No MRA’s allowed.

I’ve had a couple minor surgeries in the last couple weeks so I haven’t been posting as much as usual. I had an ovarian cyst that needed to be excised. It’s not malignant but it was bothering me a lot.

This week we’ve seen a lot of male violence come to this blog.

Last night I was watching biographies about male rock bands. Even music is male dominated. The way the industry is set up is through a male model. I found some of the music I loved under question for this reason. When we think of sex, drugs and rock and roll we immediately think of men.

Makes me wonder what a female centered rock and roll would look like.

I love this video:


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  1. HMQ,

    I’m glad you’re back and I hope you’re recovering well. I’m sorry to hear about the ovarian cyst. I started having them at a very early age. I have some of my own remedies that can alleviate them (totally non-surgically and I’m pretty sure it’s “witchcraft” because it is not FDA approved), which I’ve only used on myself. I’ve never been to a doctor. But, I find the best way is simply to avoid ovulation – hence, the Pill, which I’ve been acquiring abroad for decades. I’m not a fan of pharmaceuticals, but they’re not all bad (I take Excederin and an occasional aspirin, too) and the older generation Pills seem to be very safe. I’ve been taking them for decades and the only time I ever got sick or had problems was once when I ran out because I had trouble obtaining them. This is lIfe for women in the U.S. of A. – yay, freedom 😦

    I don’t know if that information helps you, but maybe it might help someone. I hope you get well soon.

    Oh, another thing I use, which I think you can easily obtain – I don’t know is Yam gel or Yam cream. I look for formulas that have Wild Yam Extract as the first ingredient. Using it all the time might help and if you have a problem – a pain or whatever, you apply it to that area. It’s a very soothing topical that helps support the body’s estrogen balance. My mom has been using it successfully for years instead of controversial pharmaceutical hormone replacement therapy. I only use it when I feel I need it, which is if I have any pain. It’s marvelous stuff, although it has it’s skepdick detractors. I suspect none of them have ever had a need for it. You just use a tiny bit on your skin and your body – marvelous work and a wonder that it is – will take whatever it needs.

    Disclaimer: I am not a medical doctor. I am a witch. [Insert appropriate cackle and diabolical wringing of hands.]

      • At Last brand is one my mom and I have both been using for years. She had a hysterectomy in her mid-thirties due to severe endometriosis, which seems to run in the family. She’s been using it for a very long time. We discovered it when I had a health crisis many years ago and an alternative healer prescribed it for me. She started reading up on it and started taking it instead of the HRT She was using those horrible patches, if I remember right, which the allopathic doctors prescribed and she was having all kinds of problems. She says yam gel works much better and there are no bad side effects.

        A 2 oz. tube costs around $13 to $15 and it lasts a long time. You only use a 1/4 to 1/2 tsp. at a time.

        Here’s a place online to get it at a decent price. Your local health food store might carry it or be able to order it for you, too:

  2. Re: Female centered-rock bands and themes for the arts and such.

    Ever since Witchwind wrote that excellent post about the future and what it *could* look like, I’ve been thinking about the arts.

    How would plays, novels, movies, dance and music look?

    I thought about making a big post about it because it could get to be a big subject, but here’s what I think heavy metal would look like in Woman’s World.

    Firstly, women would get a better chance to play instruments and do music and singing. This is a big problem right now. Metal was especially considered a guy thing by those who promoted it. They actually didn’t think that women liked the music. This is another one of those bizarre gender role stereotypes: Boys can play with guns and guitars; and girls are only allowed to play with dolls and toy baking sets.

    When they finally figured that out, it seems like that’s when we started getting some really great gender bending going on. My favorite bands were the ones where they guys looked very “feminine.” Oh, but don’t be fooled – every last one of those long-haired, hair-sprayed, mascara-wearing, skinny dudes was a misogynistic as*hole! But, the gender-bending was very big for a while and I guess that’s why, as a feminist, I’m not too hung up about things like eyeliner and big ruffled sleeves! In my day, boys and girls dressed and groomed themselves a lot a like.

