AVFM Says Feminist Wrote Death Letter to Utah Uni (Anita Sarkeesian)

They’re offering $5550– though to figure out if an MRA did it. It’s hilarious. On one hand they blame feminists and then raise money to find out if it was truly an MRA. I guarantee you the one who wrote it was male. Guarandamntee that. Men like threatening violence anonymously to a woman. Welcome to being a woman online. Oh and AVFM knows the cowardly MRA dude isn’t going to come forward so they say their money is ‘safe.’ What better way to let us all know it’s an MRA than by offering thousands of dollars for info? Smart move AVFM. You’re admitting this is an MRA. Everyone knows it’s a batshit crazy MRA too.

David Futrelle over on We Hunted the Mammoth researched the phrases used in the long death threat letter to Anita Sarkeesian. The letter was written by an MRA/Red Piller. These guys are part of the Manosphere. The Manosphere is an online collection of websites including the men’s rights reddit where men go to blame women and feminists for their shit lives.

You can read the death letter to Anita here.

Paul Elam at AVFM is claiming that feminists wrote the letter, which is hilarious because nobody but MRA’s use those phrases. Basically, AVFM is mad that David has exposed the hatred and violence endemic at AVFM and the rest of the Manosphere.

There is no doubt whatsoever that this email was written by a feminist posing as an MHRA. The entirely fictitious character, who is supposed to have written it, conforms so closely to the feminist mischaracterization of MHRAs as dangerously violent psychopaths who dream of brutally silencing women that it could only have been written by someone whose goal was to maintain and embellish this outrageously slanderous threat narrative.

Nice try AVFM but no dice. You are a bunch of violent psychopaths. Nobody second guesses that. AVFM’s new weekly shows featuring a different MRA and their ‘wake up call’ to the red pill give you all away. For the last 2 weeks I’ve heard 2 separate MRA’s talk about their domestic violence charges and their anger management problems. [1] Al Martin, violent male with anger issues [2]Christian Chassion, puts his hands on woman in a walker, throws objects at g/f, gets DV charge

AndyBob, the author of the lameass AVFM attempt at deflection had this to say about the letter:

“I’m giving you a chance to stop it,” the email author added thoughtfully. Even for an entirely fictitious MHRA psycho, I thought that was terribly decent of him.

See what kind of male violence we’re dealing with? It was terribly nice of the guy to say he might not murder women! A feminist did it though? Don’t make me laugh.

The rest of AndyBob’s screech-fest is diversion after diversion throughout bits of misogynist screed about Anita’s appearance and of course the predictable ‘she’s lying’ excuse. As usual, with misogynists, it’s a woman’s fault for getting attention because some porn addicted gamer MRA decided to threaten endless people with death because a woman criticized a few video games on Youtube.

So is her uncanny ability to time these damseling episodes for maximum effect, publicity, and fiscal reward.

I don’t think people are worried about money at this point you dumbass. I think we’re more concerned with you crazy fucks who spread this kind of misogyny to the point where the woman can’t speak without getting death threats.

Andybob uses the excuse that while Lepine and Rodger were misogynists they also killed a few men. Who cares? That’s not what motivated them to kill. Andy’s attempts to make Rodger and Lepine not fit into AVFM and the Manosphere are incredibly lame since they all have the same things in common: hatred of women and feminists. He even says Rodger wouldn’t be welcome at AVFM because he was a ‘pussy beggar.’ Nope. No misogyny there!

Two of the reasons why feminists posing as MHRAs are so easy to detect are the style of language they employ and the fact that their purported representation of MHRAs has the unmistakable tone of caricature that frequently devolves into the realm of pantomime.

I know you’re delusional Andybob but there’s nothing pantomime about it. Lepine hated feminists. AVFM hates feminists. This doesn’t require much of a leap.

here isn’t the slightest hint of articulated performance in the glib and terrifying words of genuinely deranged psychopaths like Elliot Rodger and Marc Lépine.

Except that they’re MRA words and phrases. David Futrelle proved that beyond a shadow of a doubt.

The only commonality between the anonymous email, Marc Lépine’s suicide statement, and Elliot Rodger’s manifesto is that none of them were written by MHRAs.

I know you think if you repeat that to yourselves enough times you’ll actually start believing it. Everyone knows MRA’s have ZERO self-awareness. The commonality is a deep hatred of women. Wasn’t it AVFM that published endless articles on Anita Sarkeesian? Yep. David did the work you fools.

Who has a history of making death threats via emails to venues hosting talks on potentially contentious issues and has a vested interest in publicly demonizing the MHRM by maintaining a false threat narrative through attempted character assassination and misrepresenting everything we stand for? If you answered “feminists” without sneaking a peak at the key below, congratulations, you are no longer a newbie in the MHRM.

Yep, a bunch of feminists got together, used your exact phrasing, and sent this letter to Utah in order to ruin your reputation. Is this going to be used to distinguish old from new MRA’s? You guys are a joke. We all know about your obsession with Anita Sarkeesian. We know you’re just desperate to do damage control. We all know that another Rodger is in the making from your camp.

While you might like to talk to yourself and tell yourself it ain’t so nobody believes it. I notice you say that at the end of your ‘lookee over there’ rant. We all know it’s one of you misogynist freaks. You might be dumb enough to think it’s not one of you but the rest of the world has an IQ.

UPDATE: AVFM released a video of them calling the University to see if the threat was real. The threat was real but they decided not to DO anything with the school that got it. This got AVFM to declare the threat wasn’t real. LOL. They can’t even comprehend that the cops aren’t going to shut down a school that easily. The cops don’t want to get people panicked and the threat was REAL.

It makes me wonder why AVFM is so concerned if it was a feminist that masterminded this whole plan? The motivation is to denigrate and further seed the hatred against a woman for daring to speak out in a feminist perspective about video games. It’s more about trying to discredit her.

Once again AVFM does a silly stupid male thing and outright lies.


76 thoughts on “AVFM Says Feminist Wrote Death Letter to Utah Uni (Anita Sarkeesian)

  1. I’m glad you posted about this, HMQ. As I wrote I am doing a little investigating because I want the AVFM reward, as any self-respecting feminist would.

