Sam Pepper: Rapist

This guy is just one of many male Youtubers who hide their sexual assault of women by calling their videos ‘pranks.’ Oh and Youtube, in it’s infinite wisdom hasn’t shut down the rapists channel yet.

This video is very hard to listen to. She describes her rape in detail by this guy. Many more women, including minors are coming forward.

We women need guns or something to kill/subdue these motherfuckers so they don’t ever do it again. No telling how many women he raped. And of course women are kind and don’t want to hurt men’s feelings nor do we want broken bones if we resist too much. Some serious redistribution of power has to happen here.

There’s so much more to this story that we’ll discuss in the comment section. Here’s a picture of the rapist scum.

IMPORTANT: If you are a young woman affected by this piece of shit please contact Laci Green who is an ally and has been talking to many of you who have already come forward. You can also talk to me as well just for an ear, someone to listen to you. My email is and you can contact Laci from her Youtube Channel HERE.

Rapist scum I hope sees the inside of a jail cell for a long long time

Rapist scum. I hope sees the inside of a jail cell for a long long time


28 thoughts on “Sam Pepper: Rapist

  1. Wow! Well, she was absolutely right not to report this to the police. The dude you have to report it to is probably a rapist, too, so you’re not going to get help there.

    I just watched a vid of this guy in which he pulls a JohntheOther-style apology that is not an apology. I’m wondering what is that thing sitting on top of his head?! And that accent! I can’t listen to that for very long and it makes me wonder – why is he even here? Much like Justin Bieber and Piers Morgan, he ought to be deported – 6 weeks as a guest in Federal lock-up followed by a flight home where they will be treated to a meal of their native culture, and never allowed to return here, again!

    Oh, woe is the poor menz! There’s a vid of this dude claiming that this “prank” where he runs around assaulting women was to raise awareness of sexual assault and how much worse it is for men.

    She comments about how strong this skinny little bastard was. This is something I have noted before: Rapists are very strong and very fast. They can do things you wouldn’t think would be humanly possible – like, for example, getting an erection during a senseless act of brutal violence. It’s like experiencing an attack by something in the wild – only usually it happens in your own home or at your workplace and not the Amazon jungle!

    I don’t think there is anything else this girl could do besides what she did. I hope she can protect her anonymity. If anyone close to her – even those who appear to be friends – finds out about it, she will be in great danger of more assaults. This is why women not only don’t report the crime to cops, but they never talk about it. Talking about it is an invitation to more violence from men and the complete destruction of the life you have built for yourself up to that point.

    • He pulled an MRA in his video just as you say WotW. “menz are so abused so that’s why I abuse women.’ He’s a creep. I just can’t believe YT hasn’t shut down his channel yet.

      Capitalism is the arm of patriarchy so I’m not surprised.

  2. I just checked out the dudebro’s channel and he’s apparently a P.U.A., however, he also passes this off as “pranks.”

    He’s a weird lookin’ dude. If you crossed up Duckie from the movie, “Pretty in Pink,” with the lead singer from the band, Modern English, the result might look like something this. LOL! It’s not good.

  3. I just watched the Laci Green vid you linked to. I knew there was a huge problem with sexual assault by YT “celebrities” at some convention.

    She has clips from some other pervs’ vids. I can’t understand how there can be video tapes of sexual assaults and men exposing their genitals in public, yet there are not charges and no arrests. One of those clips shows two women being assaulted by a gang of 4 or 5 men in the background.

    Youtube, also, has some serious problems.

    • Pepper spray is a joke. I carried a stungun in places where it was illegal to have a real weapon years ago – it ‘s still illegal in a bunch of places and if you’re caught with it, you’re going to go to jail and/or get a massive fine. Still, I felt I had no choice and didn’t think I could get away with carrying a gun in places like NYC (where there is a 3 year mandatory sentence for possession of a weapon – and a rampant rape problem, surprise, surprise). The stungun is something, although its powers are very limited. It’s useless against someone with a knife or gun. It’s also not much help in winter when your attacker is covered head to toe. You have to be able to make contact with the perpetrator’s skin. Then, the effects are only temporary. The only advantage of it is that it is *something* and sometimes perps will recognize that you have some identified weapon with you. It never stopped all the harassment and street assaults and it certainly did nothing to stop a single one of my rapists.

      It would be better if women could carry guns and be free to use them in self-defense. This is never going to happen, of course.

      But, even better than that would simply be if women could be free to walk around or be in our own homes and not be under constant, day-to-day, endless goddamn threats of violence. A weapon cannot stop that, unfortunately. It cannot stop some one you trust, who lives with you, who you think is your friend from launching a brutal attack on you just one day out of the blue because – and I quote one of my rapists, “Because I wanted to.”

      Women need real weapons. Mace and pepperspray is worse that useless garbage. The stungun is a little better, but it’s still not going to save you. I broke up a fight between two dudes with it once and I think it only worked because the aggressor had never seen such a weapon before.

      Women just should not have to live with this crap day and night. And, it is getting worse. We shouldn’t be terrified to be in our own yards or to leave our homes for an hour or two to go to the grocery store. But, this is how I’ve been living – although, well-armed – for years now!

      • Women on Twitter write about carrying their bundle of keys in their fist, keys protruding through fingers, as giving them some feeling of security. A small stun gun is more effective than that makeshift weapon – but still requires being close to the attacker. And, as wotw notes, it is not a wonder weapon.

        Women do not have the interest in weapons that men do, and are certainly less inclined to use them. But they can: women were among the USSR’s best snipers in WWII (e.g., Lyudmila Pavlichenko). Some of my women friends are hunters, and have one or two long guns in their home. Not one of my women friends has a collection of knives, swords, or throwing stars.

