Does Fake ‘Dr.’ Rhymes Know He’s On a Hate Site? UPDATED

MRA’s are not fond of any topic where they can’t somehow blame women. Domestic violence is no different. In their latest crap article by Edward Rhymes (who doesn’t actually hold a PhD), while the author clearly seems to understand that male battering of women is a problem, he recites the same crappy false information from cherry picked links.

‘Confusing the very people one is trying to affect is not a sound strategy for change’~AVFM’s Rhymes

I agree. Let’s not confuse people. So why do you post crap? You made the claim that ‘830,000 men fall victim to domestic violence every year. A man is the victim of domestic abuse every 37.8 seconds in America.’ Then you listed your source as an info article from Psychiatry Online that didn’t even contain those numbers.

You also made the claim that ‘more women than men (25% versus 11%) were responsible. In fact, in the 71% of non-reciprocal partner violence instances, the instigator was the woman.’ Then you linked to another measly article, not the source. What I found very curious in the article is that the researcher NEVER once talked about WHO suffered the most extreme injuries. How much do you want to bet it’s women? The researcher very carefully suggested that ‘women start it in reciprocal violence’ but never does he say what that behaviour is. Does she yell at him and then he punches her teeth out?

You see I used to go out with a woman who went on DV calls in the state of Texas. She assisted the police. In EVERY case, and I’m talking severe violence, it was men perpetrating it. Even if the violence is ‘reciprocal’ it’s always the woman getting the beating of her life. So don’t write crap articles with cherry picked bullshit anymore AVFM. Oh, and cite your damned sources. The ACTUAL research paper and not some article where you can’t read the methodology.

I love this next trick. The author suggests men have to learn how to stop beating on women and by assumption that women need to learn to stop beating on men. Then he cites a stat which the reader probably thinks is about women committing domestic violence but it’s not. It’s a study about juvenile crime of women. Good one AVFM.

This writer’s bio states ‘Dr. Rhymes received his PhD from the University of Berkley in Sociology with a concentration in Critical Race Theory & Black Studies. He has over 24 years experience working in the field of anti-racism, equity and inclusion training.’

How in the hell did this writer end up on a hate site? You do know you’re among white nationalists right? RIGHT? Do you know that black women are being blamed for the black community’s problems on an article that’s running simultaneously to yours?

UPDATE: It’s come to the attention of us here at mancheeze that ‘Dr’ Rhymes isn’t a doctor. Also, he might even be fictitious person. I have no idea but the more my commenters dig the more we find. The school that Rhymes didn’t attend is basically a place where you can pay for an instant degree and is not accredited. In fact the man behind this ‘school’ was sued. See the comment section for the links. Thanks to Vychera for finding the lawsuit link.

Oh and here’s a brilliant MRA observation that I think encapsulates the differences when it comes to domestic violence

‘I have to wonder how much of the male violence was a result of constant unending needling by the woman.’

Yes, because reminding a man to take out the garbage is so totes a reason for him to beat her.

Does this author, who claims to have a PhD, read the comments?

‘When a gold-digger chooses an idiot because said idiot provides her with the gold she seeks and then she gets beat up by aforementioned idiot, does she deserve a domestic violence industry, above and beyond the assault-and-battery laws that already protect her, to universally trash men’s rights because of stupid women, like her, making stupid choices? And then she gives birth to his thug-spawn and the DV industry wants to reward her for it, while ignoring the abuse that she dishes out on her children.’

Yes, in MRA hatred land women deserve it if they marry a wealthy man! It costs money to beat your wife and we all know MRA’s love Stefan Molyneux’s theory about women ruining the world.


It’s come to my attention that ‘Dr.’ Rhymes isn’t actually a PhD. He got his piece of paper from a bubblegum non-accredited school which my commenter Ron pointed out and others followed up. I had a hard time believing a PhD in sociology would mess up so badly when quoting things to support his argument and it turns out this guy probably doesn’t even know what a study is. Basically I would say he’s an opportunist, like Elam, and maybe wants to make some money somehow. Most people on AVFM are only in this for money including Elam himself.


