The Latest Misogyny From AVFM

AVFM has been pretty quiet lately in the sense that they’re not targeting individual women and harassing them from their site. Don’t get me wrong, they’re still the biggest woman hating club in the Manosphere. I’ve taken the liberty of perusing some of their ‘articles’ and want to share with you some of the misogyny they say doesn’t exist.

In this article ‘Gorillas in their midst’ written by Stephen Jarosek (aka Codebuster) he’s talking about wimmin being responsible for domestic violence because mothers train children in the first 4 years of life to be violent. Of course he cites no actual peer reviewed research but says this:

Matriarchal subcultures are often the source of violence. Irrespective of which part of the world you come from, many women choose thugs because, coming from the same abusive upbringing, thugs resonate with their own abusive natures. Like with like, and all that.

Sound like Elliot Rodger and their very own Stefan Molyneux? Of course you’d be correct that MRA’s are all about women dating ‘nice guys’ in order to rid the world of violence. Here’s AVFM’s own Stefan Molyneux, who spoke at their conference, on women being the destroyers of the world because they date assholes.

Let’s throw some more of Jarosek’s misogynist ramblings into the pot with this little ditty about how Muslim women who aren’t allowed to drive yet are wielding so much power over the menfolk.

Muslim women are not the wilting wallflowers that feminists prefer to portray them as. They may not have the same “rights” as their men, but there is every reason to interpret their purported absence of rights in the context of their privileged, protected status on the pedestal and men’s servitude unto them.

One of the common themes among MRA’s is that men protect women. This comes directly from Warren Farrell whose entire shitty book is built around the idea that men are violent because they’re protecting women. Every single male act of violence towards women is somehow the result of women. He never states why women need men to protect them or what men are protecting women from. It’s simply a nice traditional male fantasy book where dudes can think they’re saving the world from femapocalypse as heros.

Jarosek reminds us of PUA theory is critical to how to manipulate women.

PUA Game is actually an attempt to harness the submissive–dominant narrative with the intention to manipulate women. Summarizing the main implications of the submissive–dominant narrative, as it applies to female psychology and the spontaneity with which women often pair with troglodytes

Blaming women for male violence against them is nothing new in AVFM misogyny land.

it is the man who knows himself better than the woman knows herself, and her only option is to defer to the knower and the doer.

Only option huh? I suppose when a male is threatening to beat you you don’t have much choice. That violent male though is totes the fault of women because somehow women are wiring the brains of their children to be violent. It’s a nice neat little circular trick to blame women for male behaviour.

Further to the absence of risk in women’s indulgent, provided-for lives, choosing a thug can provide spice to an otherwise predictable routine, it annoys over-controlling parents and sends a clear message for them to back off, and it draws attention to oneself as an innocent victim.

See how that works? Men overtake women violently whereby we don’t have a choice ie. rape but in the end it’s really about pissing off your parents! In the end the woman is a victim but she’s the one to blame for the whole thing!

Male violence against women is men’s fault. No amount of backtracking to infancy and mombashing is going to erase that. Men choose to be violent yet Jarosek comes full circle and blames male violence on women.

Many a brute is instinctively aware that a good thrashing can bring his errant spouse back into line, and he realizes that she won’t respect anything less. Of course, the odds are that he probably learned this first from his primary nurturer and the context in which he grew up.

Essentially, MRA’s think that male violence is due to women choosing to date violent men. This is, of course, circular. There is no logic to this at all.

The funniest part is Jarosek completely ruins his misogynist argument. We’ve seen MRA’s try and claim other men’s accomplishments as their own. MRA’s like to see themselves as Elliot Rodger saw himself: superior.

America’s Founding Fathers understood some very important aspects of human nature when they framed the US Constitution. They understood, for example, the importance of personal responsibility.

Exactly. Men who are violent are doing out of choice. Male rapists are held fully responsible when they rape. Male batterers can’t use ‘but my mommy made fun of me’ as a defense as Jarosek is claiming.

MRA’s aren’t known for self awareness or comprehension. It’s hilarious that Steve countered all his bollocks with his own hand. That’s a special kind of joke we rightly laugh at.


8 thoughts on “The Latest Misogyny From AVFM

  1. You really don’t know what men have been protecting women from since the very beginning of human men, and women? Really? Not surprising from someone who thinks gender is a construct, and that biological differences are a fiction, and patriarchal conspiracy. Perhaps there is less need for this type of violence in a modern society, but either way women are still living off the largesse of men when they become pregnant, and need to care for children. Face it toots, its your own biology you’re fighting, and not men.

    What I’m saying is men beat women and rape them cuz dinosaurs and other such nonsense. See when men, who naturally built all tools (yeah, right) they started using those tools on women. So agriculture and such which dictates modern society required a shit ton of violence, NOT. Even our digestive system dictates we’re plant eaters, agricultural people and so male violence is a result of growing things. Yah! There goes my MRA brain working!

    I’m a dumb MRA who doesn’t think about shit like that but will get educated by a feminist. OMG wimminz give birth therefore they should take second class status in society. Of course there’s no patriarchy because I’m man and I said so, even though every western society has the socioeconomic political power in men’s hands.