    So, if I were going to have the metal band of the future, we’d have a fantastic lead guitarist, an electrified violin, a harpsichord and then, of course, the usual metal band instrumentation – rhythm guitar and a decent drummer.

    We’re still very glamorous only, now in future world without men sexualizing us, we are even freer to dress, make up do whatever or be as theatrical onstage as we want. Imagine that burden being lifted – I do every day that I lock men out of my life, believe me. It’s a very good feeling and we’d have it on a mass scale.

    The themes wouldn’t be that much different than a lot of metal themes from Dio, Yngwie Malmsteen or Helloween. But, we would talk about our own heroism, how we defeated the enemy and brought him down so low that he will never rise, again. We will sing about our freedom. We’ll have story-telling ballads about great heroic women like Andrea Dworkin and Sonjia Johnson – how, verily, they slew the dragon and sent him down to Hell for all eternity!

    That’s just one of my thoughts.

      • I know.

        But, metal and rock and roll aren’t *exactly* the same (rock is much more sexual and always was, I think, whereas metal has its roots in the Blues, Punk and Classical music) and one thing I like about it is that it often has Medieval or Mystical, Magical kinds of themes. It’s a little bit anti-establishment – for example, “Can I Play with Madness,” is Iron Maiden’s song about being free to explore one’s own creativity.

        It’s not that I don’t like rock, but I think it’s often overtly sexual and patriarchal by nature.

        I was looking for it, but I couldn’t find it – there used to be a video at YT of Judy Ruin giving a speech about the difficulty of being an all-girl band, all the things they had to put up with and so on. If I find it, I’ll link to it. It’s pretty interesting.

        Hey, you know I love that show Roseanne! They did a whole episode about this subject in which Roseanne and Jackie talk about how their music was all “guy music.” It’s pretty interesting, if you haven’t seen it in a while.

        It was called “The Get-away, Almost,” from November 14, 1995.

        I think you’ll find it at Youtube. It’s pretty good. They pick up a hitchhiker (Jenna Elfman) who is in an all-girl band and she talks about women in rock, which spurs Jackie and Roseanne’s discussion.

        • Okay, I found it – but the woman’s name isn’t “Judy” Ruin, it’s Julie Ruin. And, it’s not even her. It was Kathleen Hanna:

          Here it is:

          Herstory Repeats Itself: “Kathleen Hanna”

          When you get to that vid at YT, check out what’s in the side bar. There is a bigger BBC speech with her talking about lack of support for women in the arts.

    • You’ll be needing to amplify that harpsichord! I like your thoughts, esp. the one about how the women’s metal bands would sing about the exploits of feminists. We should get writing songs.

      How about all-women audiences? I’m not so sure about that, mainly because it would cut into the profits but also because a lot of men appreciate good music, doesn’t matter who it comes from, and I’m afraid the female-audience-thing would end up being a niche.

      A lot of ground has been broken in the past few decades about women as lead guitarists and drummers. I posted a smokin young guitarist on this thread. The thing is, the lead singer in a band always has had a lot of power about hiring other band members. In the past, women vocalists didn’t and couldn’t exercise that power, but they now can. Thanks to women like Joan Jett, Chrissie Hynde, Pink, Beyonce, Rihanna, and many more taking power as leaders, women can actively encourage having woman instrumentalists (not that Rihanna has used her power!). Women can get instruction, get passionate, practice their asses off, and find gigs and venues.

      Can’t say the same for all-woman bands. Sure we have girl bands, but they are often put together and controlled by men even if all the instrumentalists are women. Usually, a guy or two gets snuck in. Usually the message is suck-up. So I don’t count those.

      I don’t like much of what I hear from women singer-songwriters, except for blues artists. It doesn’t sound like rock and roll but more like folk or art songs. I think I haven’t heard the right people. I respect people like Ani De Franco and Tori Amos but I don’t get the visceral stuff I like from them. Any suggestions? I’ve heard some women especially from Sweden singing metal. To me they sound unoriginal. I hope women will recognize the volume and power of their voices and do more of that kind of singing.