    My researches led me into a septic system of the manosphere called “Masculism”. I was following the Marc Lepine trail. I started with this blog: h**p://marclepine.blogspot.com/2009/11/marc-lepine-he-did-it-out-of-love.html (note I’m not direct-linking but making it easy to link there by fixing the http)(use a proxy to go to any of the sites discussed here)

    The Blog’s name is “Marc Lepine” and it ends in 2009 when its author, Jean-Claude Rochemont, a French-Canadian, was arrested for inciting hatred against women. Eventually the judge ruled that since the Canadian hate statutes did not protect women, Rochemont would be freed.

    I can’t seem to get a line on Rochemont since. He seems to have dropped out of sight. Some of his quotes about Lepine include “He did it Out of Love”; “…men have a right to hate and a right to vengeance”. Rochemont believes that Lepine saved the world from women monsters, saying Lepine’s message to women was ” If you stop acting like monsters, we will start to love you again.” The site is comprehensive and carefully indexed. It seems likely the USU Threatener visited there. Anybody know what happened to Rochemont?

    Embarrassed by such riches, I went with my intuition and followed the sidebar to The World According to Bob (h**p://bobstruth.blogspot.com) “Bob Allen” is a rabid woman-hater who has kind words for Scott Dekraai, the disgruntled ex who massacred six women and two men in California a few years ago because he wasn’t happy with 56% child custody or something. To Bob Allen, women are just pigs and cows, no big loss, and the mass murder was a heroic and necessary act. He concludes: ” At least one brave man in California is unwilling to accept feminist slavery.” h**p://bobstruth.blogspot.com/2011/10/one-man-makes-difference.html Bob links to all sorts of MRA sites.

    According to Bob, the deaths of Lepine’s victims were completely justifiable: “Feminists argue that the feminists who were killed on December 6 by Marc Lepine were just innocent females in school. Nonsense. Each of them was a foot soldier in the feminist war on men. Each of them was pretending to be a man, taking a man’s space in a limited number of technical school enrollments. None of them were working toward a decent life as a wife and mother.”

    I noticed one appreciative commenter on Bob’s post was a California MRA named Masculist Man. Masculist Man is a very active poster on MRA sites, well-known, and has several blogs, including his “Men’s Rights Blog” at h**p://mensrightsboard.blogspot.com

    I had run across a disturbing comment from him before and decided to look at it again. A few years ago Masculist Man had an online fight with another anti-feminist blogger named Chris Keys. At one point Keys asked Masculist Man why he used Marc Lepine as his avatar on Keys’ site. Here is Key’s question and Masculist Man’s reasoning, quoted from MM’s blog:


    “Dear Sir,

    “Perhaps you’d care to explain why you have showed your open support for a mass-murderer? Just what do you hope to accomplish by staging a Marc Lépine style shooting of women?

    [Masculine Man]

    “Marc Lepine faced anti-male affirmative action at his college and basically had his back to wall along with other men. He saw affirmative action give preferences to women just because they had cunts. He saw a Parliment that didn’t give a shit,a society that didn’t give a shit and had no legal recourse and this was the pre-internet days so he couldn’t start a blog to protest the injustice he experienced and chances are the old media was feminist controlled and censored critical information about it so chances are he saw little recourse but to take the action he took to show Parliment and society that it couldn’t just shit on men and those men be ignored.”


    Masculine Man is a big poster on h**p://antimisandry.com under the name AMAACL. To check various phrases from the USU threat letter against this site is to find just about all the words. (I note Dave Futrelle has already pointed out one of the phrases is there).

    This whole “Masculist” or “Masculinist” movement, while considering itself part of the MRM, does have some differences with A Voice for Men, though the same guys, including Mascilist Man, comment over there all the time. Here’s a part of a discussion on AVFM about masculists (h**p://www.avoiceformen.com/allbulletins/masculists-need-not-apply-at-avfm/):

    driversuz Mod • 4 months ago

    “Masculinists don’t understand feminists “better than we do.” they can’t. They are as blinded by their “faith” -instead-of-fact based ideology as feminists are. They can’t claim that feminists are wrong because feminism is non-rational and bigoted, because they too are non-rational and bigoted – almost but not quite to the same degree.”

    Masculist Man • 4 months ago

    “I see it is a woman putting us down. Elam has no problem allying himself with women and gays but throws us under the bus. Women and gays have both been in the feminist camp while we weren’t yet we’re the ones thrown to the wolves.”

    Len Firewood • 4 months ago
    “Well you have just demonstrated why masculinists have a lot to learn before they can be a help rather than a hindrance. Women are not less worthy of consideration than men and men are not less worthy of consideration than women. It is our HUMANITY that is our chief defining characteristic not our sex\gender, politics etc etc. It is ideas that are being thrown under a bus and in the case when they are divisive ideas and attitudes like yours very rightly so IMO.”

    Masculist Man • 4 months ago
    “Whatever. As long as Paul is pouring that kool aid addicts like you line up.”

    At this point I’m looking at potential influencing sites. I’m not saying any of the individuals mentioned here have any knowledge of the USU threats. It seems possible that the Marc Lepine motif runs through a different part of the manosphere than the AVFM sphere. AVFM has disavowed Lepine, but clearly Lepine in a hero in other manospherian dark places.

    HMQ, if you don’t publish this that’s fine with me. I realize it will attract mansplaining and take some time moderating. Up to you.

  2. What really got me about the interview with Vitale posted at Elam’s YT channel was that the the school official they interviewed (Vitale) basically said LE didn’t consider the threat “real” or credible since she receives very similar death threats all the time and she’s still alive. Apparently, they will not consider these threats “real” or credible until she is dead.

    This is, as I said in a previous comment on this subject, very similar to my own experiences with L.E.

  3. Well, I just read the article by the dickwad interviewer, Dandybob, which you linked to above. He actually says something about the fact that she is “unscathed” being evidence of the unreality of the threats. Never mind that she and her family have been reportedly driven from their homes and who knows what kind of security measures she has had to take and other steps to protect her privacy – because these are often things you cannot talk about public for obvious reasons.