30 thoughts on “Does Fake ‘Dr.’ Rhymes Know He’s On a Hate Site? UPDATED

  1. Edward Rhymes appears to subscribe to the beliefs of the Society of God, which runs the “University of Berkley” without obtaining any accreditation. The Society of God is especially concerned about the Crime of Sodom.

    He is a minister for that group who is also especially concerned, it seems, with the tribulation and the Rhapsody, etc etc…

    His CV is too vague to assess his work background or experience.

    He seems like a naive, misled, Pittsburg man who is sincerely anti-racist.

    I doubt he has any idea how he is being used to harm women.

    Turning to AVFM, though, look at the quality of their writers. This isn’t attacking these people personally; it’s perfectly legitimate to review their qualifications to write about the difficult, nuanced, controversial things they write about. I have nothing against Edward Rhymes, in fact it grieves me as I don’t think he’s a hater or even partially aware of the site he’s writing for. Since he has unfortunately been conned into doing so, however, we must point out his utter lack of qualifications to write on this subject.

    This brings up the general low quality of AVFM as a blog. AVFM seems to be trying to attract some writers with actual academic qualifications. They picked the wrong person in Rhymes.

    • Well the point is they’ll never get anyone with a modicum of intelligence. I can’t believe I overlooked his ‘creds.’

      I saw the word ‘Berkley’ and instantly went ‘wtf? why is he writing on a hate site full of white nationalists?’

      If he’s against racism he’s on the wrong site. I put the link to David’s work on outing the white nationalists in the MRM.

  2. Alas, his book, his one publication it seems, is self-published.

    He joins the list of AVFM writers who can’t find a reputable publisher. I believe that’s 100% of them.

    I’m pointing out that AVFM as a site or magazine, or whatever it presents itself as being, is desperately concerned with appearing legitimate. But no legitimacy has come its way. Its writers are hilariously unqualified like Karen Straughn, sometimes unbalanced like Dan Perrins, sometimes frothing demagogues like Hembling and Elam, sometimes conned idiots like Esmay, sometimes videogame-addled losers like James Huff, or wounded, furious dentists or vets or whatever that Australian dude Canning is.

    Too bad Rhythms (probably not his real name) didn’t get a chance to see a big red blinking light when he got himself signed on to the world’s premier misogynistic site.

  3. Of course Molyneux is merely implying that women should find and choose non-assholes. But there are none. His focus, as usual with MRAs, is on which women will mate with which men, rather than a radfem focus, which asks why any woman would mate with any man.

    Since as he admits so many men, most, let’s be honest, are assholes, the logical solution is to avoid mating with men. What he’s saying is misogynistic, like Camille Paglia and so many others – that men are inherently violent and that women who subject themselves to the violence knew all this damn well, so WTF are they complaining about?

    Forget compulsive heterosexuality. Forget advantages of marriage. Forget social stigma and the unrelenting pressure to feel like there’s a biological clock ticking. Forget this assumption that women want to mate with men, or that it’s a good thing to mate.

    Naw. Any female who can should avoid mating. We never did want to. It’s a con. As for sex, in the immortal words of FCM, PIV is not sex.

    • I often wonder all the reasons why men want to control who we mate with. Is Molyneux saying he’s the right one? Now we all know why men want to control our reproduction: think control over paternity and resources. I’m reminded of that article I reblogged about the diminishing Y chromosome where the geneticist made the metaphor that women are like copy machines and men want to make copies of themselves (narcissism) so of course men will do anything to control women’s reproduction, hence abortion laws being constantly challenged and birth control restrictions (who can access, who can’t). Look at Latin American countries. No birth control, no abortion. Men beat the fuck out of women and control every aspect of their lives.