      I also have some ideas about women getting pushed into singing high, and about the boring male-oriented lyrics. But I won’t go on.

      • p.s. The brozac video was so good, I think Anton LaVey and his sidekick Jordan Moanin ought to hire him to do their anti-Sarkeesian video. He’d add a few bits of his own, but they wouldn’t even notice.

      • Oh, women definitely have the power required to be the lead singers in metal bands. Most of the men who are really good are operatically trained.

        What was happening back in the 1990s was that women lead singers were seen as “eye candy” and so most of the (few) bands I ever saw with female leads were not very good because any attractive woman would do in the minds of whoever put it all together.

        Honestly, I can’t think of very many women singers, at all that I’m especially fond of and the reason for this is simply that there were and are so few to choose from. A lot of talented women were barred from participating during the height of things in the ’90s unless they fit into a narrow pigeon-hole.

        Yes, I think we should be writing those ballads, too – as if the work were already done and we are there living in peace and harmony, able to freely leave our homes at night, to pursue our dreams, and live without the constant background (and sometimes foreground) of violence from men.

        Concrete Blonde is nice. They’re not really my style, but they have a great vocalist and some nice songs.

        Besides the Cycle Sluts and the various Riot Girl type of bands I can’t think of any all-women groups, at least, not in rock or metal.

        Too bad the Dixie Chicks don’t thrash!

          • I’m surprised you haven’t… but, maybe you’re not a headbanger.

            I’ve always just thought of it as “metal,” but there has come to be a classification for a lot of metal that uses electrified harpsichord (a keyboard with electrified harpsichord sound) and violin (electrified, of course): Symphonic metal.

            Just about any good metal song could be played by an orchestra and lots of groups, esp. in the ’90s, when they started getting bigger (perhaps most notably Guns & Roses) did versions of their music accompanied by orchestras in the background.

            One of my absolute – perhaps my all-time favorite – guitar player is the Swede, Yngwie Malmsteen, who uses orchestral accompaniment sometimes and I’m pretty sure some of his popular pieces feature electric harpsichord.

            It is usually heard in the introduction of a piece. Someone has put together a series of metal introductions at YT, saving me the trouble of hunting them down separately.

            Here’s a link:

            I especially like Imperanon: Blade – speed metal with a harpsichord. Now, that’s my cup of tea right there.

            Dark Moor: Eternity is interesting, too – it’s all harpsichord

    • We’re still very glamorous only, now in future world without men sexualizing us, we are even freer to dress, make up do whatever or be as theatrical onstage as we want.

      I always wanted to be a rockstar…it was one of several careers dreams that were not an option for women like me (women who have no desire to dress up like fuck toilets).

      Makeup & laydee-face isn’t radical. This is one of the many reasons that the tranny-camp is so laughable; they are walking stereotypes of “femininity”.

      NO THANKS.

      • Yeah, makeup isn’t radical but what is radical is the fact that people are expressing who they are in whatever ways that they want to. The radical thing is that people are choosing to not conform to society’s rigid binary of gender. I don’t wear makeup myself. However, your implication that trans people (I’m assuming you are referring to women) are “laughable” because of their gender expression is offensive and at the extreme even dangerous. You have the right to criticize women for wearing makeup and I agree with you that make up is a tool of oppression, but you shouldn’t focus on and make light of the social ostracization that trans women already face every day by the rest of society. Not all trans women wear makeup but some of them do just like other women because guess what? They were never men; they were born women and they grew up as women no matter how they express themselves. As a result, they might have been influenced by the media and such to wear makeup, just like any other women. My question is, why use such an offensive term to describe how “laughable” trans women are? There is nothing laughable about how trans women are harmed because of how society sees them as “men who want to be women”.