    So, unless you’re dead, any death threats you receive are obviously fake or, at least, lacking credibility.

  4. It’ll all come out in the wash, WOOW.

    I agree with AndyBob that the letter’s language is stilted. It’s like a cut-and-paste of MRA tropes. That makes it solidly MRA territory. When MRAs write pronouncements, they write odd stilted pronouncements.

    Consider these excerpts from an open letter to the world by James Huff, Director of AVFM Radio:

    “…Now, in my capacity as a sort of bird in the sky, I hear rumblings of malcontent throughout the halls of my esteemed brothers. This troubles me as I have not been troubled before. In my life, there has been nothing that has troubled me more…

    “Are we still in the wilderness, my brothers, where there are none but our own voices to fall upon our ears? …

    “But the sickness still comes into our fort. It is one borne of temperance of speech that hides half-truths behind the language of our enemies. It poisons the minds of men so they can no longer arm the battlements out of fear of some imagined greater power…

    “We have become complicated, filled with innuendo, brimming with foppishness and base impulse, just like our enemies…

    “Beware of what you say henceforth to each other… Don’t use dark powers that suggest to us that flowery speech will gather us more bees to make the honey, because that honey is a sour poison that kills us all one by one by one.

    “I have not sat upon a single branch since I have taken flight long ago and I will not do so until the last breath is wrenched from my body through the violence of our enemies or the ravages of age…”

    “…All of you, lay down your weapons against your brothers in arms immediately, set aside your momentary lapses of reason and come to a table that will soon be provided. Those of you to whom I have whispered secrets before, if you fancy yourself a leader, or a speaker in any capacity, you will come.

    “I promise you magic steel to further our cause. Come, sit beside your brother, though you may have smitten him before. The blood will not be washed away, but regret will at least not hang upon your brow, if you do sit with us.

    “…You know where I fly. Send a pigeon or catapult yourself to me, I care not which. I will be waiting impatiently for a response.”


    Huff’s earnest intonations yet ring in my ears, my sisters. But now I must fly to the battlements and perch a moment, eagle-eyed, surveying the wasted land, downing a Laphroaig with David Aurini.

  5. Of course a feminist did it! It’s their own little Reichstag fire in order to advance their totalitarian goals. If their causes are down to something as trivial as “sexist tropes in video games” what choice do they even have? >Feminists ruin my life because I sit in front of a computer screen all day watching porn and killing my Y chromosome. I’m really just a scared little boy who has no life so i’m gonna leave a few comments showing how dumb I really am.

    Feminists do not create, or innovate, or much of anything else, just like every other parasitic leftist. If Sarkeesian cared so much about games the thing to do is make one that she would like to play, which is what a man would do, but since she’s a feminist, and leftist parasite all she can do is attempt to destroy other people’s work with her constant nagging, and end game of state sanctioned violence against whatever her targets might be. >Anita Sarkeesian makes me rage because she’s actually contributing to society while I wank myself off every hour and play video games. I threaten women online because it’s all my little brain can do.

    What is becoming clear now is that feminism is a disaster both socially, and financially to society. >Feminism is a disaster because it doesn’t allow me to be a misogynist without getting called out for it. I have no life.

    • “Of course a feminist did it! It’s their own little Reichstag fire in order to advance their totalitarian goals.”

      A Godwin in the eleventh word out of this guy’s mouth. Marvelous how we can be both Nazis and Leftists in the same short comment.

      “If Sarkeesian cared so much about games the thing to do is make one that she would like to play, which is what a man would do…” Like Zoe? That worked out real well.

      Make a game, critique a game, open mouth in attempt to breathe…bingo! She’s an un-creative, nagging, destructive parasite with trivial causes!

      But when this fool opens his mouth to reveal his halitosis, he gets to say whatever he wants, and nobody threatens to assassinate him with guns and bombs and all the men who happen to be near him for good measure. That’s reserved for bros.

      • Nazis were leftists, or did conservatives throw around the word “bourgeois” as a pejorative while calling themselves socialists, and railing against capitalism? Because they hated homosexuals, and jews doesn’t make them right wing. I don’t really know though because I’m an idiot.

        Jews, and homosexuals were scapegoated in the Soviet Union as well. Nazism was a collectivist movement that used the state to further its ideology and crush anyone that stood in it’s way making it no different than any other left wing collectivist movement including radical feminism. Except I don’t know what I’m talking about really. You’re telling me that if you brilliant women got control of the levers of state power you wouldn’t use it to subjugate men? I’m worried. I’m so scared I’m shitting myself with each comment. Well the arsefucking doesn’t help either.

        Zoe Quinn made a shitty game that no one liked so like any other leftist crony had to suck up to, or in this case suck off, those who could help her promote her game. And I’m really upset about it. Look at MEEEEEEEEE! I’m upset!

        Calling it “your own little Reichstag fire” is just a way of calling it a false flag event no different than the Gulf of Tonkin, etc. I’m a big man that can use war talk to make silly metaphors that don’t even make sense.

        • well, obviously I’m right, you smelly shit stain rad fem cunt since you had no actual rebuttal to anything I said. I said shit because that’s what I play with on the weekend, my own shit. You should be able to rebut sexually violent comments but you don’t! Pay attention to me!

        • Yes, you do know, but because you;re a fucking idiot who refuses to face reality you won’t cop to it. Oh, I’m talking about myself. Hitler was a leftist who cums thinking about using state power to fuck up men, As it stands though all your useless ass does is collect welfare checks. Except you don’t and I know that but I’m just saying it because it’s not an argument. And if brilliant women like you got the levers of power you most certainly would set up your own little heaven without violent men like me, hence the backlash and why this is my 12th comment today.

          Get treatment for your BPD, and try to convince the ex-COG to do the same. I’ve known fucked-up cunts like her, and she’s no good to anyone except for a good blow job, and a nut in the eye. I’m violent and watch porn so that’s why I said that. I don’t know how to be with a woman. I’m sorta dumb that way.

          • What are you gonna do – these commenters aren’t exactly the smartest STEMdudes at the university:

    • And here we see the sad limits of feminist discourse when challenged >although I didn’t challenge anything. I just called some women on the internet names.

