Sweden’s Best ROKS

ROKS is the the largest radical feminist shelter organization in Sweden fighting for equality and succeeding. They have excellent representation in Parliament through Margareta Winberg. Here are 2 shows on ROKS. The program was probably made by a man who is upset that the feminist influence is changing Sweden for the better, for women’s rights. However, some women have a hard time changing perspective as well. You can see the effect of this in the women who posture and gain financial advantage from male MRA’s when they’re just your average run-of-the-mill misogynists. Male MRA’s hold up the handful of women in their ranks as an attempt to legitimize their woman hatred.

Some women in the show below claim men need help breaking their violence against women through specific programs to help him see what he’s doing is wrong. According to ROKS, and I’m assuming people here, men know they’re doing wrong. They’re making a choice to violate women. This is a key distinction between those who see male violence as a gendered issue of power and those who see male violence as something wrong with him, as if it’s a unique disease. It’s not unique. It’s men acting out their power and control that our gendered society expects. Women are truly the ones who need the help to leave men and to understand what he’s doing he’s doing by conscious choice.

ROKS sees male violence against women as a part of Patriarchy, as a power imbalance, and they make educational policies and social services for women based on this key point. They even incorporate monotheistic philosophy to explain male violence, comparing men to God, in the sense that men strive to be like God (hence why God is an invention of men), like an omnipresent, omniscient and omnipotent being that is above nature, which is then considered woman. This is literal in monotheistic patriarchal religions and metaphorical. It’s brilliant and it plays out on how men order nature and how men see and treat women.

The tv programs below are biased, in my opinion, against ROKS. Like I said, probably made by a man who doesn’t understand any of this and who’s never had to consider his privilege. ROKS admits the struggle for women’s liberation will be hard and violent because men do not want to give up their power.

I want to move to Sweden and be among these women. They have a chant that I loved: ‘Macho macho bye bye!’ I love these women. They are amazons. They are the future. We talk about what a female focused egalitarian society would look like on this blog while it seems ROKS is making this happen.

This first episode, which is actually 2 in 1, starts with something I found confusing so I’ll explain. Two young women went to a women’s shelter and somehow there were threats by male satanists/pedophiles against them. The shelter organizers moved them around to keep them safe from these threats of organized pedophilia and satanist rituals meant to harm these women.

One of the women thinks that the shelter she went to was trying to brainwash her to think men are evil. I found it incredibly unbelievable that a women’s organization would move girls and women around over an empty threat. We know on this blog that men are capable of great violence so if I was running a shelter and threats were called in against the women I’d move them too to get them out of harms way. It’s just logical to believe male threats of violence because it’s right in front of us: prostitution, pornography, male violence against women.

The second episode, running concurrent to the first, is better and clearer. It really explains ROKS positions and how these women are trying to change society.

I really want to know more about ROKS. Men don’t like ROKS so to me that means they’re doing something innovative and good for women. Gunilla Eckberg has worked with ROKS too and she’s brilliant in her analysis of prostitution.

Can we do something like this in Canada or the US? I think it can be done but the major problem is the capitalism our societies worship. Sweden is a very socially aware country. I think Canadians would be better suited for the changeover. The US has to get to the point where they actually care about the social welfare of all its citizens and not the lucky few.

Canada has mediocre social services, especially since the Tories came in, they’ve been slicing all women’s services. However, our collectivist mindset is present whereas in the States it seems non-existent.

After reading Witchwind’s blog post, which is here, I’ve learned a lot about how this needs to be implemented. I think it must start with small villages. As V said, the wealthy women have to start putting that money to that kind of purpose. They must lend their hand to the majority of women who are still not at that level. Once there’s a momentum it will be hard to stop.


35 thoughts on “Sweden’s Best ROKS

  1. I don’t know why men are so violent. Are they born that way, is it socialized or a little of both. But, I like this Swedish idea. I’d like to see it tried everywhere!

