Fighting for equality for women in the video game industry was never going to be an easy fight…

    • I feel like its more than misogyny. Of coarse misogyny is apart of it but I think it has to do more with a culture that refuses to Change it’s sexist views and hates anyone who challenges it.

      A WoC, thank you for being so kind in the other comment section today. I really do appreciate it. I apologize if it took me a while to comment back but it’s there. I was so scared no one would reply back to me!

    • Agreed, WoC. Sarkeesian is showing the strength and courage and persistence of a hero. I’m proud of her. She hasn’t let the biggest derailing campaign in the history of misogyny deflect her from her work or steal her energy. Congratulations, Anita!

  4. Esmay is too boring to think about. His personal problems are so massive I can’t take it seriously when he writes a grocery store company that advertises on a site where a single post was made that he’s lying about (it contained no hateful speech toward him and his son). I see he’s inciting his (boring) dweeb followers to write Kroger’s too. Now that’s a life-affirming way to enjoy a September Friday night. Then he and his sons will get back to sitting in a stuffy dark room staring at a video game that’s full of misogyny. Way to bring up children!

    • I will be lighting my Shabbat candles, listening to music and relaxing. Oh just a note, my filter that puts posts in spam has the word Buchanan in it. So don’t mention his last name if you want posts to automatically go through. I had to use this filter because his ip isn’t static and I didn’t want him vomiting links all over the site trying to distract people and get traffic.

      Nobody use the word ‘Buchanan’. Now I have a few more filter words but I can’t tell you what they are. 😦

      • Ah!

        So, he’s a spammer and that’s his purpose. I thought his persistent trolling was just part of some sort of MRA masturbatory ritual since they all seem to be really good at it.

        If he thinks he’s marketing, then he needs to take an internet marketing course because this is not the way to go about things, at all.

        On a personal note, I’ve had two more visitations at my house in the past few nights. I’m keeping a journal of everything that happens. I guess that way if he gets in here and kills me, at least, L.E. will have something to go on.

        Men – they’re so wonderful. I just don’t know what we’d do without them!

        Actually, I do know: We’d have a 90 to 99% reduction in violent crime.

          • Armed? Yes, very. And, rehearsing every possible intruder scenario over and over.

            But, this dude his high on something. He’s doing all kinds of crazy behaviors day and night.

            Last night I had a knock on my door at around 11:30 p.m. Then, a few nights ago, my cat alerted me to someone in the yard and a few seconds later it sounded like someone literally ran into the side of my house. I’m awake from sunset to sunrise. I had to leave this morning to run a couple of errands and consulted with one of my neighbors on the way out of here. They’ve also seen some strange behaviors and have had to call the cops a few times because of activities around their house.

            I’m very stressed out and I’m worried this is going to get a lot worse before it gets better.

          • Adding to previous comment:

            But, of course, it’s the menz, like Esmay and his son, who are REALLY suffering from systemic abuse and are constantly being singled out for violent crimes.

            And, if you buy that, there’s a bridge in Brooklyn that’s for sale, too.

  5. Thank you vyechera for replying back to me as we’ll. it’s nice to have a few kind people around. I appreciate you both. I have a hard time initiating conversations and talking to new people, but I feel like I’ll get along just fine here.

    • What’s really funny is that he thinks the company cares if one person stops shopping at the grocery store or not. I think you’re going to need a bigger movement than one person to stop probably a multi-million to billon dollar grocery food chain.

      • Hi house mouse queen and womanofthewoods, nice to meet you both. Womanofthewoods, I’m truly sorry this is happening to you and I hope you get out of this situation somehow. Stalking seems like a very scary experience, so please stay safe.

        House mouse queen, I really like your site and enjoy the blogs you post! I also use to watch your YouTube videos and I hope you don’t mind me asking, but what happen to them.

        • I was falsely DMCA’d by John Hembling, MRA rape apologist, for a mashup video my friends and I did a few years ago.