      There’s a lot of Faludi’s writing dedicated to the whole crap notion of a ‘biological clock.’ In it she explains how male dominated media started that bullshit word to get women to obsess over it. The 80’s shows were all variations on that theme of women in pant suits being suddenly neurotic because they didn’t have kids as if it was something to aspire to: the ONLY aspiration. It was meant to get women back in homes and out of the public sphere.

      I always knew I’d never have kids. I knew it from when I was young. I thought the whole business was crude and honestly I knew what kind of world this was and didn’t want to bring kids into it. That’s what happens when you’re precocious.

      MRA’s really are the voice of so many men. They’re just very obvious about it. Whenever some guy tries telling me the 1st world women have no issues I point to the misogyny right in plain sight.

      There’s this video of this lesbian woman who lived as a man for 18 months. Her observations were what we already understood. She said men don’t know how to emote or talk about anything and when she went into the woods on a ‘male retreat’ the men there took axes and cut up trees imagining the trees were their wives or women. She said the misogyny was incredible.

      Men are violent.

      Now could we raise boys to be non-violent, I think we can. Can we do it today? Nope. You’d have to take all media out of your home. Not allow your son to play video games or watch porn. You’d have to make sure his friends were vetted before he could play with them because kids learn violence from other kids. Basically you’d have to shut him in, shut him off from every outside source.

      I can understand why many feminists don’t want to raise boys. it’s not some stupid misandry thing (misandry doesn’t exist) but it’s about not wanting to make another violent male. It’s about having the fucking brains to see that that’s exactly what you’d be doing.

      The same is true for having a girl. Do I want to have a girl subjected to male violence, male sexual violence etc? Fuck no.

      If I HAD to choose I’d have a girl. I wouldn’t want to make a violent person over a non violent person. We see many couples today choosing just that. Girls over boys.

  4. “Women who choose the assholes will fuckin’ end this race”. Not the assholes. mind, there’s nothing to be done about them, boys will be boys and their behavior is unmodifiable. No, it is up to women to ensure their violence is not passed on. Men have zero responsibility here, they are victims of their hormones. They get the T-Pass.

    I’m sure that will work well. I’m sure women not mating with creepy dudes will take care of the problem and end male violence.

    Elliot Rodger.

  5. I can’t resist going just a little further with “Dr.” Rhymes’ PhD-granting institution. The University of Berkley was sued by the State of Pennsylvania after the Attorney General’s undercover student, Casey, received an MBA. Casey being a pet cat, this raised some eyebrows.

    Then it was learned that the Academic Dean, Dennis Globowsky, was also all the other teachers and administrators under different names, as well as the sole owner. Globowsky was a New Mexico cop who, notwithstanding his own self-bestowed “Dr.” title, has only a high school degree.

    But then again AVFM has always been liberal about accepting fictional degrees, as “Dr.” Elam can attest. Maybe Elam should get in on the racket and convert AVFM to a diploma mill offering degrees in writing fiction. He wouldn’t have to change the site at all.

    • I noticed on the site for the ‘school’ that you can get instant credit for classes you’ve never taken if you write a life story. LOL

      I guess it would go like this: I really like the mind and how it works= Instant credit for Psych 101-103
      I also like cats and books= Instant credit for Lit101
      Uh, my dad fought in a war= Instant credit for History300

      See, it’s easy to get a degree. You just write a bunch of life stuff and whammo, you’ve got your degree.

      • That and five grand.

        I’m afraid his “M.A.”s in Theology and Sociology aren’t looking too good either. And I hope I will be excused for wondering about that chaplaincy with the NFL.

        Oh well. At least he had a great Thesis Advisor on the Ph.D.

        The Great Globowsky.

        And I’m not making this up, Rhymes does put that on one of his links.

        With that, I will unpin the good Doctor and let him flutter away.

  6. I have to wonder how much of the male violence was a result of constant unending needling by the woman.

    Yeah, because men never nag on women (especially when they want something that they are too fucking lazy to fix themselves, like a sandwich).