    I used to think I wanted to go to Sweden, too, because I used to hear that the men were less violent there and their record on human rights for women is better. At one point, I was really desperate to leave the constant harassment and threats I was dealing with living in the U.S. – outside the protection racket, of course. When you don’t have a penis talisman in your possession, all kinds of bad things happen to you, mainly involving strangers. The irony of it all in a way was the only place I felt safe a lot of the time was in the strip clubs! There we had security and cameras. But, once I was out the door, I was fair game. I lived a life of terror from coast to coast. I went to Europe hoping things would be better, but after a while it looked about the same to me. Men are men everywhere.

    I have, also, read there has been a massive, violent backlash against women in Sweden as a result of their progress.

    It makes me glad I didn’t go! (Although, I read there was an exodus of women from the U.S. to the Nordic countries about 15 or 20 years ago because they wanted to escape the violence and inequities here.) Things have gotten worse for women in the U.S. But – hey! – at least, I can have guns and as long as I stay inside my house I have a right to defend myself from men. That’s something! That’s something people don’t have a lot of places. So, I am grateful for that. It’s really been a matter of luck, I think.

  2. By the way, that is an epic post by Witchwind! I started reading it when she first posted it and I’m still re-reading parts of it and going through the comments section.

    She’s brilliant. I know she shocks a lot of people, especially the liberal feminists, but I think it’s something they need. The shock is part of cult de-programming.

    For instance, when you come out of a cult (mind controlled situation), it doesn’t just happen all at once. There is always a shock moment and usually there is a series of them. I remember the first shock I had so clearly – like it was yesterday! It was like that scene in Labyrinth where the girl is dancing with David Bowie and suddenly remembers that he’s the Goblin King and her enemy. This wall that I couldn’t see before shattered in my mind and I said to the offending man – who had just falsely accused me of committing a “sexual sin” against the church pretty much out of the blue (because I wanted out of the organization – and had written a letter to the Bishop to that effect… for anyone reading who doesn’t know, you can’t just walk away from them, especially if you’re a young, white woman because they really want to get their hands on your uterus!), “You are full of fear and you have no authority over me!”

    Then, I experienced a series of other shocks, which were less and less earth shattering. Although, right when I did finally get out, the world as I knew it seemed so changed that I didn’t recognize it.

    The patriarchal system is a huge mind control cult for girls and women. It has lots of components, which you can sometimes see at work (like religion, the economics system, etc.), but mostly you can’t see it because it’s like water to a fish. It’s so ubiquitious and it seems like a natural part of the environment – but, it isn’t because slavery, in any form, isn’t natural.

    There have to be shocks for women and liberal feminists, in particular, because they are teetering on the edge of plunging head first into the sea of reality, already – if only the parasites would disengage them for just a little while, it would happen. It’s a scary plunge! But, it’s necessary. It’s far healthier and safer than living the the wonderland created by liberal men who began taking advantage of “women’s lib” back in the early ’70s.

  3. Great post and also as usual WOOWs comments are helpful: “The patriarchal system is a huge mind control cult for girls and women.”

    If this is fully understood, the situation is clear and so is the way forward. I don’t know what other statement is even needed. You could just unpack this statement and there it all is.

    Humans live in a social reality that is a form of mass hallucination. All kinds of attitudes and actions that fly in the face of the natural world can take hold. As WOOW and the second video points out, these harmful attitudes go through a process of normalization and we can’t even see them any more without tearing apart the social fabric, leading to a re-adjustment.

    Both men and women are subject to all kinds of brainwashing based on class, occupation, spiritual yearnings, raising children, so many things. Some “brainwashing” can even reflect ancient wisdom of a society and is natural and not harmful as well as leading to social cohesion. But the brainwashing of women into subjugation is neither natural nor non-harmful nor wise.

    I didn’t have an aha! moment that I can remember. I worked in an occupation where over the years the thousands of suffocating veils began lifting one by one – a gradual process, but each step made of stone and irrefutable before I went forward to the next. I’m at a point now of seeing and sorrowing for many systems of mind-control that limit human potential and cause great suffering. But the most entrenched, the most widespread, the most inexcusable, the most ancient, and the most painful system is the systematic set of attitudes among both men and women that results in women’s subjugation as a caste.