        We can put a man on the moon but we can’t make a woman feel safe inside or outside her home. What might be the problem with this species?

        • Re: “Women do not have the interest in weapons that men do, and are certainly less inclined to use them.” This is a gender stereotype. It’s total B.S.

          Although, I do agree that women do not usually take erotic pleasure in hurting, killing and destroying like men do.

          • RE: “Although, I do agree that women do not usually take erotic pleasure in hurting, killing and destroying like men do.”

            Yes, and for that reason I think that “Women [usually] do not have the interest in weapons that men do, and are certainly less inclined to use them.”

          • Well, I assure you, if someone gets into my house with the intent to harm me I am going to be VERY inclined to use them.

            This is a very harmful gender role stereotype that you are insisting on applying to women. It is wrong. Please, stop.

        • This notion that weapons are used only to harm people or in the commission of crimes is more liberal horse hockey.

          Lots of women enjoy owning, collecting and shooting guns, especially where I live, and in my family for generations. Lots of recreational shooting goes on around here, along with hunting, and women are just as interested in it as anyone else.

          This Hollywood stereotype of women being afraid of weapons or afraid to pull the trigger on an intruder is part of what keeps me up at night. Men make that shit up and other stupid men buy it and perpetuate it – along with other Hollywood ideas about guns, in general.

          I know it’s not your intention to be a pig, Medusa, but it’s hard to ignore the oinking here.

        • Derail the discussion? No, not really.

          Reveal yourself for the sexist you are? Yes, absolutely.

          I’ve had to deal with bullshit stereotypes like that being heaped on me since I was a very, very tiny child. It’s not right and it needs to stop.

  4. One Youtuber who I value for his philosophy thinks recording devices are going to stop rape and stop perps getting away with it. I don’t know how I feel about it although he’s right that all women having recording devices that cannot be removed from her will make many of these males think about what they’re doing.

    The recording must go to a central place so that the rapist asshole can’t remove the recording from the scene.

    We did that at UBC. Phones had software you enabled before going out and it recorded video and audio stored at a central place so if something happened they’d catch the asshole.

    This all reminds me of minority report, the movie. Do we have to go that route to stop men from raping? It seems like we do since men aren’t doing anything about it.

    An upcoming post is about rape and I’ve got some interesting things to share about it that I found online.

    • Even if this plan were practical to implement, I don’t think it’s going to stop rape. It’s like the “rape bait” situation – I don’t know if you saw the news article where there was a rumored rapist in the school so a staff member sent a girl who had been threatened by the perp into a bathroom as bait and allowed her to be raped by the perpetrator. Here it is: Of course, nothing is going to happen to the perp or his enablers and even so, he still raped the little girl and adults who were supposed to help this girl set her up so he could do it. Women wearing recorders just means a bunch more women are going to be raped and not have any way to defend themselves. A recorder isn’t going to make him back off.

      And it’s not like the cops are going to convict a dude for rape on the basis of a recording. There were videos of what happened at Steubenville as well as confessions from the perps and they did nothing. Those rapists recorded themselves!

      When there is total impunity for men who commit crimes against girls and women, it doesn’t matter what evidence there is. They don’t care. The legal system doesn’t care. Nobody cares.

  5. The dudebro is trying to do major damage control – even removing his so-called 3rd video in which he gives the non-apology apology and laments the status quo for the poor, downtrodden menz who are subjected to sexual harassment, too.

    I haven’t seen a backlash like this against a dude on YouTube before – ever! Even some of the man-pigs on there are acknowledging that sexual assault and anal rape might be going too far. Although, quite a few dudes are making rape apologetics videos and begging that he be forgiven for his “mistake.”

    • I agree with you about stereotypes. It’s that kinda stuff that doesn’t allow women equality, think military. If women are less inclined to kill then that can be used against us if we want to fight for our country.

      Oh and I saw the fauxpology video. It’s horrific. The guy is an MRA. He holds the same ideas. Is anyone surprised he sounds like an MRA? Those guys are fucking rapist, woman-violating scum.

      I read a blog post by a man from India. He has a theory about why men speak out, sometimes more harshly than women when a woman is raped by a man.

      It’s not a good reason. It turns out it’s even more insidious. So all these men making videos about Sam Pepper being horrible might not be doing b/c they truly care about the horrifying aspect of the crime.

      I can’t tell you because it’s in my upcoming post.

      • I’m on the edge of my seat as to why men speak out more harshly about such a thing. Apart from the obvious violent backlash against women who say anything, at all, of course. I’m really looking forward to that post.

        Re: Harmful stereotypes about women being disinclined to use weapons. Why do you think some dude would come and get into a woman’s house at 2 a.m. when he knows she’s home and awake? He thinks she’s not going to pull the trigger because she’s got a vagina. This is what that stereotype is very dangerous.

        On a more positive note, I see that one of my former stalkers has been arrested! He’s in a local county jail cell right now – probably for stalking someone else or for drugs. He’s been arrested for both before. Hurrah!

  6. Not a fan of yours, but, for once I agree with you. Sam Pepper and the PUA idiots should probably be put in jail for assault.

  7. Interestingly, this dudebro’s “satire” got him 6 weeks in the pokey in Britain for Twitter harassment, threats and stalking of two women.

    He basically destroyed one woman’s life – although, it doesn’t sound much different than what I’m going through right now, frankly – and he still only got 6 weeks. I wonder what kind of attitude toward women he’s going to have when he gets out. I doubt if it will have improved much.

    Here’s a fresh blogpost about this:

    It relates to some of those Twitter threats were discussing over a year ago at YT, which led to Twitter making some changes in their abuse reporting system.


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