        • If you were born with a dick, then you are NOT female. If you are an adult female, you are a woman. The only way to be a woman is to be born with female reproductive organs. The only exception is, if you were born a hermaphrodite.

          Trans women clearly have some issues, which are not laughable, at all. But, they are not women anymore than I am the Baron von Munchausen – and, to be clear, I am not the Baron von Munchausen. I try to deal in the world of reality – so, let’s be honest with ourselves and other people, shall we? Men cannot, by their thinking or by any other method, transform their reproductive organs and every aspect of their physical bodies, including their endochrine systems (very different in men and women and produces hormones in the body), into becoming women.

          By adopting feminine gender role stereotypes, they change nothing about themselves – but, what they are doing is insulting those of us who are trying to destroy harmful gender role stereotypes, which have been cast on ourselves from infancy and which have damaged our lives. Men (and I don’t mean Twisted Sister and KISS) who put on make-up to “be women” or “feel womanly” or whatever their perversion of the day is, are not friends to feminists. They are working in opposition to what feminism has tried to accomplish from the beginning. Being a woman is not something to be fetishized by men – any men, I don’t care how “feminine” they feel.

          • Trans women are not men. They are WOMEN regardless of their bodies. They have seen how society treat women and they understand the need for equality because they are women themselves. It doesn’t matter what sex they were assigned to at birth because inside they are women and they have a lot to contribute to feminism.


            Trans people are not working against feminism unless they literally call themselves antifeminists. Their very existences challenge accepted gender roles in society.

          • Gender is a social construct.

            Re: “Trans women are not men. They are WOMEN regardless of their bodies.”

            Pull the other one! LOL! If you were born with a penis and no vagina, then you are a man. Mocking the oppression of actual women doesn’t make a man a woman. It’s just more misogyny.

      • Wow! I never thought of Twisted Sister, Poison, KISS, or any of those guys as “trannies” – but, maybe you’ve got a point!

        Here’s the thing: You can wear make up or not and it neither helps nor hinders patriarchy and its inherent male violence against women.

        My point, which I thought was pretty apparent before, but maybe I was wrong, is that if you want to do a theatrical performance as an alien from outer space, I think it would be nice to do that, as a woman, without being turned into a sex object. Men seem to be able to wear make up without being sexualized (KISS is an example of this – something tells me Gene Simmons probably doesn’t get rape threats on a regular basis despite wearing lots and lots of make-up!), so clearly it isn’t the make-up that’s the problem. Make-up simply does not have magical properties to make men behave violently toward women. Therefore, wearing it or not wearing it isn’t going to make one bit of difference one way or the other.

        Personally, I think it would be nice to have freedom of expression in the arts and everywhere else without men turning everything little thing we do – from the time we are tiny children, by the way – into a perverted sex thing for their own enjoyment.” In my future, imaginary world (and in the privacy of my own home) that problem doesn’t exist and we don’t have to monitor ourselves for how men *might* sexualize us because what might be called the “male gaze” and all that implies doesn’t exist.

  3. Okay, this is so good! This is the video I mentioned in my previous comment. It’s the BBC one with Kathleen Hanna and at about 12 minutes in, she talks about how men – regular, everyday dudes – use violence to keep women out of music.

    And, of course, you can apply that last bit about men using violence to keep women out not just to music, but to games, tech, mathematics, education, using a sidewalk, etc.

    • So let’s see, how to keep it straight – AVFM is both pro-trad and anti-trad, and is also semi-pro-MGTOW, but doesn’t much like PUAs and likes to harass online but decries online harassment.

      Uh, John Hembling is MGTOW and anti-Trad and wants nukes for Palestine. Diana Davison, now, she’s a female MGTOW, maybe the first and only one that has existed or ever will exist, unless she’s a man, or soon will be.

      Elam wants girls to put out, and gets an erection if its a sadistic situation, but he doesn’t want young men to get enmeshed with girls, it’s too dangerous, so send money.