      It’s all just lame generalizations, personal attacks, and weak attempts at impugning one’s vaginaship, which is hilarious for a sad shit stain, toothless, welfare dope, buttmuncher, like me. You’re a snarky woman, brilliant, pretending to give a fuck about me, which I know you don’t. Any one ever tell you have a kind of Nancy Spungen vibe, too, which is really just another way of saying you’re a psychotic probably suffering from BPD, well I’m suffering from porn addiction so I use the BPD thing as a backup to harass women online because I’m so limp wristed.

      Sarkeesian’s work is trivial, superficial, pointless, and like all modern feminism has nothing to do with civil rights. Is she really changing anything? NO. But I care about it even though nothing is really happening. It gets me soft just thinking about the power she has over my video games. The free market speaks loudest, and it wants sexy game characters, and male hero’s with guns, and not bullshit like Depression Quest which no one would know about unless Quinn paid some games journalists in pussy, and blowjobs, which she didn’t really do. I just invent that shit to sound right. That’s why you leftist parasites hate capitalism, because it overrules your PC bullshit. All Sarkeesian is really doing is stirring up some shit, and it wont be long before she cracks, and is forced to walk away to save her mental health. It’s really my mental health that’s at stake here but we won’t talk about that.

      You poor gals are late to the party, and are left riding on the old backs of your first, and second wave predecessors who really had something to fight. All you’re at war with now is your pathetic selves, and freezing your eggs so you can work longer won’t help you either. I freeze my dick nightly because it’s so sore from wanking to feminist blogs all day. I’m a loser, can you tell?

      • Hahaha! You’re a welfare queen, shit stain parasite who thinks the state owes her something. Get a job your fucking loser. And fix those teeth while you’re at it. Oh, except you do have an education and have had very good jobs. I say this though because I’m a male who has no job so I think it will bother you if I keep saying you don’t.

  6. And i love how the rad fem, human shit stain that run this site has the nerve to say something like, “The Manosphere is an online collection of websites including the men’s rights reddit where men go to blame women and feminists for their shit lives.” Do you really lack this amount of self-awareness? > I’m not self aware so that’s why I projected that onto the owner. What are you, and the gaggle of looney bitches that commiserate here, doing other than blaming men for how horrible things been for them? >I’m just a silly little male with opinions coming out of my arse. Second, it’s a dumb claim, and a sign that you really have no arguments left. Feminist’s need to be taken down because like every other band of SJW’s, they are parasitic, and their only function is to destroy, while living off the government.> Well, feminists have arguments but I’m so fucking dumb I can’t comprehend them.

  7. You’re all stupid cunts. >Well, I’m really the one that’s stupid but I like projecting because I have no argument except ‘Feminists are bad!’ That’s as far as my little brain will take me.

    • I like this bro’s comment. It’s concise and classic, with just the right MRA blend of contempt, hate and the need to degrade..

      • Yep, with the right kind of sexual violence words too. Today when I was coming home some idiot male just started screaming at nobody. He wasn’t mentally ill, he was angry at something. Completely uncivilized. Instead of calming down he just started yelling near the entrance of the store as if he was screaming at someone. Men need retraining so they don’t use violence. He couldn’t even calm himself down.

  8. Corrections to my comment above: “intonations” should be “exhortations”; and “David” should be “Davis”. As to how an eagle’s claw can hold a glass full of Laphroaig, well, I obtained my literary license from the same office as James Huff. Also, the correct cliche for “battlements” in Huff’s Exhortation is not “arm the battlements” but “man the battlements”. I should have added a “sic”.

  9. Wow! What a troll infestation!

    I’m sure these are really nice boyz underneath their seething, misogynistic hatred and violent perversion. /s

    On a positive note, one of my ex-stalker is STILL in jail and he was arrested, in fact, for “Aggravated Stalking” – this is his third victim I know of, including myself, and they’re still calling it a “1st offense.” I know it isn’t the first time he’s been to court because of his stalking behavior. He’s due to be appear in court later this week. I hope they throw the book at him.

    Oh, he’s a “nice guy,” too, just like these poor, basement-dwelling trolls, I’m sure – just really misunderstood, you know. It’s so sad how the matriarchal system picks on these poor menz when everybody knows that “no” really means “yes,” and still the poor downtrodden male is always being falsely accused when everybody knows it’s really feminists who are at fault for everything. /s

    Seriously though, I was checking out the inmate roster in one of my nearby counties – the one where my former stalker keeps getting picked up – and 90% of those incarcerated are male and they’re in for aggravated assault, burglary, murder, sodomizing a minor, etc. The women are there for DWI, marijuana possession and passing a bad check – in other words, non-violent offenses. It’s, also, men who send violent threats to women 99.999% of the time and it’s dudes (usually white dudes) who do school shootings. Still, these trolls must cling to that .00000001% of a chance that a feminist sent threats to Sarkeesian. It would be laughable if it weren’t so scary.

    • Hi, WOOW, I’m glad you are safe from this criminal.

      Hope it’s ok if I agree that the USU threatener is not a woman, but have to admit also that there’s a remote chance of it. I do agree with the MRAs that the language of the USU is peculiar. What I read is a young, nervous, writer trying to sound tough. To the MRAs this sounds perhaps like a woman trying to talk macho.

      There’s something tentative about those threats, it’s true. This is not a raging full-grown man saying Ima-kill-you-then-off-myself. There’s a half-heartedness to the aggression. This is echoed in less aggressive statements like “You’ve probably heard…”

      The tone is inconsistent, almost polite at times, with the occasional death-threat almost forced in. I think some of the threats are additions from a later draft.

      My read is that this kid is, in spite of what he’s doing, a little awed at the authority figures he’s addressing and what he’s doing. He doesn’t know how to write formal English. He’s not in a professional/business occupation. He is probably student age.

      He’s over the top with his threats. I doubt this kid has been in the military. He wouldn’t talk that way about his weapons or his plans. I’m led, like the authorities, into speculating that the threat is not “credible” in the sense that it was not intended to be executed.

