Who Wants To Be Snow White?

Not I. Definitely not I.

I watched the movie ‘Snow White and the Huntsmen’ the other night. Even the title is creepy and as the title states, it’s about a man ‘hunting’ a woman. The movie is full of misogyny and follows a simple plot line that pits women against each other over men.

Beautiful queen has a beautiful Princess and then dies. King goes out looking for younger model Queen and finds one. New Queen kills King to have that evil feminist power which resents men choosing beautiful young women through strict adherence to Patriarchal gender roles. New evil queen locks step-daughter Princess away until just after puberty, when she’s ready to be fucked by men. The evil queen is never fucked by men and hence all that’s wrong with the world.

Princess escapes and runs into evil forest because since evil Queen has come into power all ‘nature’ is ruined.

Evil Queen employs downtrodden drunkard male whose wife was murdered to go hunt Princess in the evil dark forest. He finds her and the adventure begins because Princess wants Prince. Efforts and such. Huntsman brings Princess to Prince while subconsciously starts falling for her.

Princess dies and eventually gets awoken from death by Huntsman’s kiss and then kills evil bitch Queen. Peace ensues.

That’s it. That’s the great creativity of the 21st century.

There’s so much to discuss here but let’s start with the ‘beauty’ element which is what this male narrative is about. In the movie masculinity is constructed traditionally. Men want to fuck young looking women who are beautiful. This is why the King thinks with his dick and marries evil queen who understands men want beauty to the point where she murders other women to keep her looks but more importantly to gain power.

The whole setup is what we see today. Women do impossible, harmful things to themselves so they appear fuckable to men. In so doing, women have no way out because to stay beautiful she must harm other women. She must compete. Nothing much has changed. It’s the classic ‘girl fight’ over male attention.

It’s why there are things like the hashtag #WomenAgainstFeminism and female MRA’s. A few women side with men to garner the benefits of Patriarchy.

In the movie, there’s a colony of women living peacefully without threat from the evil queen. Do you know how they’re able to live? By scarring their faces so that the queen has no competition. If that isn’t a commentary on women’s liberation from gender then I don’t know what is.

I imagined living in that colony, away from the male gaze, how wonderful it would be but it gets ruined because the Huntsman brings the ‘pretty Princess’ there and the queen’s male army kills most of the female colony. Reminder: the second you try living without gender you will be destroyed. That totally sucked.

Then you’ve got the fucking up of nature. When the evil queen comes to power nature takes a dive into darkness. The metaphor of woman as nature is well documented in this movie. Nature is only beautiful when women adhere to male beauty standards, to gender.

Pretty princess trots around the land with lots of male dwarves, huntsman and Prince while the white stag bows to her. All males fall in love with the beautiful ‘ready to be fucked’ woman. Nature is supposed to be fuckable: to men. Men sure do love to fuck with and dominate nature and nature is a woman.

Meanwhile, nobody likes the evil feminist queen who represents the truth. She realizes men are foolish and weak and that the whole system revolves around their dicks. She resents men, rightfully so, but of course nothing will be right in the world until she’s killed and the hand who must hold the knife is another woman. All hail Patriarchy!

So the story ends with the young beautiful Princess murdering the truth, the woman who knew the game from the beginning. ‘You can’t take my heart,’ the younger woman says to the older one. What it really means is ‘you can’t take my gender role, bitch.’

If only the evil queen and the pretty princess got to spend some time away from the male gaze. Imagine the things they’d talk about! In the end I’d like to think they’d rule side by side after a solid week of consciousness raising. The pretty princess would realize that men are only after her because they want to fuck her and the evil queen would turn into an educatress for all women in the land.

Nature would be left alone by men and protected by women. Women would stop the earth from going to pieces under male rule as it’s doing right now.

I’m sure many a man enjoyed that movie of two women fighting each other over who’s fuckable and who isn’t. I’m sure they all thought of themselves as heroes when they’re really cowards who can’t handle truth and nature on its own terms.

Like the dwarves love of the princess, male MRA’s look up to feMRA’s like Karen Straugn as a sex object while calling feminists ‘ugly dykes.’ They don’t realize she’s not interested in them but I suppose it doesn’t matter when they can put a knife in her hand to wield against other women. I suppose that’s the supreme irony.

Female colony not submitting to gender and Patriarchy=destroyed. Woman who will be fuckable to men and lie to them=on a pedestal. The crone who knew the truth=exterminated.