      Judgybitch and the Mormons want everybody married off, preferably at 13. And something about cake. MGTOWs want women but can’t get a date, so they are concentrating on buying red pickups and expensive fishing equipment, but they’d stop MGTOWing in a second if a woman would ever give them time of day, which is unlikely to occur.

      Fidelbogen advocates trad roles, Straughn seems to advocate things but they don’t stick in the brain long enough to know what they are, other than her questioning of women’s suffrage, which must mean she’s trad, except she’s divorced and bi and a mother who works outside the home with its refrigerator magnets. Tieman charges for her dinner dates and wears purple eye shadow and weeps online. And writes about refrigerator magnets.

      Did I miss anybody? OK, the mens righters like Demonspawn, Thunderfoot, the Gamergaters and many more just wanna hate on feminists. Anton La Vey and Jordan Moanin just want to profit off feminists. The freaks at r/breakfeminazis just want to sexually torture feminists. They don’t much favor other kinds of relationships. Roosh is will to go to the far corners of Minsk to find girls who never heard of feminism. Bernard Chapin, Matt Forney, Bob Allen, and Masculist Man understand where Elliott Rodger and Marc Lepine were coming from.

      I’d say this is one mixed-up group of losers.

      • OK, since my main comment’s in moderation, let me hasten to add Sir Agent Orange (James Huff), who needs to peek in women’s private underwear drawers to energize himself for “arming” the battlements, Bendilin, who needs to beat up Sarkeesian, the USU threatener, who will never marry, let’s leave it at that, Christina Hoff-Sommers, who knows boys must be boys, girls be damned, Stephen Molyneux, too eerie and Jim Jonesish to summarize here, “Dr.” Fake-degree pretending to know what he’s talking about on AVFM, AndyBob, the AVFM philosopher-trucker, Robert O’Hara, the AVFM philosopher-pedicab driver, Dean Esmay, the AVFM Blob, Tom Martin,the UK Skinnyshanks, Nicholas Alahverdian, too obsessive to provoke here, the little Romanian sending angry communiques from Transylvania. and I haven’t even looked at the AVFM commenters. Who knows what they believe, other than that it hurts and Mommy won’t put a bandaid on it?

        • Just stop me…I forgot Mike Buchanan, a special case. This is one of the middle-aged men whose wife left him. It’s a tough situation, and existential tragedy, never mind what she went through, ask Greg Canning. This twit decided to universalize his sad experience and went into politics, in a loser sort of way. He also became obsessive about proving women can’t run companies as well as men, forgetting that we are in a transitional period in which qualified women, like Meg Whitman, are already crippled by their run through the sexist gauntlet. Further, his stats are as wet as a duck near Victorias Falls.

          But I will say one thing for him.

          I will. Gimme a second.


  4. I’m sorry for posting so many links, but I just keep finding such good stuff online tonight!

    Here is Anita Sarkeesian being interviewed by Democracy Now, in which she talks about the treats against her in Utah, Apparently, there were numerous similar threats, one making mention of Elliot Rodger:

    I’m not sure about the musical piece there in the middle of that vid. Was that humor? I can’t tell. I feel like I’m missing something there. But, Amy Goodman looks really serious when they come back from showing that little ditty along of the lines of Bob Dylan meets the Dead Kennedys… or something.

  5. I just remembered one of the greatest guitarists I’ve ever seen or heard and I had no idea she was so talented: Charo. Yes, Hoochie-koochie-koo! That Charo. She plays a Latin-style guitar like there is not tomorrow and with remarkable precision to my ears. She can sing, too.

    I doubt if most people know how brilliant she is because the media always seemed more interested in her breasts.