          I was interviewed by the Daily Beast and gave them a copy of the mashup. The wrote a long article on Hembling and featured the video which caused him to meltdown and a few months later, realizing he was getting lots and lots of people looking at him as the dingbat misogynist he is, he started falsely DMCAing us to get rid of the video.

          He failed though in getting my personal documents and I reuploaded a copy of the video on Dailymotion.

          He then realized it was dumb to try and DMCA me and attempt to get my docs so I think he withdrew his claim.

          So the short reason is MRA’s, who love to wail about censorship, censored me. Unsuccessfully.

          • Thank you for the reply. Yeah it is funny how mras go on about censorship when they also try to censor, attack, or harass people they don’t agree with.

        • C.B.,


          I’d like to think that this guy will be arrested and put away before anything too serious happens, but it’s really already too late for that. He has beaten a woman unconscious twice. The second time, neighbors called an ambulance and the sheriff when she collapsed on their porch, but the dude is still here, still wreaking havoc. Apparently, a man beating someone unconscious is not much of a crime, as long as the victim is a woman and she shares the same address as you.

          HMQ has some great vids on YT. That’s where I first found her, too. Unfortunately, the Men’s Rape Association (MRAs) mobbed her channel (not the first time it’s happened to her) and sent false DMCA claims, etc., until she removed many of them.

          There aren’t many women left at YT who aren’t doing make-up tutorials or bad-mouthing women’s liberation for dollars these days. Free speech is only for men.

          • Ok this is going way to far. He beat two women and the police did nothing. No arrest, no trial, no sentencing, nothing at all! I have no words for that. But hopefully you could move, or maybe get a restraining order, or at least keep yourself protected at all times. I don’t like giving people advice especially in your case because you probably tried all the above. But please stay safe or at least stay around your family. Even though I don’t know you personal, I hate to see something happen to you!

          • C.B.,

            No, so far he’s only beaten one woman (twice that I’m aware of), who is his apparent girlfriend and done this at his own home. But, she sought help at neighboring houses.

            Fortunately, I’m in an area where it is legal to be armed and people have a right to protect themselves from intruders in thier own homes. Unfortunately, law enforcement is pretty useless here unless there’s a corpse to be disposed of. (This is a low-population area and deputies are dispatched from their homes and response time is anywhere from 15 minutes to never.)

            My experience is that you can’t out-run crime. If you sell your house and move somewhere else (which is not very practical idea to say the least), it will follow you. This is one of the lowest crime areas in the nation. It’s just that crime is everywhere and the problem of men beating on women to get an erection is everywhere.

  6. Womanofthewoods, but you can still have at lot of fun on YouTube. I suggest you check out YouTube channels like sequester zone or Hannibaltgevictor13 who also do videos on mras. Or if you want to forget all this madness for a few minutes you might have a lot of fun watching people like dashiegames. He’s crazy and I find him really funny. But he does curse a lot.

  7. Ok my mistake. Well at least you’re protecting yourself. I hope you don’t mind me asking, but you say their are men beating on women everywhere. Now I know domestic violence is prevalent but do you know the latest statistics on domestic violence? Because I searched but haven’t found any of recent time.

    • C.B.,

      I don’t. I know it is very unreported. For example, I’ve experienced it to an extreme twice, but I would never dreamed of reporting it to law enforcement.

      If you involve L.E., what usually happens is they do nothing to the guy and he is even more enraged and tries to kill you faster. Sometimes the cops come and arrest the victim instead of the abuser because that’s what cops do – they arrest people. Most of them are men. Where I live, they are ALL men and very likely domestic abusers, rapists or drug dealers themselves. They are not predisposed to be sympathetic to the victims, in any case.

      I’ve met countless women in my lifetime who were on the run from men who tried to kill them and sometimes their children. It is extremely common and no statistic could convey the degree of damage it does to the lives of women.

      Like rape, it’s a subject that women typically don’t talk about even to people they know well because everyone – EVERYONE! – will blame you.