This is how simple the whole 2 hour movie was. The fact that our culture is still relying on those silly tropes means radical feminism has to become louder and more accessible.

I do have hope that we are achieving this. The London Feminist gathering shows some promise and I’m told Gail Dines made a big imprint.

As I keep saying, in order to solve a problem we have to name the problem. Male violence against women is achieved through many avenues and I think gender is the symbol of this.

Gender or ‘femininity’ is what holds us back. Women who cater to male standards which there are two: fuckable or invisible, support the idea that there are only two ways to be viewed in the world. Neither of them are healthy. Women are either hypersexualized/pornified or silenced. We only exist as a fucktoy not even for our own pleasure or we are nothing.

There are many ways to bring gender to its death. Many women choose to live in a female-centric culture. Women like myself have chosen that. Others choose to live genderless and refuse to conform to it. I remember what it was like to be fuckable in the male gaze. I much rather like my status now as a middle aged woman. I don’t have to deal with so much male attention and I purposely don’t wear makeup in my day to day life for that reason.

I’ve conducted my own experiments where sometimes I put on makeup. I get inordinate amounts of male harassment. I’ve decided that I’m safer walking around without makeup and tight jeans. I wear a simple knee length skirt (black) with a black leather fringe coat and maybe some day I can afford some black riding boots. Hell, I’m a motorcycle maven who rides with no man. I almost bought my own Harley Sportster but that’s a story for another time. That was the 80’s.

Anywho, what do the rest of my blog audience think about gender expression? Have you done experiments like me? Where do you think you exist in the male gaze? Fuckable or invisible? What do you think are ways to eliminate gender? How was the feminine gender role enforced on you while you were developing into women?


8 thoughts on “Who Wants To Be Snow White?

  1. Good analysis! I don’t think I’ll be seeing this film. I didn’t like “Snow White: A Tale of Terror” much, either, primarily because there’s a horrifying, nightmare-inducing scene in which Snow White is raped by her resucer, The Woodsman – but, she seems to like it, you know, and she’s not the least bit resentful toward her rapist and, in fact, falls madly in love with him. All the men in the movie are various degrees of horrifying misogynists, with the possible exception of Snow White’s father who was duped by the Evil Queen.

    Regarding experiments with appearance: I’ve done plenty of them years ago. I seemed to have problems, regardless. This may be due to my size, apparently I register as a child on some people’s radar because of my size. (I think of Michelle Knight, who was an adult woman and the mother of a child, when she was kidnapped by Castro, who imagined that she was a 12 or 13-year old prostitute. There are lots and lots of pedos, it seems!) When I was living in cities or travelling a lot I did a lot things to try to avoid harassment. I found changing hair color helped a lot in my case. Dark wigs seemed to bring less harassment. I had one dark brown wig I used to wear when travelling that must have made people think I was a cancer patient and that really worked – I got looks of sympathy instead of the usual looks of daggers and ogling. People (both men and women) were less rude to me when I had darker hair, too.

    The best thing I’ve done so far has been just to get far from the maddening crowds and away from men. The overall population where I live is pretty old. I think that helps because we don’t really have any kind of harassment problem here. You could walk down the main street in any town around here and no one would look twice and you, let alone yell threats or try to follow you. So, I think there’s something to be said for “location.”

    Also, maybe the fact that this is a red state with very liberal gun laws. If you’re a male pig, you are going to think twice about harassing, stalking – or even verbally harassing – ANYONE who might be packing heat. I seriously think this is the main reason we don’t have a problem. Women carrying guns (it doesn’t even have to be 80% of women) is a deterrent to male harassment and violence. I can testify to to that!

  2. Snow White is not a product of the 21st century. It was written in the 18th century. Except you’re talking about a current movie with a new twist and I’m an idiot so I’m ignoring that.

    It’s telling that your favorite character is a vain, murdering, psychopath. Go figure? You’re like a feminist version of a Khmer Rouge member, and would be just as likely to commit genocide if given the reigns of power. I’m really the psychopath here but I like projection and I didn’t read your blog post nor can I understand any feminist analysis of anything.

    Feminism(well radical feminism anyway) attempts to defy nature by thinking it can have an evolving society without men, or human reproduction, hence why it is doomed to failure just like you(Well, you already are a failure). It’s also crackpot insane. We all know reproduction is the center of everything because I said so and shit. I’m so scared women don’t need me or want me that I’m going to have a mental meltdown.