  4. I apologize for the off-topic posting, but I’m just going to paste my response to this:


    My response:

    When antifeminists talk about how stupid feminism is when more than 200 girls have been kidnapped in Nigeria, one gets the impression that antifeminists don’t care much about anyone and only want to politically slander a social movement for personal gain.

    I understand your concern though. Those boys should have received international recognition, but let’s be honest there; every victim of Boko Haram should have received international recognition. Why imply that you care about all victims when you only mention the incidents where boys were targeted specifically? Your anger is misplaced and is directed towards feminism instead of towards the real enemy- Boko Haram. Without feminism those kidnapped girls would not have received any attention and none of the victims of Boko Haram would have gone to light in the media. Although, it does have to be said that those girls should have continued to get loads of media coverage, but the hype over them seems to have died down.

    Also remember when 20 women were killed for wearing miniskirts by Boko Haram? I’m curious as to why you haven’t mentioned them. Maybe it has to do with how they received less media coverage then the burned boys, but still I thought antifeminists cared about people. Oh wait, mentioning them would have just weakened your argument. Am I right?


    Trust me when I say that yes, the genders of the girls have something to do with the international attention they garnered. This has mostly to do with the lack of educational opportunity afforded to women globally in third world countries, which was illuminated by Malala Yousafzai when she was shot. It also has to do with it also has to do with the epidemic of child brides.


    Does it also have to do with how the girls are not merely “kidnapped”? Yes.


    Mma Odi mentioned how “The conditions will be terrible and it seems like the government has just abandoned them because they are girls and they are poor. If they were the sons of the rich, the government would act.”

    Considering how she is Nigerian and I am not, I am inclined to believe her.

    I should also inform you how 100 women have been kidnapped by Boko Haram before in 2012. Coincidentally the western medias did not make a big deal out of this, even when they were released.


    Women have been used tactically according to Pearson and Zenn. But they also said that “Correspondingly, there is no evidence that the female relatives of Boko Haram members who were arrested by the government had any direct involvement in the group’s activities. While Boko Haram has in the past paid young boys to carry out operations, such as arson attacks and intelligence gathering, there is no indication that women have been carrying out such activities (Punch News, 30 November 2013). Nor, according to a leading Nigerian security expert, is it probable that female relatives of Boko Haram operatives would be informed if their husband were an active Boko Haram member (Anonymous, Interviewed by Jacob Zenn, May 2013). In one case in 2012, for example, a pregnant Cameroonian woman and child were found in a Kano flat that also served as a Boko Haram hide-out. She appeared entirely ignorant that her husband was suspected of planning an attack on a church that killed at least twenty people (PM News Nigeria, 1 May 2012).”

    Through this, it can be inferred that Boko Haram is a male-dominated group with male leaders and murderers.

    Essentially, you are doing nothing wrong by shining light on the boys who suffered at the hands of Boko Haram, but you are doing no favors to anyone by blaming feminism.

    It is horrible that those boys had been killed and kidnapped. It is horrible that ANYONE had to suffer at the hands of Boko Haram. But the focus on the kidnapped girls has to do with how far feminism has to go to fight for women’s rights in highly patriarchal countries. It gives people a chance to shine the spotlight on the lack of women’s rights in other countries (the effectiveness of this incident on highlighting women’s issues is questionable however). One thing the explosion of international outrage at the kidnapped girls does not have to do with though? It does not have to do with how “feminism is a supremacist hate movement”. The explosion of outrage at the lack of coverage for *male* victims of Boko Haram by antifeminists does have to do with how antifeminism is a supremacist hate movement against women. I haven’t seen any attempts by *antifeminists* to actually do something productive about the kidnapped boys. Maybe instead of stewing in hate you could create your own #BringBackOurBoys trend on twitter. 🙂 And yes I’m quite aware that you are a woman.