    • Adding to my previous comment:

      Those many women I’ve met who were on the run would not be part of any statistic, either. When you have to “disappear,” you’re not filing reports, obviously. On the contrary, when you have to disappear, you have to avoid L.E., at all costs – something as simple as a traffic ticket could make your location public and put you on the run, again.

      I’d like to say that the system has failed women, but the fact is that it was never designed to protect us, only our “owners” because this is how thing were when the original laws were written.

      • I think a lot of men lack empathy and since these types of tragic events don’t occur to them as often it makes it even harder to relate. But I don’t think all men are that way.

        • Men certainly lack empathy. They are far more likely to be perpetrators than they are to be victims, to say the least.

          I don’t know if all men are that way or not. Maybe they’re not, but I don’t see much evidence to suport that notion.

          Moreover, even if I could stand to be in the same room with a man, it’s not a chance I would be willing to take ever, again. I value myself, my health, my life and all the good I still have to contribute to this world far too much to take such a chance.

          It only takes one man, whom you trust and maybe even love, to destroy your life forever and when they’re done with you, they just move on to their next victim.

          The most dangerous men aren’t the one’s trying to break into your house to rape, beat or rob, they’re the ones who are close to you, who have won your trust completely. That’s the most dangerous circumstance you could possibly be in as a woman.

  8. I completely understand that the men you love the most could do the most disgusting things to you and betray your trust. It’s almost like a lose lose situation for a woman. I trust the men in my life and love them very much. It hurts to think that they could do such a thing but I know it’s possible. I hope one day I can fully trust a man.

  9. When a misogynist posts a video of an obscure person saying silly things it is only polite to give some context about the the person. But you didn’t, Tefo, you just spammed this in. Because you’re a troll.

    So I looked up this lady. Evidently she is a buddy of Caprizschka (sp?), whose photo I introduced a few posts ago (the one with a dog collar and chain being pulled on by her master.)

    This lady here calls herself a “pro-domme” and she is a defender of BDSM also.

    I don’t know much about BDSM, but I do know about women’s subjugation and ways their egos are beaten down so that their self-esteem goes to hell and they think they are worthless.

    So I look at this lady from a feminist viewpoint. Try it, Tefo, and see if you see what I see:

    • The cover of that book says it all. Women must subjugate themselves in front of men to avoid violence. That’s what that image says to me. It’s truly sad to see that women will subvert their intelligence and make outrageous statements like that in her crazy video.

  10. Tefo: Or maybe you’re not a misogynist and you put this up in a feminist spirit? If so my apologies, but it would help if you would explain.

  11. Flash, John the other has just immolated himself. He’s asking for $100,000 in Kickstarter to give Palestine a nuclear weapon.


    At the end he asks Iranians in Canada to get in touch with him and gives an email address.

    He’s serious.

    Looks like AVFM got him off the masthead just in the nick. Even his GF Diana Davidson is disassociating herself in the comments.

    You can’t make this shit up.

    • I doubt he’s going to make enough money to carry out his plan. But just the thought of him actually having intentions to do this in the first place… like wow.

      • I have to come up with a concept art piece for this. I must! I’ve got 3 videos to do including one for this bit of fuckery and I must come up with something, a label like piece so I can give it to speshul MRA’s who not only jump the shark but who jump two at once or summat.


    HMQ< please delete the vid I just posted above above. The vid I'm referring to is called "Nuke for Palestine" and it'll be gone by morning. I don't know how to copy it or I would.

    • I saw it. He’s nuts. Totally off his rocker. He’s using Israel as the metaphor for the big bad feminazi’s and Arab’s as the poor oppressed menz. He’s a fucking lunatic. Only lunatics would give terrorists who want a Judenrein state a fucking nuke. I say give Hamas a nuke only if it can detonate at Hambling’s house and affect nobody else. Then we’ll see how he likes nukes.

      • Why do MRAs constantly make me feel like I’m in a Marvel comic book? I think I just heard a message from Lex Luthor.