  6. Hope you feel better soon. I had ovarian cysts, discovered when I was about 17. I never did anything about it, so I’m going to assume that they spontaneously dissolved… or something like that. LOL

  7. Hope you’re doing well. I haven’t post a comment in a while. But hopefully I’ll gradually get back to it. My family said I need to start socializing with people. First they said I need to get out more and now they’re saying they don’t really care how I socialize with other individuals as long as I do it. I haven’t spoken to my family in a while because of that argument. I stop picking up my phone, but they know I never pick up my phone and that’s why nobody ever calls me lol. I just don’t like social interactions in any form. I also got into it with a long time friend. I went to her party, hangout session, or little get together whatever you want to call it. I met some of her other friends who I’ve never met before. We talked about nothing to important and we went our separate ways. After the party my friend came up to me and told me I was being very rude to her friend because I didn’t show any interest in the topics we were talking about and I avoided eye contact.

    I told her I was that I wasn’t into small talk and our conversations were pointless to me. As far as eye contact once in a while I would catch myself doing it and and then soon after I would correct my behavior, but for the most part I didn’t notice I was doing that. I didn’t mean to be rude. I wanted to engage in fun and important conversations including hobbies and life goals. I wanted to get to know them, what their personality is like, their character. But I was to scared and nervous to change the conversation from shopping and new shoes to things you like to do that make you happy and life worth living ( which is probably shopping and new shoes) and what you plan on doing in the future. But I understand that just because that’s what I want to talk about doesn’t mean everyone else want to talk about it. So me and my “friend” are not talking anymore. Sorry for this long and unnecessary comment but I wanted you all to know what I been up to.

    • I’m not so good when it comes to advice, but the best thing to do in this situation would be to communicate your feelings to your family and quite possibly to your friend as well. If I were you, I would tell them about how misunderstood I felt and how I felt hurt by their comments. It’s generally okay to retreat socially for days or even weeks on end, but self isolation is not an emotionally good thing.

      Sometimes I feel like it’s a struggle to continue to try to connect with people too. On my worst days, I would hide away from the outside world and I would be irritable and angry all the time. The only thing that kept me going was my inner insistence that my feelings and voice mattered and that I needed to stay strong in order to live the life that I want to live.

      Anyways, good luck. I hope your troubles are over soon.

      • You have a point. Usually I don’t speak to anyone unless I absolutely have to like when I’m at the grocery store and the cashier wants to know how my day is going, or when it’s an emergency. I’ve gone many months and even up to a year without most forms of social interactions. It’s definitely not something I’m proud of. But im trying to change that.

    • Personally, I see nothing wrong with solitude, especially when the only people you can find to talk to are shallow and do not share your interests. At least, when you’re by yourself, you know you’re in good company!

      I feel very odd sometimes as a recluse, but only because I consider what other people must think of the strange lady who never goes outside. On the other hand, I really enjoy being alone with my own thoughts – and it’s nice to interact a little online (except when that becomes scary for me) once in a while. You can do it when you feel like it and no one is making demands of you.

      Power to the hermits, I say!


      Go hermits!
      Go hermits!

      • I absolutely love being by myself. But I’m trying to change for the betterment of my family and friends. For some odd reason they seem to be worried about me and they want to spend more time with me. A relative of mine even asked me if I was depressed. All because I want to be left alone.

  8. Hey, does anyone hate Anaconda by Nicki Minaj as much as I do? There’s nothing feminist about it. The video just shows how female objectification in the media has made women see themselves as objects of desire for men while men are the ones doing the desiring. The only way I would call Anaconda progressive is if there was a man in Nicki Minaj’s place flexing his muscles and six pack around while twerking to a woman singing “my (insert figurative word for vagina) don’t- my (vagina) don’t- my (vagina) don’t want none unless you got abs, hun.” It would also be awesome if a man is eating out a ice cream cone too and getting all its liquid onto his face as sexual innuendo relating to the female gaze.

    How is Anaconda expressing (straight/bisexual) female sexuality in any way? There’s not even one hot or half naked guy in the video! 😡 What the hell. The fact that the video has over 200,000,000 million views make me sick. People probably think this is how females should express their sexuality.