    A word of advice? If your movement is against feminism for using tragedies for their own political gain (as can be seen in antifeminist backlash against feminist discussion of the Isla Vista killings), it’s best if your movement doesn’t do the same thing itself. 😉


    It’s awesome now ROKS has representation in Parliament though. That’s more than can be said for my country. 😦

    • Thank you, WoC. This is mature thinking and I appreciate the time you put into this statement. There is a difference even in criminality between the treatement of boys and girls. Boys may be killed. Girls may be killed, be raped and discarded, or consigned to a living hell of constant rape as they are sold in “marriage” to slavemasters. Their fates can be far more horrible, entire lifetimes of slavery in which you may be murdered any day for the slightest infraction.

      • Some hateful dudebro was commenting here a few days ago and said something like, “What’s worse than murder?” I think that’s a question only men don’t seem to know the answer to – or, at least, they pretend not to a lot.

  5. So, women that oppose radical feminists are also misogynists, and hate the entire female gender? Only a liar, or a lunatic, or both(which is another way of saying a feminist)could spout such a thing.

  6. HMQ,

    Sorry for the O.T., but did you see that Sarkeesian had to cancel an appearance at Utah State because of a man threatening to re-create the “Montreal Massacre” on their campus?

    I just don’t know why there aren’t more women speakers, women game creators, women critics, women ______ (fill in the blank with just about anything you can think of besides porn stars, prostitutes, strippers and housewives into infinity)…

    • Here’s a link to a vid on that – and the targets are, specifically *feminists* – just like Lepine, although I have to say Utah isn’t exactly the biggest bastion of women’s liberation in the U.S.! It’s the home state of the American-style Taliban because of all the damned Mormons and their extreme hatred of girls and women. It’s would be like going to So. India or Cairo to mass murder feminists! It’s not exactly the place where girls and women have the most power to begin with.

      Note the whole batman movie villain characteristics, again, in this threat – just like we’ve heard before.

      He calls Sarkeesian a “whore” – ’cause, we’re ALL whores, right?! That’s just another word for a female human being, apparently.

      He claims feminists ruined his life. He doesn’t say how, of course. But, if he’s like his MRA brothers, this means refusing to be raped and brutalized by men and daring to do things like step outside our homes.

      By the way, I think the dude who made this video is a dick. You’ll hear at the end, he admonishes Sarkeesian and other women not to use these events to their “advantage” or for “personal gain.” WTF?! What is advantageous about not being able to do your job because you’re receiving death threats? I guess only men can answer that question… I have no answer having lived with all kinds of threats most of my life.

      • He’s a woman hating idiot. He thinks these threats are from her and the fact he thinks it’s somehow her responsibility to ‘not capitalize on it.’ This is how these men think. He thinks he’s combatting online feminism! LOL What in the fuck is online feminism? Does anyone here know what that is? Is that a new hobby of misogynists? let’s attack women online if they say things we don’t like? What? These men are so silly.

        • Yes, it appears you’re correct. Baldy dude’s vid, referenced below, has to do with threats being worth more than money to feminists. ‘Cause feminists – like all women – don’t need to earn a living, ya know. Money is only important to men. Women appreciate death threats – more than even chocolates and roses.

          The above d*ckwad’s video was just the first I saw on the subject at YT. He sounds somewhat sympathetic until the end, which I found really bizarre. A couple extra clicks at his channel led me to believe that he is some kind of MRA or sympathizer, which makes it all a little clearer.

  7. He’s pressuring the victims to keep their mouths shut. If they say anything, they’re “capitalizing” on the terror they’re experiencing. If they say nothing, they are hidden away and lost in the embrace of their terrorizer, who has a free hand.

    Excellent choices here. Thanks, Bro!

  8. AVFM is offering a reward to convict the threatener. It’s at over $4000. Elam doesn’t expect anyone to catch the threatener, as he says it’s a hoax. However, that reward is legally collectible for anyone who finds the threatener’s name or other significant information. I know I could use a few thousand and would enjoy collecting it from Elam and the other contributors. I’d also like it spread to the entire universe in a ball of nova-fire if it’s someone who has any connection whatsoever to AVFM. It’s worth some effort. Good luck everybody!