    Liberal feminists want nothing to do with radical feminists, and whenever you bring up rad fem writings they claim that radical feminism is just a bunch of crazies, just like muslims claim when it comes to ISIS, or other extremist groups. This is just me insulting and I can’t even get the argument correct because well, I don’t really know what the differences are between the two groups. I’m rambling incoherently now

    The very last thing your ugly dyke ass has to worry about is the “male gaze”. I’m very scared of women. They don’t like me and so I project and say that women are dykes so I don’t get depressed over the fact that I’m a violent male that no female will get within 40 feet of. I’m living with my mommy. I’m angry.

    Enjoy your mice, bitch. I said this because I’m violent. Men are usually violent, like me. In my big quest to show you you’re wrong about men I’ve ended up confirming you. Who wants a world full of violent shit heads like me? Kinda obvious nobody would want it. Men are the most violent and commit the most crimes, especially against women and children.

    We are violent because of biology. I rely on biology to explain everything.

    • “We are violent because of biology. I rely on biology to explain everything.”

      You do know that evolutionary psychology is complete pseudo-scientific bullshit, right? There is absolutely zero evidence for its make-believe fantasy stories about Pleistocene humans, whose societies we know very little about. Your whole hypermasculine, violent worldview is based on bullshit.

      It’s pretty hilarious if you think about it! Or it would be if you and men like you weren’t such a menace to society. You are the perfect demonstration of why masculinity needs to be exterminated…

    • Wait, the “I rely on biology to explain everything” post wasn’t a spoof of misogyny?
      Oh, come on, someone tell me that “poster” was just faking.

      Seriously, it was funny, with all the “ME CAVEMAN, CAVEMAN SMASH! CAVEMAN NO LIKE FEMINIST ANALYSIS!”
      Then suddenly, the smug, prissy ending of — “I rely on biology to explain everything.” **sniff**
      Cavemen don’t understand biology, sonny, the brainpower isn’t there. Pop Darwinism isn’t a real science, just ask an actual evolutionary biologist, bra.
      You can see all the entitlements society grants you then you declare those elements as THE ONE TRUE WAY — because, and I know see this coming, it benefits your demo! Who wants to share privilege with others who never had it in the past? Not you, teeny. We get it. Keep telling yourself culture and sociology aren’t really things and trotting out “biology” (your fucked up version of it, anyway) as an excuse for appalling behavior.

      Errr, but seriously folks, that post was just a joke, right? Heh.

  3. Hi HMQ. I’ve been away for a while because for some reason I wasn’t “following” your blog on WordPress. I must have hit a button accidentally because I certainly intend to always follow your blog! Anyway, following again.

    I had a crisis in my late twenties (very recently) when I realized I was aging out of the “fuckable” category (turning 30, gaining weight). I was down in the dumps and feeling shitty all the time, for about two years. And this, despite, being in a great relationship with a woman. It’s not that I wanted to have a relationship with a man—I don’t—it’s just that the desire is very strong to at least present as a fuckable woman, to get the superficial rewards that come with it. It’s scary to realize you can no longer get cookies from the patriarchy. But more importantly, it’s liberating to realize that cookies (superficial male attention) are worthless and to stop trying to get them.

    I wear the lesbian uniform: comfortable shoes (usually hiking shoes), unfeminine pants and shirts, short hair and no makeup. Usually dark colours. And I don’t style my hair, I just let it go free. I don’t see why I should do anything men don’t do. I’m a person, not a decoration.

    • I had the same kind of joykill in my mind about turning 40. I am a very petite woman whose always been that way.

      I started gaining weight too and I realized the internal conversation I’d been having with the male gaze for my whole life.

      Just last night I had a long conversation with a couple women about how women internalize the male gaze and more importantly, how we view women’s bodies.

      We asked each other about our authentic sexuality, whether we had one or not or COULD we have one in patriarchy?

      It’s very hard to accept that men have shaped our perceptions and attitudes of women.

      Porn is male violence against women carried out through sex. We talked about how that will now shape younger women’s ideas about their sexuality. The sexual norms for young women have changed dramatically: when I grew up it was standard IPV that was considered ‘sex’ and now it’s anal penetration that’s considered the norm.

      The point is that we’ve been tainted with what men think is sexual, attractive, etc.

      To unwind from that is incredibly hard. Hell, just realizing that’s what’s happened to us is depressing nevermind how we’ll escape from it.


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