    I suppose I shouldn’t be too harsh on Nicki Minaj. Her video has a lot of dislikes which clearly shows a double standard as other music videos by men that sexually objectify women don’t get as much dislikes. This shows a double standard in which men can objectify women but if women do it themselves they are (insert vulgar words that demean promiscuous women).

    • I saw the cover for Anaconda and immediately felt vomit rising in my throat. Women having to market their sexuality to sell a record is proof patriarchy. I haven’t even watched the video or listened to the song. That’s how much I hate the music business.

  9. Good news!

    I began making sacrifices to a favorite dark spirit a few days ago, and – lo and behold – the wife beater dude who broke into a part of my house late one night is now sitting in a local jail on $100,000 cash bond for something to do with stalking and a sex offense.

    Not kidding about the dark spirit part, either – that’s real witchcraft! An ancient death spirit of uncertain origin took him down, exactly as requested, in less than 48 hours.

    I just saw his mugshot this evening and confirmed the arrest with my own eyes!

    Cel-e-bra-tion! 🙂

    Tonight: Lots of dancing and and sipping a little wine with my cat tonight. I’m finally sleeping well, again, and this terrible chest pain I was experiencing because of all this has stopped.

    Oh, and the candles are lit and the sacrifices are on the altar… I’ve got more work to do!

      • Well, I laughed out loud for a good two hours after I saw the mugshot.

        This morning, I checked again to make sure it really happened and I didn’t just dream it.

        The wife/girlfriend person is still there, but I can’t imagine she’ll be able to remain in the house long since she has no job. Electricity and water are very expensive here (not like in the big city), so the utilities will probably get shut off at some point. At least, she hasn’t been any trouble, but I don’t think she’s quite right, either.

        I suggest we all turn our attentions to seeing the guys from AVfM behind bars next Saturday night during a waning moon!


      I’m so happy the spirits are listening to you. I did a moderate amount of living as a pagan before I converted to Judaism. There are a lot of similar traditions in Judaism. Jews used to sacrifice on altars as well, if you read the Torah.

      • Thanks!

        A lot of what I do has origins in Judaism and Hebrew. I’ve been doing some research and I’m convinced that there was a strong Jewish influence on the pagans of Greece and Rome, at least, 2 and maybe 3 or more thousands of years ago. It’s powerful stuff!

    • Yes, that’s right. When your enemy is committing crimes, all you have to do is get the right people to notice to such an extent that they must take action.

      I saw the Wehuntedthemammoth article about their White Ribbon fraud. What I can’t understand is why PayPal hasn’t suspended their account. Surely, it is they are in violation of the TOS.

  10. I haven’t talked about the transgender subject hardly at all on this blog except when addressing a transperson who was cozying up to Paul Elam and writing articles on AVFM.

    I’ve tried hard to stay out of it because I think a lot of the fighting is useless but there are problems. The real problem, as I see it, is the way gender gets used as a personal threat.

    It’s no surprise that radfems want ixnay of gender. This is one of the main tenets, if not the main one, of radfeminism. Gender is a socially constructed system by Patriarchy to keep women subjugated. We, as women who have been born and fully ‘trained’ as women can list off all the ways in which gender oppresses us.

    Now transpeople embrace the performance of gender, and I have no issue with that until radfems and women born women get denied space to discuss our issues. GID is prefaced on the patriarchal notion that gender exists and that’s a problem.

    I’ve monitored twitter for the attacks and while I don’t usually pat attention to it, it’s hard not to if you’re a radfem. I’ve been attacked by transfolk.

    Just yesterday I was tweeting on the Stopgamergate2014 tag and I tweeted ‘I was around when videogames were invented, when I played pong.’ and my point was that when vid games were invented they had nothing to do with either sex.

    I was mentioned by someone angry at my tweet and I was like ‘wtf?’ I explained why I loved pong and why I used that game as an example and why it was so good.

    The person angry at my tweet was trans and I couldn’t figure out why they were angry that I loved pong! Suddenly I got a tweet saying I was a TERF and I lolled. How the fuck did PONG turn into TERF?