    • The scary bald dude, also, did a damage-control video at YT, which I saw today when I was looking for info. on this there.

      I’d post the link, but I hate to give him traffic, plus I’d have to post a TW for “Scary, Wild-eyed Bald Dude Whose Phallus-shaped Head May Induce Nightmares About All Your Previous Stalkers and Rapists.”

      It’s full of the same kind of bizzaro reversals we saw at the 1st International Men’s Right to Rape Conference in [almost] Detroit.

      I’m no expert in body language, but it’s obvious that even he doesn’t believe a word he’s sayilng.

  9. Thanks WOOW the phallus-headed dude is all I need to know. I enjoy watching his vids now that he’s been thrown out of AVFM along with Diana Davison for objecting to Judgybitch. He’s lost his platform, aw…no more hits except from radfems checking in for a laugh…

      • It’s funny as shit: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pnYH2VGUrbM&list=UU255AfKquZnQMO0amxdEGWw

        Here’s a summary in John’s words:

        JtO was going to bring a 10-foot long giant penis to the mensrights conference, so he was excluded…he claims the penis part is not true, but that he was in fact excluded even though he was Editor in Chief of AVFM.

        The real reasons were that: he is a bombastic asshole jerk, that he complained when a transwoman wrote an article about how they got catcalled every day, because that must be mythological drivel, women are never catcalled, and that AVFM has let the brains fall out of their heads for running the article.

        Also, Paul swore he would attack traditionalist conservatism about the man head of the house and the woman baking cakes (sound familiar)? Paul has betrayed men’s rights. “Traditionalism is the driving force behind male slavery,” Paul wrote in 2011. But now the Media Director is a Traditional Woman (a famous cake-baker). John’s criticism was treated as blasphemy. Paul’s brains had fallen out.

        The final problem for John was that he criticized Steven Molyneux and called Warren Farrell “Professor Fuzzyface”.

        Now he’s Banned for Life. Tant pis, as Simone de Beauvoir would say.

        It all seems to have to do with baking cakes. Yum, I could do with a nice slice right now.

        Soon after, John’s sidekick Diana Davison posted her own video about how Judgybitch is ruining the MRM. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCVRQqUgDRBevsDGOeE1DL3A

        All Together Now! SCHI-ZM! SCHIZM! SCHI-ZM!

        No response from Judgybitch yet as she has been busy setting up her 3d illegitimate Twitter account. Paul hasn’t responded either. He’s busy calling Sarkeesian a liar.

        • Spamfiltered again (am I saying some bad names? :), but wanted to add to my comment that this thing of Paul’s brains falling out at least twice is kind of unnerving. Is this a veiled revelation that Paul is a zombie? It makes sense as he groans n moans like a dead grody funky dude. John was an insider, he would know, just sayin’.

          • Forgive me, but if my main comment gets published, I would like to qualify that Simone de Beauvoir said “Tant pis”, then blew a long exhalation of acrid Gauloise-smoke at Sartre, who coughed slightly, then picked up his fedora and left, knowing that Simone was finished with men for the night.

          • it’s late so all I can say is, she’s into baking cakes, getting marital sex, being a housewife etc etc. She talks about women getting agency but makes clear she personally doesn’t want any.

        • Hahahahah!

          They’re all fighting like idiots. I love when they fight because as you said, it involves brains being lost, cracked skulls, giant dildos at conferences, and the few ladies wanting money from the dudebros fighting each other.

          It’s hilarious how angry Baldy head gets over Liz Sheehy’s book. He hasn’t read it carefully. He’s offering to mail the book around so he can fauxrage with others. LOL

  10. Every time I look up anything about Sarkeesian at YT, I get videos from MRAs. Elam has one over there entitled “Threats weren’t real.” This is a quote taken out of context from someone at the university they appear to have called to question about the threats. According to the school official, the threat was a real threat, but since Anita is still alive, law enforcement doesn’t think it’s credible since no similar threats against her have been followed through on… yet.