        That dude’s bald head scares me to death – seriously, creepy bald men just scream out “psycho” to me on sight, which is why central casting makes them psychotic dudes in all the movies. So, I try not to look at the vid, but even his voice is so creepy and nightmare-inducing.

        Is it legally permissible to get a group together to raise money for the purpose of purchasing nuclear weapons for a country? This sounds like terrorism to me. In fact, it sounds exactly like the thing NSA is supposedly spying on people, especially Muslims, in the U.S. trying to catch them doing before they can mass murder more people in that part of the world.

        Ah well, there’s no point in talking about it. If a white man is doing it – especially if he’s doing it to a woman or a child, I’m sure it’s perfectly legal. That’s how it is where I live, anyway.

        • Hahaha! I know! The bald head and that creepy ‘I’m John the Other, obviously.’ in EVERY damn video. The creep factor is on 11.

          I don’t think CSIS will like this very much, as I’m contacting them AND the FBI. I hope all of you take the time to look in the sidebar for CSIS, bottom of the page for FBI, and afford the stamp and send off a letter.

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  14. Looking at his main channel page, his background art for his hundreds of videos looks like a portion of a Hieronymous Bosch painting showing women being tortured in Hell by demons. I suppose Mr. B, our visitor here, who says he has never met an MRA misogynist, would say we shouldn’t draw the obvious inference about Hembling’s attitudes.

    Reconstructing Hembling’s deconstruction, I think he got mad at Israel and decided to put up “Nukes for Palestine”. He seems quite serious throughout but especially at the end when he invites concerned Iranian men to contact him.

    Then I’m guessing he became lucid again and realized what he’d done. He then made a couple of other videos where I don’t think he’s being satirical either – I think he’s doubling down by affirming the Nukes video, and then adding in his other pet hate, women.

    But satire? However he tries to clean up his foot he just shot, he’s not joking about what he’s saying.

    He may try to claim one of the patented Elam passes, though, as the extent of his problem becomes apparent even to him now. Let’s see, the Elam Psycho Pass (aw, he’s just being psycho to make feminists mad, he doesn’t really mean it) and the Elam Satire Pass (let’s write a hate piece and tack on a satire disclaimer at the end that everybody knows is just there to avoid lawsuits).

    Will AVFM denounce his acts of starting to finance and gather some coconspirators to further his plan to start WWIII?

  15. Definition of “feminist”: A woman who, while getting her knickers down, she is telling you about the starved children in the Horn of Africa.

      • I am not antifeminist. I am just a macho pig. But I understand that for women, being feminist is OK. Of course it is. And I support that.
        I always define my self as a “pro-feminist macho pig”. I do not expect women to be antifeminist, and if they say they are, I do not trust them. Probably it means tehy are “conservafeminist”, which is most dangerous for men.
        Same happens to women when it comes about “feminist men”. They do not trust them cuz the hidden agenda of this men is to get laid. Unsuccesfully most of the times.

        To men, being a “macho pig” is fab, and to women being a feminist is fab.
        That is why “sex struggle” exists. And it is good cuz “peace between the sexes” would be very boring.

        Some kind of nice cohabitation is not bad, anyway.

  16. Regarding MRAs as a “problem”:

    You could look at the past few years of MRA energy and discover that in the U.S. and Canada there are glimmerings of name recognition and some moderate success in raising mainstream consciousness regarding some of their moderate issues. I am glad to see male prison rape beginning to be discussed, for instance, though nothing has changed yet. I’m also glad to see that in spite of their right-wing authoritarian slant, it is coming to their consciousness that there is a hierarchy of men with the top hierarchy exploiting the lower levels.

    I personally think the discussion around circumcision is useful. It is good to clarify that there are abused men and boys who sometimes need shelter (for instance young boys abused by fathers who are kicked onto the streets). The issues around marriage, divorce, and parenthood are gender-related and require new balances as society changes, and I have no problem with discussing any due corrections.