    I told the dude to fuck off and blocked him. This attack came outta nowhere.

    I should storify it because it was so obnoxious. I looked at this transperson’s tweets and found they were harassing both gamergaters and stopgamergaters saying that transpeople weren’t being addressed.


    Here’s a blog post that I think sums up many of my thoughts about the interests of radical feminists.

    I have no bone to pick with transpeople but I do think there is a difference between a woman who was born a woman and socialized as a woman, especially our reproductive socialization, and someone who wasn’t.

    Radfems are entitled to their space just as transpeople have their own needs for space.

    • Yes, it’s a scary subject to broach. I guess I was feeling pretty brave in the face of victory over the wife-beating burglar because I don’t think it’s very safe to talk about. This is because trans-women are MEN with all the privilege of their class that includes the MRAs, the Red Pillers, the geeks, the gamers, and so on and like their brothers in misogyny they are a very nasty, scary threat to feminists and women, in general.

      That’s a good article. She doesn’t use the term, “cultural appropriation,” but I think it fits this situation. It’s a group of dudes, painting their faces and wearing lace panties, and falsely claiming to be part of an oppressed group.

      This business of cultural appropriation is very big in neo-Wicca. If anyone wants to understand why it’s so troublesome, there are some American Indian blogs (American Indians were the flavor of the month for a while) that explain very well why it’s a problem. Even if mockery is not what is intended, it intrudes on an oppressed groups continuing struggle to be free from historical, systematic oppression, which is specific to that group. It’s insulting and it’s just wrong for so many reasons.

    • The “cultural appropriation” comparison is not original to me. Some women (as in people who are not and have never been men by any definition) did a great job discussing it in some blog posts, like this one:

      The links at the top of that article are worth a visit, too.

      It does seem like men and especially white men like to talk about “witch hunts,” (often with regard to rape accusations by women against themselves) and “feminazis” and use the suffering of women and non-white men, which is/was usually perpetrated by men, in order to criticize feminists. I suppose that’s some way of deflecting and misdirecting their collective guilt.

  11. Glosswitch’s analysis is very powerful and there is also the reading of the link she provides to another powerful analysis. Women who are following the whole phenomenon of extremist trans activists and their erasing of women as a class or caste are fed up. I can’t say any more for the reasons Glosswitch sets out. But No. No, no,no.

    • That’s really cool. Thanks!

      It looks a lot like home to me. But, it’s Siberia and the only big drawback I can imagine is that there’s probably no high speed internet connection.

      Those pictures are really beautiful.

  12. Refresh my memory, but weren’t the AVfM people and MRAs, in general, denying their affiliation with Marc LePine and anyone who sent death threats in his name? Because it seems like this just happened sometime last week.

    According to RawStory, in today’s article, “Misogynist group tries to divert anti-domestic violence donations to its own hateful cause,” the actual White Ribbon Group was begun in Canada as a response to the mass shooting of women by the misogynist mass murder, LePine.

    Furthermore, according to the story at RawStory, this WhiteRibbon group performs educational services for men and boys to help reduce male violence against women, which sounds similar to the ROKS group in Sweden, which was the subject of a recent post here. The group ““positively engages men, young men and boys through relevant educational programming that challenges language and behaviors, as well as harmful ideas of manhood that lead to violence against women.”

    Why would anyone who claims no connection to LePine or other mass murdering misogynists go after this particular organization, whose main aim appears to prevent, through education, the recurrence similar mass murders? That’s a rhetorical question, of course. I think we know, at least, part of the answer.

    Do you think he’s getting a kickback from his scumbag lawyers? I ask because, according to a quote at WeHuntedtheMammoth today, he seems to be literally asking to be sued, ie., “Please, don’t throw me in the briar patch.”

    I wonder if PayPal realizes what he is doing… how does he get away with this when other people have their accounts seized and the contents of the bank account associated with it emptied by PayPal for similar things and sometimes for no real reason, at all? ( – and which they have done with impunity, as far as I know.)


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