    On a personal note, I dealt with rape and death threats for about 10 months from a gang of drug dealers. Local law enforcement’s take on this was alternately that this wasn’t a real threat (they actually tried to ram my car at an intersection, which was the culminating event in this whole scenario) and that I was simply allowing my imagination to carry me away. Oh, and at one point, that I was simply picking on those poor boys (at least, two of whom probably did some time in prison in the end). So, this is typical law enforcement LACK OF taking threats against women seriously because we’re just silly and we worry our pretty heads about things that never ever happen to women in real life – like rape and murder.

    • ,,, and, of course, the school official is saying it is now not a threat, since the event is cancelled.

      You should see the comment section. Apparently, most dudebros not only can’t read, but can’t even be bothered to listen to a 9 minute-long audio recording.

    • I just had a memory:

      I used to work in the security office of a college campus back when I was a student, myself. You would not believe the kind of things that go on day and night on a college campus (all kinds of rape and violence against women, women having their faces rammed into a railing for saying, “No,” to a dude, armed robbers on a chase whizzing around the campus, etc.) that the general public never ever hears about. College officials like to keep that stuff on the down low and they will lie about it, too.

      There was a security officer with a bad attitude. He got fired from the LAPD and I guess campus security was his last resort. He had a very nasty, insinuating personality and while Sarge and the others put up with him, I don’t think he was exactly loved.

      Well, a woman came to give a speech on campus and on her way into the building, she was abducted – yes, ABDUCTED – by some men and taken to another location where she was raped multiple times. Amazingly, she survived. The unpopular security guy took the report and as was the unofficial policy in our office, filed it away. It was never reported to the City police because they never report rapes and such because they want to represent the campus as a safe place (which is the last thing it was, especially for women, and this was way back in the ’80s or ’90s).

      The victim went to the City police and filed a report, apparently. Then, it came out in the local paper that the campus had taken a report and not given it to the City. Nowadays, everybody knows this happens, of course, but back then, we all assumed that when you were abducted, raped or otherwise brutalized by men on campus and a report was made to campus police that this report would automatically be filed with the City. (I guess we were all very naive back then – that was before the internet was very big, of course.) Even I assumed that and I worked in the security office.

      When it came out, they threw this unpopular campus cop under the bus and blamed him. He got fired for not submitting the report to the City cops. But, the fact is they always hid such violence to try to give the appearance of the campus being safe to the general public.

      A woman giving a talk anywhere at all is always a security matter. I wanted to be a public speaker, myself, but knowing my own personal history I knew I’d have to hire a driver and an armed body guard to ensure my safety. This is life in America – if you don’t have a d*ck.

  11. “The program was probably made by a man who is upset that the feminist influence is changing Sweden for the better, for women’s rights.”

    “The tv programs below are biased, in my opinion, against ROKS. Like I said, probably made by a man who doesn’t understand any of this and who’s never had to consider his privilege.”

    The producer of the video is a WOMAN.



    I have no idea why you feel the sex of the producer of Könskriget has any barring on the material presented in the piece.

  12. “This first episode, which is actually 2 in 1, starts with something I found confusing so I’ll explain.”

    You most certainly are confused as you seem to neglect the fact that the actions of Belle’s Friends almost drove Caroline to a successful suicide! She attempted suicide on three occasions but was not taken to the hospital for proper expert treatment! And do you know why? Because the crazie Swedes at Belle figured a member of that Satanist pedophile network might have infiltrated the hospital’s psychiatric staff.

    “I found it incredibly unbelievable that a women’s organization would move girls and women around over an empty threat.”

    But you find it credible a satanist pedophile network was out to assassinate those two girls when they fled to Norway?

    • I do believe men work in groups to attack women. They do it all the time. So no I find it good that they escaped. Plus, when you go to a woman’s shelter you’re going there to escape male violence. Derp.


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