    Anyhow, it’s good to know that “needling” is a justifiable excuse to bust a bastard upside the head. Cool beans! Thanks, Dr. Rhymes. You RAWK!

    PS LMFAO @ the Stefan Molyneux head. Pretentious fucknozzle.

  7. I just have to say that you spent a great deal of time tearing down the man’s PhD credentials, but not a lot a time tearing down his argument. @House Mouse Queen: “What I found very curious in the article is that the researcher NEVER once talked about WHO suffered the most extreme injuries.” Well he did exactly that before he talked about male victims of domestic violence: “Women are three times more likely to be killed or seriously injured by their male counterpart than vice versa.” A point that was totally lost, because you so quickly moved into the ad hominem attack. So in accusing him of cherry-picking it seems you were guilty of the same transgression in the reading of his piece. You even cherry-picked his life by boiling it down to the ONE article that appeared on the AVFM website. If you go to Rhymes’ website you get to see all what he has accomplished and 100% of it has ABSOLUTELY nothing to do with the MRA, MRM movement. Yes he has only one self-published book, but his writings are used and work is cited in awful lot of other books/textbooks and he has even been an advisory board of another textbook:

    Yes he was a professor and administrator at a REAL university; he was an executive administrator at a REAL women’s organization: the YWCA of Pittsburgh. All of this can be found on his website and verified by links.

    He also did a lot of work with young men and women who were abused and incarcerated; he worked with the developmentally disabled and did work in places that were plagued with gang activity. That’s on his website as well too. He actually DID the work that all of the people who talk about being concerned about the hurting and abused don’t seem to get around to doing – men & women. But excellent job on trying to reduce a man’s life’s work to one article on one website (not even the website it originally appeared on).

    In full disclosure, yes, I am a man and yes I know Edward Rhymes – he taught me a great deal and a LOT of his students would say the same thing. At the end of the day, that’s why I can’t hang or deal with the hyperbolic in the men’s or women’s groups. Just two sides screaming past each other. And nobody is actually serious about solving problems.

    • Blah, blah, blah! Men! Oh, the poor men. You are all so wronged whenever anyone points out what scumbags you are. Fuck you!

      The only point in even glancing at any of your blathering is to give you the opportunity to show what a massive piece of shit you are. There is no defense for any of you and there is certainly no defense for this charlatan.

    • Not two sides screaming past each other. One side trying to take away women’s rights through what’s called backlash (well developed body of research into this phenomena).

      I honestly don’t care what Rhymes does outside of AVFM except to point out that he published on a hate site run by a misogynist and inhabited by misogynists. If he’s really concerned about human rights he would never publish there. He would publish with someone like NOMAS or a feminist organization that is legitimate. AVFM is not legitimate. It never has been and never will be.

      I’m not reducing his work. He’s reducing it by posting on a hate site.

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  9. “Dr.” Edward Rhymes is indeed a real man, but his degrees are from a diploma mill and I know for a fact he pads his resume/lies. And I would know, because I worked with him at the Pittsburgh YWCA. The following is listed on LinkedIn, and I have listed which parts are exaggerated or false. His book is from a vanity press (self published.) While I don’t know for sure, I find it highly unlikely he was an Ass’t Prof at UMass Dartmouth, even a visiting one. Colleges verify degrees, and his Masters and PhD are unaccredited. He doesn’t list a Bachelors, which is also shady.

    Director of Race Relations & Advocacy, Center for Race Relations
    YWCA of Greater Pittsburgh
    September 2005 – April 2006 (8 months)

    – Supervised a staff of 3 facilitators/trainers, administrative assistant and interns

    – Developed and modified anti-racism and inclusion training materials

    – Expanded scope of the Office of Advocacy, which focused (primarily) on four core issues:
     Elimination of Racism
     Affirmative Action
     Hate Crimes
     Violence Against Women


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