      He seems to me to be using the word “nearby” and other locational phrases to show he knows the campus and really is a student, but it’s that very use of such language that leads me to think it’s a deflection. Anybody can get a map of the campus and see where the locations mentioned so carefully in the letter are. I’m not persuaded he’s ever been to the campus at all.

      My guess is this kid may not be in Utah, but is definitely, from the language, an American. I don’t hear any hints of a southern turn of phrase or any specific ethnic minority turn of phrase either. My read is white, American, and middle-class.

      “I have at my disposal…” is a slightly archaic turn of phrase. There are several other phrases that to a modern ear sound like someone who has been playing a lot of Huff-style battlements video games. “I will have my revenge” is a quote well-known to players of Call of Duty Black Ops. This kid seems to think he’s Viktor Reznov.

      “Bear witness” has been pointed out on several LDS sites as an extremely common turn of phrase for Mormons. But it’s so common a phrase that I don’t think this means much.

      As we all agree, the language is a mishmash of MRA metaphors and name-calling. It couldn’t have this much MRA jargon unless the kid has at least been looking at MRA sites. “Misandrist” seals the deal, but “harpies” is a close second. AndyBob himself calls feminists “dogma-spewing harpies”. Declan Finn: “vile harpies”. Anjaeriud of Not A Feminist: “bitter twisted harpies”. Brigadon commenting in Dudequest: “screeching harpies” A Place for My Ramblings: “screeching, wailing, misandrist harpies.” That list goes on forever.

      Why do I think this is a male? Because violence is gendered. Statistically, mass murderers are overwhelmingly male. I want to qualify that though as this is a threatener, not (yet) a mass murderer. More women may be involved in making threats.

      Also, while he may not have really been able to carry through his plan, the letter does have the smell of hatred of women and a sincere ideological opposition to feminists. When he gets into his big paragraph toward the bottom, he sounds like a relatively new MRA convert who hasn’t had much opportunity to bandy these phrases around.

      A woman could have trouble bandying around misogynistic phraseology too – that’s why I admit it’s remotely possible that it’s a young woman – but she’s going to be faking the ideology and the smell of woman-hate to tar MRAs, and I do smell sincere misogyny here.

      “Craven little whore” is the turn of phrase of a pale, twenty-year old, unemployed, part-time student who plays Call of Duty, lives in the U.S., reads MRA sites, got mad at a woman and found Marc Lepine, never handled a gun or pipe bomb, and is probably pretty frightened right now because it wasn’t supposed to get this real.

      I could be wrong, and the threatener could be older. The thing that bothers me is the Marc Lepine connection. Most of his fans seem to have been around in 1989, which would make the threatener older. Also, the very use of Marc Lepine just doesn’t ring true for me. It seems that a young man would look to Elliott Rodger, not Marc Lepine, as his mass murderer idol. Could be an older man, maybe originally from Quebec, isolated and quiet.

      These are just my personal thoughts, not necessarily reflecting anyone else here. I’m not accusing any specific person or group of anything, and I don’t have any special information not available to the general public.

      • It just seems like the usual from MRAs and their sympathizers. They all come off like D.C. comic book characters, very melodramatic and a lot like the typical MRA trolls we are plagued with.

        LePine is a hero to lots of MRAs. I’ve seen YT comments from MRAs or sympathizers praising him, calling him a “martyr” for their “cause.” I can produce an example or two of this, if anyone really wants to see them because I preserved them in one of my early blogposts on the subject of the disappearance of women from Youtube. I have no doubt that plenty of MRAs know all about LePine based on what I’ve seen online. Also, the writer of the threat could, for all we know, be from Canada and enrolled at the university.

        Really, it doesn’t matter. It’s just business as usual for MRAs.

      • Thanks for your wishes of safety, V.

        This dude is just one of many who has forced me to live a very, very private lifestyle. I find it’s easier and safer to just expect the worst from men – that way you’re never disappointed… and you’re not scrambling to buy ammo at the last minute. LOL!

      • V.,

        Just for kicks, if I were going to lay money on it, I’d bet it was a typical white, male Mormon dude – probably a return-mishy who didn’t get to marry the hot chick he was promised by the elders as a blessing by the Lord for serving his mission.

        That’s just a wild guess and tongue planted only slightly in cheek. Those return Mormon missionaries are a scary lot!

      • I think we all agree it’s most likely a young white male, porn addicted, video game addicted, and maybe drug addicted. He lives with his parents or he’s a washout loner living on minimum wage. He has ‘failure to launch’ which is well described by uh, who the fuck was it, anywho, Kimmel. Yeah, Michael Kimmel. He breaks down the new backlash of men with two things: aggrieved entitlement and failure to launch.

        I did a post on FtoL here. Aggrieved entitlement is pretty easy. It’s a male who thinks he’s owed something by the world. He’s usually poor or doesn’t work at all. His father or grandfather held decent jobs and had a nuclear family and this little shit is pissed that things don’t roll like that anymore. He’s bitter. He’s only been out with a girl twice and each time he was so fucking awkward that he barely got to kiss her. He feels he’s entitled to a nice job and a family, which he idolizes so he can be ‘king of the castle.’

        We don’t play king of the mothafuckin castle no more homie.

        Shit ladies, I wanna move to Sweden. Let’s let the misogynists assfuck each other and leave them to their guns, porn, and video games. I think a country for women is a great idea! Let all the violent men go elsewhere and kill each other. They can argue and murder each other over Karen Stringbeanhead. I say it’s a perfect deal. I mean, they’re already at each others throats over Dumbybitch. I’ve posted MRA’s telling Stringbeanhead they want to fuck her and want to put her breast milk in their coffee. Between the 5 or so women in the MRM they could keep those women barefoot and pregnant for years to come and since those women love traditionalism it’d be a good fit. Well, except Stringbean is in love with the ladies. Well, she can’t come to Sweden that’s for sure.

        • Sounds like a plan to me!

          I especially like: “Let’s let the misogynists assfuck each other…” 🙂 I don’t actually want to see that, of course, but I like the idea of them being left on their own to sexually brutalize each other since they seem to enjoy it so much.