    MRAs have objected to male conscription (on the basis that men are “expendable” as well as the basis that women aren’t conscripted.) As I am anti-war I think this discussion could eventually turn into something constructive.

    There is a faction of MRAs who are against marriage and involvement with women generally. There is a similar faction of women who are against marriage and involvement with men. I think more separation of the sexes would benefit both sexes and would engage in a discussion on that topic.

    MRAs seem to generally agree that male aggression and violence is biological, and I differ from many feminists, both liberal and radical, in agreeing that while a great deal of violent behavior can be socially mediated and controlled, male violence is endemic and can’t be managed solely as a phenomenon of social construction.

    The more moderate factions seem willing to accept that women are legal equals of men and should participate equally in public life.

    But all of this potential for discussion and change is not just in abeyance, but tainted by the postures of the extremist leaders of the men’s rights movement. This is a movement with some potentially legitimate issues led by crackpots, so mixed in with reasonable ideas, and prevailing over those ideas, are noxious ideas that will keep this movement underground and despised, and discredit anything useful it may have to say.

    The primary noxious idea is that male supremacy must continue. The “reasons” given, as any rational person knows, are false: that women have lower brain power, initiative, moral standards, and other disabilities that require men to retain economic and political power; that women are frightening sexually powerful creatures who must be kept caged or they will eat up men; that biologically, religiously, and due to natural survival needs, men must retain all power; that sexual access to women is a reward to men of power and their loyal vassals; that women have consented to being treated as objects or property; and that the condition of centuries ago, when there was no family planning, marriage was required, marital rape was legal, and women commonly died in childbirth after having many children, which they needed to spend all their time nurturing, still exist. There is an ongoing sense of entitlement to having the sexual, labor, and emotional services of women, including a hidden toleration of rape, as a reward for the difficulties of male life.

    This is misogyny, the complex of attitudes that prevent any useful discussion of potentially legitimate issues with the mainstream (or feminists of course) from occurring.

    The exploitation of lower-ranking men by their male masters is never mentioned. The hierarchicalism of male society is ignored. The ongoing plague of male violence, including war, is not on the radar, though it is a plague for men as well as women. Venting and exacerbation and incitement of misogyny is given great prominence. Women, rather than the male rulers of society, are blamed.

    The leadership of the MRA (and by that I mean the most popular blog sites and their authors, as this is primarily an online talk-movement) have set the movement off on a disastrous footing. They have legitimated and encouraged misogyny and contributed to the general culture of male violence against women. They have adopted an emotional, angry approach which stops reasonable discussion. They have demonized feminism, encouraged crackpot ideas such as the idea that women actually have secret cabalistic control of political power, fanned male sexual fear of women, attempted to harm individual women with harassment and intimidation as a hate group would do, and introduced lying, “satire”, dirty tricks, manipulation of statistics, cyberstalking, hacking, and other despicable methods of getting their points across,

    The movement has taken on the coloration of its leaders. As time passes, the leaders exhibit ever more clearly what crackpots they are, as with John Hembling’s recent video asking for $100,000 to help supply Palestine with a nuclear bomb, as with Paul Elam’s encouragement of people on juries to acquit proven rapists, as with the neverending incitement of stereotyping and contempt for women on the men’s rights subreddit, and too many other examples to go into here.

    The result? The MRA is worse than a joke, not to be taken seriously. It is widely seen as a hate group. This public perception will require many years of positive efforts to dislodge, and has caused much more harm than good for men..

  17. Correction to comment: should read “conditions” not “condition”.

    My comments are my own and don’t represent anyone else on this blog.

    Thanks, Vyechera

    • @Tefo Thanks for the link. Looks like Ev Psych central. I don’t know the author and will check him out as it is right on topic.

      Why does the reason matter? That question comes up a lot. I interpret it as, Shouldn’t we concentrate on dealing with negative impacts with available tools? Who cares whether the problem arises from biology or social construction?

      My answer is always that you can’t select the right tools if you don’t know the mix of biology and social construction you’re dealing with.

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