Paul Elam Says Monies Donated To His Fake Site Will Go To Legal Expenses

Legal action seems imminent by the official White Ribbon owners against Paul Elam who cloned the site to spread false information and make money.

Paul has announced that all the money he takes from his fake website will go to legal fees. He’s managed to find a way to swindle even more money from his minions. He really is a scammer and as usual nothing is done for men.

All donations to this will be placed into our legal war chest to defend those rights.

We appreciate the support of people who believe in the moral correctness of our actions, and we pledge to vigorously fight any attempt to abridge our free speech or any other Constitutional rights.

Except this isn’t about free speech. It’s about stealing a brand, calling it yours, and scamming. Bravo Paul.


Donate to them and let them know Elam sent you.


7 thoughts on “Paul Elam Says Monies Donated To His Fake Site Will Go To Legal Expenses

  1. Any idea why he might *want* to be sued?

    Again, I don’t understand how he’s able to maintain a PayPal account. I’m sure that fraud is against the Terms of Service. That’s probably the worst thing that could happen because once you lose a PayPal account, you can’t get another one.

  2. If it’s the same lawyer he went to after he took “donations” from people to save him from “threats” against the MR conference that he didn’t believe were real, it’s a porn industry lawyer out of Las Vegas with a Marquis de Sade quote or logo on the heading of the blog site. I can imagine that such a lawyer would charge a lot, considering the kind of clients he represents.

  3. Correction: Attorney Marc J. Randazza appears to have removed the Marquis de Sade logo since it was discussed on feminist sites during the discussion regarding the AVFM lawyer letter to the Doubletree Hotel earlier this year.

    I look forward to a full discussion on AVFM as to how much the retainer is, and how the donations are going, as well as a pledge that all donations will be returned if Mr. Randazza isn’t retained after all. Certainly AVFM wouldn’t just keep the money for Elam’s personal expenses if circumstances change.

    Would it?

    And no fund-raiser is completely open-ended without any information as to the amount needed.

    Or is it?

    And since AVFM, which I do believe is not a non-profit, appears to be representing itself as affiliated with a non-profit and soliciting donations, I’m sure the IRS is interested in the reporting to come.

    Or will these donations not be reported as Elam’s income?

    Inquiring readers want to know.

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