        • Of course you want to move to sweden, you lowlife parasite. They’ll take care of your useless, crippled, toothless ass who has no skills, and blames men for all her fuck-ups, and failures. And you won’t have to live around violent men like me who leave 14 comments on a blog because I have no life. What’s really funny is that you rail against patriarchal values, and then turn around and attempt to smack men with them. Except you don’t but I’m saying it anyway. Get lost. Oops, I should get lost because this is your blog. Well, I told you I was dumb.

        • Hilarious that a jobless, toothless, welfare dyke is criticizing someone else for making minimum wage. I don’t even make minimum wage. I live in my parents house and watch porn and play video games. You know what failure to launch is? I have that. I’m useless.

        • Straughn completely fucked your sorry, insane ass up. What is your argument against her besides calling her names, you toothless, ugly, dyke? Straughn thinks white men hate black women because black women dont’ breastfeed white males and so black women are part of the out group. I know you’re not worried about a dumb waitress from Alberta but I’m putting this in there so I can maybe try and look smart.

        • We don’t play king of the mothafuckin castle no more homie.

          And hence why marriage, and birth rates are down. I’m no longer worth the effort. But why am I even addressing this to you since you’re a wannabe dyke who couldnt get a man if she stood on a street corner yelling “free pussy”! Except that’s not true and I know it. I’m just saying it because I’m sexually frustrated and violent. Christ, any poor fuck who decided to diddle your ugly ass would have to worry about catching something cruel, or just dealing with a BP like you. Why do I keep saying that? I have no argument and am focused on sex that nobody will have with me because I’m an idiot.

        • It would probably do all U.S. women good to spend at least a summer in a Scandinavian country or even Holland to get an idea of what it’s like to live in a country less hostile to women. To us women in the U.S., Canada looks like a paradise for women. I know, I know, Hembling and Perrins live there. But it’s a big country.

          Women in the US are told that this country is “advanced” with regard to feminism. We are raised to think the US is the most advanced country in the world in every way, including rights of women. It is a hard blow to realize the reality, and the easiest way to get it over with is to visit Scandinavia. We are a moiling society with strong elements of misgynistic backlash, ignorance, fundamentalism, nostalgia buffs, and woman-objectifying media. That’s why I’m happy to hear anything US feminists manage to accomplish. though we remain backwards compared to other developed countries.

    • Most intelligent people know it was a man who did it. These dickweeds are so angry, like the idiot who’s taking it up the ass today, because Anita made a few videos calling out sexism in video games. OHMAGERD!!! The world is ENDINGGGG! ENDINNNG I TELL YOU!

      A woman spoke in a few videos and she can’t speak at events because angry white males are pissing themselves over it like children. I love when they compare women to children and then act like children. We’re not sending men rape threats and threats to shoot up an audience. One woman-a bunch of pissy malechildren. They’re pathetic.

  10. Here are some examples of comments praising Marc Lepine, which you can easily find many examples of if you go to YouTube and search for “Marc Lepine”:

    This is from a video, entitled “Polytechnique all Shooting Scenes”:

    Steve Drain
    8 months ago

    :God sent Marc Lepine to kill fourteen women and wound other ten, he died fighting back against the violent aggressive feminazi war on men. Instead of allowing his life to be silently destroyed by the feminazi like so many have been, Lepine launched a one-man counter attack against a gang of feminists and managed to destroy several before sacrificing his own life. Lepine was among the first MEN to fire back against the horrible destructive onslaught that has destroyed so many men and so many millions of our families and children. May he always be remembered as a warrior, hero, and martyr who refused to die quietly in the bloody feminist war against men. Here’s to Marc Lepine, warrior, hero, and martyr for the cause of men! May we pay vigil for the selfless and unfathomable actions of this brave hero. Young women are exploited by the malevolent man-hating feminist elite to further their destructive and bias war against men, so that they can inflict torment on men and fatten their pockets. Thank God for Marc Lepine!”

    The above-comment was upvoted 7 times.

    John Smith
    5 months ago

    Marc lepine, a true hero for the MRM. Look at that precision at 10:08. RIP Marc Lepine, I would’ve been circumcised if you had not retaliated against the feminazi.”

    The above comment was upvoted 4 times.

    The following comment is from “Faith In the Midst of the Montreal Massacre”:

    6 months ago

    What a hero this young man was!

    Upvoted 2 times.

    There’s a bunch more of these, too many to copy and paste, and other horrible MRA-like things said in the comments section and some of it is very fresh since this latest misogynistic terror threat.

    LaPine is a big hero to the MRAs and considered a “martyr” for their “cause” of destroying women’s liberation and murdering as many women as possible. This is nothing new.

  11. Good research there. I watched the interview with Lepine’s mother. She said she had no idea Lepine hated “feminists” and that she couldn’t understand what his definition of a “feminist” was considering who he killed. She said he must have considered her a feminist too as she had a good job and had supported the family since he was 6 (according to wikipedia, his father was abusive and contemptuous of women and abandoned the family then). She also said that he “wanted a girlfriend”.

    It’s pretty clear from comments there and elsewhere that the fans of Lepine believe that any woman who attempts to work outside the home is a “feminist” subject to execution.

    Checking out mass murderers on wikipedia, I saw that they have a separate category for school mass murders. 90 school mass murders are listed worldwide (wiki says the list is incomplete and may never be able to be complete). Of the 90, in 2 cases the killer was never identified. Of the 88 remaining, 87 were men, which is 98.8%.

    • V.,

      I wish I could lay a bet just on one point, which is that the misogynistic terrorist dude is a Mormon. It’s been a while since I was in Logan, but the part of it I’m familiar with is upscale, very white-middle class, and maybe even upper middle class. It’s a major Mormon epicenter since classy Mos live in the ‘burbs and not right in SLC. There is a special kind of misogyny combined with an over-blown sense of self-entitlement amongst the Mormon men and particularly among return missionaries who feel that they are literally entitled to women. Mos, also, see feminism as a major threat to their existence going back, at least, as far as Sonia Johnson, who severely compromised their tax free status with the IRS by exposing their political activities against the ERA back in the 1970s and continuing to this day as they just ex-communicated a bunch of women for demanding to be treated like human beings.

      It’s not a healthy place to be a woman, a feminist or an apostate.