    See we’re silly MRA’s who think we hunted the mammoth and therefore when we beat the shit out of women it’s just a natural result of hunting those big suckers. You wimminz!

    It’s all the fault of the MAMMOTHS!

  2. And of course women are responsible for male violence. It’s your hardwired programming(well, not your’s specifically. Uh, but somewhere I can navel gaze and say that but I don’t really know what I’m talking about. I just want a way to blame women for us men beating them and raping them.

    I wouldnt wish that on my worst enemy) that wants high earning, good looking alpha dogs, that we’re trying to appeal to in order to both claim your sex, and reproduce. You don’t like it? Blame the manufacturer. Uh, yeah blame the mammoth.

    Most men don’t like it either, hence all the misogyny in society, and frustration from failing to live up to standards that women set, standards I might add that women have in order to protect themselves during their most vulnerable months of pregnancy, and their current, and future offspring. So when feminists point out male violence we blame it on women. That way we can continue to harm women. See how our dumb brains work.

    PUA’s have just figured out a way to decode, and manipulate women based on their own standards for a quick fuck without having to commit to a ltr. Too bad if you dont like it. It show’s we’ve cracked the code, and are now playing your sorry ass’s. Except we’re not really playing you. We think we are but we’re not because you keep pointing out the inconsistencies of our stupid bullshit.

    Oh I’ll stop rambling on stupid shit now. My MRA brain hurts from all the mental gymnastics and projection.

  3. Women talk a line of shit about how they want a “nice guy” that they can relate to, and share their feelings with, but in the end they either fuck, or marry, the biggest alpha jock douchebag they can get their hands on who makes every human event, and social gathering a competition, and thinks everything is his. Except that’s not true and I’m just saying that because it allows me to blame my violence on women. Well confident men are naturally wife beaters cuz I said so. When women want smart men they must accept we’re violent. Uh, something like that. Uh, I’m confused.

    It’s an inevitability. PUA’s turn this on it’s head, and use against you. It is we who get the last laugh, and make you look like a bunch of common whores who only give up the pussy for a pay-off, and we don’t have to commit to a LTR with one of you useless parasites either.

    I’m a dumb silly male who thinks he’s fooling you. What I dont realize is that women have brains and see through it but I don’t pay attention to that. I live in my porn/video game fantasy world where men are hunting big animals and then go back to the cave and beat their wives. Great protection of women there. I just know I’m saying something but it’s not really that coherent.

  4. MRAs must have to avoid the news entirely to maintain their delusions. What happens to women who say, “No,” to *ssholes? They get beaten, shot at and sometimes killed.

    The news agencies are saying the latest self-entitled-male school shooter was getting even with a girl who said, “No,” to him. In fact, that’s a pretty common theme. Whenever I see one of these shootings, I’m almost 100% sure the shooter is male, about 75% sure he’s white and a good 65% of the time or more that his motivation is that he feels “rejected” by women or, at least, a woman.

    Oh, but he committed suicide after he shot and killed some people, so I guess that makes *him* the victim, according to the MRA way of thinking. Oh, the poor, poor downtrodden menz! Their lives are so hard!

      • I won’t be surprised. Although, the bigger media outlets will probably gloss over it like they did in the Rodger murder spree. They like to pretend the problem is inanimate objects, ie. guns (I understand this shooting occurred in yet another Gun Free Zone, which is almost always the case), or mental illness when this is just men being men in a system that entitles them to dominate and harm women with impunity.

        Ever this see this older article about how many school shooters go kill people because a girl or woman rejected them?

      • Also, with regard to men as protector’s of women in this most recent killing spree, it’s has also been reported that a woman (school teacher) took down the murderer while he was trying to re-load his gun.

        Where were the men? Oh, yes, they were running for their lives in the other direction. And, of course, it was a male shooting at everyone. So, even if men did protect women, which they rarely do, who would they be protecting them from? Certainly, not other women. Likely not tigers and bears. Hmmm… let’s think, who is it that is a major cause of death and injury for women, very often in our workplaces and our own homes?

  5. Another lesson from the latest school shooting demonstrates that a#*holes and thugs like the shooter, in this case, do not always give off signals like the text-book abusers we all hear about from both MRAs and some lib fems who will try to convince you that the problem with your abuser has to do with *you* and your poor judgement and inability to read people.

    According to the latest news, the killer gave no signals of anything being wrong the day before or even that morning (apart from some emotionally-disturbed social networking messages involving his inability to tolerate a girl’s rejection of him in favor of another dude). His behavior seemed perfectly normal. He sent invitations by text message to his intended victims. I don’t know the contents of the message, but I’m sure it was something non-threatening. When men want to seriously hurt (like rape or beat) you or kill you, they don’t tell you this up front – Duh! – they act all nice and normal so they can get close to you and have the best opportunity to carry out their pre-meditated violence.

    So, how do you know who is an a*#hole ahead of time? I propose that some enterprising, creepy-looking dudes get together and see if they can crowd fund to invent some nail polish that turns colors whenever you’re in the presence of an a#*hole. Imagine the lives that could be saved!


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