      I’d lay a bet with very high odds that the terrorist is a Mormon. And, I’d throw in a little ante with fairly high odds that he served, at least, part of a mission for the Mormon church.

      It’s going to be interesting to see how this all comes out in the wash. There has been a lot of major media attention on this dude (CBS, CNN, Time Magazine, Rolling Stone) and the heat is going to be on the cops to come up with the name of the perp. So, I think there’s a good chance we’ll get to see a solution to this mystery – maybe very soon.

    • Adding this: It is, also, a characteristic of the Mormon men to blame women for everything. For instance, dude gets a hard on? It’s your fault for being in the same room with him. And, they get really, really psychotically angry at you and you don’t know why they’re angry. This was my experience with Mormon men and especially the high holy return missionaries who believe they are entitled to whatever they want – they are gods-in-waiting on earth and women are lower than dirt breeding-machines, mere walking uteri. That’s their attitude.

  12. It does make sense that the special ire of this bro that led him to send the threat has to do with Sarkeesian speaking in HIS town. Good points.

    • Thanks.

      The Mormons have been on a major roll, again, in the last year or so fighting against women’s basic human rights. A feminist in Mormonism is a woman who dares to have a career, isn’t a homemaker, who dares to study something other than “Childhood Development” at college. Before Sonia Johnson came along women couldn’t pray aloud or speak at their version of mass. Just a week or two ago, a bunch of women made the national news for daring to demand to sit on a meeting of men. I don’t know if they actually got inside the meeting! But, they tried.) So a feminist to a Mormon man is any woman who dares to open her mouth or step outside the house, or in their minds, step out of line.

      Logan is full to the brim with Mormons – it’s probably around 80%. That turn of the phrase “bear witness” really does sound like a Mormon’s words. They have certain key phrases – to this day, there are phrases I hear and I will know instantly that the speaker is a Mormon because they are not phrases that normal people throw into a conversation. I even use a few myself, even though I’m *mostly* deprogrammed. I caught myself saying, “I’m so grateful…” a few times recently. (Grateful to whom? The Fates? I don’t know. I’m an atheist. I only say this phrase because of old Mormon programming.) If you hear that combined with a few other key phrases, you know you’re dealing with a likely Mo.

      “Beyond the shadow of a doubt.”

      “Bear witness.”

      “I would be remiss…”

      “Bear [my] testimony.”

      “Sweet spirit”

      “Burning in the bosom.”


      “The adversary” – instead of “the enemy,” “the devil” or “Satan”

      “Nourish and strengthen.”

      “Atone for.”

      “Heavenly Father” – used where most people would say, “God,” “Jehovah,” “The Lord,” etc. That one is always a dead give-away. There’s a fraudulent dude associated with the Newtown event and the first time I heard him give a speech, I knew he was a Mo – and he’s involved in bad stuff. They have no conscience. If you’re not part of their “church,” they don’t have to be honest with you or treat you in any way fairly. This is “unofficial doctrine.”

      If the threat letter had been a little longer, we might have seen some phrases like the above. I wouldn’t be surprised.

  13. Thanks for that info, WOOW. When I was 14 a couple of Mormon missionaries targeted me (my friend’s family sent them). They were extremely flirtatious and I was extremely young. I went to a few self-flagellating church sessions and decided to get baptized. I had to have a secrut shamey meeting with them and confessed under cross-examination that luckily, yeah, I was still a virgin. Is till rememebr their self-satisfied expressions.

    I still don’t know what would have happened if I wasn’t. My poor parents were very confused but provided me with a white dress which I wore while being immersed, don’t remember where. The whole thing was like a scifi movie. I remember asking the missionaries where the hell the golden tablets were and said I’d be devoted as sop\on as i could see them. They said they were in the big SLC temple and I could see them later. Something in me said even then, haha, this is a farce, there are no golden tablets, and I’ve never seen a hint of proof those exist since.

    The next month I said, WTF was I thinking? And went back to drinking coffee, which made me a 14 year old virgin apostate. That was cool with me. Never had anything to do with them since, other than reading Sonia Johnson. I have some vague memories of coming forward for a mass baptism by Billy Graham at some arena another friend led me to around the same time period. They catch you young. I moved rapidly away from patriarchal religion after that. Just knew, even at 15, there was something extremely hurtful to me as a girl going on.

    • You dodged a bullet!

      If you hadn’t been a virgin, they probably would have tried to get some action. They’re a bunch of pervs. Their whole religion is founded on head pedo Joseph Smith’s revelations from God that he should have sex with 14-year old girls.

      The dirty old men (and dirty young men) in the organization love to interrogate girls and women about how their genitals may have been used. It’s something they do, at least, once a year from the time you’re very young, at least, 11 or 12-years old – the bishop will take you alone into his office and ask you if you masturbate and who you might have had sex with while he fiddles with *something* under his desk.

      One of the last things they ever did to me right before I left was accuse me of having sex with my boyfriend. This is where the men’s perverted minds always go when they’re talking to teenage girls. That had to be the reason I wanted way from them in their twisted world; it couldn’t be all the sexualization, control-freaking, harassment and abuse. Nor could it be what I had initially told them, which was that I didn’t believe in the bearded dude in the sky and I just wanted them to go away now – something they refused to do until they finally – finally! – took me seriously and ex-communicated me just out of spite and to cover their pathetic, lying *sses. They are dangerous people, not only because they hate girls and women and they’re a bunch of perverts, but they’re very smug, arrogant, self-satisfied and convinced that only they know God’s will.

      Some years after I escaped, they got sued for that kind of harassment and now you still have to go through a procedure, but they let you out without harassment and ex-communication, which is a very serious thing in Mormonism. Your family is expected to turn their backs on you, no members are allowed to speak to you, etc.

      • I must confess this here since this is being discussed. I was in a rock and roll band with two mormons. They tried desperately to convert me and brought two young men out from Utah to try it.

        I had both young men crying on the couch because they didn’t want to be missionaries and wanted to be doing something else.

        Needless to say I left the band shortly after because they even got mad when we played gigs and I had everyone in the audience taking a shot of booze in the party sort of way a rock and roll band works.

        It was horrific.

        I could never pay some shitbird money to get some silly ‘report’ from Utah. Nor was I going to join a cult.

        • Good for you!

          You were in a rock band! That is so cool. I always wanted to do that. I wanted to be one of the Cycle Sluts from Hell.

          The mishies are under unbelievable pressure from their families and the entire church (ward) that they go to. They’re pathetic. Nonetheless, they are insufferable.

  14. What a story, WOOW. One patriarchal religion and how it works. I am happy that I had the sense to get out at that age. But I was an outside convert. I didn’t have parents and all friends urging me to stay. For a 14 year old that would have been hard to stand up to. Then yikes, I would have been married off and had 8 kids like my friend’s parents. I can only say, hooray for my evil sin of drinking coffee. It saved me as I wouldn’t give it up. I still remember the evil smell of Postum.

        • That’s a new talk I haven’t seen yet! Awesome, thank you woman!

          I loved how she put Jordan Owen, that creepy stalker who thinks she’s bleached her skin to become more ‘white’, in his place.

          Jordan Owen is a notorious stalker of Gail Dines too. He followed her everywhere online. When she was taking live tweets as questions, the first one was from him and Gail said ‘no, not going to answer that one,’

          Gail knows about Jordan and Anita knows about him too. He was also a sexpos bully on Youtube making endless videos about radical feminists like myself.

          He’s a butt ugly creep.

          • I had to look him up to see who he is – he’s the dudebro who has tons of YT vids saying all kinds of insane and truly disgusting things about Andrea Dworkin.

            He’s a hugely fat, ultra-creepy dude (who hypocritically criticizes women’s appearance) who has given me the willies for a long time. I didn’t know he had a name, as such. I can’t watch him anymore than I can watch John Hembling. It’s truly the stuff of my worst nightmares.

            Ever wonder why so many really horrible men look like something conjured up from the depths of Hell?

        • *facepalm all the way to hell*

          These handmaidens never cease to amaze (and sicken) me. I guess she earned herself a nice little dude-cookie for this noxious pile of denial.

          • Well, she’s not having an *issue* so I guess everything must be a-okay!

            Besides, we cant hurt the poor menz feelings by suggesting they hate our guts when they take pleasure in playing games in which men get to rape, brutalize, sexualize and murder mostly nude women. The word, “misogynist,” is just so hurtful to misogynists and we should be cautious at all times not to hurt men’s feelings.

            Nobody (presumably “men” she means) hates women – which is why a very large percentage of us are brutalized in our own homes, raped repeatedly, abducted, and murdered simply for being female – right? Makes perfect sense.

            See, we can all relax now. There’s no problem!

          • I’m shocked I tell ya! Shocked that a woman would sidle up to males and subjugate other women in patriarchy!

            I’m shocked that this woman belongs on MRA shows! She should join up on AVFM right now and I bet they’ve noticed her video and are employing all their ‘strategy’ to get her on board to beat up on more women.

            These men are just antisocial and don’t hate women so when they call Zoe and Anita ‘cunts’ it’s all a misunderstanding!

            My word! All this patriarchy makes me want to vomit.

            I hope she works for one of those male developers that grabs her breasts at work and just says ‘come on lady, it’s my social awkwardness that makes me want to grope you at work.’

            I have this to say to her: I hope you get what you deserve. Some day some man is going to fuck you up and then you’ll get it.

  15. Hello. Friendly neighborhood intersectionalist passing through!

    Quick reminder that describing MRAs as lameasses is an unforgivable slight to lame people and to asses ^.^

    With that reservation noted, carry on with the righteous indignation!

  16. Somewhat regarding our side-discussion about the Montreal Massacre, HMQ and V., I just picked up my copy of Barstow’s “Witchcraze,” which I haven’t read since 1995, the year after it’s publication date. I must have bought it right after it hit the shelves because I distinctly remember reading most of it on a cross-Atlantic flight. It’s a real page-turner and I read it at a time when I was trying to understand the increasing male violence I was experiencing and contemplating a permanent move to anywhere that might be less violent.

    Right at there in the introduction, she mentions the relevance of this history of the 17th century witch hunts, how they came after a time when women, especially peasant or pagan women, had a achieved a certain degree of liberation, which she says would not be seen again until the 1960s. She mentions that the violence against women (Faludi’s “backlash”) was increasing and cites the phenomenally high probability of becoming a victim to horrific sex-based violence at the hands of men, in the U.S. She mentions horrible things happening to girls in Africa that seem to pale by comparison to what is happening in the Congo and at the hands of Boko Haram (not to mention the fairly large numbers of women still being persecuted and murdered as witches).

    She, also, mentions the Montreal Massacre, although not by name – nor does she mention the name of the mass murderer, LePine. I was thinking how that must have flown right over my head the first time I read it. I’d never heard of the incident in Montreal and at the time it occurred I was working 48-hour work weeks with no vacation. The only thing I remember ever seeing on TV was The Headbanger’s Ball on Sunday night. And I knew was the day-to-day male violence around me was getting worse – way worse! I have stories about the years between 1989 and 1990 that show a pattern of quickly escalating male violence against women just in my own small social circle at that time.

    Anyway, I’m giving “Witchcraze” a second reading after all these years and I’m find it it very interesting. History instructs us about our own present and future and what I see in our future, as women, is very scary – moreover, I really don’t see any way to stop it short of something cataclysmic.

    • I don’t know if I stated it clearly, but I meant to say that the incidents of violence Barstow mentions occurring in Africa in 1994 seem on a small scale to what is happening there now. She, also, mentions what was happening in India at the time, and it seems to me that the situation there has worsened greatly, or else we are hearing more about it.

      It does seem to me that world-wide men’s violence against women has increased at an alarming rate since that time.

      I remember the 1980s and I didn’t seem to know nearly as many rapists, for instance!

  17. This looks new – it’s an interview with Anita Sarkeesian with MSNBC. This vid is at YouTube:

    CNN did an article on Wu and you wouldn’t believe the comments section! – or maybe you would!!! CNN/Time are blatantly misogynistic, anyway. MSNBC seems a little better.


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